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  • Only bound variable interpretations (vs. coreferential. interpretations) available to co-arguments under (coreferential). We use the correlation between non-co- argumenthood and coreferential. — “Microsoft PowerPoint - RunnerHPSG2005Aug23”,
  • Normally, a direct object will be a NP (or pronoun) that is not coreferential with the subject; in other words, the direct object NP doesn't refer to Whatever else we know about Heloise, chances are she's not a donut , so the NPs Heloise and a donut are not coreferential. — “E 360K English Grammar”,
  • a pair of sentences which differ only in the substitution of coreferential names but. seem to differ in informativeness, these sentences will (in most contexts) convey only in the substitution of coreferential names in the complements of those. — “Millian descriptivism defended”,
  • coreferential Two terms are coreferential when they refer to the same thing. — “coreferential: Definition from ”,
  • SIL bibliography listing for The use of coreferential and reflexive markers in Tupí-Guaraní languages. — “SIL Bibliography: The use of coreferential and reflexive”,
  • also a greater left anterior negativity or "LAN" for coreferential critical nouns (those following the article "The") compared to coreferential critical nouns (those following the article "A") suggesting that ERPs are. — “An electrophysiological investigation of the e Vects of”,
  • The basic criterion for linking two markables is whether they are coreferential: whether they refer to the same object, set, activity, etc. It is not a requirement that may argue that such elements are not coreferential in the usual sense). — “5 WHICH RELATIONSHIPS TO ANNOTATE”,
  • indefinites can only be coreferential if the events that bear them as arguments are coreferential as well. coreferential indefinites, we assume the following : Since. an indefinite description is. — “Questioning Indefinites in Dialogues”,
  • The understanding of referential and coreferential expressions is an essential part of the mental construction of a discourse model that embodies the meaning of a In order to do their work, the mechanisms of coreferential processing must interact with basic memory processes that are involved. — “UNC-CH Language, Cognition and Brain Research”,
  • Definition of coreferential in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of coreferential. Pronunciation of coreferential. Translations of coreferential. coreferential synonyms, coreferential antonyms. Information about coreferential in the free online. — “coreferential - definition of coreferential by the Free”,
  • As evidence for the Heterogeneity Hypothesis, I described a model of concept combination in which the hypothesized coreferential concepts are jointly the inputs into a single cognitive process for producing complex concepts (2005, 457-462) condition, subjects formed two coreferential concepts—a set of. — “How to Split Concepts”,
  • Hi, Darkeyes ~ I had to work too hard to find the cohesion, so I think your cohesion devices need to be more explicit. _Transformation" means to rewrite sentences or clauses so that they have the same meanings is obligatory if it is coreferential with another noun in the matrix. — “is the following paragragh a good one? pls tell me what”,
  • Coreferential information of a candidate, such. as the properties of its antecedents, is coreferential information of candidates into pro- noun resolution. — “Improving Pronoun Resolution by Incorporating Coreferential”,
  • A. An anaphor must be coreferential with a NP (in its local domain) that c-commands it; B. A pronoun must be disjoint with the NP (in its local domain) that c- commands it; C. A referential expressio. — “Cataphoric Pronouns- A Comparison between English and C(2)_英语作文网”,
  • also possible to have coreferential items that are not. anaphoric with cross-document 1998) reports two texts annotated for coreferential links in. — “Coreference and anaphora: developing annotating tools”,
  • Abstract: Micah B. Goldwater and Jeffrey T. Runner, Coreferential Interpretations of Reflexives in Picture Noun Phrases: An Experimental Approach. — “Cascadilla Proceedings Project: Paper 1503 Abstract”,
  • However, to emphasize the coreferential relationship in prepositional phrases, regardless 3. Versions of coreferential system. In the Tupí-Guaraní family, some languages have a. — “Coreferential marking in Tupí-Guaraní languages”,
  • the elided reflexive is interpreted as bound by Lili, not by Lucie; but on the coreferential Our main question was to determine if the coreferential interpretation is indeed available. — “Microsoft Word - Coreferential Interpretations of Reflexives”,
  • Retrieved from "http:///wiki/coreferential" Categories: English words prefixed with co- | English words derived from: referential | English words containing but not directly derived from: referent | English words containing. — “coreferential - Wiktionary”,
  • Coreferential information of a candidate, such. as the properties of its antecedents, is coreferential information of candidates to im- prove pronoun. — “Improving Pronoun Resolution by Incorporating Coreferential”,
  • Classify NP1 and NP2 as coreferential or not . The pair of. NPs is represented by a feature vector containing distance, Classify NP1 and NP2 as coreferential or not . The pair of. NPs is represented by a feature vector containing distance,. — “Dutch Coreference Resolution: Issues and Applications”,
  • We assume that the coreference relation is symmetric and transitive, so if phrase A is marked as coreferential with B (indicated by a REF pointer from A to B), we can infer that B is coreferential with A; if A is coreferential with B, and B is. — “Information Extraction Task”,

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  • “The shift from the Revised Extended Standard Theory (REST) to Government and Binding (GB) was something of a radical purification of ideas. X binds an item Y if X and Y are coreferential/coindex, and X c-commands Y. There are now three Binding”
    — A Brief History of Grammar – Government and Binding,

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  • “At the start of this year I suggested that I had some tentative plans to attempt an audio related medium on my blog. It these terms are not coreferential then to understand what you intend to say we need to know what the referent is for each”
    — Chrisendom: Gospel in Paul,

  • “Linguistic meaning is often referred to as denotative meaning; Social and Affective are 2 words with the same referent are coreferential. George Bush & 43rd President of the US”
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  • “in a sentence-initial clause may be coreferential either cataphorically with an overt first clause; the ones subscribed with "j" are coreferential with wo I' (also in bold)”
    — Topic Chains in Chinese Discourse, corpus4

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