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  • Coronography. Coronographs are used to image the faint surroundings of stars. First used for solar corona observations, coronographs (Smith & Terrile 1984) have revealed a circumstellar disk Due to image stabilization, the efficiency of coronography is highly increased. — “Adaptive Optics Coronography”,
  • Government will invest Euro 40 million for equipping hospitals and clinics throughout Macedonia, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said Tuesday at a press conference included systems for early cancer diagnosis, 4D ultrasound machines, CT coronography, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) etc. — “Government to Invest Euro 40 Million in Equipping Medical”, ids-
  • Coronography in astronomy intends to overcome huge brightness differences on small spatial scales —meaning high contrast imaging. Adaptive optics is best suited for coronography as the amount of suppression achievable. — “OSCA - The Coronographic Mask Device for NAOMI”,
  • Medical Devices : development and Manufacturing : Sedat are : angiographic syringes, connection lines, inflation device, control syringe, for angiography and coronography procedures. — “development and Manufacturing of medical devices : Welcome to”,
  • What will make CanariCam truly unique, though, will be its spectroscopy and coronography facilities. It will also be the only instrument in the world capable of coronography in the mid infrared - that is why it is so special. Its. — “GTCdigital - Gran Telescopio CANARIAS - News”,
  • I'm working like a dog, even on Easter day, but this is nevertheless an Easter I will remember. This one has been a horrible week: on thursday my mother was A coronography was in order to understand if he needed bypass surgery or "just" angioplastic: now, even if I know the Internet is. — “A great Easter | Boldly Open”,
  • This telescope will be ideal for coronography and other techniques requiring a stable By combining expertise from various fields - coronography and high contrast imaging from solar physics,. — “Institute for Astronomy”,
  • "The doctor, who takes care of the indictee's health, did not have a radical stand concerning the coronography test. The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina ordered him to undergo the coronography within the next eight days, if his doctors determine that the. — “BIRN BiH - Hodzic: Additional medical reports required”,
  • coronagraph also coronograph ( ) n. A telescope or an attachment for a telescope equipped with a disk that blacks out most of the sun, used to. — “coronagraph: Definition from ”,
  • Title: Active Optics and Coronography with the Hubble Space Telescope Coronography coupled with adaptive optics on Hubble Space Telescope is a way to get both good spatial resolution and high dynamic range. However, because of the residual figure errors on the primary and on the. — “[astro-ph/9404022] Active Optics and Coronography with the”,
  • Coronography and polarimetry, will be upgrades not available at first phase. The pupil wheel contains 12 positions and will hold the pupil masks, plus an optional apodization mask with rotation mechanism for coronography capabilites. The grims wheel has 10 positions for grisms. — “GENERAL DESCRIPTION”,
  • The idea uses the technique of "neolithic" or "paleolithic" coronography. We also refer to this as 'paleolithic coronography' because it is probably what Ug the caveman (and Ugina the. — “UMBRAS”,
  • Portail d'accès aux différentes filières et actions de formation de l'UFE (Unité Formation et Enseignement) de l'Observatoire Adaptive optics ; High dynamic imaging and coronography ; Long baseline interferometry. — “International Young Astronomer School on High Angular”,
  • Coronography: Aberrated beam coronography in the HRC from For coronography, determine what target-acquisition exposure will. be needed to center. — “Advanced Camera for Surveys Instrument Handbook for Cycle 11”,
  • HST/AO/coronography: disks and planets. Atmosphere: a phase screen. Refraction distortion HST/AO/coronography: disks and planets. So what do we do? Place telescope above atmosphere. — “part 1”,
  • We made complete end-to-end adaptive optics (AO) simulations to model the closed loop performance with and without pupil apodization, a spatially filtered wavefront sensor (SF-WFS) and a filtered Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing and coronography in closed loop AO simulations (Proceedings Paper). — “Combining spatially filtered Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing”,
  • A. Boccaletti et al.: Preliminary results of dark-speckle stellar coronography A. Boccaletti et al.: Preliminary results of dark-speckle stellar coronography. — “ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS Preliminary results of dark”,
  • [Coronography and coronary flow. II. Our results] Coeur Med Interne. From MEDLINE®/PubMed®, a database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. — “[Coronography and coronary flow. II. Our results]”,
  • Non interventional coronography in individuals with very high risk factors (hypocholesteraemia, arterial In known coronary patients who performed P.T.C.A or by-pass operation (checking of PTCA, stents, grafts) and so they absolve from interventional coronography to check their stents and grafts. — “Product Catalog”,
  • Coronography plate scale is the same as that for the imaging mode. The figure below shows one of the Lyot masks used for coronography. The image was taken in the lab as part of the factory. — “Gran Telescopio CANARIAS - CanariCam”,

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  • SOHO Observes Sun Streaking Comet's Approach This is a composite image from two of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory's coronographic instruments of the July 5-6, 2011 sun grazer comet as it approaches the sun. A faint coronal mass ejection cloud can be seen exiting the sun on the lower right prior to the appearance of the comet.
  • Solar activity is increasing with NOAA active regions 1195 and 1196: April 22nd, 2011. AR 1195 (Cat 58) is by far the most active region on the solar disk and was the source of an M1.8 flare, peaking at 04h45 this morning. In the last 24h this active region has alsoproduced 8 C-class flares, the largest one being a C7.7 flare, occurring around 11h15 today. In SWAP and AIA data we see an outflow from this region around 7h this morning. Due to missing coronographic data, we can not decide yet if there was a CME associated to these events. We expect more C-flares from AR 1195, an M-flare is also possible. Geomagnetic conditions are expected to remain quiet.
  • SOHO Coronographs : comet hitting sun and SME occurance on 11 may 2011 a comet hit sun ans there was a CME, this video is from the website :
  • The Sixthones comet from the same direction hits the Sun ! In less than one month, this is already the 6th ! It was not visible in LASCO C3 due to the direction and the coronographic system. it entered in the LASCO C2 in april the 9th at 21:30 hitting the Sun probably at five 0'clock of the next day. thanks to SOHO SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA

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  • “The Exoplanet Forum Working Group was requested by PPARC to develop a 10 year strategy The Exoplanet Forum Plan 1 is the yellow row in the first Table on Page 3, Plan 2 is the”
    — Road Map to DARWIN and Beyond: A Ten Year Strategy for,

  • “Concordia Base - Welcome to the european antartic station Concordia. The French (IPEV) and Italian (PNRA) Antarctic programmes Adaptive optics, interferometry, coronography, infrared and submillimetre imaging are just some of the many advanced techniques”
    — Scienza,

  • “The Exoplanet Forum Working Group was established by PPARC to develop a 10 year strategy to enhancing UK or support a major UK laboratory facility as a test-bed for ultra-high quality imaging, coronography, and image quality evaluation techniques”
    — Science,

  • “Citação: First Selection of Candidate Missions for CV2015 Assessment Studies 18 Oct 2007 On 18 October 2007 after a meeting of the SSAC, the candidate”
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  • “Read Shalva Natelashvili "We have lost not the war but the country" by save_georgia on Myspace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. The Presid I was sent to Vienna, the coronography was made, and the rupture of the left coronary artery of heart was found out. Within two hours I was operated”
    — Shalva Natelashvili: "We have lost not the war but the,

  • “Cosmic Vision 2015-2025:ready to launchCredits: ESA26 February 2007Within a few weeks, ESA will invite the scientific community to propose the first”
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  • “Radiology and medical imaging professional network for building relationships in clinical practice, education, career, research, & industry”
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  • “Blog List. Search Blogs. Navigation " Orbiter-Forum > Off-Topic Forums > Space Flight News " Leonov has been surgically intervened An opeartion was required and the doctors managed to perform coronography operation”
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  • “The Bakulev Institute has the technical capability to offer both the diagnostics (coronography, cerebral arteriography) and therapeutics (coronary dilation, arterial by-pass) necessary, as well as top This blog does not allow anonymous comments. Please provide your username and password”
    — CirqueMinime/Paris :: MILOSEVIC MURDER: AN IATROGENIC,

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