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  • Another word for 'pound it'. when you are giving praise to some one you might say, 'dabs'. another way of giving a high five, with knuckles. — “Urban Dictionary: dabs”,
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  • In this edition of the Dabs podcast we take a quick look at our new Dabs forum, a little reminder about our earlybird Christmas page, we have a look at the new Panasonic SDT750 3D camcorder along with the usual market news which includes a look at a new wireless charging device from Fujitsu. — “Dabs Technology Podcast”,
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  • Close up Nan.0 dabs Was bored this morning so I made a video off my iPhone of my new Nan.0. Thanks again Jesse an Eric of 4.0 Glass.
  • some dabs..... asap. Jake C. Pakoh. "Wild West" Korey. 2 chunk sherlocks. ti and dabbers by Dab n Flo
  • dabs and dunks HMK AK
  • Dabs & Zinq Dual introducing episode from these beasts give them a warm welcome :) Dabs: Zinq:
  • A PLUS TV - Update #27 (Dabs with VIGIL Glass and OMICRON - HEFE/HALEN Glass PREVIEW)
  • Macro Toro's & Dabs Of OG Budder
  • Dabs Firewalker OG Trippy Stick
  • Win a Dabs on Dabs on Dabs shirt! - UPDATE!!! CONTEST IS OVER! WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN! HEADS UP! I SHOT THE VIDEO ANNOUNCING WINNERS TODAY BUT HAVE NOT HAD THE CHANCE TO EDIT IT YET. I JUST GOT INTO THE EDITING CHAIR (11 HOPE TO HAVE VIDEO ANNOUNCING WINNERS UP EARLY MORNING OR LATE MORNING AT THE LATEST!!! - GIL Yesterday I was asked if I could give away 10 tee shirts here on the Nug*** channel... Now that I'm editing, I agreed. Today I present a tee shirt contest! Leave me an entertaining comment for the chance to win a Dabs on Dabs on Dabs tee shirt! These shirts have been donated by Venice Medical Center in West LA. GOOD LUCK! GO! Want more videos like this from me? Then hit thumbs up! Peace - Gil Music By: El Centro Song: Waiting For The Sun
  • CannabisCureTV: Sour D & Purple Kush Wax Dabs + Frosty Killer Queen Buds Got to hang out with a friend today and saw some really beautiful flowers, made some bubble hash from some cheese trim and ran some BHO from somw nice sugary trim. Dabs away!
  • Hempy's got dabs Hempys got dabs.
  • Dabs Of Fire OG Budder Birthday Gifts Elbo Matisyahu4Life Collab Dabasarus Rig & Dabbers,Domes Etc Dabs Of Fire OG Budder with My Birthday Gifts From Matisyahu4Life - Elbo Matisyahu4Life Collab Dabasarus Rig & Matisyahu4Life Dabbers & Matisyahu4Life Slinger Dome Collabs Thank You Homie I Really Appreciate These Gifts Much Love From BHO FILMS
  • Dabs Of OG Budder CAC Tube
  • Dabs of OG Budder With G$hock Steve Bates Hitman Glass Rig/Torch
  • Nan.0 Blue Cheese Dabs! Just another video of me ripping my Nan.0. I love this ***. Thanks again Jesse James and Eric Ross of 4.0 Glass. And of course Mad City much love
  • Dabs OG Budder With Mr Glass - Micro Toro Big Circ To Circ To Circ Micro Toro 15 Arm To Circ Dabs OG Budder With Mr Glass - Micro Toro Big Circ To Circ To Circ Micro Toro 15 Arm To Circ Custom Micro Toro Propeller To Circ Worm Vorhee Collab Inline To Circ Check Out Mr Glass On Youtube
  • C6 Mini Mammoth Dabs on Christmas
  • KEEP IT ONE HUNDRED: TYKE WITNES, DABS, & MYLA IN TIJUANA Videographer Willie T went down to Tijuana with TYKE WITNES, DABS, &MYLA to shoot an LRG ARTIST DRIVEN video. "KEEP IT ONE HUNDRED EVERYBODY" Follow LRG: /LiftedResearch /LRGClothing
  • CannabisCureTV: Dense Blue Cheese Buds, Hash and Dabs! Happy Birthday Tokin Daily! This is the Blue Cheese fest! Some dense nuggets that just didnt want to break open. I didnt realise how much I was going to smoke in this video...good times! Happy Birthday Tokin Daily!
  • THE REVOLVER: 10 dabs in 1 breath www.theCCC420.com Magweedo showing off another one of his dabbing techniques. This guy is the jedi master of dabs, don't try this at home... unless you're a seasoned dabber. /theCCC420 /theCCC420
  • Dillinger "Drop Top" Skillet, PK Budder & Snake Dabs Got my Dillinger Drop Top Skillet piece in the mail today so we had to test her out right away and i threw in some snake dabs and the budder we've been smoking on for the past couple of weeks.
  • Itza Dry 11 Dabs Im a prop 215 patient Songs by TaskRok check out his youtube channel
  • Mayhem & Dabs - Blackmore This heavy roller is out now on Chook & Radic's label Full Force Recordings (FF018), i may have heard the huge flipside on the channel too : "Chook & Phace - Sculptured (Vicous Circle rmx)" Buy it here : Follow me on : - Mixcloud : - Soundcloud : - Facebook : - Twitter : Artwork by : kay486
  • Smackin' 11 Fat Honey Hash Oil Dabs in the Dab Lab Part 1 First 9 dabs of the marathon we had. We hit every single piece we had with a fat honey hash oil dab for the camera, thumb us up.
  • Dabs Of OG Budder Salt Tube & Salt Mini 6 Arm Downstem & Dabasaurs & Joe Blow Worm Collab
  • Dabs In My New Dome. Worked Dome by Chad G. Worked Dish by Terry King Bubbler by Toro Highly Educated V3 Titanium Nail Highly Educated Titanium Dabber Vector Butane Torch STS9 - Equinox
  • Dabs Of OG Budder Chris Carlson Toro Collabs Macaroon & Micro 7 to 13 Dabs Of OG Budder "Lost Art" Chris Carlson Toro Collabs Macaroon & Micro 7 to 13
  • Dwreckage @ Goosefire Gallery & Dabs Went over to the Dwreckage Show @ Goosefire Gallery this weekend saw a bunch of sick glass & Met a bunch of Artist's & Good people even did a quick collab with Tokedaddyslim from the CCC420 hope you guys enjoy the video!
  • thc hash oil - talk & dabs - VIDEO HONOR TO STEVE JOBS !! I will never forget this day: why didn't Steve use medical marijuana? phoenixtears.ca
  • Dabs Of OG Budder Macro Toro Double & Macro Toro Bub
  • Glassblowing / Olympic Dabs Taking some nice big dabs out of my Olympic glass bong while watching some glass being blown @ Revere's.
  • Flavorfully, Powerful Bong Hits and Dabs! Please Subscribe! "Optimus Prime" is the name of the bud that guy held under my nose in the bar that night! Flavorful, Powerful Bong Hits and Dabs! Thank you to all of my subscribers!
  • Dabs Of OG Budder Ak/Hermit Tube Dabs Of OG Budder out my homie Cody's Ak/Hermit Tube
  • A PLUS TV - Update #23 (HAPPY VAPESGIVING Dabs w/ New REVERE Glass Piece)
  • Strain Reviews : Fishing dabs with some Regulator OG Another wax strain from Greenworks SD. We have many to choose from but this particular one is a very nice indica style flavor. Let us know what you think in the comments below or better yet post a dab video response and well share it.
  • takeing dabs marijuana hash oil hash budder butane hash bho illadelph roor skillet titanium swing pot grass the weed report dabs fat dabs bob marley reggae dubstep electro south bay medicinal marijuana medical marijuana daily dab'in kush kush smoking burn weed
  • Toro Triple Circ Dabs Dabbin out of this rare triple circ toro. The larger chamber on the bottom houses the two smaller circs, and the top chamber houses the larger circ. Very smooth rips, I was stoked to be able to get footage of this piece for you guys. Shout out to jkid for letting us film it, thanks for watching!
  • Halloween Head Band BHO Dabs Totally forgot to upload my other Halloween Video, it took me almost a week of recovery and a bunch of headband dabs. ***age Mutant Ninja Hempy
  • Flowers to Wax: water purging method & Dabs @ Green Works SD New music video from Greenworks. In this video we show you a teaser of how we get our waxes smooth. The water purge method has been around for a while so it is nothing new. Its an older technique that we account to a friend of the club. The hit is so smooth with a delayed after choke. Less chemicals due to water purging and more flavor. Give it a try before you decide. Let me know if you like these videos and we will make more. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.
  • Micro with Koji Dome and HMK dabs Toro Micro Circ/Circ Koji worked green/yellow/black dome with glass nail HMK custom fire/ice theme curve w/ ti some oil and budder dabs of the dankest nug in the 713 THANKS BFG
  • tokin daily: dabs and the yo-yo man thanks to tucker for coming by, getting high, and yo yo'ing for a bit
  • Dabs on Dabs on Dabs Contest Winners Announcement! - Who won a "Dabs on Dabs on Dabs" tee shirt? Maybe YOU!!! Heads up, I started editing this video past midnight. If there are any mistakes, that's why! Venice Medical Center - http Venice Medical Center Twitter Page -

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  • “Blog. . Duncs Deals. Product News. Special Offers. Ponderings. Forum. Prev Next. Review: Xbox 360 Kinect This article was originally posted by Techradar in association with , and has been edited by a member of the forum, Fov'”
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  • “Archived from groups: p.periphs.videocards.nvidia (More info?) I bought one of the Aopen FX5900 128MB cards from Dabs about a month ago for £140. I noticed they dropped to £129 last week”
    Dabs Aopen FX5900 has dissapeared... D'Oh! - Nvidia - Graphic,

  • “dabs. I'm just a boy trying to find my place in life. This is my personal blog where I blog about my personal life. If you are so Something that I once were able to enjoy with dabs. Obviously the busyness of embarking on the working life”
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  • “Barratts Dip Dabs Re: Barratts Dip Dabs " Reply #4 on: August 14, 2010, 04:19:00 PM " Scoot. Forum member. Posts: 34302. Not really a ket man myself, i love my crisps! Onion rings from doon the p*ki's at catchgate, 35p a packet, awesome isn't the”
    — Barratts Dip Dabs, nufc-

  • “One Comment on "Next Friday: Dabs Myla at Thinkspace" 1 Things continue to heat up for Tokyo Deluxe' from Vandalog sneak preview post: http:///2010/08/next-friday-dabs-myla-at-thinkspace”
    — Vandalog – A Street Art Blog " Next Friday: Dabs Myla at,

  • “Known Gallery :: The Seventh Letter Blog This is a wall we painted in Hollywood with LA based/Australian artists Dabs & Myla. These guys are doing some incredible paintings for an upcoming show - was totally blown away by their canvas work”
    — Known Gallery :: The Seventh Letter Blog,

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