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  • LOS ANGELES—Proposals to tax medical marijuana dispensaries and oil companies, increase library funding and exert citizens oversight over the water and power utility are some of the 10 ballot measures the City Council voted Wednesday to put on. — “LA City Council puts medical pot tax on ballot - San Jose”,
  • City Council is charged with deciding how to fill the vacant mayoral post and has the choice of a special This week, the Rochester and Vicinity Labor Council, AFL-CIO executive board unanimously approved a resolution opposing a special election "in. — “Labor Council opposes early vote for mayor”,
  • business, Business-Briefs -Council-sets-holiday-expo- -JOLIET-—-The-Joliet-chamber's-Council-for-Working-Women-will-host-its-holiday. — “Updates: Council sets holiday expo - Herald News”,
  • by Richard Foot Angered by the extraordinary salaries collected by their chief and councillors, at least 15 members of a small native reserve in Nova Scotia are trying to mobilize their community for an emergency meeting on the subject. A. — “Petition calls for meeting over chief, council salaries”,
  • Definition of council in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of council. Pronunciation of council. Translations of council. council synonyms, council antonyms. Information about council in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. council. — “council - definition of council by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The Family Research Council's opposition to gay rights has landed the outfit on the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of "hate groups" — a label strongly denied by the influential Christian conservative organization. — “Family Research Council labeled a 'hate group' - Washington Times”,
  • PORTSMOUTH The City Council is poised to vote tonight to move local elections to November, and the speed of the decision surprised some of those who will be affected. — “Portsmouth council to vote on moving elections | HamptonRoads”,
  • A council is censured for infringing EU contract law - and criticised for claiming in a press release it had been "cleared of wrong-doing". — “BBC News - 'No wrong-doing' council broke EU law”,
  • The Lobster Council of Canada is studying a new price-setting model for the popular crustaceans that would help the industry after years of low prices. — “CBC News - Prince Edward Island - Lobster council studies new”,
  • Tens of thousands of families face on-the-spot fines of £110 if they put rubbish in the wrong bins as another council brings in compulsory recycling. — “£110 on-the-spot fine for not recycling as council introduces”,
  • With the 30-day notice period given to the Kochi consortium ending on November 27, the IPL Governing Council will meet in Nagpur on Sunday to take a call on the fate of the franchise. — “IPL Governing Council meet over Kochi on Nov 28 - ”,
  • Manchester City Council News - Manchester residents urged to have their say on council budget - Manchester City Council is launching a resident consultation on its 2011/12 budget. — “Manchester residents urged to have their say on council”,
  • Facing the threat of a mayoral veto, the Los Angeles City Council stalled Wednesday in asking voters to give its members the authority to remove DWP commissioners and fire the utility s general manager. — “L.A. council delays placing DWP measure on March ballot - The”,
  • During a heated meeting that included shouted accusations and two people being removed, a recall effort began Tuesday against the Socorro mayor and a City Council member. — “Socorro council moves to recall mayor, 1 other - El Paso Times”,
  • Council of Europe, a political, intergovernmental organization with 47 member countries Council of State, an organ of government in many states. County council, a council that. — “Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A law passed just after his County Commission bid stands in the way of him rejoining the council. TAMPA — Former City Council member John Dingfelder, who lost his recent bid for a County Commission seat, said Tuesday he may try to return to the. — “Dingfelder considering return to Tampa City Council - St”,
  • LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles City Council has voted to ease restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries, allowing dozens more to possibly remain open. The council on Wednesday approved an amendment allowing up to 140 pot dispensaries to. — “LA City Council Eases Marijuana Dispensary Restrictions”,
  • London Borough of Haringey, Haringey Council Haringey Council has welcomed today's decision by the Mayor of London to approve plans for a new stadium which will allow Spurs to stay where they belong – in Tottenham. — “Home Page: Haringey Council”,
  • BUKIT MERTAJAM: Hawker Muham­mad Zaini Masiam was left red-faced when his plan to give some 100 orphans and single mothers a Hari Raya Haji a treat had to be called off. He also claimed that his appeal against the council's notices to confiscate his stall had also fallen on deaf ears. — “Hawker's Raya treat goes wrong after council's clamp down”, .my
  • A planned ballot measure to give the council power to fire the department's general manager will remain in limbo until Dec. 7, when members return from a two-week break. — “L.A. council deadlocks on bid for more control over DWP chief”,
  • Council faxed details of abuse cases to wrong recipient twice in two weeks in 'serious breach' of Data Protection Act. — “Hertfordshire council fined after child *** abuse data breach”,
  • "I hope that in the next few days the Council will express its opinion and that this will help to calm the situation," Lavrov said. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed hope the United Nations Security Council in the near future will. — “Russia expects UN Security Council to make statement on”,

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  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - The Future Council Be excellent to each other.
  • 1 - (DUB) - Dear Mister Popitt Rino Rando has come to Miyagami Peninsula with her companion Pucchan in order to transfer to Miyagami Academy. But as soon as she gets there she finds out that her apartment and all her belongings have been burn down due to fire. Now she has no where to stay. Rino and Pucchan decide to head to Miyagami Academy for some help.
  • Marik's Evil Council Of Doom Yu-Gi-Oh: the abridged series created by Littlekuriboh. Marik Ishtar and friends plan to conquer Yugi Mutou. If they can keep themselves from killing each other, that is. Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to Kazuki Takahashi
  • Pt. 1 Int'l Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Meet the International Council of Thir*** Indigenous Grandmothers, introduced by Janet Weber, Assistant to the Grandmother's Council. Janet has been affiliated with the Center for Sacred Studies since the mid-1990s, and is an Interfaith Minister. Her work is in support of native elders and teachings of the Sacred Hoop. DESCRIPTION OF THE GRANDMOTHER'S COUNCIL [Compiled by Interfaith Minister Janet Weber, The Center for Sacred Studies] This unique council of indigenous women elders, some who are in their 80s, are from Arctic Alaska, the Amazon/Brazil, Tibet, Nepal, Gabon, tribes in Oregon, Mexico, New Zealand, Lapland, as well as Hopi, Lakota, Arapaho, and Mayan peoples. The Grandmothers Council is heralding the return of the Sacred Feminine on the planet—as foretold in many prophecies. The Grandmothers serve as healers, shamans and spiritual leaders in their communities as well as internationally. The Council was initiated by a visionary woman named Jyoti (Jeanne Prevatt, Ph.D.), who serves as Director of the Center for Sacred Studies in California. The Grandmothers first met in Upstate New York 2004 at the Global Women's Gathering, with Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, Wilma Mankiller, Tenzing Palmo and others. Every 6 months the Grandmothers meet at another homeland offering prayer ceremonies from their traditions, then holding council on the environment, youth, education, women's wisdom and empowerment, prophecy, protection of ceremony, medicine plants, etc. Past ...
  • Mass Effect Ending: Save the council part 2 The continuation of Mass Effect Ending's: Saving the council part 2 of 2 update: 18/07/2010: Bla bla bla. "you took too long to kill saren." This is for you: incase you didnt notice it yet!
  • The Style Council - You're The Best Thing Music video by The Style Council performing You're The Best Thing. (C) 1984 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
  • Fart Interrupts City Council Schijterij in de gemeenteraad.
  • 2 - (DUB) - Surging With Youth Rino who's been chosen to be the secretary of the Best Student Council moves to the Best Dormitory. Next day Rino is everyone's conversation topic, but no one seems to understand why she was chosen to be the executive member of the student council on the first day she transferred in.
  • 24 January 2010 - Adelaide City Council Stage 6 Santos Tour Down Under News Feed for the Stage 6 of the 2010 Santos Tour Down Under
  • Idiotic Woman at Santa Cruz City Council Watch more at .
  • 17 January 2010 Cancer Council Helpline Classic - Newsfeed Cancer Council Helpline Classic news footage with commentary
  • Marik's Evil Council #2 Yu-Gi-Oh: the abridged series created by Littlekuriboh. Marik Ishtar and friends plan to conquer Yugi Mutou. If they can keep themselves from killing each other, that is. Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to Kazuki Takahashi
  • Davis City Council Erupts with Councilmember Greenwald Calling Mayor Asmundson a Liar Davis City Council erupted on Tuesday January 26 when Councilmember Greenwald Calling Mayor Asmundson a liar during debate on an MOU for an employee contract. The meeting ultimately had to be adjourned with Mayor Asmundson falling ill.
  • Skinnyman - Council estate of mind Taken from the CD/LP 'Council estate of mind'
  • Ad Council PSA - What if? A PSA I did for Ad Council. I filmed this about three weeks ago. Ad Council asked me to make a video for their website, That'. It's part of a whole new PSA campaign. I'm pretty sure they've asked some other YouTubers to make videos, so don't be surprised if this isn't the only one. Stay tuned for my awesome collaboration with Edbassmaster in a few weeks.
  • The Style Council - Shout To The Top Music video by The Style Council performing Shout To The Top. (C) 1984 PolyGram Video International
  • Barack Obama CFR info Reasons to vote or not to Vote for Barack Obama. Your Choice Watch the whole video before leaving comments. Very Important information. This May change your mind about Obama Or maybe it won't sovereignty and globalisation /publication/9903/sovereignty_and_globalisation.html Watch on Google: Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR /about/corporate/roster.html David Rockefeller said in his Book memoirs pg. 405 Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.
  • The Style Council - Shout To The Top - Legended I was half in mind - I was half in need, And as the rain came down - I dropped to my knees and prayed I said "oh Heavenly thing - please cleanse my soul, I've seen all on offer and I'm not impressed at all". I was halfway home - I was half insane, And every shop window I looked in just looked the same I said send me a sign to save my life 'Cause at this moment in time there is nothing certain in these day's of mine Y'see it's a frightening thing when it dawns upon you That I know as much as the day I was born And though I wasn't asked (I might as well stay) And promise myself each and every day - that - When you're knocked on your back - an' your life's a flop and when you're down on the bottom there's nothing else but to shout to the top - shout!
  • Survivor: Heroes vs Villains - Tribal Council Voting Find out what each member of the Heroes tribe had to say as they cast their votes
  • 13 Days - United Nations Security Council As part of the American strategy to rally the international community behind their actions against Cuba, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Adlai Stevenson, goes to the Security Council meeting to make the case for the US embargo on Cuba and to prove the existance of ballistic missiles threatening a great part of the country. Ambassador Stevenson delivers one of the best speeches the UN has ever heard and pratically destroys the soviet ambassador's strategy of denial. Here, we see a reenactment of that meeting in the movie "13 Days".
  • Steve Jobs addresses Cupertino City Council
  • How to: Illidari Council After watching my own video i realised somthings needed to be changed and here is the new How to. Hope i fixed the bugs Yep here it is. This is a bit late im sorry, i went on vacation and my guild decided to kill them...and ilidan. once again if you want to see anything after I get the how to vid of him up let me know. Musix: Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee Kill Switch Engaged - My Curse
  • ORIGINAL Santa Cruz Girl video The original video featuring the "Brilliant Woman from Santa Cruz". A montage of recent public comment at Santa Cruz City Council and the County Board of Supervisors. For more Santa Cruz Government humor check out our "SoWat Updates", such as
  • Gabriella Speaks City Council Meeting April 27, 2010 City Council Member Regina Romero asked for legal advice on whether the City of Tucson should sue the State of Arizona over SB1070. After the executive session they had a time for public comment. Gabriella was born in Mexico but immigrated the the United States legally and spoke against the idea that the city should sue the state.
  • Local council - Yes Minister - BBC comedy Yet another meeting of the great minds in Yes Minister, classic BBC comedy.
  • Style Council - Kisaki make up(Phantasmagoria) They formed in November of 2004 and their first single "Material Pain" was released in Shoxx Magazine on December 21 of the same year.[1] The following day they also released their first Maxi-single, "Moonlight Revival". Phantasmagoria claimed the cover of a well-known visual kei magazine, Cure, only one month after officially forming, becoming one of the fastest indies bands to appear on the cover of a magazine.[2] Rame (bassist of Vidoll) teasingly began referring to the band as "Mago". (Mago means "grandchildren" and was taken from Phantas-mago-ria.) The name "Mago" is now used by fans as well. Phantasmagoria played their first concerts in the United States on October 21 and 22nd, 2005 at Oni-con in Houston, Texas. On March 26th, the band played their first Japanese one-man. On February 23rd, 2007, guitarist Iori and drummer Matoi left the band. The reason for Iori's departure was because he did not feel comfortable with being in a major band, but Matoi stated in Japanese interviews that he left due to a foot injury, while in English interviews, KISAKI said that he also did not feel comfortable with being in a major band. On April 5th, KISAKI announced that he will be retiring, and that Iori and Matoi have returned to the band, but the band will be "sealing." He followed up on the announcement on a live radio show on April 8th, where the band's first and last fan trip was revealed, as well as the final event tour and final oneman tour. KISAKI officially retired from ...
  • The Fellowship of the Ring ST-10-The Council of Elrond This is tenth song in the Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack. It is called The Council of Elrond.
  • TankSpot's Guide to Iron Council (Assembly of Iron) This covers our strategy to defeat Iron Council. Enjoy! TankSpot Forum Discussion: This movie is available for direct download for TankSpot Donors. Learn more here:
  • Why Did The Family Research Council Send Gay ***?! Vote TYT everyday through 1/15/10 @ : Follow us on Twitter: Check Out TYT Interviews Watch more at
  • Cataclysm Beta - Ascendant Council (Bastion of Twilight) raid guide - Blue Plz! The longest running and rantiest WoW podcast around The Ascendant Council is the 3rd boss in the Bastion of Twilight dungeon. Here is how to down him. Bear in mind this is beta footage and is subject to change. Addons used - Quartz Castbar Mage Nuggets OmniCC Smaller Blizzard Raidframes
  • TankSpot's Guide to Iron Council Hard Mode This covers our strategy to defeat Iron Council Hard Mode. Enjoy! TankSpot Forum Discussion: This movie is available for direct download for TankSpot Donors. Learn more here:
  • Council of Doom - Fixed Gear Trailer BUY NOW ON DVD!!!
  • Marik's Evil Council 3 DOUBLE FIIIIIINE!
  • THE GROOVE COUNCIL- Standing on Shakey Ground The Groove Council is a 9-piece band w/ a 4-piece horn section from the Detroit area. Check us out at Groove Council Myspace
  • Evil Council 4 EFFing in the name of. Also starring: Takahata101 as Dartz blackrose1m as Cecilia
  • How to / Guide Blood Prince Council - love2 thumbs up facebook! website: www.love2 new youtube channel Music:Doc Plateau (cc) License
  • Cataclysm Beta - Ironforge Airfield and The Council of Three Hammers - Blue Plz! The longest running and rantiest WoW podcast around. Ironforge has not changed much but there are two major areas that are worth looking at. The first is the Ironforge airport, now a low level questing area with a pitched battle between the forces of Ironforge and the Dark Iron clan and the second is the throneroom which now houses the Council of Three Hammers, a power-sharing coalition between the Bronzebeard, Dark Iron and Wildhammer clans.
  • tooru Style Council Video Tooru's Style Council
  • NZ Book Council - Going West Film for NZ Book Council Produced by Colenso BBDO Animated by Andersen M Studio
  • Paranoid schizo complains to city about "rogue helicopter pilot" Local crazy David Thompson complains to Charlotte, NC city council during a community access forum, which is conveniently captured on tape and broadcast live on the local community access channel. There aren't enough tags to cover his rant against ice in the arena, rogue helicopter pilots, and "terrorist pussies".

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  • “Posted by Stokenham Parish Council Blog at 15:38 1 comments Stokenham Parish Council Blog. Stokenham, Devon, United Kingdom. A forum for the people of Stokenham and other interested persons to have their say about the area and the things that effect their life style and”
    — Stokenham Parish Council Community Forum, stokenham-

  • “This is the photo council blog. Here we track development and list newly added features. The Photo Council Uploader software for Windows and OS X were release earlier today”
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  • “Faculty Council Forum. Post Your Comment. Name: E-Mail Address: Topic: The Faculty Council Forum is a moderated forum for members of the University community to”
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  • “Posted by Social Media Business Council Staff on February 4, 2009. This morning on GasPedal's You Marketing Supergenius blog, we highlighted some interesting research that we wanted to share with the Blog Council community:”
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  • “The Council for Life exists to empower women, men and youth to make life-affirming Welcome and thank you for reading the first post for Council for Life's blog!”
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  • “Swiss Management Center is accredited by the European Council for Business Education and the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Also, through its council representative it is a member of The”
    — SMC - Student Council Blog · SMC-FAQ,

  • “by Jo Speak • November 17 2010 • British Council blog: Celebrating International Education Week in Leedstweet this and members of our International School Council will meet with our Mexican colleagues to”
    — Celebrating International Education Week in Leeds " British,

  • “Century Council Blog. Home > Read Our Blog > Century Council Blog > Century Council Blog. Drunk driving The Century Council supports Congressman Kind and his efforts to encourage America's youth to stay healthy and active”
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