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  • Take a look at thousands of homemade birthday cakes even amateurs can make. You'll find how-to tips, decorating and frosting techniques, and lots of free cake-making advice. — “Coolest Homemade Birthday Cakes - Thousands of Photos and Tips”, coolest-birthday-
  • Ready to travel? What are the Coolest Vacation Spots? Find a vacation online. Find a last minute vacation deal. This is a vacation site for you!. — “Coolest Vacation Spots”, coolest-vacation-
  • Pictures of everybody's doors around the world. Join your door too! If you have questions, please contact the coolest door administrators by filling out the form below:. — “coolest door - Pictures of doors around the world”,
  • Shop coolest t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique coolest tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee. — “Coolest T-Shirts | Buy Coolest T Shirts & Clothing Online”, t-
  • Buy coolest at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “coolest - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Coolest-Products provides all the latest cool products news, Online Shopping Blog, Tips, Deals, Free Online Games and healthcare news. — “Coolest Products - Online Shopping Blog, Free Games and”, coolest-
  • Are you looking for the coolest things ? We have the coolest iphone apps, coolest gadgets, basically the coolest things in the world !. — “Coolest info”,
  • In this extreme dirt biking game you have to ride your dirt bike through various challenging obstacle courses and try to complete all of the levels successfully. Be warned though, this game is highly addictive! Coolest-- Best Free cool and addictive online games available on Internet. — “Dirt Bike - Coolest-- Best Free cool and addictive”, coolest-
  • Coolest Toys on Earth Flying Machines Aqua Jetboards Scooters Pocket Bikes Catapaults Radio Controlled Indestructible Flying Wings Pogo Launcher Boomerangs Frisbees Hovercraft Airboats. — “Coolest Toys on Earth”,
  • The Web's largest resources of free party ideas, including baby shower themes, games, invitations, foods, planning tips and lots more Throw the Coolest Baby Shower! Planning a baby shower for that special parent-to-be is a big and very rewarding challenge. However, it's far from being an easy task. — “Throw the Coolest Baby Shower”, coolest-baby-
  • Definition of coolest in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of coolest. Pronunciation of coolest. Translations of coolest. coolest synonyms, coolest antonyms. Information about coolest in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “coolest - definition of coolest by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Welcome to Coolest Gizmo - Coolest Gadgets Blog. You Can Run Ubuntu Linux w/o Installation stand bread bread cutter camping camping tool computerized chopper coolest gadgets cool site emergency gps hand free ice cream. — “cool, fun gadgets”,
  • These are the coolest games of all time from - these games have what it takes to make it into the coolest games club. — “Coolest Games - ”,
  • Urban clothing, gadgets, home decor, and artwork. — “COOLEST online boutique”,
  • Shop coolest Flip Camcorders. Large selection of unique and funny coolest designs. Record all your favorite memories on a custom printed coolest Flip Cam corder. — “Coolest Flip Video Cameras - CafePress”,
  • Take a look at the most amazing gallery of homemade costume photos and costume design ideas. You'll also find how-to tips to make your own and lots of original Halloween and costume party ideas. — “Coolest Homemade Costume Design Ideas and Photos”, coolest-homemade-
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. Holly Valance, in "Dead or Alive," shows us the newest coolest way to put on. — “Videos tagged with Coolest - Metacafe”,
  • Here's the Coolest selection of FREE printable birthday invitations and envelopes - designed especially for themed kid birthday parties. You'll also find lots of great kid birthday party ideas that'll blow you (and your candles) away. — “Coolest Kid Birthday Party Printable Birthday Invitations”, coolest-kid-birthday-
  • Free ringtones, wallpaper, themes, and downloads for Nokia and other mobile phones. Coolest Effect. In Sound Effects. 23,673 downloads. coolest, effect 2. Train 3d Sound. In Sound Effects. 100,079. — “Zedge”,
  • Reporting on all the latest cool gadgets in the ongoing quest for the coolest gadget. — “Coolest Gadgets - reporting on the latest cool gadgets”, coolest-

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  • Coolest makeup girl ever! (9/17/09-197) Follow me on Twitter: If I ever have ***s they will be on Daily Booth! Follow me...
  • Coolest Instrument I can't even explain the awe I was in once I filmed this. It's a great conversation piece in our Media Arts Center now. Small clip, but very interesting.
  • World's coolest flight attendant Video World's coolest flight attendant from
  • Coolest Clock Ever? www.A3. Designed by Maarten Baas - . This clock does not actually have a man inside but a flatscreen that plays a 24 hour loop of this video by the artist watching his own clock somewhere and painstakingly erasing and re-writing each minute. This video was taken at Design Miami during Art BaselMiami Beach 2009. A3 Network is a group of online TV channels that reflect the modern lifestyle featuring Nightlife, Clubs, DJs, How-Tos, Music Video, Style, Art, Fashion, Travel, Bikini Girls, Film and ***y Pool Parties. Whatever the flavor, the most exciting videos on Youtube! Original A3 Network content is produced by http
  • Top 10 Coolest Debuts of the 2011 Geneva Auto Show - Car and Driver Full story: 2011 Geneva Auto Show
  • Coolest Origami EVER!!!! A lot of ppl dont read the description....and they're always like....woooow u must be so cool and awesome to be able to make all that. Lets me conform this....I DID NOT MAKE any of those. Im not that awesome! Or i wish i am...but im still very cool though...hahhaha..just kidding! :P Ooh many ppl asked for the title of the song so this song called dagawa (come closer) performed by chae yeon. By the way, dont call me "he", Im a girl :D Peace! Ooh ooh...the last part arent origami...those are fingers....cause i ran out of origami picts so i just stick them there....but i thought the fingers are cute and creative though. 08/16/09 Check out my other Origami Vid :P
  • Coolest Imaging and Social Technology EVER! This is a video of a presentation from a conference in Monterey where new innovations in computer vision mashed-up social technology produce some AMAZING results. See more at
  • Lupe Fiasco-The Coolest From the album"Lupe Fiasco's The Cool". PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! I do not in any way own the copyrights to this song.
  • Ski Freestyle: The Coolest Tricks www.x- ski freestyle jumps from Invert Productions and the great film What Else?
  • Coolest Toy EVER!! Built out of kevlar and carbon fiber, this miniature figher jet can reach speeds upwards of 280 MPH The models use small jet turbines, functionally identical to those used in actual full-sized jets to achieve remarkable speeds and flying precision.
  • COOLEST CAR EVER! (11.11.09 - Day 195) This is the coolest car ever.... right?!?!?!!? More Super Duper Stuff: Download our iPhone/iPod App here:
  • Five Coolest Things: Road Racing Five Coolest Things: Road Racing: Here Nicky Hayden, the young phenom of Road Racing, takes you with him in the fastest sport on two wheels as he climbs aboard a massive "rocket ship" capable of over 200 miles per hour and navigates around some of the most difficult and dangerous pavement courses on earth. Get an in-depth look at this amazing sport and learn about Road Racing's 5 Coolest Things!
  • Snake Bytes TV - Top 10 Coolest Snake Clutches Top ten coolest snake clutches: We're not even half way through the snake laying season but we have some clutches that we are really excited about. We can't wait to see these baby snakes hatch. We go down the list of what we feel are the coolest snake clutches so far, remember there are more snake eggs laid everyday here. The coolest snake clutches of the year may be a whole other episode! We also have a visit from some super cool Chefs for another addition of BakeBytesTV. SnakeBytesTV is a weekly series featuring all kinds of snakes, reptiles and other extreme or dangerous animals. Sometimes we get attacked or suffer painful snake bites, but mostly we answer your questions and provide you with exciting and interesting information. SnakeBytesTV is produced by BHB Reptiles, one of the worlds largest snake breeding facilities, and is hosted by Brian Barczyk. New episodes every Wednesday! Follow me at: Facebook me at: Join the shows community and win prizes! Other awesome shows! http
  • COOLEST AQUARIUM EVER! (11/15/09-256) SUBSCRIBE to the new weight loss channel-ShayLoss My Twitter: My Dailybooth:
  • Patches the Coolest Horse
  • World's Coolest Private Arcade! visits Luna City, Peter Hirschberg's private 80's arcade wonderland
  • Coolest iPhone App Ever - iPorsche Remote - Must See !!! CLICK HERE to get SPIN THE HOTTIE - The hottest Truth or Dare iPhone App...period! The iPorsche Remote app is supposed to control a full-sized 911. However, as you can see from this video, the program still has some flaws to work out. It may still be the Coolest iPhone App Ever, but it is taking a pretty healthy development budget given all the totaled Porsche's. The program is designed to work like the iDrive or iCar device except for on a high performance sports car.
  • Mimic Octopus Octopuses are thought to be one of the most intelligent invertebrates and can change the color and texture of their skin to blend in with rocks, algae, or coral to avoid predators. But until now, an octopus with the ability to actually assume the appearance of another animal had never been observed. "Having studied many octopus species in the wild, I am never surprised by the color and shape change capacities of these animals," said Mark Norman of the Melbourne Museum in Australia. "However, this animal stood out as it was the only one we've encountered that goes beyond camouflage to take on the guise of dangerous animals." Norman and fellow researchers Julian Finn of the University of Tasmania in Australia and Tom Tregenza of the University of Leeds in England describe the octopus mimic in the September 7 issue of Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. "This," Tregenza said, "is a rather dramatic animal." Talented Impersonator Mimicry is a fairly common survival strategy in nature. Certain flies, for example, assume the black and yellow stripes of bees as a warning to potential predators. But the adaptable octopus is the first known species that can assume multiple guises.
  • Coolest scene from Dogma This is the part where Loki shoots everyone
  • Top 10 coolest ringtones on the internet. Since i get like 1 message per day of a guy asking for a ringtone, Here's a list: #10 The laughing Cat ~ #9 Message From god ~ #8 Chicken Remix ~ #7 Chieves ~ #6 Low on helium ~ #5 Baby rap ~ #4 South park - Suck ma Ballz ~ #3 Soulja boy - On Helium ~ #2 Why Won't you answer me!? ~ #1 Best ringtone in the world -
  • Alien Jump Jet the coolest new aircraft This is the new alien jump jet from It is a 4 channel micro electric indoor VTOL It has 3 micro gyros that keep it as steady as a rock in the air, ground effect isn't a problem so you can hover inches off the ground. It's auto stabilization is amazing push on it and it pushes back to stabilize itself, it's very cool. When you order it you can select to have either a mode 1 or mode 2 transmitter. Mode 1 has throttle on the right stick, mode 2 has throttle on the left stick. It comes with the aircraft, replacment blades, a transmitter and a wall socket charger with an adapter for most major countries. At the moment it is only available through snelflight. They helped develop the aircraft and their customer support is amazing they are the best place to get one. They ship very quickly, usually in less then a week. But delivery times will vary depending on the postal service in your country. It is controlled via IR, but an RF upgrade will be coming out later this year, The IR signal is very powerful and it works well in the home, but if you want to fly it out doors or in large open areas you will want to upgrade it to RF. This is the main alien air forum wear you can ask questions and get answers about the alien jump jet and other alien air products coming soon. http This aircraft is a blast to fly and it looks really cool, I think it represents a new wave in electric consumer rc aircraft.
  • RC ufo the coolest new 3 channel aircraft in the air. This is the rc ufo fantom it is a 3 channel indoor electric helicopter. It costs around 28 dollars; it flies for about 7 minutes and charges on the transmitter in about 30 minutes. It has a heading hold gyro, and it works really well. It's a coaxial helicopter meaning the main rotors spin in opposite directions canceling out each other's torque, to control left and right turns (yaw) one of the main rotors speeds up causing torque to spin the helicopter left or right. To control forward and reverse motion it has 2 fans, one on either side. They work very well for moving the heli forward and backwards consistently, and they are very well placed, it makes it very easy to fly it straight forward and reverse, with practice you can even make it fly sideways like it has a 4th channel. I like the steam punk design of the canopy; it has a very nice ufo look, with a hint of mad scientist. Although the shipping was pretty bad, the package looked like it went through the world cup and played the role of soccer ball, the company" toy of mine" was willing to replace the helicopter even though it wasn't broken or defective. They wear very adamant about improving their shipping policies. The helicopter is worth every penny, I strongly suggest you go and pick one up, it's the most fun I've had in the air in a long time.
  • Rajnikanth in Geraftaar (1986) Rajnikanth's stylish cigarette flicking scene from the 1986 film Geraftaar (Arrest)
  • COOLEST iPhone And iPod Touch THEME EVER (V2) - iOS Vlog 182 Slanted Lock is another cool lockscreen theme that will change the way your device looks. Somewhat similar to Typophone 4, Slanted Lock allows you to easliy see your weather, time, date, etc. on your lockscreen instantly. The theme itself is pretty easy to set up, but you will need a few things from Cydia: 1. Slanted Lock - the theme 2. Lockscreen Clock Hide - Hides your native lockscreen clock 3. Winterboard - enable Slanted Lock Config Link: File:///Library/Themes/SlantedLock.theme/config.html Thats about it. You can change up your settings to your liking. I'm currently loving this lockscreen and can't decide which one is better, this or Typophone 4. What do you all think? Check Out iPodTouchHelping, reminded me of this theme with his video =] : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out the show sponsor: www.iPhone4 Follow on Twitter /Phil_Synowiec PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!
  • Coolest Biker Ever Riding Sideways Thats how you do it!
  • A Very Potter Sequel - The Coolest Girl 'The Coolest Girl' from Starkid's production of 'A Very Potter Sequel' No copyright infringement intended All rights belong to Starkid
  • Lupe Fiasco - The Coolest LUPE FIASCO - THE COOLEST LUPE FIASCO - THE COOLEST Lyrics [Verse One] I love the Lord But sometimes it's like that I love me more I love the peace And I love the war I love the seas And I love the shore No love for no beach Baby, that's loyal But she doesn't see, therefore I spoil I trick, I fall Run up in raw I love her, with all my heart Every vein, every vessel Every bullet lodged With every flower that I ever took apart She said- that she would give me greatness Status, placement above the others My face would grace covers Of the magazines of the hustlers Paper, the likes of which that I had never seen Her eyes glow green with the logo of our dreams The purpose of our scene The obscene obsession for the bling She would be my queen I could be her king Together, she would make me cool And we would both rule, forever And I would never feel pain And never be without pleasure, ever, again And if the rain stops And everything's dry She would cry Just so I can drink the tears from her eyes She'll teach me how to fly Even cushion my fall If my engines ever stall And I plummet from the sky But she will keep me high And if I ever die She would commission monuments on her bosom To hum Or maybe she'd retire as well A match made in Heaven set the fires in Hell And I'll be The Coolest nigga what The Coolest nigga what The Coolest nigga what The Coolest nigga what Lord please have sympathy And forgive "my cool young history" as The Coolest nigga what The Coolest nigga what The ...
  • The Coolest Guy in the World 2 See his first video here: Link to his youtube channel: The Coolest Guy in the World is back with another video. This time showing off more hand eye coordination along with his athletic feats. I still however would not like to play tag with him. Disclaimer: I do not own this video. All credits and rights belong to its original owner. Eonrogue's Goal: The internet is flooded with new videos daily. Because of this, many videos that are worth watching are lost amongst the sea of mediocrity, or a video is so amazing it deserves another outlet in which to be watched. My goals are to allow the lost videos a second chance, and to provide the awesome videos another outlet in which to be watched. All the videos that I upload are not mine (unless specifically stated), and if I know who originally created the content I will credit them. I do not want to steal videos; I just want them to be seen by more people, regardless of how popular they are in other channels. Good internet content is hard to find these days, and I plan on providing the means of distributing it to the masses. I guarantee my intentions are pure. If you have a problem with any of my videos please contact me and we will discuss in a most mature manner. If you happen to own any of the videos and wish for them to be taken down, again please contact me. I don't even care if you subscribe or not, that is not my plan. All I ask is that you sit back and enjoy the videos.
  • Brutal Legend: Coolest Thing Ever, gameplay preview Jack and Geoff show you how to jump the mighty Hextadon, to nab the "Coolest Thing Ever" Achievement in the upcoming game, Brutal Legend.
  • coolest security guards & skateboarders Security guards in london ontario, the last guy was a random person. The first guy was huge though, you would leave in a second as soon as you saw him. lol
  • The Coolest Girl :D OMG! i never knew she could sing so well! DO NOT OWN! Lyrics :) All my dreams I'm chasing after, they don't need all this laughter... I take a grain of salt, stiff upper lip. It's not their fault I'm not as hip. Wake up kid, you know you're more than this... I'm the smartest person that I've ever met. So why do I allow myself to possibly forget: There's so much I know how to do, so much more than all of you. The only thing I wish I knew was how to make them see the girl that I can be.... I am the coolest girl in the whole wide world I know it but can't show it at all. I am sick and tired of low, not higher places, where I should belong. It's about time I proved them wrong... Give me a shot to show what I've got! I'm a helluva whole lot more than this frizzy hair, these frumpy clothes I wear, though I rock 'em like nobody you've seen before 'Cause I am the coolest girl in the whole wide world I know it below it all. I am done with losin', on with choosin' the coolest girl on the face of the planet, the coolest *** on earth, goddammit! The coolest chick you've ever seen or heard! So you can try to bring me down, but sorry guys, I'm stickin' around! I've thought about it, and I've found that I am the coolest girl! ... Yeah!
  • Coolest Mini Golf Hole Ever!!! GMaps Street View: Crazy contraption cooked up by the owner of Lilliputt mini golf course in Grand Lake, CO. Goonies invention meets mini golf.
  • Five Coolest Things: Freestyle Matt kicks back with undefeated freestyle champion Travis Pastrana, who also has won national and world Motocross and Supercross titles and is the popular star of the X-Games and countless video games. Travis performs awe-inspiring, gravity-defying extreme stunts and shares invaluable insights into his performance - how to bust an apparently impossible new jump, what it takes to perfect a trick and how to plan a winning routine that will wow the crowd. A unique adrenaline-pumping program that's guaranteed to charge up both newcomers to the sport and avid riders!
  • Gregg's Customs R1 Tracker from February's World's Coolest Bikes issue
  • Coolest Toy Ever Well, I am back at college for one more semester and then I graduate. Sadly, no Kyle as a roommate. BUT, that doesn't mean he is gone. You'll see! Main Channel: Facebook: Kyle's Channel:
  • Coolest iPhone APP EVER!!! - MUST SEE! iCar Remote. It's basically a remote control for your car. Control windows and even drive it! Awesome. Get it from the APP STORE off your iphone. Also on some websites!
  • The Coolest Extreme Skiing Dudes The best extreme skiers demonstrate what it takes to become a Extreme Skiing Dude
  • The Coolest Curve Shots i hope you like my video...Also this is my best soo far..^^
  • Bad Boys 2 Coolest scene ever! My Fav Scene From Michael Bays Bad Boys 2
  • The Coolest Guy in the World Amazing dude performs athletic feats that most people couldn't even dream of doing. I would never want to play tag with this kid. Link to his youtube channel: Disclaimer: I do not own this video. Rights and credit go to its respective owner Eonrogue's Goal: The internet is flooded with new videos daily. Because of this, many videos that are worth watching are lost amongst the sea of mediocrity, or a video is so amazing it deserves another outlet in which to be watched. My goals are to allow the lost videos a second chance, and to provide the awesome videos another outlet in which to be watched. All the videos that I upload are not mine (unless specifically stated), and if I know who originally created the content I will credit them. I do not want to steal videos; I just want them to be seen by more people, regardless of how popular they are in other channels. Good internet content is hard to find these days, and I plan on providing the means of distributing it to the masses. I guarantee my intentions are pure. If you have a problem with any of my videos please contact me and we will discuss in a most mature manner. If you happen to own any of the videos and wish for them to be taken down, again please contact me. I don't even care if you subscribe or not, that is not my plan. All I ask is that you sit back and enjoy the videos.
  • Ron Marvin's Smallest Coolest Apartment Visit to know more about Ron Marvin Design. Interior Designer Ron Marvin's video entry to contest - Smallest Coolest Apartment 2007.

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