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  • Definition of corduroying in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of corduroying. Pronunciation of corduroying. Translations of corduroying. corduroying synonyms, corduroying antonyms. Information about corduroying in the free online English. — “corduroying - definition of corduroying by the Free Online”,
  • Over the centuries, New Jersey's transportation system has grown dramatically -- evolving from a patchwork of primitive paths into a web of busy highways, rail lines, and air and water routes. the road" -- a practice, called corduroying, that often resulted in overturned coaches. — “Country roads . . . to busy highways | ”,
  • Heritage Program for the Ashley National Forest Their work consisted largely of corduroying (laying lodgepole logs across marshy sections), clearing large boulders, and constructing dugways. — “Ashley National Forest - Heritage - History - Carter Military”,
  • GENERAL: I have the honor to submit the following as my report of engineering operations in this department for the week ending November 12, 1864: On the 9th commenced corduroying supply roads leading to the Tenth Army Corps front with daily details of 300 men. — “Richmond National Battlefield Park - OR 87:669 (U.S. National”,
  • The cold summer hadn't allowed the old dirt road bed to dry so a great deal of time and effort was spent preparing it for gravel by combining the modern use of geo-fabric with the old-fashioned Alaska road building technique of "corduroying" (laying down logs and brush in the road bed). — “Director's Report for August 2008 - Native Village of Napaimute”,
  • Corduroying. As everybody but us Swedes from the back-of-beyond probably knows, there is a verb: to corduroy. When done, we could walk across it without sinking, but if the (almost) corduroying will survive the winter, nobody knows. — “Kerstin's extras: Corduroying”,
  • ON 8th January we interviewed a party of envoys sent from Kumassi to ask us to delay, if not to abandon, our advance upon that place. We have pushed on from day to day, bush­cutting, camp-building, bridging, and corduroying in the never-changing, never-ending forest. — “Baden-Powell, The Downfall of Prempeh, 1895”,
  • Carthage Press - Contract terms for a commercial railroad line destined to make history were arranged in December 1902. The Carthage Press of Dec. 23, 1902, presented the event as subject of its lead front page story: They have resorted to corduroying the dump with cornstalks, dozens of. — “New City: Historic railway constructed in 1902 - Carthage, MO”,
  • After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, the United States feared that Alaska was vulnerable to invasion. To allay those to the sides of the road, and then work parties corduroying over soft spots, creating permanent bridges and culverts, and eventually giving consistent shape and borders. — “Alaska Highway: The Biggest and Hardest Job Since the Panama”,
  • the perfect rows of corn corduroying into the horizon, and somewhere midfield and off hence Auden's "Musée des Beaux Arts") and the "rows of corn corduroying into the horizon". — “Small Branches Poetry: Pages Rustle: Featured Poet Tim Mayo”,
  • Corduroying definition, a cotton-filling pile fabric with lengthwise cords or ridges. See more. — “Corduroying | Define Corduroying at ”,
  • William Tecumseh Sherman finally led his army north out of Savannah, Georgia, in early February 1865. The weather was very wet, but Sherman's well-organized army was up to the challenge, corduroying roads and laying down bridges as needed to keep the troops in motion. — “[84.0] February 1865: The Condition Of The South Is Pitiable”,
  • They laid logs crosswise corduroying the low areas in each soupy bog and heaped mountains of gravel until it would support the rails. Over the years the rails were lifted and anybody much like my self hopped on it to take advantage of what the ditches along side provided. — “A dusty trail, in Hunting Stories”,
  • Enter the name of a place, like "Springfield" or "Athens", to find all locations matching the name, or enter a state ("Illinois" Corduroying called at times for a large amount of labor, for Virginia mud was such a foe to rapid transit. — “Named Entity Browser, Antietam (Maryland, United States)”,
  • A heavy fabric, usually made of cotton, with vertical ribs. to corduroy (third-person singular simple present corduroys, present participle corduroying, simple past and past participle corduroyed). — “corduroy - Wiktionary”,
  • The greatest impediment in building the Fosston County Road was bridging the Clearwater River and corduroying the approaches on both sides. ( In other less swampy places corduroying ran as low as 50 cents a rod. — “The Fosston County Road”,
  • Corduroying involved chopping trees down by hand, layering logs across the muskeg along the intended area of the road, and Eventually, the men found that the time-consuming, labor intensive task of corduroying the road and insulating the permafrost below, was their only hope of moving on. — “American Experience | Building the Alaska Highway | People”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Corduroying - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • The Corps of Engineers had, from the beginning, the challenging task of punching through a rough pioneer trail. Brigadier General Sturdevant offered a succinct description of the road-building enterprise. another crew engaged in ditching, corduroying if necessary, and rough grading sufficient. — “THE ROAD: Constructing the Alaska Highway - History”,
  • It became necessary to begin on section four***, which lay two miles to the east. Even in the woods, muddy swamp and spring-holes caused endless difficulty and necessitated a great deal of "corduroying," or the laying of poles side by side to form an artificial bottom. — “The Blazed Trail : Part I: The Forest : Chapter IX by Stewart”,
  • Vicksburg Campaign Trail On 31 March, Grant marched his army southward through Louisiana, corduroying roads and building bridges as he went. He. hoped to find a lightly-defended point on the Mississippi shore south of Vicksburg. — “Vicksburg Campaign Trail”,
  • Union army chief engineer Brig. Gen. Orlando Poe, reporting on the engineering achievements during the Carolinas campaign, noted that corduroying was a very simple affair when there were plenty of fence rails, but involved the severest labor in their absence. — “Civil War Roads”,
  • A Lieutenant and five privates were captured on the Rappannook River, on Monday night. They deny that MEADE has been, or will be superceded. Four corps of the enemy's infantry and all of his cavalry are busy preparing Winter quarters in Culpepper County, and corduroying the roads. — “AFFAIRS IN VIRGINIA. - The Richmond Examiner, of the 14th”,

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  • “Harper's Weekly Sketch Art CORDUROYING ROADS TO CORINTH. GENERAL BUELL'S ARMY CROSSING LICK CREEK ON THE WAY TO CORINTH. Logged. Henry Moon. Guest. Re: Harper's Weekly Sketch Art "”
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  • “My Big Thanks - Waiparous VDAYS 2005 these guys were responsible for fixing up (draining, corduroying and filling) a part of meadow creek that for a while was pretty much impassible”
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