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  • Google Android's iteration pace is impressive, but the Samsung Continuum from Verizon Wireless is an example of iteration taken a little too far. — “Samsung Continuum, Fascinate Android Smartphones Split Hairs”,
  • Continuum Financial Services Pvt.Ltd. Flat No 101, Saraswathi Nivas, # 1-98/6/3/B/1, Cyber Hills Colony, Behind Image Gardens, Phone : +91-040-65527169 Email : [email protected] Design : Pruthvi Cybertech. — “Welcome to CONTINUUM - Financial Services”,
  • Your health is affected by a continuum of body, mind, and spirit - every day, all of these are affected by choices you make and activities you undertake. Continuum Studio is open seven days each week with new hours. — “Continuum Studio - Massage, Skin Care & Spa Services in Chicago”,
  • The power and reliability you need to reclaim and maintain control of your email, network and enterprise. The Barracuda Spam Firewall provide Spam Filtering, Exchange Spam Filter connector, Virus Gateway, Anti Spam, Spam Filter, Spam Blocker,. — “Spam Filter / Spam Firewall / Spyware Filter / Spam Appliance”,
  • Continuum Advanced Systems Continuum Advanced Systems works at the intersection of technology, systems and human centered design. Continuum Advanced Systems Company Builds on Strong Roots In Technology and User Centric Product Development. — “Continuum - A global innovation design consultancy”,
  • Continue your professional development on your own schedule with Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology®, the American Academy of Neurology's We welcome your feedback about any of the articles included in Continuum and plan to begin publishing them online and in print. — “Continuum -- American Academy of Neurology”,
  • Will we get a kick out the the Ticker? Check out our review of the Samsung Continuum -- the world's first smartphone with live ticker panel. — “Samsung Continuum Review”,
  • Continuum is a leading independent academic publisher, unconstrained by the interests of Continuum eNews. Stay up to date with our latest titles, special offers and events - sign. — “Continuum International Publishing Group”,
  • Voluneer Opportunity: Team Continuum Seeks Junior Board Members Team Aetna Supports Team Continuum More Team Continuum, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization, is dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families minimize the disruptions, hardships and uncertainties. — “Team Continuum - Home”,
  • Articles, class schedule and teacher guide for Emilie Conrad's Continuum Movement. — “CONTINUUM MOVEMENT HOME”,
  • More than just a gimmick, the Samsung Continuum's secondary display is a useful management and multitasking tool, but its constant flow of information might not. — “Samsung Continuum Review (Verizon Wireless) - Smartphones”,
  • Slap on some snazzy graphics, guns, bombs & big explosions and the beautiful revelry of flying past your enemy's debris as they cuss at you, and you have Continuum, the longest running massively multiplayer spaceship shooter game running today. 10th Year Anniversary. — “Continuum - Meet people from all over the world...then kill them”,
  • In mathematics, "the continuum" is sometimes used to denote the real line, and more generally to describe similar objects. Continuum (set theory), the real line or the corresponding cardinal number. — “Continuum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • RSVP by sending an email to [email protected] by 11am on 14th November with Red in For more information or to RSVP send an email with the subject line trick or trivia' to [email protected]“Continuum 7: June 10-13 2011”, .au
  • continuum n. , pl. , -tinua , or -tinuums . A continuous extent, succession, or whole, no part of which can be distinguished from neighboring parts. — “continuum: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Enter BackJack's Continuum. The sole purpose of Continuum is to integrate tightly with Once Continuum detects the completion of this daily backup, it then begins your offsite. — “Enterprise Backup - Business Backup - Time Machine Backup by”,
  • Continuum is the global leader in high energy YAG lasers, OPOs (optical parametric oscillators), dye and custom lasers for scientific, OEM and industrial applications. Our standard YAG systems range from 25mJ/pulse to 8J/pulse and tunable accessories range from 205nm to 2650nm. — “Continuum Lasers”,
  • The Continuum(tm) combines classic turn-based wargaming, collectibilty and RPG character development into one multi-player adventure that will change the way you game. Characters, abilities and equipment combine with in-game artifacts, epic. — “The Continuum - Continuum”,
  • Nov. 26, 2010 - The Samsung Continuum joins the Verizon Wireless network as another addition to the popular Galaxy S line of Android smartphones. The one thing that allows. — “Review: Samsung Continuum by Verizon Wireless – Cell Phones”,
  • Continuum Hypothesis. The proposal originally made by Georg Cantor that there is no infinite set with a cardinal number between that of the "small" infinite set of integers and the "large" infinite set of real numbers (the "continuum"). Symbolically, the continuum hypothesis is that. — “Continuum Hypothesis -- from Wolfram MathWorld”,
  • Continuum web design Ireland are a primary web design, web development and e-business consulting company based in Dublin, Ireland. — “Web Design | Web Development | eCommerce | Continuum Technologies”,
  • Open Source - Continuum is a continuous integration server for building Java projects. It supports Maven 1.x/2.x, Ant, and Shell scripts. — “Continuum - Welcome to Continuum”,

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  • BlazBlue Continuum Shift - "Howling Moon" (Theme of Valkenhayn) Yet again, it pleases me to be the first to upload the brilliance of a new BlazBlue song! This time, it's Valkenhayn, total badass and one of the latest additions to the playable BlazBlue roster (via DLC after launch). Will update with more info as it becomes available. Enjoy! Thanks to metaXzero for the update on the songs' titles!
  • BlazBlue Continuum Shift - "Active Angel" (Theme of Platina) Yet again, it pleases me to be the first to upload the brilliance of a new BlazBlue song! This time, it's Platina, and uhh...she has hearts in her eyes and is one of the 6 heroes? I'm at a loss. Catchy tune, though. Like Valkenhayn, she'll be available as DLC sometime after BBCS is released. Will update with more info as it becomes available. Enjoy! Thanks to metaXzero for the update on the songs' titles!
  • Blazblue Continuum Shift: R-1(Noel) vs Kaqn(Tsubaki,Ragna) Epic fight between R-1 and Kaqn. The Noel vs Ragna match in particular had me at the edge of my seat.
  • Spacetime Continuum - Sea Biscuit - Pressure
  • Amplifier - Continuum The cushioned throbbing of a velvet moon And the pregnant aching of an empty womb The endless echoes of the noise we made And the repercussions of each hand grenade There's aeroplanes and dragonflies And infinite September skies There's anthems of utopias And creeping wars and glaciers Just listen... Is there music in there? Arrived within the creeping hearse Vibrations from the universe Awash with the glittering of city lights The mouse choir whispered through the endless nights All alone to ride upon the froth The human dreamt of taking off Eventually, time corrodes the brain to rust And all those dreams into diamond dust Just listen... Violins and orchestras For death and speculation We've got just enough time I felt the closeness of monsters as we slept And the creaking of hands where masons met The loneliness of a shooting star And the beating of drums where the wild things are And somewhere beneath the moon A sonic boom, peeled off from a wing Into the dark, into each heart I heard the angel sing: "Que sera sera - Whatever will be will be" For death and speculation Well there's just enough time For each final seperation We've got just enough time Away on the breeze My evanescent memories Well I can feel them But I can't remember them Well I can feel them Slipping away AMPLIFIER is a Manchester based space rock band. This three-piece makes extraordinary music which is quite similar to the, also Manchester based, band OCEANSIZE. The band consists of Sel Balamir who ...
  • BlazBlue - Continuum Shift: Nightmare Fiction [Hazama vs. Ragna Theme] Please subscribe if you enjoyed this video! ~ Listen to my BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Playlist! ~ ~ Listen to the High Definition link! ~
  • The Education Continuum WARNER CHILCOTTED Thanks to Karen Kavett for the graphics: In which John explains the education continuum and why math and literature both help us understand the universe in surprisingly similar ways.
  • Where We Stand in the Cosmic Energy Continuum This is an excerpt from Cosmic Journeys "Cold Sparks & Black Holes." It's the start of a journey through the incredible continuum of cosmic energy that produced us. Today, energy is very much on our minds, as we search for ways to power our civilization and serve the needs of our citizens. But what is energy? Where does it come from? And where do we stand within the great power streams that shape time and space? Energy comes from a Greek word for activity or working. In physics, it is simply the property or the state of anything in our universe that allows it to do work. Whether it is thermal, kinetic, electro-magnetic, chemical, or gravitational. The 19th century German scientist Hermann von Helmholtz found that all forms of energy are equivalent, that one form can be transformed into any other. The laws of physics say that in a closed system - such as our universe - energy is conserved. It may be converted, concentrated, or dissipated, but it is never lost. James Prescott Joule built an apparatus that demonstrated this principle. It had a weight that descended into water and caused a paddle to rotate. He showed that the gravitational energy lost by the weight is equivalent to heat gained by the water from friction with the paddle. That led to one of several basic energy yardsticks, called a joule. Its the amount needed to lift an apple weighing 100 grams one meter against the pull of Earth's gravity. In case you were wondering, it takes about one hundred joules to send ...
  • Jordan Rudess Continuum spectacular This is the best video out there of Jordan Rudess burning on the Haken Continuum. Great sound and excellent footage. Enjoy!
  • Samsung Continuum - A Galaxy S Phone (Verizon) Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S available exclusively at Verizon Wireless. 3.4" main Super AMOLED display and 1.8" second screen ticker tape display.
  • Samsung Continuum (Verizon) review - part 1 of 2 - The Samsung Continuum for Verizon Wireless is a Galaxy S class Android 2.1 smartphone that is the first to feature dual front-facing displays, both of which are Super AMOLED types. The Continuum also features a 5 megapixel, HD-capable camera and social network integration. Full review:
  • Throwdown - This continuum Throwdown - This continuum from their new album deathless please support the band and buy this album. lyrics Caught between this great mortal divide Not quite dead but still not quite alive Now go Into the light But I can't tell you The reasons why I'll never join you there I can't face this hell alone Spiraling through this continuum Cheating death ain't what it used to be Agony is all that's left of me Now go so far away 'cause I can't bear this Another day I'll never join you there I can't face this hell alone Spiraling through this continuum Time has taken all I've known Smothering the life I used to love All I've got is time... spiraling I can't face this hell alone Spiraling through this continuum Time has taken all I've known Smothering the life I used to love In this continuum [x3]
  • AR Rahman playing The Haken Continuum Fingerboard This s the Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara - Intro video in which AR Rahman plays his new instrument the haken Continuum Fingerboard....enjoy . . .
  • Stargate: Continuum (SG-1 Movie Sneak Peak) Behind the scenes of the Stargate SG-1 movie Stargate: Continuum. Ben Browder and Amanda Tapping talk about shooting the movie in the Arctic. *Contains Spoilers* Release dates for the Stargate SG-1 DVD movies- 'Stargate: The Ark Of Truth' - 11th March 2008 'Stargate: Continuum' - July 29th 2008
  • Living from the Heart Continuum Movement Demonstration Excerpt from a Continuum Movement workshop taught by Cherionna Menzam in Santa Monica, CA, including a demonstration of Continuum and an explanation of the Social Nervous System and how to support it with micro-movements in the face.
  • Blazblue Continuum Shift - Howling Moon (Valkenhayn Theme) Upload mp3s @ www.mp32 Valkenhayn's character theme in BlazBlue Continuum Shift. I did not find the file, but I am reuploading it now with the correct trackname.
  • BlazBlue Continuum Shift II Opening Converted to MP3 and uploaded Now THIS is an intro, and THAT is an intro song, i was just about to sleep and i see a tweet from Mori and my curiosity made me get out of bed and click it, glad i did.
  • Gravity - John Mayer [Continuum] Gravity - John Mayer [Continuum] music. All rights to the owner. Enjoy!
  • Restorative Justice Continuum - Howard Zehr Ph.D EMU In this excerpt from Tributary Streams of a Healing River, Howard Zehr talks about the continuum of restorativeness, shame, respect, honor, humiliation, vindication, indigenous and social justice. Tributary Streams of a Healing River is an in depth study of restorative justice with over 14 hrs of video on 10 DVDs. (available from Heartspeak Productions -- Speakers Bio Howard Zehr joined the graduate Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) at Eastern Mennonite University in 1996 as Professor of Restorative Justice. Prior to that he served for nine*** years as director of the Mennonite Central Committee US Office on Crime and Justice. He now serves as Co-Director of CJP and Professor of Sociology and Restorative Justice, Conflict Transformation Program. Dr. Zehr's book, Changing Lenses: A New Focus for Crime and Justice, has been a foundational work in the growing "restorative justice" movement; in their recent book, Restoring Justice, Dan Van Ness and Karen Heederks Strong cite him as the "grandfather of restorative justice." He lectures and consults internationally on restorative justice and victim offender conferencing, which he helped pioneer. Other publications include Crime and the Development of Modern Society (1976), Doing Life: Reflections of Men and Women Serving Life Sentences (1996), Transcending: Reflections of Crime Victims (2001), The Little Book of Restorative Justice (2002), Critical Issues in ...
  • Bel Canto~Continuum Continuum from the album"Birds of Passage". Artwork by ~b69s
  • Throwdown This Continuum New Song Throwdown's new song This Continuum from their new album Deathless in store November 10th. Signed to Koch Records, and by listeng to this song you know its going to be a promising album. Of course I do not own this song, we have Koch to thank for this as well as Throwdown, and all those that participated in this song and the album.
  • Stargate: Continuum - Official Trailer Watch the official movie trailer for Stargate: Continuum. History may never repeat itself again. For more information visit the film's official site at
  • Space Time Continuum Kinetic Sculpture by Clayton Boyer. Three Variations shown in this video. Woodworking plans available at
  • Jordan Rudess' Haken Continuum! Jordan demos his new Haken Continuum fingerboard!
  • Alpha Waves / Continuum - Early 3D game from 1990 - Demonstration of one of the first, if not the first true 100% polygon based 3D game. Produced using a 486 DOS system - not an emulator.
  • Jaco Pastorius - Continuum This is the studio version of Jaco Pastorius's "Continuum".
  • Jaco Pastorius - Continuum With the Word of Mouth Big Band in Japan. Short & sweet. NB - my original jazz video channel, userid: "emmadet", got taken down....I'm reposting a few of the nicest videos. And staying clear of copyright notifications I hope.
  • CONTINUUM Teaser Trailer This is the teaser trailer that premiered in San Diego at Comic-Con 2010 during the "Celebrate The Web" panel for the upcoming online sci-fi thriller CONTINUUM. Series was created by Blake Calhoun, the Streamy winning director of PINK and 's EXPOSED. It stars Melanie Merkosky (LONELY GIRL 15 and HARPER'S GLOBE), Brad Hawkins (PINK) and Taryn O'Neill (AFTER JUDGEMENT). LOGLINE: A beautiful young women awakens on an adrift spaceship with no memory of who she is or how she got there and at the mercy of the ship's mysterious computer. Please friend the show on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter The series is currently in post-production and the release is TBA. More info .
  • Samsung Continuum Galaxy S Phone Review A video review of the Samsung Continuum, a Galaxy S phone on Verizon. The Continuum features a small ticker display below the main 3.4", 800 x 480 Super AMOLED display. The ticker shows social network updates, weather and RSS news. It has a 1GHz Hummingbird CPU, 5 megapixel camera, Android 2.1 with TouchWiz 3.0, 3G EVDO Rev. A, a GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Playstation Vita BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
  • The Continuum Project Climbing film The Continuum Project follows some of the worlds best climbing talent around the globe to document bold new routes and daring repeats on ice, rock, and in the alpine. Shot entirely in High Definition, watch as Guy Lacelle, Audrey Gariepy and Mathieu Audibert establish terrifying new ice routes in Norway and Rob Pizem and Mike Anderson crush brawny off-widths and delicate face climbing in Zion. Get on route with Ines Papert and Cory Richards as they blitz Kwangde Shar in Nepal and witness Majka Burhardt and Sarah Watson free the Beckey Route on Elephants Perch in the Sawtooths. Discover the rewards and risks of exploration with Jon Walsh and Ian Welsted as they establish a beautiful new mixed line in the remote Icefall Brook range of British Columbia and cool down on the difficult sport routes of Lions Head in Ontario with Sam Elias, Emily Harrington and Lauren Lee. Extending the focus of Higher Ground, gain new perspective on the motivations and courage of some of the worlds top climbers through the superb cinematography and innovative approach of The Continuum Project.
  • Continuum for harpsichord - Györgi Ligeti "Continuum" for harpsichord solo by Györgi Ligeti, performed by John Hansmann McKean.
  • "The Multi-Tool Continuum" by Nutnfancy MT Continuum: A toolkit in your pocket. That's what the revolutionary original Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool (PST) by Tim Leatherman promised its users. In many ways it delivered just that. It was small, lightweight, and fairly capable. Today's MTs are even better and have improved on the innovative and original Leatherman concept. It is a good feeling being able to save the day with a multi-tool that you've brought along and an MT in your system gives you piece of mind. Cutting, driving, filing, opening, driliing, reaming, prying, grabbing and many other capabilities are yours if you have your MT with you. Current designs, like my reference medium-duty Leatherman Charge series, can replace the EDC blade with their quickly accessed and well-designed blade options as well. And yet, amazingly, few people carry the MT with high percentage. That's a shame because an MT can also offer key capabilities in emergency situations as well. But of course and as discussed here, the multi-tool or MT is still a compromise for the better capabilities of a full sized, purpose-built hand tools. Successive generations in the MT arms race have come closer to approximating the functionalities of these full size tools, all while maintaining the ever-important compact size, elegant design, and light weight that makes the MT useful and portable. Also Style should be a part of the functional design and but never its own pursuit if the MT is to remain true to its mission of functionality ...
  • Blazblue Continuum Shift: Hazama vs Rachel Shadow vs Matsu. A Rachel player winning? this is madness!
  • SampleWiz and the Continuum My technical guru- Richard Lainhart shows us how you can play SampleWiz from the Haken Continuum. This MIDI feature will be in our soon to be released update!
  • Haken Continuum Demo by Mark Smart at NAMM 2007. Video is taken from Haken Continuum Fingerboard homepage .
  • BlazBlue:Continuum Shift Extend Challenges - Ragna Ragna's BBCS:EX Challenge Mode I was one of the first people in the US to get the game. I plan on uploading everyone's challenge mode tomorrow, as well as a day 1 Ragna combo video. How much of that I actually get done...well... Oh, and expect a lot of Extend Match videos.
  • John Mayer - Stop this Train, Where the Light Is John Mayer - Stop this Train, Where the Light Is dvd ........Subscribe for more videos x
  • Ligeti: continuum for harpsichord Continuum for Harpsichord composed by Gy*** Ligeti(1923-2006) an hungarian composer, one of the most important experimental composers of the XX century. The image is from an alluminium "sculpture" by Yaacov Agam(1928-) placed in Tampa USA. Elisabeth Cojnacka in the harpsichord.
  • PldX Continuum Winner of the PldX Team Fortress 2 Movie Contest My entry to the PldX competition. Name sums up the theme of the movie. I wanted this to be a continuous movie, with no smooths cutting between frags. But this has that little bit extra effort to make it flow :) Enjoy.
  • BlazBlue Continuum Shift II 3DS 15 MInutes Gameplay This is a difficult one to record. Due to the high resolution of the camera I'm using it has a tendency of picking up pixels and generating really annoying effects in playback, to counter this requires me recording slightly out of focus. The game utilities very small text and resizing methods to cram as much into the screens resolution as possible, they even go as far as to making use of the extra resolution in 3D mode by giving some depth/push some of the interface further back to fit in the screen to fit everything (this means in 2D, you see bits of names / borders of the interface missing...) all this extra small stuff makes this even harder to get a good looking recording. I'm new to the series so forgive my crummy game-play, I had to verse an easy computer just to attempt to show off moves, and even then I still missed some of the epic attacks that you only get one chance to pull off really. Trying to have the console steady while doing quarter circles etc is near impossible without fastening it to a desk or something, so apologies for the crooked angles at times. However playing in "Stylish" mode removes the need for the traditional quarter circle etc style attacks and relies on style of button presses instead, this I find much easier to pick up and do fancy combos whilst keeping the unit steady :). I would like to become much better at technical fighting style tho. Even though I don't play my fighters in 3D due to not wanting to restrict movement when trying to ...
  • Samsung Captivate (How To Install Continuum v5) This is how to install Continuum v5 for your Captivate. Watch the entire video first, read the entire thread second, then install on your device when ready. Let us install this ROM for you as a service and avoid a costly brick: Get an AWESOME download mode JIG as seen in the video here: Download Continuum v5 and learn more here: forum.xda- Donate to icezar1 here: forum.xda- Donate to our cause here:

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