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  • Art For All, art prints and originals - Chinese Breakaway (countersigned by Valentino Rossi) by Ray Goldsbrough. — “best price for Chinese Breakaway (countersigned by Valentino”,
  • The faith of the government was pledged to redeem these certificates when countersigned by this officer. such or that he was authorized to countersign such loan certificates by the state of by. — “WARD V. UNITED STATES, 77 U. S. 593 :: Volume 77 :: 1870”,
  • The Monueur publishes the following decree, signed by the Emperor, and countersigned by M. BAROCHE. Keeper of the Seals and Minister of Justice and Public Worship:. — “Napoleon's Decree Against the French Bishops. - Article”,
  • Malcolm Farley Hand Ehnanced Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas Handsigned By Tiger Woods :" Victory at Pebble Beach" Artist: Malcolm Farley Title: Victory at Pebble Beach Edition Size: Artist Handsigned and Numbered (S/N) to 40 - Countersigned by. — “Malcolm Farley Hand Ehnanced Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas”,
  • Expedited Passports One of the photographs must be countersigned by the person who has also countersigned the application. Applicant's relatives and notary public will not be accepted as countersignatory. — “Passports Plus - British Passports”,
  • New Chapters: paperwork countersigned soon New Chapters: paperwork countersigned soon " Reply #8 on: March 19, 2004, 05:16:00 am " The point is our unit has existed before the chapter was put together. They are in two different cities, from the other post I've read, one in fort worth, one in dallas. — “New Chapters: paperwork countersigned soon”,
  • Countersigning means writing a second signature onto a document. For example, a contract or other official document signed by the representative of a company may be countersigned by his supervisor to verify the authority of the representative. — “Countersign (legal) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • lettre de cachet (French: 'letter with a seal') Letter bearing an official seal, signed by the king and countersigned by a secretary of state, used. — “lettre de cachet: Information from ”,
  • The world's largest collectibles auctioneer - Americana, political, militaria, books and m***cripts, space and more. Heritage Auction Galleries George Washington Society of the Cincinnati Membership Certificate Signed "G. Washington"; countersigned by Henry Knox ( (Total: 1 Items). — “George Washington Society of the Cincinnati Membership”,
  • Definition of countersigned in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is countersigned? Meaning of countersigned as a legal term. What does countersigned mean in law?. — “countersigned legal definition of countersigned”, legal-
  • BEI Resources Registration Application The registration application must be completed and signed by the registrant and countersigned by an official capable of legally binding the institution. and signed by the registrant and countersigned by the Program Manager or Department Head. — “Register Level 2”,
  • Authors: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Definition of Countersigned. Countersigned. of Countersign. Related Definitions: Countersign, Of. BrainyQuote. Copyright © 2001 - 2010 | Inquire | Submit | Privacy | Terms. — “Definition of Countersigned”,
  • You should have your application form countersigned by someone of professional standing, who has known you for at least two years. One of the photos and your form should be countersigned by a person of suitable standing. The photos are scanned onto your. — “UK Passports - Renewing your British Passport in Spain”,
  • Space - Search Gallery One for limited edition prints, giclee canvases and original paintings by internationally-known artists. — “Space: Gallery One - America's Largest Art Gallery”,
  • In the Dorner endospore stain, a smear covered with carbolfushin is steamed, then decolorized with acid-alcohol and countersigned with nigrosin. Describe the microscope appearance after this. — “In the Dorner endospore stain, a smear covered with”,
  • I'm not sure if rules have changed nowdays, but if a cheque has your name on, can you sign it so that it can be put into someone elses bank?. — “Can you have cheques countersigned? I'm not sure if rules”,
  • 2. Where two or more insurers jointly issue a single policy, the policy may be countersigned, on behalf of all insurers appearing thereon, by a licensed agent resident in this state of any one insurer. Every such policy or contract must be countersigned by a resident agent. — “Nevada Revised Statutes Section 680A.300 - Insurance - Nevada”,
  • Countersigned by surviving members of the Doolittle Raiders. Toward the Setting Sun will be countersigned by five surviving Doolittle Raiders (meet them below) in the area surrounding. — “William S Phillips - TOWARD THE SETTING SUN”,
  • Receipt from Ambrosio Moxica, countersigned by Baldomero Aguinaldo, No. 1 Receipt from Ambrosio Moxica, countersigned by Baldomero Aguinaldo, No. 3. — “Philippine History -- Distribution of the P200,000 Given to”,
  • Definition of countersigned in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of countersigned. Pronunciation of countersigned. Translations of countersigned. countersigned synonyms, countersigned antonyms. Information about countersigned in the free online. — “countersigned - definition of countersigned by the Free”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of COUNTERSIGN. 1 : a signature attesting the authenticity of a document already signed by another. 2 : a sign given in reply to another; specifically : a. — “Countersigned - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Progress notes must be discussed with and countersigned by the assigned intern or resident All notes must be countersigned and reviewed with the senior resident assigned to your unit. — “Third Year Medical Clerkship”,
  • Example License Types: Windows Media Components Interim Product Agreement, Microsoft PlayReady Service Deployment License, AND any other agreement countersigned in Reno, Nevada. 1. AND any other agreement countersigned in Redmond, Washington. — “Windows Media License Agreements Available and Overview of”,

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  • "Lesotho day trip" B1zki7's photos around Maseru, Lesotho (maseru lesotho street kids) Preview of B1zki7's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Maseru, Lesotho Entry Title: "Lesotho day trip" Entry: "George Chester and myself decided to take a day trip to Lesotho. Well Georges visa had run out and he needed to renew it, Chester had never left south africa, and i felt it was a good excuse for a day off and a bit of a road trip to see another country! It was not too long a drive, c.3 hrs each way with loads of loverly country to look at (really made me appreciate just how isolated Kimberley is - there really truley and honestly is nothing here at all except desert!!!) - i shall post lots of pictures fom the road trip soon i hope but i havent got them with me at the minute - so we drove to lesotho and accross the border - which was a joke in itself, not very helpfull not very friendly and lots of paper work (signed in triplicate, countersigned, sent in, sent back, buried in soft peat for 6 months and eventually recycled into fire lighters!). the first amusment were the enormous signs stating LESOTHO sponsered by Vodacom (thats vodafones africa network) - "great" thinks i "thats the network i am with should get great coverage". oh no... the very second, and i do mean the second we crossed maseru bridge and actually enetred Lesotho, no network coverage at all!! lol oh well. Anyway we drove into the center of Maseru, a dump, a complete ...
  • Part 1 - Chapters 01-09 - Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne Part 1 - Chapters 1-9 - Around the World in Eighty Days Days by Jules Verne. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Ralph Snelson. Playlist for Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne:
  • Nurseries and Creches in Bury First Steps Nursery use the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework to inform planning, activities and the day to day routine. The six areas of learning included in the EYFS are Creative Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development Communication, Language and Literacy Knowledge and Understanding of the World Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy Development Physical Development These areas of learning underpin the care and education provided by First Steps Nursery. Activities and Procedures While our main emphasis of learning is through play, children will be taught to enjoy arts and crafts, early maths, science, language and physical development. All children are offered equal opportunities in an atmosphere that reflects a balanced and coherent, progressive model of planned learning. Each and every child is treated as an individual. Each child is allocated a keyworker whose responsibility it is to closely monitor your child's progress and welfare. Meals and Snacks There is a scheduled snack time in the morning and afternoon. Children with allergies to specific foods or ingredients are catered for. Milk is the beverage served but water is always available to the children at snack time and throughout the day. Bottles of formula milk for babies are made up on site. We use SMA, Cow and Gate, Aptimil and Soya Milk. These are made up when needed in the dedicated milk preparation area within the Baby Room. Toileting Nappies and wipes are ...
  • CCP Writer Under House Arrest Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: Xin Ziling, a writer in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is under house arrest. He signed a petition to People's Congress with over 20 senior cadres and suggested in his speech that Hu Jintao supports Wen Jiabao's political reform. Authorities claim Xin went against the Four Cardinal Principles and forced him to examine himself. Another writer within the CCP, Tie Liu, told NTD (New Tang Dynasty TV) that Xin Ziling signed a petition to People's Congress with 22 senior cadres urging authorities to fulfill the Constitution's Article 35 to give people the freedom of speech. Those who countersigned include Li Rui, Li Pu, Hu Jiwei, and Jiang Ping. People's Daily published 5 articles, including "Clear Up the Source" to refute the petition. This year, Xin Ziling gave a speech named "Situation and Responsibilities" to science cadres and again irritated authorities. According to Tie, when Xin Ziling went to Nanchang, Jiangxi to give lectures in March, authorities ordered him to cancel the lectures. After Xin returned to Beijing, people from the Army's Commission for Discipline Inspection talked with him, and accused him of having three serious problems in his speech. Tie Liu (writer) said: "First, Xin's speech on China now experiencing crony capitalism was criticized to be against the Four Cardinal Principles. It should be socialism instead of capitalism. Second, Xin's speech that Hu Jintao should support Wen ...
  • Book 03 - Chapter 13 - A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Book Three: The Track of a Storm - Chapter 13: Fifty-two. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Paul Adams. Playlist for A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens:
  • Claimaints to the Hawaiian Throne A video I made discussing an overview of the constitutional history of Hawaiian titles and the existing claimaints to the Hawaiian Throne including the Houses of Kawananakoa and La'anui. For those that are confused. Hawai'i was a CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY which means the succession to the Hawaiian Throne was regulated by the Constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The King/Queen could not proclaim any Tom, Dick, or Harry (or in our case any Keone, Kekoa, or Keola) as his/her heir. All transactions of the monarch had to be counter signed by the Cabinet Council and by the Upper House of Parliament, the House of Nobles. A monarch was a monarch not by birth right but "By the Grace of God and under the Constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom" which was part of the official title of the Hawaiian monarch. As Kamehameha III once said, "The monarch is sovereign...but is not sovereign above the constitution which ensures the protection of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and works of ones hands and minds".
  • Galactic Federation Of Light Sheldon Nidle June 16 2009 ... Selamat Balik! We come with more to discuss with you. As ever, our Earth allies are progressing well with their strategies to deliver your prosperity to you as soon as possible. We are unable to go further into detail at this time as this information is not available to the general public, and all parties to these activities are under a severe non-disclosure injunction enforced by our Earth allies. All we can comment on is the overall goals of these numerous operations. The dark cabalists are now fighting desperately to maintain their power, wealth, and prestige. On all fronts their power base is being challenged to the full by the diverse elements that make up our Earth allies. We can definitely state that our allies are moving forward, with all major written agreements now signed and countersigned by the key governmental, banking, and corporate groups involved in both the delivery operations and the formal exchanges of governmental power. Very few items remain to be tied up. Accordingly, we can say that the time for these actions and for the announcements is very close. While these vital activities progress we continue, in concert with our Inner Earth family, to prepare ourselves for first contact. A flurry of final adjustments is being made to your individual Light chambers, including, where necessary, alterations to your temporary living quarters. In addition, we are monitoring Mother Earth and helping to relieve her most intense stress ...
  • Damnit Blackula! So the break down goes like this. "Blackula" Did not ask fora receipt when we first got to this hotel. Without realizing it the person at the counter signed us into a room for two days and not three. We get back from our Tekken tournament and notice the keys to the room don't work. They tell us what happened and give us the last room they have left. We walk in and the bed is slept in and unmade and there is leftover chinese food in the place. Not to mention instead of two beds there is one. The room is lived in and uncleaned by the maid and Bill starts a rant that had me rollin.
  • Annika Erikson (ArtiCheke) Winner of a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas award for April 2011, ArtiCheke is an app for the iPad which will allow museums, galleries, public and private collections to condition-check artwork using a handheld device in the galleries or art storage areas rather than filling out paper reports on clipboards. Artworks tour on exhibitions to three or four venues internationally, sometimes with only one paper copy of a legal report detailing their condition, which must be countersigned at each venue. This paperwork is kept for years, taking up a lot of space and contributing to access issues. Registrars sometimes have to photocopy these reports, which can be 500-1000 sheets for each exhibition.
  • Sicania Soul feat. Lara Luppi - Life is a tree (Live - Take 2) Sicania is a term that defines and gives voice to Sicily; the Soul is the spirit, the heart, the wish, the passion of this voice translated in music. Sicania Soul is a team composed by the two djs/producers, Erik Cascone and Mauro Di Martino together with the Maestro Angelo Adamo. It is conviction of the Sicania Soul that the music, as mirror of the life, has to notice the condition of the contemporary existence. In this epoch of worrisome confusion, countersigned by the impossibility to inhale to a encoded and systematic knowledge, their ambition it is to ri-organize all the fragmentary data of the musical reality to renewed superior unity. That's the reason why Sicania Soul style mixes different musical genres: an endless sweater of rhythms and melodies that have origin in the classics of the Disco Music, Funk, Latin, and especially Jazz giving life to an universal musical form, that could be defined simply De-Genre. I do not claim to own copyrights to any of the material used in the videos I post. If an image, video or music file is being violated, let me know by sending me a message.
  • Metropolite Andreas Metropolite of Dryinoupolis, Konitsa and Pogoniani, Andreas talks about Autonomy of Northern Epirus in 93th anniversary of Corfu Protocol. This Protocol establishes the Autonomy of Northern Epirus and it was countersigned by albania. Delvinaki, 18th of May 2008 NORTHERN EPIRUS IS GREEK THERE' S ONE SOLUTION, AUTONOMY
  • Chapter 07 - Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne Chapter 07: Which Once More Demonstrates The Uselessness Of Passports As Aids To Detectives. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Ralph Snelson. Playlist for Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne:

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  • “ Board The Trip Links Tours Downloads Picture of the Week. History Eicher World News Events Campaigns Factory Visit Media Kit CNBC Coverage Royal Enfield 50 Years Blog Publications. Home " Deb''n''Jai's Numberplate " Preview. PREVIEW CSD form duly countersigned”
    — Royal Enfield - Community,

  • “Here is a remarkable New York Times article on the extraordinary halting of pending foreclosures and possible revocation of previous foreclosures by some of the largest national lenders, based on allegations of widespread inaccuracies in the”
    — Gracy Title, a Stewart company - Foreclosure Furor,

  • “Steel Engineering Supervision Practice and Experience Abstract: enough on the conditions proposed by the contractor or ordering rectification and correction to the basic conditions are met after countersigned qualification review and started to make:”
    — chanel bags cheap Steel Engineering Supervision Pr--23mac62,

  • “All the way to Oare tu. Archives. Links. replica handbags. replica watches. replica handbags do not have a beneficial and Ouyang Shan, and she is not a fool, how countersigned it”
    — guang067's Blog, guang067

  • “Valiancies putrefactions decolorate unfolded marshaled carhop massacre baluchistan Manned Cheeseburgers triplexes mutilate lieutenants countersigned dumbfound try ***s bloom”
    — Dio mio,

  • “In view of the length of the thread at http:///forum/topic/408363-british-passport-renewal/ , I have decided to start this new one wi”
    — British Passport Renewal - Thailand Forum,

  • “This contract, when countersigned by you, will confirm the agreement in entertainment law, as the sole forum for the resolution of any dispute between”
    — Option and Purchase Agreement (Short Form) Legal Forms and,

  • “Article 85 of the Belgian constitution states that "any act of the king, including his own consent to his marriage, must be countersigned" 106 ("no act of the king can have any effect unless countersigned by a minister who, by that alone, takes responsibility for that”
    — Children of Leopold III,

  • “The Earth Blog is a collection of personal thoughts, ideas and solutions in search of a many organisations and individuals who have countersigned the document, of which this is”
    — The Earth Blog : Giving The Earth A Future - Bravenet Blog, earth-

  • “#1 Electronic Signature and Digital Signature Service. Get it e-signed - in seconds, with EchoSign E-Signature. An interesting one was posted this weekend on the leading blog for contract drafting - AdamsDrafting”
    — EchoBlog - The Latest From EchoSign,

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