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  • Translations of dabbles. dabbles synonyms, dabbles antonyms. Information about dabbles in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. To splash or spatter with or as if with a liquid: "The moon hung over the harbor dabbling the waves with gold" (Katherine Mansfield). — “dabbles - definition of dabbles by the Free Online Dictionary”,
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  • The site came into being at the request of family and friends who wanted. to see our latest doodads that result from the many hobbies we dabble in. Unfortunately our hobbies take up a large portion of our time. and sometimes it is the web site that gets neglected. We are now making a renewed effort. — “DABBLES 'N ”, dabbles-n-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. to work or involve oneself superficially or intermittently especially in a secondary activity or interest. — “Dabbles - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Each week, the Program Administrator will post the name and address of the person that the participants will cheer up with their dabbles and doodles. 2. What are dabbles and doodles? They are colorful pieces of art, in many different forms! You. — “Hugs and Hope”,
  • English Translation for dabbles - dict.cc German-English Dictionary. — “dict.cc | dabbles | English Dictionary”, dict.cc
  • My personal site for software, Ubuntu Linux, and daily life In my spare time, I am a frequent visitor to NES (New England Subarus), an avid RSS feed reader, and general Internet addict. — “Home - Tom's Website”, drdabbles.us
  • Two new songs from Dabbles' upcoming album. " Si Hija De Mi Amor" uses lyrics from a poem Dabbles jam sesh (3/4 of them, that is), unfortunately without Robby. — “Dabbles in Bloom”,
  • Have you been thinking about your flower garden, but really don't have enough to say to warrant an article? Maybe the price of food has been on your mind,. — “DABBLES | Gather”,
  • 1 Dabbles Hair Co. I went in to get a botched color job corrected. The stylist did not listen to me at all, and gave me a color that was not at all what I asked for and she didn't fix the botched dye job. Bree at Dabbles is AMAZING with Curly Girls! My daughter's thick beautiful curly hair. — “Dabbles Hair Co”,
  • dabbles use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with dabbles. dabbles in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. — “dabbles - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Paint Your Own Pottery - Eagle, CO. at Dewey Dabbles In Art. Leave Blank. — “Paint Your Own Pottery and more - Home”,
  • Digital Dabbles the source for professional youth, sports and action photography in the triangle area of North Carolina. — “Digital Dabbles Youth Sports and Action Photography - Home”,
  • One who shines in an employment interview. One who defies all trends, core competencies, and rises to immortal status within a 1 hour period. One w Unable to think for themselves, a jealous mongoloid is heavily influenced by public opinion, and often dabbles in "insider trading". — “Urban Dictionary: dabbles”,
  • to dabble (third-person singular simple present dabbles, present participle dabbling, simple past and past participle dabbled) The children sat on the dock and dabbled their feet in the water. — “dabble - Wiktionary”,
  • Ne-Yo, Soundtrack: Precious (Base on Nol by Saf) Has worked with actor Columbus Short twice in two Films Save the Last Dance 2 and Stomp The Yard. — “Ne-Yo - IMDb”,
  • Dabbles definition, to play and splash in or as if in water, esp. to work at anything in an irregular or superficial manner: to dabble in literature. — “Dabbles | Define Dabbles at ”,
  • -o- This shop is home to a collection of original artwork by Bethany Dirksen -o- All paint is applied with a palette knife for a unique style and FACEBOOK - /pages/Dirksen-Dabbles/169546627757. — “Fine Art Original Abstract Acrylic Paintings on by DirksenDabbles”,
  • The Official Web site for The Dabbles - Wholesome family friendly entertainment your whole family will enjoy, featuring The Dabbles in computer generated animation videos and DVD's. — “Welcome to the Official Site for The Dabbles!”,
  • A series of photo galleries showing some of my photographic work. Galleries of Mavoureens 1-12th scale furnished and decorated dollshouses from the Victorian and Edwardian era are alongside galleries of her miniature knitted clothes and her. — “Dabbles Photo -”,
  • Back Home. — “Dabbles Introduction”,
  • At Dabbles by Linda, we specialize in custom greeting cards that capture the beauty of life and share it with those whom you love. Our cards are works of art. We are very proud of them and will display samples on this site very shortly. Thank you for your interest, and stay tuned!. — “Home (Dabbles by Linda || Custom Creations)”,

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  • YTP: Antoine dabbles in the Black Arts YO ANT, I SAVED YOU A DOG
  • India dabbles in fish genetic experiments India's ornamental fish industry, worth millions of dollars, has put a number of species at risk. Now genetic engineering is increasingly being used to develop new and unusual breeds, and it is not always regulated. Al Jazeera's Tarek Bazley reports from Kerala. (28 Apr 2011)
  • Jesse Boykins III Dabbles w/ Tap Dancing in South London taking photos but I broke into tap.. http
  • Dabbles in Bloom ~ "Limb of Novelty" In their first official music video, the band members of Dabbles in Bloom decide to pull a heist - of a library! This video was filmed at Whitman College in April of 2011. Dabbles in Bloom's album "Found It" is available on itunes: Check out: Become a fan of Clockwork Cinema: Copyright 2011.
  • Q&A with Dirksen Dabbles - How to display child artwork in your home I am Bethany Dirksen, author of the blog Dirksen Dabbles. This is the first episode in my series of Q&A's.
  • Behar Calls for Limbaughs Firing Over 'Massa' Play on Words; Dabbles in 911 Trutherism Behar Calls for Limbaughs Firing Over 'Massa' Play on Words; Dabbles in 9 11 Trutherism with Jesse Ventura Visit
  • David Carradine Still Dabbles In Kung Fu David Carradine Picks Up Watch From Steven & CO. In Beverly Hills 1-23-09
  • [YTP] Diddy Dabbles in Real Estate This May Be my greatest Work yet. ORCA CEILING!
  • Q&A with Dirksen Dabbles - How I chose paint as my primary medium I am Bethany Dirksen, author of the blog Dirksen Dabbles. This is my second episode in the Q&A series.
  • Q&A with Dirksen Dabbles - Painting of Green *** on White, A Watercolor I am Bethany Dirksen, author of the blog Dirksen Dabbles. This is my third episode in the Q&A series.
  • TheFlashWichy dabbles dooble dabble on the guitar. And monday night football. Just making another video and not studying :]
  • Roadies 7 - Priyanka dabbles with crabs (Ep.2, 4/9) Watch this video to see how Priyanka performed on the task involving crabs.
  • Croft, lonely, still dabbles ahhh, for old times sake, my deer deer friends. Otter, I honor you. Country, you are a Soul of Wonder. Hootch, thanks for not being too polluted for me to swim in you! The poem performed is Song of the Wandering Angeus by WbYEATS Don't make fun of me. I know I don't sing that good. Its the feeling, the thought, i'm trying to convey. To my little trout, you faded before I had you. I am left with your taste in my mouth and a dream lingering on my lips. Your fullness and form still resonate under my finger tips. I miss you. life carries us on
  • TONE A - Dabbles in House Made a house song, i think, in an hour... need feedback to keep on keeping on.
  • Pat dabbles in Jazz Piano
  • Dabbles in Bloom at Coffeehouse 9/4/09 Adriel and Rimmy of Dabbles in Bloom open for first Coffeehouse of the year.
  • Dabchick dabbles with elephant The elephants are back! And this Dabchick is happy to have company and keen to join the big guys as they wallow. A tiny elephant calf is in the meantime stuck in a mud hole but rescued by mom. The elephant's activities stir up the small aquatic animals that are the Dabchick's diet. He risks it venturing right in amongst the giants.
  • Dirksen Dabbles - Painting of 'Red *** On White' I am Bethany Dirksen, artist of the above painting and author of the blog Dirksen Dabbles.
  • abble dabbles dance class part one
  • Brian Deegan Dabbles in the Rocks at KOH Brian Deegan to hit the rocks for the first time ever.
  • Saurabh dabbles in stand up Saurabh's First 5 Minutes of Stand-Up Comedy...Ever.
  • Dabbles In Bloom - "Greetings" Dabbles In Bloom, indie-rock group from Whitman College, present a music video for their song "Greetings". Check them out: ; and check out more art from this video's creator
  • Dirksen Dabbles - Paint Between The Lines I am Bethany Dirksen, artist and author of the blog Dirksen Dabbles. This video is just me messing around with my watercolor. Nothing serious going on here! BLOG - SHOP -
  • Dabbles in Bloom in Seattle! at the folk life festival.
  • P7 dabbles in World of Tanks Projectseven, Koensayer, Caviar, Greywolf, Kraknar, M2's blah blah Music Johnny Cash - God's Gunna Cut You Down copyright whatever music thingy
  • abble dabbles dance recital abble dabbles
  • Weeds: You Can't Be A Lesbian Celia lectures her daughter on why not to be a lesbian. Don't miss Weeds every Monday at 10pm ET/PT only on Showtime. For more go to /weeds.
  • • Crash Politics • Obama dabbles in racism? Calls for: blacks, hispanics, women, & youth votes.. SO, Obama says we/Arizona shouldn't discriminate against Illegals, but released a video discriminating against anyone who isn't black, hispanic, young, or female.. MM MMM MMMM, Ironic isn't it?? Feed your brain @
  • Dirksen Dabbles - Painting of '*** Torso' This painting was done by me, Bethany Dirksen. I am an artist and author of the blog Dirksen Dabbles SHOP - BLOG -
  • Q&A with Dirksen Dabbles - Why am I in Europe I am Bethany Dirksen, author of the blog Dirksen Dabbles, and this is part of the Q&A series from that blog.
  • Shirtless Benjo dabbles in time travel My Channel: Vyou: Music: "I Think You Know" by Julia Nunes:
  • sunny days - Dabbles In Bloom Dabbles jam sesh. In typical fashion, Rimmy and Adriel didn't even know that "On the Sunny Sunny Side of the Street" is a jazz standard. But they did know that the song before that one is an original Dabbles song baby. Robby was there in spirit.
  • Fred Phelps Dabbles in the Dark Arts And enjoys the new BK Baby Whopper. YOU'RE GONNA EAT YOUR BABIES!
  • Deathnote Dabbles Yarn is ryuk's apple
  • Brian dabbles in standup Brian warming the crowd up with some comedy before Brad's show. This would have been in like 2004 I guess...
  • Q&A with Dirksen Dabbles - How to display artwork other than on a wall I am Bethany Dirksen, author of the blog Dirksen Dabbles, and this video is part of the Q&A series found there.
  • Dabbles In Bloom @ Luckey's, Eugene OR- "Canderful" Dabbles In Bloom, indie-rock and 'a little bit of everything!' band from Whitman College, performing their song "Canderful" for an enthused Eugene audience at Luckey's! Great night!
  • Piano Dabble I play these little dabbles pretty often so I through them together since they are genereally the same chord progression, too bad the cam can't pick up Crescendos very well.
  • Dirksen Dabbles - Painting of '*** Sitting Female' This painting was done by me, Bethany Dirksen. I am an artist and author of the blog Dirksen Dabbles SHOP - BLOG -
  • Q&A with Dirksen Dabbles - What are my business plans when I go back to the States I am Bethany Dirksen, artist and author of the blog Dirksen Dabbles. This video is part of the Q&A series on my blog. If you would like to submit a question, visit: BLOG - SHOP -
  • Fresh-B Nerd ft. Kidd Sinsation & Meezy Dabbles - Take Me To College [JERKIN SONG] follow me on twitter add my myspace

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  • “The Hill is a congressional newspaper that publishes daily when Congress is in session, with a special focus on business and lobbying, political campaigns and goings on on Capitol Hill”
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  • “TechCrunch reported today that Montreal's iNovia Capital along with Village Ventures and Greycroft Partners have participated in a $3 Million”
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  • “Home > Blog > California Dabbles in Four Miles of Experimental Asphalt – Tech Dept. Keep Reading: California Dabbles in Four Miles of Experimental Asphalt – Tech Dept”
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