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  • Definition of crippleware from select computer dictionaries. — “crippleware - Computer Dictionary Definition”,
  • This page describes the term crippleware and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. — “What is crippleware? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia”,
  • Ever since I did my original post on Crippleware I have been getting a lot of feedback from individuals about how the intersection of open source works with closed source extensions. Open Source that is not crippleware but allows for third party extensions allows for the following:. — “Brian "Krow" Aker's Idle Thoughts - CrippleWare, World of”,
  • Come to CNET for free and safe Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder downloads. Search all duplicate images in your folder. "crippleware" by ftho on December 26, 2009. Pros: looks nice. Cons: Delete disabled in trial does not allow you to evaluate the quality of the program. — “Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder - Reviews and free”,
  • crippleware is a hardware device that has not been designed to its full capability, or a software that has some important functionality deliberately removed. — “crippleware”,
  • What's the meaning of crippleware? Find the definition of the slang word here. — “Definition of crippleware | The Online Slang Dictionary”,
  • First Web Based WYSIWYG Form Builder. Create and publish web forms using your browser. Get responses via E-mail No crippleware. No ads. Unlike similar services JotForm does NOT cripple features, show ads or show a logo on your form. All features are available to Free users. You only need to upgrade. — “JotForm · Easiest Form Builder”,
  • A community about crippleware. Tag and discover new products. Share your images and discuss your questions with crippleware experts. — “: crippleware”,
  • Information Security Glossary - Shareware, or promotional software, which has been crippled, i.e. some functions, such as printing or saving files, have been disabled by the developer. Crippleware. — “Information Security Glossary - Crippleware”,
  • Software or hardware that limits consumer choice. I'm not buying that crippleware iPhone or iPod since I don't want to have to buy all my music from iTunes. — “Urban Dictionary: crippleware”,
  • crippleware /n./ 1. Software that has some important functionality deliberately removed, so as to entice potential users to pay for a working version. 2. [Cambridge] Variety of guiltware that exhorts you to donate to some charity (compare careware, nagware). — “jargon, node: crippleware”,
  • Midi freeware utilities for removing dupes from your computer. Finding any errors in your files. Mid or Kar finder to find files with lyrics in them. Midi Renamer to show you the text in the file so you can name the properly. Midi Renumber. — “CrippleWare”,
  • Crippleware is any software program that cannot be fully utilized until the user registers or, in the case of shareware, purchases the program. — “What is crippleware? Definition from ”,
  • Stop Installing Crippleware By leado, May 2, 2007. Please stop installing demonstration The Reduced-functionality Crippleware part is somewhat a dupe of this. — “IdeaStorm | Stop Installing Crippleware”,
  • crippleware Software used to demonstrate how a program works, but severely limited in functionality. For example, the printing or saving functions. — “Damaged good: Information from ”,
  • Crippleware : 1. Software that has some important functionality deliberately removed, so Crippleware : n. 1. [common] Software that has some important functionality deliberately. — “Crippleware - Define Crippleware at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • We found 10 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word CRIPPLEWARE: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "CRIPPLEWARE" is defined. — “Definitions of CRIPPLEWARE - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Oracle XE, like the others, is what's known in the software world as crippleware. — “Of Railroad Barons and Crippleware”,
  • Microsoft has grabbed a large share of the netbook market from Linux, but it's done so at a huge cost and now it's about to blow its lead with a crippleware version of Windows 7. — “Will Microsoft blow its netbook lead with Windows 7”,
  • crippleware (uncountable) (uncountable, computing, chiefly derogatory) A program whose functionality is severely limited beyond that of shareware, often in the interest of its author having the crippleware user make a purchase of the uncrippled program. [edit] Related terms. abandonware. — “crippleware - Wiktionary”,
  • However, crippleware programs can also differentiate between tiers of paying software customers. The term "crippleware" is sometimes used to describe software products whose functions. — “Damaged good - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • crippleware: n. 1. [common] Software that has some important functionality deliberately An excellent example of crippleware (sense 3) is Intel's 486SX chip, which is a standard. — “crippleware”,
  • Crippleware is a term for hardware or software which has been altered so that it is no longer fully functional. There are a number of reasons to release crippleware, but they all ultimately boil down to economic issues. — “What is Crippleware?”,
  • Encyclopedia article about crippleware. Information about crippleware in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “crippleware definition of crippleware in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2

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  • “The cartoon blog of Andertoons cartoonist Mark Anderson. He discusses his cartoons, cartooning, comics and, oddly enough, LEGO. A really fun read!”
    Crippleware | Andertoons Cartoon Blog,

  • “Indigo Jo Blogs - Politics, tech and media issues from a Muslim perspective The impression I've got is that it's "crippleware" - a trial version of a piece of software with important components removed, in order that the”
    — Mandrake's crippleware | Indigo Jo Blogs,

  • “Info & Phones Forum. Back to message list. Top message: Crippleware and iPhone iHandcuffs If "crippleware" seems an unduly harsh description, it balances the”
    — Verizon Wireless Forum (Phone Scoop),

  • “( I can't understant why the manufacturer would disallow the user to add new trusted certificates, I consider this a crippleware tactic. I have posted a couple of entries on Nokia Forum and on Sun Wireless Forum – I guess that if we can sort of unite' and make our”
    — Midlet Signing,

  • “Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Before I start, I will state that I really like my iPaq hx4700. Fantastic screen, WiFi. Browsing the net anywhere in the house is a h”
    — Pocket PC OS verges on being crippleware - Windows-Mobile - PDA,

  • “Sure, they are all crippleware, but less so than Sony You are on one extreme end of the spectrum of posters on this forum (the complainers), and you therefore are a counterbalance to those on the other extreme end of the spectrum (the fanboys)”
    — Re: Are Canikon also "crippleware", Barry?: Sony DSLR Talk,

  • “SysInternals Crippleware - forum topic SysInternals Crippleware. Not new, but I just noticed that, according the Wikipedia article, Microsoft crippled the later versions of Proces***plorer, changing a search feature from Google to MSN”
    — SysInternals Crippleware - ,

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