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  • Curassow, a name given to two genera of birds of the order gallince, and the family cra-cidce; the two genera arecrazand pavxi, both peculiar to America. The curassows have the bill moderately long, s. — “Curassow”,
  • curassow (plural curassows) Any of several species of bird in the Cracidae family, limited to the Americas. Red-knobbed Curassow. Salvin's Curassow. Southern Helmeted Curassow. Wattled Curassow. Yellow-knobbed Curassow. — “curassow - Wiktionary”,
  • The Wattled Curassow (Crax globulosa) is a threatened member of the family Cracidae, the curassows, guans, and chachalacas. The Wattled Curassow is about 8289 cm long, and weighs around 2,500 g (88 oz). — “Wattled Curassow profile. Information about Wattled Curassow”,
  • Definition of curassow from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of curassow. Pronunciation of curassow. Definition of the word curassow. Origin of the word curassow. — “curassow - Definition of curassow at ”,
  • The Wattled curassow's range consists of Upper Amazonia from southeastern Columbia south along the eastern In areas where more than one species of curassow with a booming song live together or where the ranges of two such species meet. — “White Oak Conservation Center”,
  • Bare-faced Curassow, Crax fasciolata. Black Curassow, Crax alector [edit] Evolution. In line with the other 3 main lineages of cracids (chachalacas, true guans, and the Horned Guan), mt and nDNA sequence data The position of the peculiar Nocturnal Curassow is not well resolved; it might be closer. — “Curassow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • CURASSOW (Cracinae), a group of gallinaceous birds forming one of the subfamilies of Cracidae, the species of which are among the largest and most splendid of the game birds of South America, where they may be said to represent the pheasants of the Old World. — “Curassow - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • curassow n. Any of several long-tailed, crested South and Central American game birds of the family Cracidae, related to the pheasants and domestic. — “curassow: Definition from ”,
  • But experts tell me that the bird never lived on Curaçao island, which is confirmed by archeologist Jay Haviser: Not a single curassow bone has ever been found here. The bird got its name because it was introduced in Europe by way of Curaçao. — “the Curassow bird”,
  • Live 3D simulations of the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. With information on naval and aviation history, exploration and maps; also on the explore the island in real time. for the birds: helmeted curassow. by Nigel Hughes. Curassow. what's in a name "The weather is like the Government,. — “Curaçao Island - The Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao in Live 3D”,
  • Definition of curassow in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of curassow. Pronunciation of curassow. Translations of curassow. curassow synonyms, curassow antonyms. Information about curassow in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “curassow - definition of curassow by the Free Online”,
  • Cracid Specialist Group (CSG) - Our goal is to garner worldwide interest in the family Cracidae, to stimulate conservation research, and to educate on the global economic importance of these Endangered and Threatened birds. — “Cracid Specialist Group (CSG) - Curassow”,
  • Other curassows kept at Antwerp are Red billed curassows, helmeted curassow, and great curassow. The curassow (Gertie is her name) is showing off her beautiful tail feathers and backside. — “Curassows .com”,
  • We found 23 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word curassow: curassow: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] curassow: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of curassow - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Quick Search of Ads. Classifieds. Submit. Information. Links. Photogallery. Videos. Fun Stuff. CURASSOW HUSBANDRY. SUGGESTED PROTOCOL. by Staff of the Houston Zoo. In the interest of standardization this paper follows his arrangement. Housing. Diet. cit., 1973. — “CURASSOW HUSBANDRY”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. curassow. cu·ras·sow. noun \ˈkyu̇r-ə-ˌsō, ˈku̇r-\ Definition of CURASSOW : any of several large arboreal gallinaceous game birds (family Cracidae, especially genus Crax). — “Curassow - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • curassow (kyûr'usō") [key], common name for the largest members of an order of game birds called pigeon-toed fowls, which includes the white-crested guan and the rufous-bellied chachalaca, Ortalis wagleri. These gregarious roosting birds, found from Texas to Argentina, vary from 20 to 40 in. — “curassow — ”,
  • The great curassow is a magnificent bird, so named for its conspicuous size of almost a metre tall. The great curassow is a magnificent bird, so named for its conspicuous size of almost a metre tall (2). — “Great curassow - Crax rubra - ARKive”,
  • Curassow definition, any of several large, arboreal, gallinaceous birds of the family Cracidae, of South and Central America. See more. — “Curassow | Define Curassow at ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about curassow. Information about curassow in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “curassow definition of curassow in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • curassow (bird), any of numerous tropical American birds of the family Cracidae (order Galliformes). Strictly, it refers to 7–12 species in which the male is glossy black (often with white belly) and has a curled crest of feathers and a brightly. — “curassow (bird) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • The curassow is mostly found in South America. Learn more about the curassow at HowStuffWorks. The curassow looks something like a chicken and is about the size of a turkey. — “HowStuffWorks "Curassow"”,

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  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow on Branch Usually the curassow in the Zoo's McNeil Avian Center is prancing around on the visitor walkway, looking at all the other birds as if she were a visitor, too. But this time, she was just perched peacefully on a tree branch, observing everyone and everything else.
  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow Extreme Closeup This curassow is another one of my special favorites at the Zoo. As you can see, she has a beautiful face. (Some visitors have described her face using different adjectives, but that is because they are not good judges of true beauty.) Anyway, everytime I am at the Zoo, I go to the McNeil Avian Center to see her first. And she cooperates by always making herself visible. (She likes to be the center of attention.)
  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow on Visitor Walkway This curassow is one of my special favorites at the Zoo. She struts around like she is in charge in the Tropical Rain Forest section of the McNeil Avian Center.
  • Bare-faced Curassow male
  • Bare-faced curassows / Sclater's hokko's (Crax fasciolata) Bare-faced curassows (Crax fasciolata) at PTC+ in Barneveld, the Netherlands.
  • Great Curassow Great Curassow Arenal Observatory Lodge Costa Rica
  • Curassow
  • Philadelphia Zoo McNeil Avian Center - Toucanet (and Curassow) One of the toucanets in the McNeil Avian Center was showing me the proper way to nibble on a wood chip (if you are a toucanet, that is) when it accidentally dropped what it was nibbling on, and the curassow, who always tries to insert itself in my videos, sprang into action.
  • Philadelphia Zoo McNeil Avian Center - Aburria, Curassow, and Blue Crowned Pigeons There are so many birds, large and small, in the Tropical Rain Forest section of the Zoo's new McNeil Avian Center! This video shows some of the largest ones (about turkey-size), all coming right out along the walkway with the visitors. Note: if anyone noticed that I changed the title of this video, it was because I incorrectly identified the curassow as a turaco. There are so many birds - and so many names! The aburria is also called a piping guan, and the blue-crowned pigeons are also known as Victorian crowned pigeons. Note: If this video does not appear to be playing correctly in HD, try dragging the play button back to the starting point, then release it.
  • red billed curassow crax blumenbachii antwerpse zoo antwerpen belgium
  • First video of wild Blue-billed Curassow - Fundación ProAves
  • Wattled Curassow
  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow Eating Enthusiastically I love watching the birds and animals at the Philadelphia Zoo while they eat. When you see one eating with so much enthusiasm, like the curassow is doing in this video, you know the animals are well-cared for and are enjoying their lives at the Zoo.
  • Greater Curassow Pair I have recived my Greater Curassow Pair... They arrived with a few fluffed feathers from shipment, but other than that.. they are doing great.. Thank you to Spectrum Ranch for the Wonderful Pair.
  • bare-faced curassow true love... crax fasciolata... true love is eating together.... artis amsterdam holland
  • Helmeted Curassow, Paujil Copete-de-piedra (Pauxi pauxi) 2 occurs in west Venezuela and north Colombia. Nominate pauxi was formerly common from the Cordillera de la Costa west to the Cordillera de Mérida, Venezuela, and on the north-eastern slopes of the East Andes in Colombia (Norte de Santander, Boyacá and Arauca) and adjacent Venezuela (south-west Táchira). It is also known from three mountain ranges in Falcón, Venezuela, but may have recently disappeared from one (in Morrocoy National Park)1. It might once have occurred as far east as Monagas1. The population has declined considerably, and the species is now generally rare and occurs at low densities1,4. In Venezuela, there is a strong correlation between its current distribution and national parks1. Race gilliardi from the Sierra de Perijá on the Colombian-Venezuelan border is also believed to be declining. Comments from P. Salaman in litt and C. Sharpe in litt indicate that the population fell below 2500 individuals during 2007. It is restricted to subtropical cloud-forest in steep, mountainous regions at 500 to 2200 m (mostly 1000-1500 m), where it favours humid gorges with dense undergrowth. It tends to avoid forest edges. Nests are built in March, and young hatch around mid-May. Pairs or family parties forage, mainly terrestrially, for fallen fruit, seeds, tender leaves, grasses and buds1. It may make some seasonal altitudinal movements2 Its decline results from long-term destruction, fragmentation and modication of its habitat. The Sierra de Perijá is being ...
  • Great Curassow, Paujil del Chocó (Crax rubra) 2 Crax rubra has a wide, but now highly fragmented, distribution in undisturbed humid evergreen forest (also seasonally dry forest in some areas) and mangroves, from San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas, Querétaro, Hidalgo, Puebla, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Tabasco, Chiapas and the Yucatán peninsula, Mexico2,3,6, south through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama to west Colombia (Pacific lowlands east to the Gulf of Urabá and the upper Sinú valley) and, very rarely, west Ecuador9,10. The distinctive race griscomi is restricted to Cozumel Island off Mexico, where an estimated 300 individuals remain5. Widely hunted for food (and legally in Belize7), and further threatened by severe habitat loss and fragmentation1,4, it has undergone a considerable (and continuing) decline, becoming uncommon to rare or locally extinct throughout much of its range. Healthy populations occurred in the Chimalapas region of Oaxaca, but the effects of extensive fires in 1998 on the species are unknown8. However, it has recovered or remains relatively common in areas with legal protection or where it is not hunted, and populations are still stable in Guatemala and Nicaragua4.
  • Curassow
  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow Walking Around and Nibbling Usually I don't think of the animals by the names the Zoo staff gives them. But, in this case, "Gertrude", which is the name one of the keepers has given her, fits my special favorite curassow so well, I can't help thinking of her as Gertrude, or "Gertie".
  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow Wants to be Center of Attention The curassow in the Zoo's McNeil Avian Center kept popping its head into view while I was recording videos of some of the other birds. So, to make her happy, I recorded this video of her head only.
  • My Greater Curassows Pair Just hanging out This is a video of my Greater Curassows. They have a spacious Aviary and a White Drum Nest.
  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow Eyelids Closing Wow! I have spent so much time observing Gertie, but this is the first time I have seen her close her eyes!
  • The National Aviary-A happy wattled curassow sings! A wattled curassow in the wetlands display at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Bare-faced Curassow female
  • Great Curassow display Great Curassow (Crax rubra) male displaying for a female in the lab clearing of La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica. He emits a deep, bass, muffled ooomh that is not picked up well by my camera microphone.
  • Wattled Curassow Wattled Curassow (Crax globulosa) at the Milwaukee zoo.
  • Yellow knobbed curassow singing This clip was taken at Antwerp zoo, in Belgium. There are a pair of birds in this aviary, and they were one of four species in the zoo, and three in this particular row of aviaries. Other curassows kept at Antwerp are Red billed curassows, helmeted curassow, and great curassow. There also used to be Wattled curassow, but these are no longer registered with ISIS, so I am not entirely sure what has happened to them. This species is one of two species of whistling curassows. The other being the wattled curassow. This species is one of four crax curassows with yellow facial skin, but this one has the characteristic yellow knob on it's bill. It is found in Northern Venezuela, and some small areas of Columbia.
  • Great Curassow This clip was taken at Antwerp zoo, where these birds live in an aviary next to Delacour's crested fireback and white crested turaco on one side, and Grey winged trumpeter and Trumpeter hornbill on the other. There were a pair of birds in this aviary, and these birds are obviously ***ually dimorphic, the male being black with a white rump, and the female being barred brown, grey and white. Both birds have the curly crested feathers on the head. This species is the most northerly Crax curassow species, and is also the largest (hence it's name, the great curassow). This species has also been known to hybridise with the black curassow and the blue billed curassow. These birds, like most curassows, are Booming curassows, ie they make deep booming calls in a crouched over position.
  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow Showing Off Tail Feathers The curassow (Gertie is her name) is showing off her beautiful tail feathers and backside. She may not be as colorful as most of the other birds in the Zoo's McNeil Avian Center Tropical Rain Forest section, but she is my favorite one of all the birds there. She definitely has a "personality". Curassows are rare in the wild and in zoos. The Philadelphia Zoo is one of only 16 zoos worldwide that exhibits them. I wish the Zoo would make that more widely known.
  • Philadelphia Zoo Ringed Teals Chased by Curassow Two new male ringed teals have joined the female in the Zoo's McNeil Avian Center. They posed beautifully for me, showing off their beautiful tail feathers, until my special favorite curassow did what she always does - tried to be the center of attention! (As you can see, she has beautiful tail feathers, too!)
  • Blue billed Curassow - Crax alberti - By Andrea Borras Thisvideo was recorded in our tours of 2010 with MANAKIN NATURE TOURS, The best birding and nature tours in Colombia. Now, you can travel in Colombia with security, comfortable and with the best service with us. Contact us, if you want the best birding holiday. [email protected]
  • Curassow
  • Helmeted curassow pauxi pauxi... hoenderdaell anna paulowna holland
  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow and Victorian Crowned Pigeon The curassow stands on the Victorian crowned pigeons' nest for a while, then joins the Victorian crowned pigeons for a preening session on the visitor walkway in the McNeil Avian Center.
  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow Eating Flowers The curassow in the Zoo's McNeil Avian Center is munching on a flower.
  • Bare-faced curassow (Crax fasciolata) in the Pant*** Brazil Bare-faced curassows (Crax fasciolata) in the Pant*** Brazil Sclater's hokko's of naaktgezichthokko's (Crax fasciolata) in de Pant*** Brazilië.
  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow Closeup of Profile This curassow is one of my special favorite Philadelphia Zoo inhabitants. She always seems to want to be in my videos. When I try to record scenes showing other birds in the McNeil Avian Center, she comes close and sometimes pops her head in front of the camera. Of course, I often intentionally record videos just of her, as I did here. And she did a good job of pretending she was so focused on something else she didn't even notice that I was there recording a video just of her.
  • Yellow-Knobbed Curassow at zoo antwerp
  • Philadelphia Zoo Curassow and Aburria - Which is Prettier? The curassow and the aburria stay together a lot in the Zoo's McNeil Avian Center. Which one of these birds do you think is prettier? Keep in mind - the curassow (Gertie) is my special favorite bird in the McNeil Avian Center.
  • Philadelphia Zoo Walking Under a Curassow In the Zoo's new McNeil Avian Center, visitors can walk right under birds perched above in trees branches. They say it is lucky to have a bird poop on your head, so I kept walking back and forth under this curassow, hoping for some good luck to land on me. But, unfortunately, it wasn't my lucky day.

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