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  • Riz Khan - US military contractors - 21 Dec 09 - Pt 2 Will the mistakes that plagued military contracting in Iraq be repeated in Afghanistan?
  • Crooked Contractors The Senate passed an amendment by Senator Bernie Sanders that would require the Department of Defense to calculate how much the Pentagon pays companies that committed fraud. The measure, added to a defense appropriations bill, also would make the Pentagon recommend how to penalize contractors that repeatedly cheat the government out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Sanders contrasted the sweeping scope of defense contractor fraud to misdeeds by a few employees of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.
  • CBS Report: Iraq Contractors CBS came to the Civilian Contractor gathering in July 2006. This is the report that they filmed of the problams that some contractor have after they return home.
  • Inside Iraq - Security Contractors - 08 June 07 - Part 1 Does the presence of private armies in Iraq increase violence and hostility?
  • Contractor Insurances NET 85% OF YOUR INCOME: www.tarpon- 0845 643 1580 [email protected] Insurances Why do I need insurance cover? Attitudes to insurance vary. Some believe it to be a 'necessary evil' whilst others have a strong belief in the protection of their business, which insurance affords. An insurance policy is a legal contract which must be expressed in relatively complex legal terms. It is a promise to provide compensation for something which may never happen. Any contractor, without adequate insurance, risks the success of his business. Types of insurance available There are various types of business insurance available, the most common types to contractors are: • Employers Liability • Public Liability • Professional Indemnity Employers Liability Insurance Most employers are required by the law to insure against liability for injury or disease to their employees arising out of their employment. Employers Liability Insurance covers your business if an employee is injured or falls ill at work. Employers' Liability Insurance will meet the cost of compensation for injuries sustained to your employees (or illnesses), whether caused on or off site. By law, an employer must have and be insured for at least £5 million. Most insurers automatically provide cover of at least £10 million. When you take out a policy you will receive a certificate of employers' liability compulsory insurance. You must display a copy of this where employees can easily read it and keep copies for at least ...
  • Contractors in Pakistan: are troops next? Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen discusses a new recruitment process to bring private military contractors into Pakistan.
  • Sunstate Mechanical Contractors, Inc - Sydney, FL Sunstate Mechanical Contractors, Inc 813-413-6259
  • High Risk Civilian Contractor DVD Challenge Yourself Advance Your Fighting Skills and Readiness to Levels Attained Only In Combat Zones Whether you call it Personal Security Detail (Combat PSD), Close Protection, Security Contractor, or Bodyguarding, worldwide demand for Civilian Contractors is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Security -- IT Systems -- Engineering -- Construction - Business Consulting The potential earnings for providing contract services of any type are high, because many of the countries with the highest demand are also some of the most dangerous, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, South America, and Asia. Regardless of your experience, skills, and training, if you want to work in high risk regions performing ANY type of work, you need the information presented in this DVD. What You Need To Know Before You Go This DVD does NOT provide training on how to do Combat PSD or security work, and it does NOT teach combat tactics or close-quarter-combat techniques. This first in a series of DVD-based programs DOES teach you the fundamental requirements of providing contract services, including how to find employment, fulfilling your legal and financial obligations before leaving your country, and negotiating your salary. Make The Right Decision: Be Informed, Be Prepared After viewing this DVD, you will have the knowledge you need to begin a career in this rewarding -- and dangerous -- field. You will learn how to travel through dangerous places, live in hostile, deadly environments, and ...
  • Tasmanian forestry contractors attack protestors Strong language warning! This is not my footage - original video can be found here: This film shows a protestor's car being smashed with a sledgehammer by forestry contractors in Tasmania's Upper Florentine Valley. Forestry Tasmania last night said it had asked police to investigate the video footage. Full story here: .au
  • Flushing Blackwater: Iraq expels 'Xe' private contractors Iraqi officials have ordered 250 Blackwater security guards to leave the country within a week. The Interior Ministry says both current and former employees of the firm, were told of their expulsion a few days ago. It comes after a US judge dismissed the manslaughter charges against 5 members of the company, in connection with the killing of 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007. Blackwater, which is now called 'Xe Services', was one of three private US security contractors hired to protect diplomats in Iraq.
  • Nike Contractor in Malaysia using forced labour An investigation by Australian Channel 7 into the Nike Contractors in Malaysia using forced labour
  • General Contractor, Kitchen, Bathroom, Remodeler - Redefine Perfection in The Construction Industry Home improvements, whether adding a room, new construction, replacement windows for energy efficiency, roofing repair or siding for a long lasting exterior, or upgrading exterior paint will all add great value to your home. Whether you are adding a carport to protect an extra car or boat or adding outdoor living space by building a deck, sunroom, pergola, arbor, screen room or covered patio, these structures are sure to add to the enjoyment of your home. California Construction Center - Because you demand Quality! California Construction Center Addition Contractors, Remodeling, Repair and Design With over 25 years of experience, can handle all of your construction and remodeling needs. California Construction Center is licensed, insured, and registered with the state of California to provide high quality home renovation and remodeling services to all of southern California. Serving Los Angeles county, Orange county, Ventura county, Santa Barbara and San Diego county. California Construction Center - The Right Licensed General Contractors For Your Home Addition, Remodeling, Roofing, New Construction Job! Call Us Today: 800-372-4080 Get a Free In Home Estimate From our professional contractors at California Construction Center! Be sure to visit to receive personal assistance from a remodeling manager. You can order a free estimate online. We invite you to contact us for a free estimate on our California home remodeling services. 1-800 ...
  • Clerks Clip - Jedi Politics A funny, yet political view on Star Wars' Return of the jedi movie. stop by and say hi.
  • Private Military Contractors: BLACKWATER Donna Zovko and Katy Helvenston-Wettengel, featured in "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers" finally appeared in front of Congress on February 07, 2007.
  • Bump Fire: "The Contractor" - Combat Assault Simulation This feature presentation is a dramatization of Civilian Security Contractors assisting Allied Forces through the heat of battle in the War on Terror raging in the Middle East. He is strong, well equipped, and never lets his guard down. He fights for justice, to bring peace to the war-torn region, and for the safety of his comrades. Turn your speakers up for a breathtaking glance of combat through the mountains of the Middle East, as the sound of gunfire rolls through the valley of no return. He will do whatever he can to secure the river and allow the Allied convoy to pass. Watch in HD for the Best Quality. Thanks, for Viewing. ~ Cheers, Steve. SSSCLimitedTrademark. The following are tags (Please do not copy without my permission): 機関銃 実弾 射撃 マシンガン ライフル ピストル 手榴弾 機関銃 実弾 射撃 アメリカ シューティング レーンジ マシンガン シカゴ タイプライター 銃撃 戦争 軍隊 Shoulder Bump Fire Fully Automatic Bump Fire AK-47 Автомат Калашникова Модернизированный 7,62 mm 5,45x39 mm Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov Kosovo Afghanistan Combat Assault Ultimate Bump Fire .50 Cal Browning 7.62x39 ISD Bulgaria 7.62x51 .308 .30-06 .223 5.56x45 5.45x39 12.7mm .22 10/22 20mm CETME Fusil Automatico Rifle Lahti Nambu Tokarev SVT-40 Walther Saiga 12 Сайга-12 ружьё .410 Slugs Belt Fed Concern Izhmash ИЖМАШ FN Herstal Belgique Type 100 96 99 FG-42 MP-38 MP-40 MP-44 HK G3 G36 HK91 Para PTR-91 MP5 DP-28 DPMS DshK M60 FN MAG M240 Minimi M249 M240 M4 M1 Carbine AKM 75 Round Drum Mag ...
  • Riz Khan - US MILITARY CONTRACTORS IN AFGHANISTAN Currently in Afghanistan, there are 121000 US contractors and 68000 US troops. As a result of the coming surge, another 30000 troops and 56000 contractors are expected. But US lawmakers are afraid that the mistakes that plagued military contracting in Iraq will be repeated in Afghanistan. Will the shadow armies be required to protect the Afghan civilian population? What are the chances that military contractors could cause major damage to Americas mission in Afghanistan? Will the Obama administration be able to prevent the waste, fraud and abuse seen in Iraq? In a globalised world, perhaps it was inevitable that private companies would become major players in diplomacy. But the fact is that contractors are doing the job that the State Department, Pentagon and CIA once did on their own. Recently the CIA announced that it had stopped using Blackwater (now known as Xe Services) to conduct raids and other special operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, but some press reports say Xe Services are still at the center of a secret program in Karachi, Pakistan, where they plan assassinations of suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda members, among other operations. In this episode, we examine the role of US military contractors in Afghanistan as the US widens its footprint there. Joining Riz is Dov Zakheim, who was the Comptroller of the US Department of Defense from 2001-2004. He was also the coordinator of civilian programs in Afghanistan for the Pentagon from 2002-2004. He currently is a ...
  • An Honest Contractor He tells it like it is! From the TV show BELLY-FLAVORED CANDY.
  • Blackwater 2.0: Afghan spy ring exposed in new contractor controversy The Pentagon's investigating claims one of its officials illegally hired contractors in Afghanistan and Pakistan to track down and kill insurgents. Michael Furlong was only supposed to use them to gain local knowledge, as it's considered unlawful for the military to hire in covert spies. Pakistani Military Expert Tariq Birzada believes the scandal could undermine US goals in the region.
  • Riz Khan - US military contractors - 21 Dec 09 - Pt 1 Will the mistakes that plagued military contracting in Iraq be repeated in Afghanistan?
  • Military Time: Obama--contractors in security-force Video by M. Scott Mahaskey / Staff Military Times: Editorial board with Sen. Obama
  • Wet Leaky Basement Waterproofing Contractors by Aquaseal Basement Waterproofing Contractors Wet Leaky Basement Waterproofing Contractors ,How To Exterior Basement Waterproofing by Aquaseal Basement Waterproofing Contractors
  • Private contractors' deepening reach in US intelligence The man nominated to be the next US director of national intelligence has defended the role of private contractors in the intelligence community. Retired Air Force General James Clapper was speaking in the wake of a series of articles in The Washington Post which have revealed the extent of involvement of the private sector in the US government's top secret programmes. There are also concerns over former spy chiefs working for the private contractors after leaving public office. Roger Wilkison reports. (July 21, 2010)
  • Kicked out: Private contractors given 4-month deadline Afghan president Hamid Karzai wants to kick out private security companies and replace them with local security forces. The contractors, who work mainly for Western companies do everything from guarding supply convoys to personal security for diplomats and businessmen. A government spokesman says the companies will be ordered to disband within four months. All this comes as the US increases its military presence in Afghanistan. Ivan Eland, Director of the Center for Peace and Liberty at the Independent Institute believes Hamid Karzai is targeting unregistered local warlords more than security companies.
  • Doing It Right: Hiring a Licensed Contractor The Contractors State License Board has produced a 15-minute educational video titled "Doing It Right: Hiring a Licensed Contractor." The video guides consumers through the process of selecting, hiring and managing a contractor including: How to verify a contractor's credentials, What to include in the written contract How to prevent common disputes, and Where to go if problems arise.
  • Private Iraqi Security Contractors - Part 1 of 6 Very interesting insight on how private security contractors work in Iraq. These are not mercenaries, as mercenaries are hired warriors. Private security contractors conduct defensive operations only.
  • Time Saving Contractor Job Quote Spreadsheet Form http This spreadsheet was designed to be used by contractors in quoting small to medium sized jobs. This spreadsheet, by its nature, requires a good deal of data input because of the unique nature of every job to be quoted. We will provide 1 hour phone training which is included in the cost of this file, but it should be familiar territory to anyone who has quoted a project that requires material, labor and, optionally, subcontractors in the bidding process. The instructions are color coded to match the input areas on the example sheet. We guarantee this product will pay for itself the first month you use it. This spreadsheet is capable of generating 250 individual quotes that can be kept in one file! Once you understand and setup the form parameters, sending a job quote will take minutes not hours. the customer gets a one page breakdown and a contract page to sign. Customers love it! Job quotes & quotationsjob quotes,job, keyword, keywords. ... I Like this quote I dislike this quote Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. ... /quotes/with/keyword/job/ - Cached - Job QuotesJob quotes about jobs and working from business experts, financial authorities, and motivational authors. /business_quotes/job-quotes.htm - Cached - Similar - Search ResultsConstruction Contracts, Contractor Forms, Cost Estimators ...The Contractor Form Packs contain the essential documents you'll use again and again ...
  • Umbrella company services, what contractors must insist on? NET 85% OF YOUR INCOME: www.tarpon- Tel: 0845 643 1580Tarpon is an employment benefits company which offers contractors a tax-efficient payroll service. We are experts at giving impartial tax advice. We'll claim up to 100% of your expenses back for you. And we'll provide you with a personal business manager to handle both your admin and your invoicing. Plus many additional benefits making contracting more rewarding. What a contractor must insist on when using an Umbrella company / LTD company. Finding a compliant Umbrella Company can be a daunting experience for a contractor. There are many things you need to be aware of to ensure that you select a legal payroll option. Employment contract Being employed by your Umbrella company means you are IR35 and MSC compliant and are able to benefit from an expenses dispensation. Insist on seeing a copy of your employment contract. PAYE payroll Your Umbrella Company must operate a PAYE payroll to comply with HMRC regulations. Insist on being issued with payslips so that you can see that you are receiving a bona fide payroll. Dispensation Contractors are responsible for their tax and NI contributions should they choose a non-compliant Umbrella Company. Insist on seeing a letter which shows that the HMRC have provided the Umbrella Company with the ability to offer an approved dispensation to their employees. Employee benefits As an employer your Umbrella Company should be providing you with a full range of employee benefits ...
  • Contractor: Afghan Government in Disarray There are more contractors in Afghanistan than there are troops, and yet their role there is often underestimated and underreported. Contractors are often in the thick of things, offering security for the military personnel, but not burdened by the constraints of Washington, DC talking points. Alyona talks to Nathan Park, a contractor for Good Knight Security Services and the author of the blog Knights of Afghanistan to get his on the ground perspective from Kabul. Alyona asks him what he sees the role of contractors in Afghanistan to be, and if he feels like he is in a war or if he's simply doing a job while a war is going on around him.
  • Arrest For Filming Oil Spill, BY BP CONTRACTORS: BP's Rules, NOT OURS [A Third Of The Waters] Journalists threatened with arrest by BP contractors for trying to film BP's mess. Gulf Disaster PLAYLIST: The Gulliver 78 BP/The British Petroleum Co plc - BP Dossier BP FAMILY TREE/HISTORY Emerging reports are raising the question of just how much of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill journalists are able to document. When CBS tried to film a beach with heavy oil on the shore in South Pass, Louisiana, a boat of BP contractors, and two Coast Guard officers, told them to turn around, or be arrested. "This is BP's rules, it's not ours," someone aboard the boat said. Coast Guard officials told CBS that they're looking into it. As the Coast Guard is a branch of the Armed Forces, it brings into question how closely the government and BP are working together to keep details of the disaster in the dark Video Credit To celtickev999: BPs Oil Gushes, Company Keeps Information to a Trickle It's a like a volcano of oil, Giant Plumes of oil forming under the Gulf of Mexico : 10 miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick in spots.... (links below) UPDATE: BP's Latest Attempt to Siphon Oil From Gulf Is (20%) Successful, Executives Say Previous attempts to use emergency valves and a 100-ton container had failed to stop the leak that has spilled MILLION OF GALLONS of crude oil into the Gulf, threatening sea life, commercial fishing and the coastal tourism industry Scientists are finding enormous oil plumes in the ...
  • Private Military Contractors Diary, part 1 - induction Diary of a Private Military Contractor, episode 1 is a story of my Iraq experiences in 2003 to 2004. I go through basic training, rediscover my family's military history, and bond with my father who was a veteran of the Algerian War of 1956.
  • Bush Dodges Important Contractor Question In an outrageous attempt to avoid a very important question about the private military security that is running around in Iraq, President Bush-well starts panting out of desperation and then said he needed to ask Rumsfeld. How can he not know the answer to this question? Even with the Iraq government in flux-he's the President.
  • How a Contractor Should NOT Run His Construction Business Running a construction company profitably is very hard to do. Visit the site to learn exactly how to put a construction business on solid financial ground.
  • Fed contractor questions Ridley - New Hampshire, census Sponsor: - Caught on tape, a "US Public Health Service" data collector reacts to my non-cooperation after she comes to my door in Grafton, New Hampshire. I'm a Free Stater, a person who moves to New Hampshire to become a liberty can too Buy an advert here on the Ridley Report American community survey us public health service grafton ridleyreport intel intelligence-gathering new hampshire george bush barack obama gps federal government reserve dave ridley report fed feds us marshals ACORN BATF coming to your door research triangle institute north carolina worker katrina Abu Ghraib torture afghanistan iraq Iraq bombings widespread fraud' in Afghan election Nobel Peace prize nuclear weapons acorn washington contractor blackwater free state project hardin, montana prison jail ron paul swine flu vaccine american police force census workers.
  • WDSU_07-09-2010_22.02.19.wmv WDSU Talks To Former BP Contractor Turned Whistleblower
  • O' Brien Bros Agri Contractors The mighty O' Brien Bros flat out at silage near Dunkerrin Co. Offaly. Many thanks to brothers Denis and Joe and all the their drivers for a great day and some great footage. All footage copyright of mud6920s I will post more clips of this amazing team in action very soon.
  • Home Improvement & Maintenance : How to Become a Contractor In order to become a contractor, different licenses of varying levels will have to be obtained, depending on whether the individual wants to be a plumbing contractor, electrical contractor or other contractor. Find out about the fees that have to be paid to obtain a contractor's license with help from a remodeling specialist in this free video on becoming a contractor. Expert: William Perkinson Bio: William Perkinson is a partner with Perkinson Building Corporation, based in Birmingham, Ala. Filmmaker: Tim Brown
  • PMC : PRIVATE MILITARY CONTRACTORS OR MERCENARY OR SOLDIER OF FORTUNE War has changed. It's no longer about nations, ideologies or ethnicity. It's an endless series of proxy battles, fought by mercenaries and machines. War, and its consumption of life, has become a well-oiled machine. War has changed. ID tagged soldiers carry ID tagged weapons, use ID tagged gear. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities. Genetic control. Information control. Emotion control. Battlefield control. Everything is monitored, and kept under control. War has changed. The age of deterrence has become the age of control. All in the name of averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction. And he who controls the battlefield, controls history. War has changed. When the battlefield is under total control, war...becomes routine. OLD SNAKE FROM METAL GEAR SOLID
  • Contractors: Projects stalled, jobs lost The legislature failed to pass $240 million in capital outlay bonds, which some say could have a major impact on the construction industry.
  • General Contractor Home Renovation Pros - How to Hire Secret Hiring someone to remodel, renovate or otherwise improve your home through construction can be pricey. Find out what the pros know as they reveal their secrets. Michigan Master Builder Terry Sullivan and Builder Don Franz with Consumer Guardian Dan Nichols reveal the stuff to know and ask before you hire a licensed builder.
  • Private Iraqi Security Contractors - Part 2 of 6 Very interesting insight on how private security contractors work in Iraq. These are not mercenaries, as mercenaries are hired warriors. Private security contractors conduct defensive operations only.

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