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  • CZAR is a Eclectic Prog / Progressive Rock artist from United Kingdom. This page includes CZAR's : biography, official website, pictures, videos from YouTube, MP3 (free download, stream), related forum topics, news, tour dates and events, live. — “CZAR music, discography, MP3, videos and reviews”,
  • Czar definition, an emperor or king. See more. — “Czar | Define Czar at ”,
  • New Latin czar, from Russian tsar', from Old Russian tsĭsarĭ, from Gothic kaisar, from Greek or Latin; Greek, from Latin Caesar — more at caesar. — “Czar - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • A person having great power; an autocrat: "the square-jawed, ruddy complacency of Jack Farrell, the czar of the Fif***th Street police station" (Ernest Hemingway). Informal An appointed official having special powers to regulate or supervise an activity: a racetrack czar; an energy czar. — “czar - Definition of czar at ”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for czar in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “czar - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo! Education”,
  • Information about czar in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. czar nicholas, czars, czar of 3. Informal An appointed official having special powers to regulate or supervise an activity: a racetrack czar; an energy czar. — “czar - definition of czar by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Find czar synonyms and czar antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. — “Czar Synonyms, Czar Antonyms | ”,
  • Definition of czar in the Dictionary. Meaning of czar. What does czar mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word czar. Information about czar in the dictionary, synonyms and. — “What does czar mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation”,
  • nominative. czar. czary. genitive. czaru. czarów. dative. czarowi. czarom. accusative. czar. czary Retrieved from "http:///wiki/czar" Categories: English nouns | English alternative spellings | French nouns. — “czar - Wiktionary”,
  • is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. Just to be clear, the job title "czar" doesn't exist in the Obama Administration. — “The Truth About "Czars" | The White House”,
  • czar n. also tsar or tzar A male monarch or emperor, especially one of the emperors who ruled Russia until the revolution of 1917. — “czar: Definition from ”,
  • Develops communications strategies for organizations in a wide range of media. Product information and resumes of company principals. B. Czar Productions. communication redefined. Home "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. — “Home”,
  • Watch videos & listen free to Czar: Tread Softly On My Dreams, Cecelia & more, plus 12 pictures. There are at least three bands working under the Czar Moniker. 1. Formed in 2006, CZAR (also known as CZAR (US)) is a down-tempo. — “Czar – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures at”,
  • People named Czar. Find the person you're looking for and related people. — “Czar - Pipl Profiles”,
  • Tsar (also spelled czar[1], tzar, szar, zaar, ssar or csar) is a title used to designate certain monarchs or supreme rulers. Czar (Bulgarian цар, Russian: царь (help·info), Ukrainian: цар, Serbian: цар/car) is a Slavic term with Bulgarian origins which is derived from Caesar, meant emperor in. — “Tsar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • By Nancy Matthis Bypassing the authority of Congress, Barack Obama rules through czars -- the beginnings of dictatorship: 1. Herbert Allison Jr., bailout. — “The Compleat List of Obama Czars”,
  • Czar - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Czar”,
  • Buy cuban cigars online with Cigar Czar. — “Cigar Czar || Buy premium authentic Habanos Cuban cigars online”, cigar-
  • Czar Vodka Bar is the epicenter of Tampa's art, music and fashion scene. Once the home of El Goya and Tracks, the gay bars that lanched Ybor City, Czar continues their legacy by providing a venue for creative, independent, and open-minded club. — “CZAR YBOR - HOME”,
  • Czar is using Twitter. Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What's happening? Join today to start receiving Czar's tweets. Czar. Mañana Charla #IRC de Gnome Hispano - Feb 2010, Tema: #Genie, o. — “Czar (Czar) on Twitter”,
  • Czar music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Czar on Yahoo! Music. — “Czar on Yahoo! Music”,

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  • Glenn Beck: Know Your Czars, Cass Sunstein The Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstien
  • Tony Czar "Bottoms up" Tony Czar "Bottoms Up" class with Dominic Cadiz and Maniek. Come take at Debbie Reynold's Fridays at 3p.m. Tuesdays at 9:15p.m,.!!! Many more vids to come!!! I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG!! THIS IS TREY SONGZ AND NIKKI MINAJ. THis is just a expression of my creativity. DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC. ***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** "This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. "quotation of excerpts in a review or criticism for purposes of illustration or comment; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of the author's observations; use in a parody of some of the content of the work parodied; summary of an address or article, with brief quotations, in a news report; reproduction by a library of a portion of a work to replace part of a damaged copy; reproduction by a teacher or student of a small part of a work to illustrate a lesson; reproduction of a work in legislative or judicial proceedings or reports; incidental and fortuitous reproduction, in a newsreel or broadcast, of a work located in the scene of an event being reported."
  • Mastodon: The Czar The Czar by Mastodon from the album Crack the skye
  • US Drug Czar Required to Lie Earlier this week, the Obama administration released their National Strategy for Drug Control. And it turned out that their rhetoric, of switching from enforcement to treatment and prevention, didn't match the figures of how much funding was allotted to each. Now, US drug czar Gil Kerlikowske has come out and publicly admitted that the drug war can be seen as a failure. So just more rhetoric? Alyona discusses with Michael Whitney from FireDogLake.
  • Drug Czar Discusses Unicorns (1) Aaron Houston, Director of Government Relations at the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), questions John Walters on whether prior marijuana use should disqualify an individual for public office at the ONDCP's press conference for the release of the 2007 National Survey on Druge Use and Health.
  • Frank Black - Czar I've got my own gas tanks
  • The Czars - Cass Sunstein and Van Jones This video is about Cass Sunstein, Obama's chosen "Regulatory Czar," and Van Jones, Obama's "Green Job Czar." I made this because I'm sick of the press not telling the People about these scumbags in Obama's Administration. This is no bull. I'm really angry about this. No jokes, no music, no nothing, just a plain straightforward RANT. And if you can't handle it, then stop your whining and watch something else. Just make sure you don't wake up from your slumber. Being "Czars," Sunstein & Jones are Cabinet level authority but weren't elected by the People nor have they been approved by Congress (in most cases). This is another example of Obama taking a little-used and highly tolerated way previous Presidents have bent the law, and is abusing it and skirting the Constitution Sunstein is a wacko animal rights Anarchist, and Jones is a World Bank protesting Anarchist and Communist. Their views are that people should be kept from using animals and natural resouces for purposes of "saving the Earth." Here are some links: For some images, research & text, the fantastic Zombietime For anyone who denies that the Left wants to remove animals from our diets and return as much of the Earth to nature, they can read this. "Michael Vick: Black Sheep or Scapegoat on Animal Rights?" by Alec Baldwin Articles-Columns: "Van Jones, 'Green Jobs Czar,' a self-described 'communist' arrested during Rodney King riots" "Exposed: The Secret ...
  • Blame Czar David Koechner plays the Blame Czar and takes the blame for the US government. "Blame on!"
  • Obama's FCC Diversity Czar Loves Hugo Chavez's Revolution - Czar Mark Lloyd - Glenn Beck Apparently Hugo Chavez's glorious revolution is something to be admired in the Obama Administration. Obama seems to have no problem having Socialists and Communists in his Administration. So if you take Obama at his word with what he said during last years Presidential campaign, which was that you would be able know how he will govern on any one issue by the people that he surrounds himself with. So does that mean that Obama will strike up a loving relationship with Hugo Chavez? I think we should all give Obama a chance and see if he takes us down that Socialist road, and I mean way down it. For after all he was voted in by the people, was he not? We should just give him a chance. If we don't like it down that Socialist road, then we can just come right back to where we are today, right? It will be easy. All we have to do is to just turn around. Even a child could do it. What is everyone worried about? So let's do it. Let's fundamentally change America into something that is as foreign to us as a bath is to a bum. jbranstetter04
  • CZARS From
  • Obama: "Remaking America" - The Presidents CZARS breaking the Constitution - ACORN Rules The rule of law is gone, congressional oversight is gone, and soon private investment will be gone. So where will that leave us? It will leave us just exactly where the Obama Administration wants us, dependent on the government for everything. But maybe I'm over reacting, for after all, Obama has repeatedly said that he does not want to run the auto companies or the banks; he already has enough on his plate. So maybe this is just one big coincidence that he finds himself in charge of both of these things. I feel sorry for Obama. He is being forced to run these formerly private companies because of the dire circumstances that we find ourselves in, and not by any fault of his own. So if this is true, if he really doesn't want to be in charge of these companies then why did he just not let them go through a normal bankruptcy? Why is he dictating, like a dictator, the terms of their bankruptcies? He's arranging these bankruptcies so as to greatly favor the very auto unions that were responsible in large part for the bankruptcies in the first place? Is that not ironic? And why is he throwing out the rule of law that dictates (law, the real dictator) that the secured bond holders are to be first in line to recover their money in the event of a bankruptcy? The reason for this is obvious, it's for the unions, because without this action the unions would get zero out of the bankruptcy, and the democrats are not about to let that happen. The unions have always had a strangle hold ...
  • Rep. Manzullo Questions Bailout Czar Neel Kashkari Congressman Don Manzullo grills Interim Assistant Treasury Secretary Neel Kashkari on the bailout plan, questioning why a failed company that was bailed out with taxpayer dollars -- AIG -- was allowed to give a $3 million bonus to an executive.
  • America's Bizarre Drug Czar (MPP-TV) Drug Czar John Walters claims that finding a first time marijuana offender in jail for possession is like finding a unicorn. Here's what we think.
  • Czar Ft. Ofori Amponsah- Araba Lawson The Best Entertainment Channel on the web. Visit for fresh movies, music and more. Its your #1 African Entertainment Website
  • Health Czar, Interrupted www.moolah4 After months of Americans happily sacrificing for the Health Administration Bureau, Health Czar O'Brien holds his first press conference, ready to answer the tough questions. But when an uninvited reporter tries to stump him with a question touting free-market reform*, the bureau's audio team thinks fast and debunks her question with, hands-down, The Best(TM) answer possible. Watch the "Moolah for Medicine" infomercial, and be astonished at the Health Administration Bureau's latest advance in creative finance and medicine -- sure to discredit the bureau's enemies. And to get your free bottle of The Best (TM), sign up for the "Moolah for Medicine" program. Just follow the link and make The Best(TM) decision for your health today: www.moolah4 *Curious about free-market solutions to high health care costs? Visit the Sam Adams Alliance health-care portal
  • Geoff Trenchard- Drug Czar A poem by Geoff Trenchard performed at Tourettes Without Regrests.
  • PJTV: Obama's House of Czars w/ Glenn Reynolds InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds gives us a run through of Obama's Czars. With the number of czars almost reaching three dozen, these newly created government posts may be signaling an executive power grab and have some people worried. -
  • Are Czars Constitutional? Obama claimed that he would obey the Constitution, but the very fact that he ran for office, shows that is not true. Article II Section 1 states, "No person except a natural born Citizen...shall be eligible to the Office of President". All of Congress ignored the 20th Amendment, which requires the President's eligibility to be investigated. Now, as a way of getting around the checks and balances built into our Constitutional Government, he has appointed "Czars", who answer only to him, and our elected representatives, like sheep, gone along with this. What is a "Czar"? A Czar is a monarch, an Emperor or a King who answers to no one except God. Was Obama elected as our GOD? Does the Constitution give the President the right to appoint Czars? No, it forbids this. According to Article II, Section 2, the President does not have the right to appoint public Ministers without the Advice and Consent of the Senate. Article I, Section 9 - Limits on Congress-"No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States".
  • Obama wants a Cyber Czar President Obama is expected to announce his decision to appoint a senior White House official who "will be in charge of protecting the nation's networks aimed at preventing cyber attacks on various sectors". Critics suspect the governmnet wants to clamp down on free flow of information and freedom of sharing content over the net
  • Alex Jones Confronts Former "Drug Czar" Barry McCaffrey This is a clip from "Fun With Barry the CZAR," a mini-documentary starring Alex Jones that is part of over three hours of bonus footage on the "American Drug War" DVD.
  • Czar-nok - GAME this track is aight and i dont see alot of czar-nok on youtube
  • Dancing With The Czars DNC Web Ad: Dancing With The Czars
  • Czar*Nok - Pimp Tight from the album, That One Way on Loc Down Records
  • czars Preseident Obama appears to be creating an "Administrator" form of government through the appointment of "Czars" that are neither approved, nor supervised by Congress. This "Administrator" form of government was the fantasy of early 20th century socialsists.
  • Czar In Charge Get the latest Penn EVERYDAY: Man, oh, man, oh man -- why is the word "Czar" becoming a good thing? Tell me, please, princess. When Penn Jillette has an opinion it's a safe bet he won't hold back. Upload your own reaction and get the rants rolling! Tune in each week for new insight and agitation. Follow PennSays on Twitter: tags: penn jillette penn says @pennsays atheist politics religion libertarian Free Speech & Chiropractic Care bogus baby twist united kingdom uk uk simon busted trouble
  • "Eric Czar Signature 7" vid 2 ...the second run of the Adamovic "Eric Czar Signature 7" featuring a sample of another solo "bass" piece...cheers!
  • ERIC CZAR "7 string Bass 2 hand #3" of recording with 7 string bass
  • Next Stupid Conservative Conspiracy Theory -- Czar Takeover Watch more at Follow us on Twitter. http
  • Fed Agent Debates Bush's Drug Czar Retired federal anti-drug agent Terry Nelson debates President Bush's former drug czar John Walters. Terry is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, which any citizen can join at (Sorry for the pauses in the video! We're trying to find a better one!)
  • Czar, Ginex (Som DoN-A), Grom, KRA - AMG Скачать трэк можно тут:
  • Czar - Frank Black such a great riff...
  • Senator Lamar Alexander Gives Car Czar Award to Rep. Barney Frank US Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, today on the Senate floor issued the first car czar award to Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) for interfering in the operation of General Motors. Alexander also announced a new email address -- [email protected] -- by which Americans can send him their nominee for the next award.
  • Mastodon - The Czar : I. Usurper II. Escape III. Martyr IV. Spiral - En Vivo - Le Trabendo - Paris F Mastodon The Czar: I. Usurper II. Escape III. Martyr IV. Spiral En Vivo En Le Trabendo Paris Francia El Lunes 6 De Julio Del 2009.
  • Alex Jones Tv: Obama's Info Czar Sunstein, to Order Cointelpro, Military Provocateurs on Truthers Alex talks about Obama's Infomation Czar, Sunstein ordering cointelpro and miltary provocateurs to go and infiltrate conspiracy groups in order to undermine them via postings on chat rooms and social networks, as well as real meetings, according to a recently uncovered article Sunstein wrote for the Journal of Political Philosophy.
  • Polesia czar (The Spell Of Polesie) - Polish tango, 1927 Polesia czar (The Spell Of Polesie) (Muz. i sł. Jerzy Artur Kostecki), Tango from the year 1927, performed by an uncredited Polish Choir from the USA, in 1950s/60s (?) NOTE: In Polish memory, Polesie - the eastern region of Poland before 1939, located in Volhynia and being a meeting point of four cultures: Polish, Lithuanian, Belorussian and Ukrainian - will remain a lost-forever mysterious country of swamps, marshes, wild forrests and silent people, who led their fishermen's lives in simple wooden villages or in flat bottom swamp boats, in the area near the sources of river Prypeć (in Byelorussian: Prypyat' - a tributary of the River Dnieper, which it joins 80 km above Kiev). Prypeć was navigable for most of its length, and c***s built in the XIX/XXth c. by Polish water engineers (eg Ogiński c***) linked it to the Bug, Vistula, and Niemen (Nemunas) rivers, creating a unique inland river-communication system between Baltic ports and the Black Sea. Therefore, during the Second World War that area and its capital in Pińsk, had special strategic importance. In September 1939, as soon as Soviet Army invaded Poland, a well-developed pre-war Polish River Fleet with its River Port of Pińsk and all the professional inland-sailors crew, was annihilated. All inhabitants of Polesie, who declared themselves being Polish, were executed by NKVD, deported into the Archipelago Gulag in USSR or, if by miracle someone happened to survive all this, murdered by the Ukrainian Nationalist ...
  • William Forsythe's Impressing the Czar (Royal Ballet of Flanders) Royal Ballet of Flanders perform William Forsythe's seminal work Impressing the Czar. The company performed this production at Sadler's Wells as part of the Autumn 2008 Season.
  • Czar - Frank Black Stereo: Note: This song is about John Denver Lyrics Time If he could travel time He would have been on time Instead of making rhyme He didnt need a band He was a moutain man Oil The national turmoil They hide it in the soil A singer and his spoil Just singing thanks Ive got my own gas tanks And theres no time for the man Who has sung his bars And theres no time And theres no time for the man called czar Blue Extraodinary blue Ten million porthole views Theyre saying on the news The russians just said no, You cant go [chorus]
  • (SHADOW OF THE CZAR) MALARKEY LAWRENCE KANSAS Shadow of the Czar A Music Video Directed and Edited By Mark Von Schlemmer Featuring Robert Baker With Cinematography By Matt Jacobson Produced By Robert Baker (aka Chameleon Productions) Choreography & Dancing Molly B Gordon Featuring Sara Cortese Barry Barnes Deborah McMullen William Manecke Matt Fowler Eddie Davalos Circus Paintings Angela Baker () Song: Shadow of the Czar Lyrics: Robert Baker Music: Baker/Malarkey-Robert Baker - words, woodwinds Brian Schey - guitars, bass Colin Sean Mahoney - drums Artist: Malarkey Album: Chameleon Available at © 2003 Mark von Schlemmer/Chameleon Productions
  • SHOCKER: Obama Czar Agrees With Mao, Too, and Thinks Free Market is Nonsense Obama Czar Agrees With Mao, Too, and Thinks Free Market is Nonsense
  • Former Drug Czar doesn't care if you grow marijuana! When asked "Why not legalize drugs?", former US Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey say's "Knock Yourself Out" to marijuana growers. Join SSDP and keep the momentum going.
  • Bikini Czar on hoop law and presentation Shot after the 2010 La Auto Show,

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  • “Copyleft © 2008-2010 By Decree of The Czar.. Things I Learned From My Recent D&D Session. My monthly 4e D&D group met up for its The Czar's Awesome Party Package. A DM can pay one subscription price and get full access to all D&D Insider”
    — By Decree of The Czar,

  • “Catch a Falling Czar - New Czar Positions in the Obama White HouseAmerica was greeted this morning by news that one Van Jones – the White House”
    — Catch a Falling Czar – New Czar Positions in the Obama White,

  • “hi, i just want to know wich is a better bike to buy, the czar or the onza pro 2010 because i dont know what to go for and also what is nicer to rid”
    Czar Or Onza Pro 2010 ? - Trials-Forum, trials-

  • “ is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. This site is a source for information about the President, White House news and policies, White House history, and”
    — The Truth About "Czars" | The White House,

  • “Pay Czar to Review TARP Firms' Pay-Pay Czar plans to review pay. After slashing 50% pay of the top 25 earners in Oct 2009 at seven firms that received substantial support from TARP, the pay czar imposed a new set of pay restrictions in Dec 2009”
    — Pay Czar to Review TARP Firms' Pay,

  • “I always wanted to make my blog contents available in different languages but no auto translation services are accurate enough to be read by human. As a partner of Tech Czar, I get paid for good money by placing the header and getting their”
    — Tech Czar Blog Network,

  • “As many of you know, I had the time of my life in development with the City of Cleveland as the "Tech Czar. Media: This class presentation will begin with a description of the Four Pillars of Social Media – the Blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn”
    — Tech Czar Notes,


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