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  • Maoist Internationalist Movement On Contradiction Mao Zedong August 1937. — “On Contradiction - Maoist Wiki”,
  • A contradiction is two propositions used in combination where one makes the other impossible. A contradiction, therefore, cannot exist in reality, since existence exists (whereas a contradiction could not possibly exist). — “Urban Dictionary: Contradiction”,
  • Definition of contradiction from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of contradiction. Pronunciation of contradiction. Definition of the word contradiction. Origin of the word contradiction. — “contradiction - Definition of contradiction at ”,
  • Contradiction definition, the act of contradicting; gainsaying or opposition. See more. a statement that is at variance with itself (often in the phrase a contradiction in terms). — “Contradiction | Define Contradiction at ”,
  • Definition of contradiction in the Dictionary. Meaning of contradiction. What does contradiction mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word contradiction. Information about contradiction in the. — “What does contradiction mean? definition, meaning and”,
  • In a proof by contradiction we assume, along with the hypotheses, the logical negation of the result we wish to prove, and then reach some kind of contradiction. We conclude that q is a prime number, not among the primes listed above, contradicting our assumption that all primes are in the list p1, p2. — “Proofs by Contradiction”,
  • contradiction - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. contradiction in terms a statement or group of words associating incompatible objects or ideas. — “contradiction - Dictionary of English”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Contradiction. Information about Contradiction in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. proof by contradiction, contradiction in terms. — “Contradiction definition of Contradiction in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • An unconscious consciousness is no more a contradiction in terms than an unseen case of seeing. But it is no good using the tongs of reason to pull the Fundamentalists' chestnuts out of the fire of contradiction. — “Contradiction Quotes”,
  • A contradiction is a logical incompatibility between two or more statements or propositions. By extension, outside of logic, contradictions are also said to occur between actions for which the motives are held to be contradictory, or between beliefs or principles when their content is contradictory. — “Contradiction - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Proof by Contradiction. To prove a statement P by contradiction, you assume the negation of what you want to prove and try to derive a contradiction (usually a statement of the form ). Since a contradiction is always false, your assumption must be false, so the original statement P must be true. — “Proof by Contradiction”,
  • This entry outlines the role of the law of non-contradiction (LNC) as the foremost among the first (indemonstrable) principles of Aristotelian The contradiction between thesis and antithesis results in the dialectical resolution or superseding of the contradiction between. — “Contradiction (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”,
  • In classical logic, a contradiction consists of a logical incompatibility between two or more propositions. By creation of a paradox Plato's Dialog of Euthydemus demonstrates the need for the notion of contradiction. — “Contradiction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The law of contradiction in things, that is, the law of the unity of opposites, is the Lenin said, "Dialectics in the proper sense is the study of contradiction in the very essence of objects.''[Lenin often called this law the essence of dialectics; he. — “On Contradiction”, marx2
  • In classical logic, a contradiction consists of a logical incompatibility between two or more propositions. In classical logic, particularly in propositional and first-order logic, a proposition is a contradiction if and only if. — “Contradiction - Reference”,
  • Definition of contradiction in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of contradiction. Pronunciation of contradiction. Translations of contradiction. contradiction synonyms, contradiction antonyms. Information about contradiction in the free online. — “contradiction - definition of contradiction by the Free”,
  • His contradiction of the proposal was very interesting. (countable) A statement that contradicts itself. There is a contradiction in what you say - she can't be both married and single. (countable) a logical incompatibility among two or more elements or propositions. — “contradiction - Wiktionary”,
  • Until a little more than a hundred years ago, the law of contradiction was almost universally accepted by philosophers as a self-evident truth. Francis Schaeffer attributed the decline of 20th-century society to the demise of the law of contradiction. — “The Law of Contradiction”,
  • The law of contradiction in things, that is, the law of the unity of opposites, is the Lenin said, "Dialectics in the proper sense is the study of contradiction in the very essence of objects. — “ON CONTRADICTION”,
  • contradiction n. The act of contradicting. The state of being contradicted. A denial. Inconsistency; discrepancy Contradiction is held to be present in all phenomena and to be the principal reason for their motion and development. — “contradiction: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Calvin Klein Contradiction women designed by Ann Gottlieb that belongs to the floral woody musk fragrance group. Contradiction was launched in 1998. Calvin Klein perfume and cologne reviews, Contradiction perfume bottle pictures,. — “Contradiction Calvin Klein Perfume, a women's fragrance (1998)”,
  • No one was surprised by the defendant's contradiction of the plaintiff's accusations. Her rebuttal contained many contradictions to my arguments. There have been some contradictions in his statements. There is a contradiction between what he said yesterday and what he said today. — “Contradiction - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-

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  • CONTRADICTION Electric Co. presenta "Contradiction". Este es el segundo sencillo del primer album de la banda, titulado "I" (uno). Fue dirigido nuevamente por Sadi, vocalista de la banda, producido por Hector Fong y fue grabado a finales de Marzo del 2009. CONTRADICTION Satisfaction, the way of living, That has been known by everyman Satisfaction, the pain of living, That can control human kind What is that, on my mind? What if she says start at morning light Is it the urge to see you on my thighs? I got my head down, I got my head down in youre pants Shes on my head Shes on my head Shes on my head Satisfaction is the way, along my way And alone, youre gonna be mine Hell and heaven, the same old game Dont you feel, a little shame? Then Im in trouble To find who I am In the hurry of opening my eyes Leave me woman cant you see youve swept my mind Are you pathetic? Waiting I mean waiting Waiting Waiting What if it crash into your head now, Then you could spit it through your mouth What if she tried to get away now, Then I would stand up, make her cry Contradiction, Contradiction, Is on my side, Contradiction I need some time Sweet addiction Contradiction is on my head now I mean is on my head Is on my head, my head now contradiction Is on my head Provenientes de la Ciudad de México, Electric Co. presenta su primer disco titulado I (Uno) promocionando como segundo sencillo "Contradiction" y nueve temas más. Disco ya en tiendas COMPRALO YA!!! Pídelos en MTV, Telehit y Reactor 105.7fm Tracks ...
  • Contradiction and C4: UNC JIA 2006-Memorial Hall Local Hip Hop/Jazz collective Contradiction takes the stage with the the Korean-American music group C4. As a major part of UNC Chapel Hill's fall program "Journey Into Asia", these two groups collaborated to display different worlds of music as they put their own twist on two famous Korean/American Anthems. Performed in the legendary NC venue Memorial Hall, the groups pulled off an interesting segment for a sold out NC crowd of over several thousand college students/families.
  • Green Day - Walking Contradiction (Lullaby) This is the lullaby version of Green Day - Walking Contradiction, from Rockabye Baby!. no copyright intended
  • Zoe Conway Fiddle Music from one of Ireland's leading fiddle players, Zoe Conway. Website:
  • Starburst Contradiction Commercial One of two new "Contradiction" starburst commercials
  • Bible: Huge and unbelievable mathematical contradictions ! 'Mathematics' is a branch, which is closely associated with science, with which you can solve problems, etc. There are thousands of contradictions in the Bible - hundreds deal with mathematics, and I'll first touch on few of them. It is mentioned in Ezra, Ch. No.2, Verse No.1, and Nehemiah, Ch. No.7, Verse No.6, the context that... 'When the people returned from exile, from Babylon, when king Nebucheldeser of Babylon, when he released the men from Israel, they came back from captivity' - and the list of the people are given. The list is given in Ezra, Ch. No.2, Verse No.2 to 63, and Nehemiah Ch. No.7, Verse No.7 up to 65; the list is given with the names as well as number of people released. In these 60 Verses there are no less than 18 times - the name is exactly the same but the number is different. There are no less than 18 contradictions in less than 60 Verses, of these two Chapters. This is the list - I don't have time to run through the list - There are no less than 18 different contradictions in less than 60 Verses. Further it is mentioned in Ezra, Ch. No.2 Verse No.64 that... 'The total congregation, if you add up... if you add up, it comes to 42360.' And if you read in Nehemiah, Ch. No.7, Verse No.66, there also the total is the same 42360. But if you add up all these verses - which I had to do my homework - this is the list of Ezra... this is the list of Nehemiah. Ezra Ch. No 2, Nehemiah Ch. No 7 - If you add up - I had to do my homework...if you add up, Ezra Ch ...
  • [HQ Audio & Video]Sonic Syndicate - Contradiction Acoustic Live in Linköping Robin and Roland from Sonic Syndicate plays the song Contradiction live at Skivlagret in Linköping, Sweden. Song: Contradiction This video is filmed by me.
  • Starburst Contradictions Getaway What seems to be the problem officer?
  • Starburst Contradiction Commercial #2 The 2nd of two new "Contradiction" starburst commercials
  • Green Day - Walking Contradiction (Video) © 2005 WMG Walking Contradiction (Video)
  • Quiz Show (Bible Contradictions) This is a video response to all those people who claim that the bible is free of contradictions. Ummm - it isn't. I've looked. How NOT to respond to this movie: a) By assuming that I have not looked into these contradictions with any level of depth and accusing me of not having tried to understand any kind of "deeper meaning". Wherever possible, I consulted christians' explanations of what they like to refer to as "so-called contradictions" and errors. I've looked at the explanations. I've given them a good go. They're just ***. b) By saying that these aren't errors at all, rather, that they are simply copyist's errors. Uh- derr. A copyist's error is an error. I don't care what kind of error it is, just don't make the claim that the bible is completely free of errors, except for the cases in which there are errors, which are only copyist's errors only, which aren't really errors. Knock it off. I'm talking about the actual words on the actual page of the bible. When they don't add up, - that's called a contradiction or an error. c) If you agree with me that English translations of the bible contain errors, but you think that the original Hebrew and Greek m***cripts are pure and therefore true - DON'T tell me this and then go on to criticise me and other skeptics for pointing out that the English translations contain errors! You've just said that you agree with me, that there are errors on the pages of the bibles that your god saw fit to let get corrupted in the first ...
  • Adam Beyer - A Walking Contradiction (Part 2)
  • Ohio Players- Contradiction Ohio Players- Contradiction (Contradiction 1976)
  • Sum 41-King Of The Contradiction New song from the album Underclass Hero
  • Sum 41 - King of Contradiction Lyrics A fan made video. Its fast paced, so get ready to read quickly!
  • Law of Value 5: Contradiction 1 of 2 We are all painfully aware that modern society is full of social antagonisms. There's poverty amidst great wealth, over-work alongside massive unemployment, banks taking away homes, gentrification, racial tensions, violence against women, labor struggles, environmental apartheid, police brutality, gang violence, hate groups, massive dislocations of populations, and lots of war. Marx was interested in explaining all of these antagonisms, but he doesn't start his ***ysis with any of them. Instead he begins with what at first seems a rather innocuous thing: the commodity. Why? Because the commodity is the most elemental piece of the social relations of capitalism. Full Text at: kapitalism101
  • Proof By Contradiction - Calculus Based Example Proof By Contradiction - Calculus Based Example. In this video, I use proof by contradiction along with some calculus results to justify a function has exactly one real root. For more free math videos, visit
  • The Leaked UN Report: The contradictions of General Paul Kagame The Rwandan government's virulent reaction against the Leaked UN report, are in total contradiction with the hate speeches of President Paul Kagame, who has often praised the actions of the Rwandan army in the DRC. Watch the video to learn more
  • Starburst Zombie Video An awfully good commercial from Starburst featuring the ultimate contradiction, the living dead!
  • Green Day - Walking Contradiction on Piano
  • Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright - Layton's Contradiction Remix version of Professor Layton's Theme Original:
  • Apparat - Contradiction
  • CA Geometry: Proof by Contradiction 4-6, proof by contradiction
  • Fox News Creates Obama Contradiction That Isn't There? A lot of people complained about the bias at last week's ABC debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton but it was the same bias you can find at all the major networks, a bias towards controversy, sensationalism, superficiality, and corporatism. Fox News, in contrast, has all those same biases as the other networks, but has, in addition, a clear ideological bias I've documented in dozens of YouTube videos in which Fox distorts the facts to help the right or hurt the left. Fox provided a good example of such bias in its coverage of last week's ABC debate when Fox deliberately misinterpreted an ambiguity in something Obama said, quoted it out of context, and created a contradiction that wasn't there, as I show in this video. You can find the rest of the April 16, 2008, ABC Democratic debate from which I took a clip for this video on the ABC website at: You can find more of Obama's April 17, 2008, statement about the debate from which I took a clip for this video at: And, you can find DOZENS of more examples of Fox News bias on my Fox News bias playlist on YouTube at:
  • King Of The Contradiction (Live)
  • Garry Shannon on Flute with The Contradiction Reel From the Nyah Festival, flute player Garry Shannon lets us in on his incentive to master the playing of "The Contradiction Reel" in the key of A. With accompaniment by Pádraig O'Reilly on keyboard and Siobhán O'Donnell on bodrán, Garry plays two reels commencing with "The Contradiction Reel". More on the Nyah festival at More info and videos at http
  • The Ocean The Almightiness Contradiction From new album of this great band, The Ocean - Anthropocentric. Please buy the album, this is only for promotion
  • Celtic Woman - The Contradiction Purchase Info and Tour Dates: Celtic Woman 2005 Song: The Contradiction Singers: Mairead Nesbitt
  • Huff Posts massive contradiction After the Huffington Post took down a post about 9/11 conspiracy written by Jesse Ventura, the former Minnesota governor and Navy Seal is claiming the blog asked him to write anything he wanted for the site, but rejected the post after they discovered what the piece was about. Tim Barello from the Manhattan Headlines Examiner is live from New York, and hes not happy with HuffPo.
  • Rollestone Contradiction Being Born A video of our first 2007 foal being born - March 2007
  • Bart Ehrman, Disrupted 2: Refuting False Bible Contradiction Claims In this second video in this new series (the first was "Bart Ehrman, Interrupted"), the Christian Road Warrior tackles the false claims Bart Ehrman made in his latest book, "Jesus, Interrupted." The warrior shows you just how people like Ehrman make the most elementary of mistakes in Bible reading and comprehension, either out of prejudice, ignorance or some form of blindness that keeps them from seeing what is, for the most part, plain and simple. While Mr. Ehrman's educational credentials are impressive, he is no match for the power of the Spirit through the warrior, as he disrupts and debunks the false contradiction and "discrepancy" claims of Ehrman and others. Get a rushhhhh as the facts slap down the fiction! And don't forget to check out the warrior's book, which refutes the atheism and unbelief of the likes of Bart Ehrman:
  • Dinesh D'Souza Contradiction About Scientific Laws In a debate with christopher hitchens, Dinesh D'Souza (a really smart guy, probably the best theist debator ive ever seen, atleast at defending theism) contradicts himself about the nature of scientific laws. I might be incorrect or failed to understand dinesh so please comment if you disagree.
  • Green Day "Walking Contradiction" & "Going To Pasalacqua" This is Green Day performing on "Saturday Night Special in 1996. This was a program that was in competition to SNL but was cancelled.
  • The paradox & contradiction of ego! Satsang with Burt Harding. Spiritual seekers ask "How do I get rid of ego?" and it can never happen until you see the insanity, futility and non-existence of this self-image. Then we ask, "Why was the ego created?" It was never created but it was the primal stage of believing you are a small separate person. It is the first rung of the ladder.
  • Xavi Beat & Albert Neve ft Dreaminfusion - Contradiction
  • Sonic syndicate - Contradiction Sonic syndicate Contradiction track from their new album love and other disasters from 2008--------------------- I used to be someone But I grew to be something that I'm not It feels like I'm cornered By everything that you really want Why are we here in this same old room We stand here, with damaged hope But still we carry on We both know and always will It cannot end like this We still have a long way to go It is kind of hard To look back on all the good times And realise nothing Will ever be like it used to be I wish you were someone I can only disengage You opend a lot of doors in me but just closed a few You're both the poison and the antidote Is my best not good enough for you? We stand here, with damaged hope But still we carry on We both know and always will It cannot end like this We still have a long way to go They didn't build Rome in a day We just need to ride out this storm (Ride out this storm) We stand here, with damaged hope But still we carry on We both know and always will We stand here, with damaged hope But still we carry on We both know and always will It cannot end like this We still have a long way to go
  • Non-Contradiction Fundamentalist! A response to Veritas48:
  • Green Day - Walking Contradiction I own none of this Twelfth song from International Superhits!
  • Contradiction - Natalie MacMaster 2003 Philadelphia Folk Festival. She really is an amazing performer!
  • The Law of Non-Contradiction and the Trinity Ravi Zacharias addresses a packed audience at Penn State University and answers a question about the law of non-contradiction and the Trinity.
  • Quran contradiction: The Trinity Christians are always saying that the Quran got it wrong when it came to the trinity. the verse they cite has nothing to do with the trinity. It has to do with the fact that Christians are worship Mary and Jesus. The verse is not about the trinity. 5:116 And behold! Allah will say: "O Jesus the son of Mary! Did you say unto men, worship me and my mother as gods in derogation of Allah.?" He will say: "Glory to You! never could I say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, you would indeed have known it. You know what is in my heart, though I know not what is in Yours. For You know in full all that is hidden.

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  • “Ayn Rand states that one should never initiate force for any reason. But in Atlas Shrugged, when Dagny, Francisco, and Hank go to rescue John Galt,”
    — Contradiction? - Objectivism Online Forum,

  • “Blog. A resolvable contradiction "Boston is America's science town," began David It's not an irresolvable contradiction," he went on to explain. In”
    — A resolvable contradiction (Blog) - ,

  • “Home/Blog/Answering Claims of Contradiction. Answering Claims of Contradiction. November 12, 2010 | by Tyler Kenney. In response to a recently celebrated infographic of "Contradictions in the Bible," Justin Holcomb has written a bold and reasoned”
    — Answering Claims of Contradiction - Desiring God,

  • “The free-market think tank contradiction, we must check our premises. And indeed, the premise that Cameron intends meaningful cuts is seriously in doubt. View the discussion thread. blog comments”
    — A contradiction in terms,

  • “The Contradiction of a Discussion Forum. Search The Forum. Forum Sponsor: Posted by: The Contradiction of a Discussion Forum by Nitpicker on Wednesday, 9th May 2007”
    — The Contradiction of a Discussion Forum, triz-

  • “Clean energy including solar power, solar products, wind power, wind power products, fuel efficient vehicles, clean diesel, biofuels, hybrid cars, space privatization and technology with soul”
    — : The GM FastLane Blog is a Blogging Contradiction,

  • “The officialdom is continuing to talk about recovery. It is sheer contradiction to do so considering that foreclosures and unemployment are persisting. The”
    — The Contradiction of Talk about Recovery while Foreclosures,

  • “Oh, I guess that would make me me pretty much right then The excellent Erc Lai at ComputerWorld is reporting that JTC1 has accepted Ecma's responses to the recent contradiction review, and that matters are proceding to the next phase”
    — No (Showstopping) Contradictions in OpenXML? - O'Reilly XML Blog,

  • “PCA Blog. Home · PCA Blog · First Friday's Contradiction Dance. First teams up with Kelly Mayfield of DC based Contradiction Dance to present new choreography”
    — First Friday's Contradiction Dance | Piedmont Council for the,

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