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  • Alibris has new & used music performed by Cracker, including new & used copies. — “Cracker Music (Used, New, Hard-to-Find) - Alibris”,
  • Learn about Cracker on . Find info and videos including: How to Be a Computer Cracker, About Password Crackers, How to Make Cheese Crackers and much more. — “Cracker - ”,
  • Official page of Cracker from Virgin Records America Web site featuring exclusive audio, video, special events and more. — “Virgin Records: Cracker”,
  • Watch videos & listen to Cracker: Low, Get Off This & more, plus 7 pictures. Cracker is an American alternative rock band fronted by Camper Van Beethoven singer David Lowery, with guitarist Johnny Hickman. They are best known for their. — “Cracker – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures”,
  • Sense of computer cracker, crack, cracking, were promoted in the 1980s as an alternative to hacker, by programmers concerned about negative public associations of hack, hacking ("creative computer coding" A person or thing that cracks, or that cracks a thing (e.g. whip cracker; nutcracker). — “cracker - Wiktionary”,
  • Christmas cracker, traditional British Christmas toy or decoration which gives a loud 'crack' when opened Cracker butterflies, a genus of butterfly from the Neotropics. — “Cracker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Official site of the country band within a rock band. — “Cracker”,
  • Originally the white slave driver because he would "crack" the whip, hence the noun cracker. — “Urban Dictionary: cracker”,
  • Australia's largest free classifieds & forums. Find, sell or say anything: cars, jobs, pets, boats, property, dating, services & more. Cracker = free ads!. — “Cracker Community Classifieds”, .au
  • Unique South African videos. Come join the best video community in South Africa. — “Cracker”,
  • Cracker music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Cracker on Yahoo! Music. — “Cracker on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Ez cracker - 93 results from 73 stores, including As Seen on TV EZ Egg Cracker, Ez Cracker, EZ Cracker Egg Cracker and Separator, EZ Cracker with Yolk Separator, EZ Cracker Egg Cracker, EZ Cracker Set of 2 Egg Crackers & Separators, and more. — “Ez cracker at TheFind - Search, discover and compare prices”,
  • Cracker definition, a thin, crisp biscuit. See more. Also called cracker bonbon. a small paper roll used as a party favor, that usually contains candy, trinkets, etc., and that pops when pulled sharply at one or both ends. — “Cracker | Define Cracker at ”,
  • cracker n. A thin crisp wafer or biscuit, usually made of unsweetened dough. One that cracks, especially: A firecracker. — “cracker: Definition from ”,
  • MySpace virtual community site allows users to create profiles and network, meet people, browse their friends' profiles, and make friends from all around the world. Also contains pages for music bands to share their songs and videos and. — “MySpace”,
  • Definition of cracker in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of cracker. Pronunciation of cracker. Translations of cracker. cracker synonyms, cracker antonyms. Information about cracker in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “cracker - definition of cracker by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • BARNES & NOBLE: Cracker! by Cynthia Kadohata - Save with New Lower Prices on Millions of Books. FREE Shipping on $25 orders!. — “Cracker!, Cynthia Kadohata, (9781416906377) Hardcover”,

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  • Cracker - Low Kerosene Hat (1993) Lyrics - Sometimes I wanna take you down. Sometime I wanna get you low. I brush your hair back from your eyes. I take you down let the river flow. Sometimes I go and walk the street Behind the green sheet of glass. A million miles below their feet A million miles, a million miles CHORUS: I'll be with you girl Like being low hey hey hey like being stoned I'll be with you girl Like being low hey hey hey like being stoned. A million poppies gonna make me sleep. But just one rose it knows your name The fruit is rusting on the vine The fruit is calling from the trees Hey don't you wanna go down Like some junkie cosmonaut A million miles below their feet A million miles a million miles CHORUS Blue blue is the sun. Brown brown is the sky. Green green are her eyes. A million miles a million miles Hey don't you wanna go down Like some disgraced cosmonaut A million miles below their feet A million miles a million miles CHORUS
  • Mathri,Salted Crackers by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian recipe Learn how to make Mathri Salted Crackers Recipe by Manjula View full recipe at INGREDIENTS: Makes 40 to 50 2 cups all purpose flour (plain flour or mada) 1/4 cup sooji (semolina flour) 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ajwain 4 tablespoons oil 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons Luke warm water Oil to fry
  • Julie's Homemade Crackers Make homemade gourmet crackers that taste better than store bought at a fraction of the cost. Go to to get the recipe.
  • Cracker - *** Angst Music video by Cracker performing *** Angst (What The World Needs Now) (Live at the Ogden Theatre, Denver CO.).
  • Cracker - Kerosene Hat Kerosene Hat album.
  • Cracker - Episode 4 - Part 1 To Be a Somebody Robbie Coltrane, Geraldine Somerville, Barbara Flynn, Kieran O'Brien, Tess Thomson, Lorcan Cranitch, Christopher Eccleston and Ricky Tomlinson
  • ohGr - cracker I had Nothing to do with the creation of this video or song and I am only posting it as a fan. cracker by ohGr
  • Chris Rock - Crackers (Outkast's Hey Ya Spoof ) Unreleased OutKast Hey Ya High Quality HQ Chris Rock - Crackers (Outkast's Hey Ya Spoof ) Unreleased This is pure genius. Sarcasm that cuts both ways. (I'm sorry I had to disable comments. For almost two years I've been getting comments and **they all say the very same two or three things all the time**. Opinions are quite boring, actually, especially after a hundred repeats. If you have an opinion you'd like to express about this video, I assure you chances are a million to one it has already been expressed by someone else and you're in agreement with quite a lot of nice folks.)
  • Cracker - Eurotrash Girl Music video by Cracker performing Euro-Trash Girl.
  • melanie - animal crackers
  • Cracker - Movie Star Kerosene Hat album
  • Extreme Fire Cracker In UltraSlo This is an Extreme Close up of a Fire Cracker shot @ 10000 FPS We have enhanced the resolution as much as we can. This was posted some time ago in lower resolution
  • Cracker - Episode 1 - Part 1 The Mad Woman in the Attic Robbie Coltrane, Geraldine Somerville, Barbara Flynn, Kieran O'Brien, Tess Thomson, Lorcan Cranitch and Christopher Eccleston
  • Ellegarden - Fire Cracker Ellegarden - Fire Cracker Album: Eleven Fire Crackers Lyrics: Now I finally understand We're all here to play an endless game And winning is just bad as losing Am I sick Not anymore How could I be tonight To find it floating in my static dream Just sing it Sing it Even though I've never said the words Don't fake it no more To find it floating in your static dream Just sing it Sing it Even though I've never said the words I feel right now Now I've got this far anyway And I've finally turned to my last page These countless memories still holding me back Am I sick Not anymore How could I be tonight To find it floating in my static dream Just sing it Sing it Even though I've never said the words Don't fake it no more To find it floating in your static dream Just sing it Sing it Even though I've never said the words I feel right now The tired song of summer that I used to sing And you found me somehow good And it's so much fun to be with you You can't imagine how I was dying just to talk to you We can leave it as it is We can be as one as well To find it floating in my static dream Just sing it Sing it Even though I've never said the words Don't fake it no more To find it floating in your static dream Just sing it Sing it Even though I've never said the words I feel right now
  • Robotic Safe Cracker This device can successfully crack a Sergent and Greenleaf 8500 lock by trying the minimum number of physically viable combinations. These locks are classified as "manipulation proof" by their manufacturer. More infomation is available at
  • Fat marmot eating a cracker! funny video of a chubby marmot eating a cracker
  • Jack Cracker vs Mac Lethal scribble jam
  • E#13 Outside Of Cracker Barrel After each one of us had just gotten back into North Carolina after long road trips, it was time for myself, Jeff, & Kimo to grab some lunch at one of our favorite spots-Cracker Barrel. After lunch, we turned the Flip on, and captured whatever came out. Enjoy guys! http
  • Superb by Middle Age Cracker Rapper Making my own rap video was at the top of my list. I thought it would be a creative way to express myself--far from my usual life as a straight laced finance guy. More:
  • Dirt Nasty - "Cracker Ass Fantastic" Directed by Nicholaus Goossen for Shoot To Kill Music. Featuring Chrissy Hilton, Danny Trejo, Block, and Beardo.
  • Cracker - Racist Murder Scene Controversial scene from the British crime series, Cracker. Taken from the episode, "To Be A Somebody", first broadcast on 10th October 1994. Starring Robert Carlyle.
  • RBI - Jack Cracker (The Crest) The song 'RBI' by Jack Cracker of the Crest. Produced by DJ Skrabble. Video by CT 2009 /thecrest
  • Betty's Homemade Graham Cracker Pie Crust Recipe In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make a Homemade Graham Cracker Pie Crust. Soon to be filled with a delicious filling, the crust itself is versatile enough for many different fillings! 1 1/4 cups fine graham cracker crumbs (You may make these by crushing Graham crackers or by using ready-made crumbs.) 1/4 cup sugar 6 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted Combine 1 1/4 cups Graham cracker crumbs, 1/4 cup sugar, and 6 tablespoons melter butter or margarine. Press the mixture into a 8-inch pie plate. Bake at 375 degrees for 6 to 8 minutes, or until edges are browned. Cool. For an unbaked crust, chill 45 minutes before filling. This is a great pie crust--much tastier and better consistency than the ready-made ones! You can use it for *many* types of pies or desserts!
  • Cracker - I Hate My Generation Music video by Cracker performing I Hate My Generation.
  • Mark Watson - Cracker Highlights (2008) Highlights of the comedians that performed at the Cracker Festival (2008)
  • Cracker - Low (mv) "low" by cracker. I love this song and I made a video for it. I think it would be cool to see while you were stoned. I dont smoke the ***, but if you do try it and tell me.
  • Kill Some White Crackers; Kill their Babies - New Black Panthers; Holder drops charges Obama's DOJ drops polling place intimidation charges against the white cracker killing New Black Panthers. I guess these white cracker killers are now free to roam the streets and to intimidate all future white crackers who simply want to exercise their right to vote just like the blacks do. Will there ever be justice for the white cracker? Will the white cracker, who they say has not contributed anything to the world, will he be permitted to exercise his voting rights? What the white crackers of this country need is one of their own in the White House, someone who knows what it means to be a looked-down-on white cracker in a land of Hispanics and black people. Only someone of the same white cracker ethnic background can possibly help us white crackers in the future, and that is why I am starting a new organization called; The NAAWC: The National Association for the Advancement of White Crackers. Please join me and my new association and we will put an end to these attacks on the white cracker. We will spread the truth about the white cracker and how he has helped the world. White Cracker Power! -jbranstetter04 The Washington Times Justice Department political appointees overruled career lawyers and ended a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day, according to documents and interviews. The incident - which gained national ...
  • Cracker - Friends Music video by Cracker performing Friends. (C) 2009 SLG, LLC.
  • *** Angst EMI "official"is wrong Video! This is the final cut and edit of *** Angst Video from Cracker's Self Titled CD. 1992.
  • Mike Birbiglia: Crackers Mike Birbiglia at Saint Louis University's welcome week activities. Over 1000 in attendance
  • Cracker: "Euro-trash Girl" Cracker was, of course, part of the wave of alternative rock bands that arrived in 1993 following the success of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. They, along with the Breeders, Belly, Soul Asylum, the Lemonheads and various others seemed to be getting their due for being such important parts of the college rock scene of the 80s -- in the case of Cracker, it was via their genesis in the demise of Camper Van Beethoven. I didn't know that at the time though, all I knew was "Low" and that video with Sandra Bernhard boxing. This was my freshman year at college and I was a commuter. One morning, on the 15-minute drive to school, I heard "Euro-trash Girl" on the student radio station and it blew me away. It was like what I'd felt hearing "Lithium" and "Sweetness Follows" for the first time -- a new dimension in Cracker's sound was revealed to me, which helped me better understand a wide swath of the rock landscape. It also made me desperately want a copy of Kerosene Hat. Last Thursday night, it was one of a number of highlights from a two-hour set. They played Camper Van's "Take the Skinheads Bowling," which was amazing and preceded by "Ain't Gonna Suck Itself," the ***-you to Virgin Records they included on their covers album, Countrysides -- their cover of "Duty Free," also from that album, was incredible. In the middle of the encore they finally did "Sweet Thistle Pie," and everybody somehow still had the energy for it. The stunning thing was really what they didn't play. They've got ...
  • Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach: Flax Crackers
  • Betty's Ritz Cracker Chicken Nuggets Recipe Betty demonstrates how to make her quick and easy Ritz Cracker Chicken Nuggets in this video. These make the perfect appetizer or main course, and are great for kids (as well as adults!). They are tender, juicy and tasty, and will make a fantastic finger addition to your recipe collection! Ingredients: 2 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubes into approx. 1" cubes (nuggets) Meat tenderizer, to taste (or salt) 16 oz. box Ritz crackers 1.5 sticks melted margarine Freshly-ground black pepper, to taste Bring the chicken to room temperature and allow the melted margarine to cool to room temperature. Place 1.5 inner packs of Ritz crackers in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and seal it (removing as much air as possible). Set the bag of crackers on a countertop, and use a rolling pin to crush the crackers into a fine consistency. Place the chicken nuggets in a large mixing bowl and sprinkle with meat tenderizer (or salt) to taste. Add the melted margarine and mix with the tenderized chicken until all chicken is evenly coated by the margarine. (You may use your hands to do this.) Now, take a handful of the chicken nugget mixture and place it in the bag of crushed crackers. Shake the bag until all of the chicken nuggets are evenly coated with cracker crumbs. Place the coated nuggets into a 9" x 12" baking dish and continue to fill the baking dish using the same procedure as above until all of the nuggets are used up. Wash your hands to avoid any contamination from the chicken ...
  • Cracker Crazy: The Invisible History of The Sunshine State Renegade filmmaker Georg Koszulinski takes on Florida's history from a decidedly different point of view. Blending archival and original footage, he brings to life a cast of historical characters spanning over 12000 years, from Florida's ancient Indians to the migrant farm workers of the 21st century. Meet Osceola and the Seminoles, who fought alongside escaped slaves in the most costly Indian War in American History. Unmask Florida's Ku Klux Klan and don't forget about Walt Disney and Henry Flagler perhaps the two characters most responsible for the Florida we know today. Think you know Florida? Think again. See Cracker Crazy for an eye-opening experience.
  • Cracker "Big Dipper" Cracker "Big Dipper" 2/15/07 Safari Sam's Hollywood Ca.
  • Cracker - Turn On Tune In Drop Out Music video by Cracker performing Turn On Tune In Drop Out. (C) 2009 SLG, LLC
  • Prime Cracker - Classic Comic Relief Helen Mirren and Robbie Coltrane star in a special Prime Suspect and Cracker collaboration for Comic Relief.
  • Cracker "Get Off This" [20-Mar-1994] World Premiere
  • Family Guy - Graham Crackers Stewie complains to Brian from the kitchen that they are out of graham crackers. Season 6: Episode 2.
  • Cracker - Low Music video by Cracker performing Low.

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