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  • (Click to enlarge) battlement (Precision Graphics) battlement n. A notched parapet built on top of a wall, with alternating merlons and crenels for. — “battlement: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of crenels in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of crenels. Pronunciation of crenels. Translations of crenels. crenels synonyms, crenels antonyms. Information about crenels in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “crenels - definition of crenels by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Crenels definition, any of the open spaces between the merlons of a battlement. See more. — “Crenels | Define Crenels at ”,
  • Definition of merlon from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of merlon. Pronunciation of merlon. Definition of the word merlon. Origin of the word merlon A solid portion between two crenels in a battlement or crenelated wall. Origin: French, from Italian merlone, augmentative of. — “merlon - Definition of merlon at ”,
  • This simple design provokes thought into some of the shameful realities of life. — “Crenel Cross”,
  • D'rii String of the Silver Starlight. The Tome. Sha-haven. Lessa Lynn. Jaysen. — “Crenels”,
  • Mount Crenel's Base is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Located at the bottom of Mount Crenel, the area is passed through after Link acquires the Earth Element. This is the only place where Mt. Crenel Mineral Water can be. — “Mt. Crenel's Base - Zeldapedia, the Legend of Zelda wiki”,
  • Knowing the parts of a castle can help in the defense of a castle Top of a wall or tower that has lower sections (crenels) for the purpose of giving a castle defender a position to fight or fire through. — “Parts of a Castle”,
  • Visit this site dedicated to providing information about the Battlements.Fast and accurate details about Parts of castles including the Battlements.Learn about the purpose, design and origin of the Battlements. Crenels - a derivative of the correct name for the Battlements - the Crenellations). — “Battlements”,
  • crenel's TravBuddy travel profile. crenel has shared 1 photos, 0 travel blogs, and 0 reviews. Share travel reviews and meet travelers by joining TravBuddy. — “crenel's TravBuddy Profile”,
  • battlement (architecture), the parapet of a wall consisting of alternating low portions known as crenels, or crenelles (hence crenellated walls with battlements), and high portions called merlons. Battlements were devised in order that warriors. — “battlement (architecture) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • crenels. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 16 October 2010, at 17:52. Text is available under the. — “crenels - Wiktionary”,
  • Castle for Keeps Craft. Travel back in time with this family or party project that combines imagination and history. Everyone will admire this medieval keepsake. castles, too--turret, bailey, gatehouse, moat, keep, portcullis, and crenels. 2. Construct your castle on a recycled pizza box or. — “Castle for Keeps Craft - Crayola OFFICIAL Site”,
  • To build a wall with crenels, select one of the 5 crenel tools available: the proportions of the crenels. Here is the kind of building that can be quickly done. — “inagoni: Content / Content / ArchiTools 1.3 update”,
  • A gas burner for an appliance includes a base and a cover. The base includes a wall peripherally formed about the base. The wall includes a plurality The crenels 30 also act as a set of flame ports through which combustible gas may flow out of the chamber 15. In this embodiment, the crenels 30 are. — “High Efficiency Burner invention”,
  • Noun: crenel kre-n(u)l. One of a series of rounded projections (or the notches between Verb: crenel (crenelled,crenelling) kre-n(u)l (architecture) supply. — “crenel, crenelled, crenels, crenelling- WordWeb dictionary”,
  • The solid widths between the crenels are called merlons (also cops or kneelers) In the battlements of the Middle Ages the crenel comprised one-third of the width of the. — “Battlement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Picture of Crenels of Sintra Castle, or Castelo dos Mouros, with Palace of Pena in the background - Image of Moorish Castle in Portugal - Photo of Portugal. — “Picture of Crenels of Sintra Castle, or Castelo dos Mouros”,
  • This picture shows Crenels of Sintra Castle, or Castelo dos Mouros, with Palace of Pena Picture of Crenels of Sintra Castle, or Castelo dos Mouros, with Palace of Pena in the. — “Picture of Crenels of Sintra Castle, or Castelo dos Mouros”,
  • Dracula castle crenels. Dracula castle crenels. Informations about this Photo of Dracula Castle (Bran, Romania) crenels, from the inner court. — “Dracula castle crenels | Dracula Pictures Gallery - Dracula Info”,

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  • Let's Play LoZ The Minish Cap (Part 5) Mt. Crenel In this episode I've earned enough money to buy the bottle off the Business Scrub. I make it to Mount Crenel. I fill my bottle up with water and dump it on the root of a vine. It grows all the way to the top so I use it as my ladder. I bomb out a door that gets me higher. I use the portal to shrink to minish size and use my empty bottle again to fill up on some Mount Crenel Mineral Water. I go to the left and bomb out another door that gets me alittle higher on the mountain. I jump off and use Ezlo and a parachute to float over to the other side. I go all the way over to the left and bomb between two trees. Inside are three treasures: a piece of heart, a kinstone piece, and 50 rupees. I go back and go up the ladder and use my Gust Jar to remove the silver pointy things to uncover a portal to get small and a hole in the ground. The hole in the ground is a place where a minish is. I grab the Kinstone Piece down there. I also find a bean that I must plant in the hole in the ground and use Mt. Crenel Mineral Water to make it grow. I go back to normal size and climb the vine. I am now on the actual Mt. Crenel part. I go over to the right and bomb across the bridge. Inside is another Kinstone Piece. I get to the top level of the room and go back outside. I just into another whirlwind and ride Ezlo to the left side. I climb up the ladder and bomb all the way to the right and inside is a business scrub that sells me an important item for 40 rupees, The Grip Ring. I can now climb ...
  • lets beat the legend of zelda the minish cap part 3: deepwood conquered/on to mount crenel well this is the third part of my video walkthrough for legend of zelda the minish cap, sorry its a little late my comp kept on messing up earlier, well the 4th through 9th parts will be recorded today and uploaded no later then tomorrow, hope this helps
  • Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap: Part 6- Mt. Crenel Link slaps on his good hiking boots as his quest for the next element leads him to Mt. Crenel. With a green thumb, a love of explosives and a bird hat parachute he begins to carve a path through the mountain, but sadly his task is far from over.
  • Mount Crenel Mount Crenel from Minish Cap. DL: Art by Yours Truly. Copyright Nintendo.
  • Zelda Minish Cap Mt. Crenel part D 18 Mt. Crenel part 4
  • Lets Play TLoZ: The Minish Cap Part 11 - Mt Crenel and First Game Over Part Eleven. Here it was just more of Mt. Crenel and i got a GAME OVER! really...that thing that killed me, its just like so cheap. It just hit me multiple times through that rock and yeah..bad. That was just stupid on my part though. Well, we climbed up that beanstalk and got more kinstones, thats about it.
  • The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap Walkthrough With Commentary Part 8 Climbing Mount Crenel After a few chores in town, we start to climb the mountain.
  • Zelda Minish Cap - Mt_ Crenel Summit RPG Music has all your favorite RPG OSTs to browse through! Visit us at:
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  • Let's Play Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap - Part 8: Mt. Crenel Yay we are climbing a mountain and we water some flowers and bomb some walls. The life of a here is really great.
  • Lets Play TLoZ: The Minish Cap Part 10 - Starting up Mt. Crenel Part Ten. We start going up Mt. Crenel after we buy the wallet. Plus, I forgot to save again. I had to play it over but this time i ended up finding that golden chicken that i was talking about and getting 60 rupees instead of thirty once i redid the game...part...thing that was in this video. So, i have 30 more rupees than normal.
  • Let's Play Zelda: Minish Cap - Part 5: Mount Crenel We start climbing Mount Crenel, and fail a little in the process.
  • The Legend of Zelda the Minish Cap: Part 4 - Mt.Crenels Base Sorry, no creative name today! We cover the base of Mt.Crenel, not too tough. and check out Pokecentral101:
  • Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap: Part 19- Mount Crenel Cleanup Now equipped with a shiny new Ocarina and a nice pair of Mole Mitts Link goes back to face his old rival, Mount Crenel. With so many rupees and heart pieces to collect there's no way that Link will make any actual progress this time.
  • Let's Play The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap #7: Heading off to Mt. Crenel In this video Ganon visits some of the places in town, learns a new sword technique, fuses with a few people and Heads off to mt. Crenel.
  • Let's Play The Legend of Zelda, The Minish Cap! 7. Trilby Highlands and Mt. Crenel's Base! We show DAT soldier our awesome Spin Attack and we can go to the Trilby Highlands! We obtain and awesome ♪BOTTLE♪ and continue our way up the base.
  • Zelda Minish Cap Mt. Crenel part C 17 Mt. Crenel partt 3
  • Let's Play Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap #06 - Mt. Crenel This is where the Fire Element is. But I still got a fair climb to go in order to reach my destination. I'll be sure to find a few things along the way. Game developed by Capcom and published by Nintendo.
  • The legend of Zelda the Minish Cap [Three Heart Run] (part 6) Mt.Crenel Base In this run i will complete the game with only using Three hearts but get all up grades that are possable. short segment this time i explore the base of Mt. Crenel.
  • TLoZ: MC Episode 8- Scaling Mt.Crenel P.2 The last part! We finally reach the mines!
  • Legend of Zelda Minish Cap Walkthrough Part 8: Mt. Crenel Part 3 Hello everybody! In this part we continue up Mt. Crenel, and you get to see me die! Twice! When I die in my walkthroughs I edit out the video until I reach the spot where I died at, saving us all some time. More videos are coming soon!
  • Zelda Minish Cap Mt. Crenel part B 16 Mt. Crenel part 2
  • Zelda Minish Cap Mt. Crenel part A 15 Mt Crenel part 1
  • Let's Listen: Zelda - The Minish Cap - Mt. Crenel Theme (Extended) My Minish Cap Playlist:
  • Lets Play TLoZ: The Minish Cap Part 4 - Mt. Crenel Shenanigans In this part, I get a new piece of heart, get the first Empty Bottle, climb to the top of Mt. Crenel, almost get to the second dungeon, etc.
  • Lets Play TLoZ: The Minish Cap Part 14 - End of Mt Crenel Part Four***. We finnally get past that part where apparently you can throw bombs. That was really starting to irritate me. Also, i turned down the game volume so you might be able to hear me over the game better. We also get to Flame cave, i think that was what it was called. Anyway, Mt. Crenel is done and over with.
  • Let's Play the Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap "Mount Crenel's Base" [Part 4] In this episode learn the spin attack as well as begin our journey up Mount Crenel. We also get a new heart container. :) I hope you guys enjoy the video.
  • Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap - Mt. Crenel Music from TLoZ: Minish Cap for the Game Boy Advance. This track plays in Mt. Crenel. Bet you never expected that.
  • Let's Play Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap - Part 28: Back on Mt. Crenel After fusing a lot of stuff we go back to Mt. Crenel to claim our rewards and fuse even more.
  • Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap - Walkthrough Part 6: Climbin' Mt.Crenel PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION In this video we: Climb Mt.Crenel, climb Mt.Crenel, buy the grip ring and climb Mt.Crenel some more :D. We also have a visit from the fairy that tries to trick you into being an unfaithful liar! And who can forget the strange man that appears to live in the mountain whose soul purpose is to tell people things they already know. If there is anything that I did in this video that you didn't understand, just say what it was in the comments and I'll be happy to help you. Heart piece #6: This heart piece is obtained by staying left after your first vortex flying thing. Blow up the entrance to the cave and blow up all three blocks to get a piece of heart, kinstone piece and 50 rupees. Wahey! Heat piece #7 (I know this isn't in the video, I stupidly missed it and may aswell put it here since I collected it.): Just before you climb the Mt.Crenel (the bit with the bomb-fairy) you will notice a wall that kinda of stands out, blow it up and take the faires + piece of heart. Warning: This is not a 100%walkthrough. This is just a walkthrough of the main plotline so many sidequests and heart pieces won't be shown. If you have any requests, come on down to my channel and tell me. PS: When you throw your bomb into the fairy fountain, you have to say "neither" to get the big bomb bag :). I am also sorry about getting hit stupidly, it is because of my buttons, sometimes it will make me carry on going in a direction despite me pressing another. xD.
  • Legend of Zelda Minish Cap Walkthrough Part 6: Da Bombs, and Mt. Crenel Part 1 Hello everybody! I bet you though I'd stopped my Minish Cap walkthrough. Well, you were wrong! In this video we get the second piece of heart from Deepwood Shrine, get the first type of bombs, learn about kinstones, get ANOTHER piece of heart, and begin our journey up Mt. Crenel. More videos are coming soon!

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  • “After a long time of consideration I have finally decided to close this blog. Both two towers had brick crenels added in the later Ming dynasty but”
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  • “Welcome to the Pokémon World Online Wiki! If you wish to join the game, check out the forum announcements by clicking on the PWO Website link above. Registration is currently closed for the game - please do not apply for the Wiki expecting to”
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  • “The Bolsheviks, most of them without uniforms, hidden in cellars and catacombs continue the fight, shooting through windows and crenels, set on fire or blow up buildings, as soon as our soldiers enter them". (IMG:”
    — Forum -> 32. The Operation of Odessa,

  • “The walls are covered with many lookout holes, window embrasures and castellated crenels. vote in polls in this forum. This page was generated in 0.125 seconds”
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  • “View PeterSea's blog at , the world's largest social network for English language students. The walls are covered with many lookout holes, window embrasures and castellated crenels”
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