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  • Vietlish Adventures - Episode 5 - Folklore of Mr Cuoi and Ms Hang Nga, feat Thanh Bui Mirror parody With all the festivity of Spring in Sydney, team Vietlish Joseph Hieu Dinh (2009 Australian Vietnamese of the Year) and Maria Tran have been invited to take part of one of the biggest festivals in Western Sydney: 2009 Cabramatta Moon Festival. A live vox-pop interview coverage of the event was filmed during the morning, followed by their gig as MC-hosts of the entertainment all night til the fireworks spectacular finale at Nine Network Stage (John Street). During the festival, Vietlish launched its most recent episode: The Folklore of Mr. Cuoi & Ms. Hang Nga. Cabramatta was used as backdrop to the modernised version of this ancient folklore. Behind the Scenes photos: Joseph Dinh is Cuoi, a poor farmer husband who had his cries of help answered by an Asian fairy god-mother, who grants him a magical tree that has magical powers to heal and cure, thereby creating wealth. Excited, he rushes home to his wife Hang-Nga (played by Maria Tran) and soon they were living the high life Kings and Queens with their entourage Cabra Men-In-Black. Of course, good things dont last forever, and pretty soon they lose the tree because silly Hang-Nga dropped it into the toilet (originally the tree cannot stand dirty water). It began to uproot itself and travels to the sky. In an attempt to hold it back, Cuoi is pulled up with it all the way to the moon. A parody of Australian-Idol 2008 contestants smash hit Mirror Mirror was changed to Cuois Magical Tree chant. Joseph Dinh ...
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  • Ra Gieng Anh Cuoi Em phan 1/4 Chuc mun nam moi! I really like this play so I thought I'd share it with you all. I will upload the rest later. Expect part two to come tomorrow. I'd like to type all the credits but I don't have the time, so if you wanna know the credits let me know and I will upload the credits at the end of part 4. Tac Gia: Lam Tuyen Dien vien: Hoai Linh - sau Banh Kim Ngoc - tam Sumo Nhat Cuong - nam Cu Kim Chi - Mot Ngoc Trinh - Roi Huu Loc - Luom Nhat Trung - Duoc
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  • Niem Khuc Cuoi - Ngo Thuy Mien A Vietnamese love song Even if rain fall, I will accompany you for the rest of your life. Even if clouds or violent storms should pass by here. Even if theres the wind, the freezing wind, The muddy snow, or the thin, fallen leaves. No matter what, no matter what happens, Ill always love you.
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  • Giấc Mơ Cuối (PART 2) - Elbi ft. Uriboo, KaiSoul & TonyN [♥VietRap 2010] ♥ If you actually listen to the lyrics & understand the story it tells, you'd know how touching it is. Basically it's about a couple who made promises & stuff, but then when the guy is finally released from his 6years imprisonment to meet his gf, she brings her husband along.. sad hey :'( ♥ Download & Lyrics: INSTRUMENTAL beat: NB. The images in this video do not relate to this song in any way!!! Enjoy♥
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  • [ 7554 Game ] Video: Trận chiến cuối cùng - Đồi A1 / Battle at A1 Hill - Dien Bien Phu ,VN This video We captured from 7554 Game ,which game talk about historic of Viet Namese .We are offensive France and Alies at Dien Bien Phu battle,this scene has reflect real image of the war.And from this scene,we hope Viet Nam and the world will peace,plz don't make war ....almost war alway hurt and dead...not good for future.. ....Anyway,thank to eMobigames and who care about 7554 Game,coz they has tell again ,they made us can take the gun to discover / feeling about Viet Nam war. // I not good and fluently about talk English but all is my feel and free to talk again about this game. Thanks alot when see this video :)...Now,let feel victory of VietNamese when Free Duc Tien and HaNoiComputer
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  • Ao Cuoi Mau Hoa Ca- Che Linh che linh, a request. enjoy rate and comment
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  • NGUOI VE CUOI PHO 2009 - CAM LY 360 .Liveshow Cam Ly 15 nam ca hat
  • Vietnamese Idol 2010 Funny 4 - Cuoi be bung.flv
  • Video clip vui nhon - dau vo dai cuoi be bung nak By
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  • Uoc gi - Gala Cuoi My Tam's famous song in comedy show: Gala Cuoi. The actress is Thuy Nga.
  • Part 2/4 - Tro Chuyen Cuoi Tuan Co Tim (see also part 3/4)
  • Bài Không Tên Cuối Cùng (Vũ Thành An) by Khánh Ly CAUTION: This music clip is intended for the mature audiences of ages 18 and older. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bài Không Tên Cuối Cùng~ Performed by: Khánh Ly~ Music & Lyrics by: Vũ Thành An~ ---------------------------------------------------------------- Visit my blog for more info on this author and the legend behind his nameless love songs: To listen to other Nameless Songs by this author, performed by one of my favorite male artists, Vũ Khanh, click on this link: Vu Thanh An is another one of the living legends in Vietnamese music and entertainment. In my blog, I have written a mini bio of Mr. Vu Thanh An and the legend behind the series of his Nameless Songs, as well as some of my thoughts on it. The featured song is the last song in his series of nameless love songs. For my non-Vietnamese speaking friends, curious as to why this song became so famous and Mr. Vu Thanh An had written a sequel to it? Check out my blog and read about it. This song was very popular prior to the end of Vietnam War in 1975 and it is still very well-loved as of today. Many well-known artist have recorded this song. I have decided to feature the version by one of Vietnamese top artists (my parents' generation), Khanh Ly. She's also one of my most favorite artists. Did you know that she also sings in French? Hmmm, ah hah, trivia question, which song or songs?
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