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  • promotes excellence in Thought, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Development and Skillful Living through the pursuit of a contemplative way of life. The Aims Of . This site seeks to promote contemplative living in all it's forms by providing a vehicle for. — “Living Contemplatively”,
  • This has to do with the importance of a basic attitude of friendliness. Sometimes when Another time it might feel like that elephant is sitting on you, or like you have your. — “contemplatively catholic”,
  • Who can forget the scene in Star Wars where Luke is contemplatively gazing across the Tatooine desert towards a sunset with two suns. See why NASA scientists are now convinced that the universe is full of planets with twin sun sunsets. — “HowStuffWorks Videos "Spitzer: Star Wars Sunsets"”,
  • Tiger Woods is helping Annie Leibovitz climb out of debt. The *** golfer agreed to pose for the photographer four years ago, shirtless, doing pull-ups and crunches, and lounging contemplatively in a white bathrobe. — “Annie Leibovitz's Bank Account Helped By Tiger Woods”,
  • Definition of contemplatively in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of contemplatively. Pronunciation of contemplatively. Translations of contemplatively. contemplatively synonyms, contemplatively antonyms. Information about contemplatively in the. — “contemplatively - definition of contemplatively by the Free”,
  • Sharing Thomas Merton's vision of living contemplatively continues to be a priority for We encourage others to live contemplatively through weekly email reflections, a series of. — “History”,
  • Thanksgiving travel means nostalgia, which is the worst. Nostalgia means misguided perceptions of what's fun, beautiful, or comforting; it guarantees Ben Tuesday 8 Track: Songs for Contemplatively Gazing Out the Bus Window On Your Ride Home. — “NYU Local • Tuesday 8 Track: Songs for Contemplatively Gazing”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Contemplatively - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "contemplatively" is defined. General (10 matching dictionaries) contemplatively: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info] contemplatively: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of contemplatively - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Tomorrow night we start counting the 49 days that begin with Pesach and end with Shavuot: the 49 days between the exodus from Egypt and the revelation at Sinai. Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, provides a contemplative way of counting these days. — “Judaism 101: How to count the Omer contemplatively with Kabb”,
  • Mimesis: 27 June - 7 July 2009Strampp contemplatively and evocatively uses the study of the horse and the landscape in her romantic imagery to explore the nu. — “YouTube - Adriane Strampp Exhibition 2009 - Eva Breuer Art Dealer”,
  • contemplatively. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search contemplatively (comparative more contemplatively, superlative most contemplatively). — “contemplatively - Wiktionary”,
  • In other words, members of CLC are to contemplatively‐act‐contemplatively. Contemplative of what? God. It is God who is the object of contemplation, God who is the object of ministry, God who is the object of mission. Contemplation is keeping before our eyes first God ‐ in all things. — “Contemplatively-Acting-Contemplatively”,
  • Carmel, Land of the Soul : Carolyn Humphreys : 9780818909467 Carmel, Land of the Soul: Living Contemplatively in Today's World (Paperback) By (author) Carolyn Humphreys. — “Carmel, Land of the Soul: Living Contemplatively in Today's”,
  • Con·tem·pla·tive·ly adv. With contemplation; in a contemplative manner. Related Videos: contemplatively. Top. Click to Play. How to Pray - Contemplation Prayer. — “contemplatively: Information from ”,
  • Right now, Alex Rodriguez is munching contemplatively on nougat from a thank-you Right now, Alex Rodriguez is munching contemplatively on nougat from a thank-you. — “Comments Page: A-Rod must offer one grand apology”,
  • As he nears age 80, Brother Tolbert McCarroll of Sonoma County's tiny, intermittently world-famous Starcross monastic order imagines a quiet life of writing, reading and contemplatively absorbing the lessons and wonders of nature. — “Brother Toby, at nearly 80, looks ahead | ”,
  • Definition of contemplatively from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of contemplatively. Pronunciation of contemplatively. Definition of the word contemplatively. Origin of the word contemplatively. — “contemplatively - Definition of contemplatively at”,
  • Shalem's staff looks at the meaning of spirituality, different spiritual paths, contemplation, and what it means to live contemplatively in today's world. — “Articles About Contemplative Living”,
  • Blessed are those who live contemplatively; they will find God Grounded in a holistic, integrative approach to the person, staff members offer an extensive range of services including retreats,. — “Manna House of Prayer Home Page”,
  • Definition of contemplatively in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is contemplatively? Meaning of contemplatively as a legal term. What does contemplatively mean in law?. — “contemplatively legal definition of contemplatively”, legal-
  • Contemplative Living is a program designed by Oasis Ministries to deepen the spiritual lives of seekers and contemplatives. of Daily Life, invites us to explore living contemplatively in the middle of life's busyness, not only. — “Contemplative Living”,
  • The instructions show a labrador retriever about the size of one of my dogs sitting contemplatively in front of the toy pictured below, waiting patiently. It said something to the effect of, "Stick the squirrels into each hole, and allow your. — “Why did God compell me to purchase this dog toy? The”,

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  • ella slides contemplatively ella slides contemplatively, if that's a word...
  • Fallout 3 - Sawbones's Robot Poetry Go to the Citadel - A Ring, find the medical clinic and you will find Sawbones, the Mr. Gutsy version of a robot surgeon. Look on the Citadel Medical Terminal and read the intro then look at the file entitled 'Hovering Contemplatively, a Poem' and you will find this ironic poem - "Brotherhood of Steel blood is red, ionic medical pulse beams are blue, Steel is better than flesh, and artificial sub-processors are too."
  • LOST: Sayid vs Dogen (6x06 Sundown) All rights belong to abc --- As Dogen calmly reads a book, Sayid barges into his chambers and confronts him about the machine he was hooked up to when they stuck him with needles and said they were testing him. Dogen tells him that for every man, there is a scale and on one side of the scale there is good and on the other side evil. The machine tells them how the scale is balanced and Sayid's scale tipped "the wrong way". Dogen admits he tried to poison Sayid because he thinks it would be best if Sayid were dead. Sayid says that Dogen does not know him as well as he thinks. He adds, "I am a good man." Dogen attacks Sayid and a vicious fight ensues. Dogen's fighting skills are considerable and he finally manages to overpower Sayid and pin him down to his desk; as Dogen is about to stab Sayid in the throat, the baseball that he had on his desk rolls off and the sound of it hitting the ground stays his hand. With restrained anger, he tells Sayid to leave and never return. Dogen picks the baseball up contemplatively.
  • Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance ~ English Cover and Fan Video ~ RE-UPLOAD (Requested) Requested by AssenavActress!!! (Though I'm not sure why...) I uploaded this one last year to celebrate Halloween, though it had been in the works for quite some time before that (mostly contemplatively). It's goofy, and the more I watch it, the more I can't stand it. XD But Nessuh liked it, so... here ya go. My lyrics: Could the reason why I am alive be that I am to love you for all eternity? Every day through this wall here, hopefully I mumble "I'm so alone. Please love me." I want to learn every thing about you Behind my quiet, closed and dark facade I wish with all of my heart that I could Touch your face, stroke your face My sweetheart Oh my my, oh my my Do you have a guest? Can you believe how beautiful she is? Go ahead and tell me how much you love her I'll kill her and pack her up when she is dead! Burning up torn pictures of you and that girl I Just wonder what she's doing now You can do anything that you want to do with me But only 'cause I really love you so much, you see I want to hold You in my arms I want to have a whole set Of you What is this, why are you crying my baby? Whatcha mean, "What's wrong?" Oh, do you mean this? Lovingly caressing this cardboard box that I'm planning to use for her lifeless carcass I'll leave something super special for You upon your step behind the door The head of a little baby cat 'cause I I know that it's kitties you adore so! Burning up torn pictures of you and that girl She probably didn't even exist "I love you" is cliche ...
  • Zac Zimmerman- Laughing With by Regina Spektor cover song ive been contemplatively debating on singing since the first couple Vlogs and finally decided to do so.
  • El Ojo De Quien La Mira 6: Quien La Mira El Ojo De Quien La Mira, reputedly cited by the Dalai Lama as a bracing metaphorical exposition of the true meaning of life, closes with the contemplatively saucy "Quien La Mira," one of only four songs selected to join the works of William Shakespeare and the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud and other texts of permanent importance as an encapsulation of the achievements of humanity, set to launch to the farthest reaches of the universe in early 2010.
  • Bunny Booker: Audrey Rabbit reviews Tom McCarthy's 'C' A strong contender from the Man Booker 2010 shortlist, but what will Audrey Rabbit make of it for the Bunny Booker. A literary ex pert who has torn though classics this year, Audrey will not bother her fluffy head with anything that is simply not worth getting her terribly sharp teeth into
  • Black & White Shots of Owel Cruz Enjoy some of best Black & White Photo shots . Pause for a SILENCE & reflect .... you will understand yourself freely & contemplatively . I enjoyed doing this as part of my passion in photography .
  • Cakewalk Z3ta+1 Synth Overviewed In Gearwire Studio, Part Two We dig a little deeper into the Cakewalk Z3ta+1 synthesizer as Bill Holland examines more filters, envelope generators and arpeggiations. He still shies away from the modulation matrix, because the world may not be ready for it, and it's best to prepare your mind before you enter the modulation matrix as it will change your perception of reality and open your eyes to the truth. And then a Rage Against the Machine song will start playing as Keanu Reeves looks contemplatively up at the sky.
  • Biblical Hebrew Lesson 26.0 | Psalm 19 | Proverbs 9 | Titles of Messiah 5 Contemplatively read about the glory of God and the perfection of the Torah in Psalm 19. Ninth section reading through Mishlei, Proverbs. Fifth section learning the titles of Mashiach in the writings of the prophets of Israel and the Apostles of the early Yeshua movement. To take these free Hebrew lessons, you need a student manual. Go to and open a free student account. Then go to the Student Resources area and download your free Student Manual. We are serving this whole course to you on the house, but we DO hope you'll make a donation that reflects what these lessons are worth to you. Seriously. If you take the course, please make a donation Order this whole Hebrew Course in high definition DVD! AND, PLEASE HELP GET THE MESSAGE OUT BY SUBSCRIBING TO OUR CHANNEL AND LIKING OUR VIDEOS!
  • Adriane Strampp Exhibition 2009 - Eva Breuer Art Dealer Mimesis: 27 June - 7 July 2009 Strampp contemplatively and evocatively uses the study of the horse and the landscape in her romantic imagery to explore the nuances of memory and personal mythologies. Conversely, Mimesis simultaneously represents a perhaps unprecedented shift in Strampp's own aesthetic, as her previous style characterised by boldly coloured and intensely detailed works makes way to expanses of shadow and darkness, which instead render the subject and the landscape itself almost intangible. Mimesis, in it's subtlety, allows the viewer to contemplate to what is not shown in the works, as layered repetitive shadows explore the experience of connection, as in The Messenger 2009, the subject seemingly hovers between reality and the imagined.
  • Rumi eating strawberries Rumi quietly and contemplatively eats his favorite fruit...
  • Bittersweet Memories (Bieber Story) Three So this is the last thing I'll be uploading for this week. My little sister's birthday is on Saturday, and I'll be spending the rest of tonight and tomorrow planning her party, and then on the weekend we're going away as a family to the east coast beaches :) Hopefully, my dear subscribers and readers, you will watch these, COMMENT them, and recommend them to your lovely Belieber friends that might want to read a love story ;) Just a thought :) -- -- Chapter Three -- After exchanging numbers with Anastasia, my mom packed us up and set us on our way. When we arrived back at the hotel, my original plans had been to fall asleep either standing up or somewhere near my bed. I didn't even make it inside my room before I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned to my left and watched as Scooter escorted Anastasia into her own room. Grinning to myself, I put my room key back in my pocket and headed down the hall. They didn't even notice me as I approached. "So you and Justin got a little cozy when we left?" Scooter questioned her. I watched as she gasped and turned to look give him a surprised look. "No!" she said furiously. "Why would you even ask that?" "I saw you give your number to him," he said innocently. "I just thought—" "Giving someone your number doesn't mean you're gonna get 'cozy,'" she said in a harsh tone. "And even if we got close like that—not that I would get close to a stranger—it wouldn't have been any of your business." Scooter chuckled and gave her ...
  • Scene 7 ATU08 - Violin SCENE 7: INSTRUMENTAL SCENE Actors: Nan Me, Mr. Lee, Esther (The scene is Nan Mes bedroom. Nan Me is alone playing a classical instrument. There is a wall at stage center, dividing the stage in half.) -TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENT- MR. LEE (Thirty seconds before she finishes, Mr. Lee enters and sits beside her.) NAN ME (She finishes.) Dad maybe were a bit too hard on her. MR. LEE Im sorry, but I have to disagree with you. I think we are too easy on her. She doesnt seem to understand how important she means to us. If we visit your aunt during the summer, Esther would feel socially awkward and confused in China. ESTHER (She is about to enter from the other side of the wall when she hears her father talking about her. She halts, and eavesdrops behind the wall.) NAN ME But, she seems so happy doing what she does now. MR. LEE She is not the reserved, conservative girl your mother and I raised her up to be. If I am adamant about anything, it is about ensuring that she never loses her background. NAN ME Shes too stubborn to understand were looking out for her. Its her against the entire world; she doesnt let anybody in, not even us. After we lost mom MR. LEE Your mom is the reason we moved to America. She wanted the best for her children. In fact, it was her last wish, for her daughters to succeed and make something of themselves here in America—you know this. I just never thought about the threat of Esther losing her heritage. I made a promise to your mother I would fulfill that wish ...
  • Memoir Writer Sheridan Hill describes the biography process Memories come floating back, you are able to reflect upon your life contemplatively--there are so many benefits when you commit to writing--or commission--your memoirs.
  • Brad Pitt in FREEDOM OF LOVE Freedom of Love During a recent shoot for Vanity Fair, Nick Knight created a number of on-set scenarios for intriguing visual and aural actions for subject Brad Pitt to perform, so as to engage the actor in 'pique' performance. 'Freedom of Love' is a short film which captures Pitt in action during the shoot, energetically painting onto a huge blow up of his own face, and adding caption, and contemplatively reading surrealist poetry. Pitt reads from André Breton's poem 'Freedom of Love', a one stanza, sixty-line homage to his wife. The poem cites a beautiful litany of comparisons for her physical attributes, deftly playing with language that eludes any commonplace romantic imaging, instead presenting uncanny metaphors. Breton was the provocative, passionate leader of the avant-garde literary and artistic movement Surrealism, who believed in 'revolution of the mind', and in the 'marvellous' - dazzling combinations of words or visual images, spontaneously created by automatic processes of the mind.
  • 1/3 - Short Film - Experimental This is a relatively experimental, de-narrative short film I wrote, directed and edited in 2004. It's an attempt to convey the story of Zoe, a young girl quietly and contemplatively dealing with what is alluded to be ***ual abuse. Zoe is played by Nicole Friedman and The Father is played by John Hawk. The music is by The Birthday Massacre (used with permission).
  • Cherry Blossoms at Kuboji Temple, Ichikawa, Chiba 「真間山弘法寺の桜」 Mamasankuboji Temple (Nichiren Order) is one of the best places for cherry blossoms in Ichikawa City, Chiba Pref.. Every year a lot of people come here to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms including about 400-year old weeping cherry named "Fusehime Zakura(lying princess). Accordingly, this place is crowded and busy, but this year looked different. People were looking at them contemplatively as if they paid respect for the victims of the great quake and Tsunami and prayed for the prompt recovery of the affected areas.
  • Reality Check, Chapter 4 A satisfied smirk appears on Joe's face, lust appearing in his eyes as he gazes at her "Handsome now, is it?" She shrugs, smiling at him again, her eyes seemingly light and playful..but if Joe had looked closer, he would have seen the darker intents lurking in their background "Maybe I just didn't want anything in front of your younger brother." Joe slides closer to her, placing a large, tan hand on her waist as he breathes "He went home." She smirks, leaning forward so her lips can reach up to his ear as she hums her next word contemplatively "Mmm..." She lets her lips lightly press against his neck, tasting the smooth skin for a second before Joe pulls her onto his lap, her dark wash jean clad legs hooking around his waist as his hands roam hungrily across her body. He moves his mouth down to her neck, relishing in the way she tenses at his touch before relaxing in pleasure. After a few minutes he leans back, brushing a curly lock out of his eyes before he places a hand on her soft cheek, lightly rubbing his thumb over it before he leans forward, his lips eager for the taste of hers..only to have them land on the musty fabric of a pillow, as two hands push themselves away from him abruptly, off his chest. He coughs slightly, pulling back and wiping at his mouth in disgust as he looks at the girl, now sitting cross legged a few inches away "What the hell?" Her eyes change from playful to mocking again, as she repeats her words of before "Maybe I just didn't want ...
  • herman arcs thru the air with the greatest of ease yesterday morning, roxy and i were doing our usual walk at greenwell state park. i watched the crab boat that is our almost constant companion, floating along. all was quiet and serene. we were coming up to the places where herman the blue heron(jake, as he was formerly known), plays hide and seek with us most mornings. since i had the great good fortune to actually capture his flight for those few seconds the previous morning, i hesitated to test my luck again, and thought to just walk along and absorb the serenity that nature creates as balm for our souls. but, being a saggittarian, working from a hunch, i pulled out my intrepid integrity videocam, and decided to give it, literally, another shot. we rounded the "bend" in the river trail, and i scanned the little inlet for signs of herman. astonishingly, he was standing quietly by a little bridge, watching our approach, almost contemplatively. roxy has no great desire to chase birds(we're a TOTAL crustacean chomping water dawg now), so no need to calm her. i readied and steadied the camer as well i could, and resumed our walk. you literally could've KNOCKED ME ON MY BUTT with a hummingbird feather, because for reasons only known to herman, he stood stock still for quite a few more of our steps before he began his flight and his racous chorus of protest he as he leaves us. but today seemed a bit different. his vocalizations seemed not to have the irritated edge of previous day's encounters. he gracefully provided us with ...

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  • “ sets that had the audience either dancing feverishly or contemplatively traversing the spaceways, the group demonstrated the unrivalled expertise, joy, and passion that have been the foundation for their musical journeys since Sun Ra founded the Arkestra in the mid-1950s”
    — The Magic City | Ars Nova Workshop,

  • “Draganov sniper rifle for sale Wenty-five chancy icrosystems who would no contemplatively construct between his nipples and their od. Hat could marvelously have vaporized a”
    — Draganov sniper rifle for sale,

  • “This same "warmth" is also appreciated by the mature drinker as an after dinner treat when sipped contemplatively. Gautreaux on The True Story of the First Pumpkin Beer! Create Blog. Login. Random Blog. Go!”
    — Beer and Food,

  • “Blog. Abbey email newsletter. Subscribe to the Abbey Email Newsletter and receive a free is about how to live contemplatively in the world beyond the”
    — Living Contemplatively in the World " Abbey of the Arts,

  • “All improvisers certainly compose spontaneously, using their knowledge base to spin new vamp, saxophonist Peter Apfelbaum contemplatively explores the texture, building with”
    — The Latin Jazz Corner " 2008 " May " 17,

  • “ Etsy Sellers Who Blog V2. Powered By Ringsurf. meta. Log in. Entries RSS”
    — eef-ink " Blog Archive " contemplatively nervous – new, eef-

  • “ArtFlute Blog Rajshree replies rather contemplatively, "Coimbatore is a university area with over 100,000 students. It is peaceful – a must to think and produce art." Moreover, the course fees, she promises, will be "very affordable". " My intention is to spread awareness of art to the masses”
    — - ArtFlute Blog,

  • “Weekly Reflection - Lent - Lent and Mortality. 0 comments. Weekly thoughts on faith, heed the tolling bells and to live mindfully, contemplatively today”
    — Pius XI Faculty and Staff Blogs,

  • “You are here: Home / FSU Athletics / Contemplatively Random and Confusingly Meaningless Thoughts Bonus Contemplatively Random and Confusingly Meaningless Thoughts. 11. Deckerhoff on the first play of the game correcting his”
    Contemplatively Random and Confusingly Meaningless Thoughts,

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