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  • As with any criminal offence, the contemnor's prior record is relevant, particularly insofar as any previous convictions for act as a deterrent to the contemnor and to others engaging in trial. — “Lawlink NSW: 13. Penalties and remedies”,
  • A criminal contemnor may be fined, jailed or both as punishment for his act. The theory behind the punishment is to coerce the contemnor into obeying the court, not to punish him, and the contemnor will be released from jail just as soon as he complies with the court order. — “Contempt Law & Legal Definition”,
  • For some categories of contempt the contemnor may suffer punishment without many of the Though an accused civil contemnor enjoys the rights of counsel, testimony, and cross. — “Contempt Power, Judicial”,
  • contemnor (plural contemnors) (law) A person held in contempt of [edit] Verb. contemnor. first-person singular present passive indicative of contemnĊ. — “contemnor - Wiktionary”,
  • Pennsylvania Court Opinions taken from Court of PA's web site, and changed from PDF to HTML. The accuracy is not guaranteed, and any lawyer or member example, a court may require the contemnor to compensate the opposing. party for losses incurred as a result of the violation or reimburse the party's. — “Pennsylvania Superior Court Cases - Superior Court Case Law”,
  • Wex - LII's community-built law dictionary and encyclopedia Contemnor. Categories: wex definitions. Overview. Resources. A person who is found to be in. — “Contemnor | LII / Legal Information Institute”,
  • Theoretically, the contemnor's attorney has several options for rendering the order appealable. contemnor with a fixed amount of time in jail whereby the contemnor does not "hold the keys to his release", then the alleged. — “The Journal of the DuPage County Bar Association”,
  • And certainly the fact that a contemnor has his sentence suspended and is placed on probation cannot be That a determinate sentence is suspended and the contemnor put on probation does not make the remedy civil in. — “HICKS V. FEIOCK, 485 U. S. 624 :: Volume 485 :: 1988 :: Full”,
  • Civil contempt, or coercive contempt, is imposed when a court imprisons the contemnor until the person performs certain acts required by the court. Civil contempt may not be imposed unless the contemnor has the present ability to perform the required acts at the time of the hearing. — “Dallas Child Support Enforcement & Family Law, Contempt”,
  • (a1) Proceedings for civil contempt may be initiated by motion of an aggrieved party giving notice to the alleged contemnor to appear before the court for a hearing on whether the alleged contemnor should be held in civil contempt. the reasons why the alleged contemnor should be held in civil. — “Contempt of Court Statutes”,
  • A person found in contempt of court is called a "contemnor." To prove contempt, the prosecutor or complainant must prove the four The contemnor's ability to comply. The contemnor's failure to comply. — “Contempt of court - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Civil contempt occurs when the contemnor willfully disobeys a court order. A civil contemnor, too, may be fined, jailed or both. The fine or jailing is meant to coerce the contemnor into obeying the court,. — “What does contempt of court mean? A person that I used to”,
  • a. Summarily find the contemnor in contempt and impose sanctions instanter; Prior to an entry of a finding of contempt, the Court shall inform the contemnor of the specific conduct forming the basis of the finding. — “Gary L Schlesinger & Michael S Strauss Article | Illinois”, illinois-family-
  • I feel sorry for Mathias Chong the contemnor in this case. A Judge has the inherent jurisdiction to severally reprimand the contemnor or indeed jail him if it can be satisfactorily proved that the contemnor has brought the court to disrepute. — “Contempt Of Court”, malaysia-
  • . ADVERTISING|AUTOMOTIVE|BUSINESS|COMPUTER|DATING|DIAMONDS|EDUCATION|EMPLOYMENT|ENTERTAINMENT Source Match Top News. Retail CEOs see longer Black Friday lines (Reuters) Reuters - Top U.S. retailers from Best Buy Co Inc to Toys R Us saw longer shopper lines outside stores on Black. — “”,
  • Definition of contemner (or contemnor) from Webster's New World Law Dictionary. — “contemner (or contemnor) - Legal Definition”,
  • Definition of contemnor from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of contemnor. Pronunciation of contemnor. Definition of the word contemnor. Origin of the word contemnor. — “contemnor - Definition of contemnor at ”,
  • the Court may (1) summarily find the contemnor in contempt and impose sanctions instanter, (2) six (6) months, or both, unless the contemnor is afforded the right to trial by jury, in which case,. — “PART 21. CONTEMPT OF COURT”,
  • The contemnor may file a "Return on the Rule" in response to a RTSC, which may deny or object to the allegations made in the A contemnor may also challenge the RTSC on the basis of lack of. — “Rules To Show Cause - Law Firm Finkel Law Firm LLC Attorneys”,
  • Prior to an adjudication of direct contempt, the court shall inform the contemnor of the specific conduct forming the basis of contempt and, prior to imposition of sanctions, the court shall permit the contemnor an opportunity to present a statement in mitigation. — “Macon County Circuit Court”,
  • Contemnor definition, to treat or regard with disdain, scorn, or contempt. See more. — “Contemnor | Define Contemnor at ”,
  • The contemnor will not have avoided all sanction by his irrevocable opposition to the court's order. Bottom line to us: If the contemnor is "never" going to talk or turn over evidence or. — “Seven Years and Counting For Civil Contempt - TalkLeft: The”,
  • 1985), a hearing to determine whether the contemnor has the present ability to comply with the purge provisions of the contempt order must be held within 48 hours of contemnor's arrest on a writ of bodily attachment for civil contempt due to failure to pay child support. — “Procedures for Bowen and Subsequent Review Hearings in Cases”,
  • Civil contempt may not be imposed unless the contemnor has the present ability to perform the required acts Criminal contempt, or punitive contempt, is imposed when the court fines the contemnor or imprisons the contemnor for a determinate period of time. — “Dallas Divorce - Property, Qualified Domestic Relations Order”, dallas-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Contemnor - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-

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  • “The Hill is a congressional newspaper that publishes daily when Congress is in session, with a special focus on business and lobbying, political campaigns and goings on on Capitol Hill”
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  • “To procure personal jurisdiction over the alleged contemnor, the court may issue a writ of attachment an alleged contemnor requiring the alleged contemnor to appear before”
    — Memorandum Concerning Sheriff's Fees,

  • “The court will often order the contemnor to comply with an existing court order, or to do any motion necessitated by contempt, the contemnor must pay the solicitor and client”
    — Mills & Mills LLP Legal Blog,

  • “A criminal contemnor may be fined, jailed or both as punishment for his behavior. A civil contemnor, too, may be fined, jailed or both. The fine or jailing is meant to”
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  • “His stay in the Manhattan Correctional Center is the longest ever endured by a civil contemnor. contemnor who is incarcerated to compel compliance with a court order holds the key to his prison cell: Where”
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  • “contemnor. joined. Jun 28, 2008. last login. Oct 01, 2010. posts. 1. comments. 195. Activity. Blog and now from big suck's blog link. After getting a look at him over the last few days, the”
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  • “If you have a court order where the other parent is ordered to pay you child support and he or she fails to pay the support, you have enforcement remedies if the contemnor, the person in contempt, is imprisoned for a set, unconditional period of time; and likewise if the contemnor is ordered to”

  • “"The problem is, chronic non-supporters do not have dependable jobs, nor tax refunds, nor seizeable property. That's why they are chronic. . . . As cruel as than 48 hours to allow the contemnor a reasonable time to comply with the purge conditions, and the contemnor fails to comply within the time”
    — Is the application of civil contempt in South Carolina's,

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