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  • Contango is a futures market term: it means an upward sloping forward curve (as in the normal yield curve): one says that the forward curve is "in contango" (or sometimes "contangoed" A contango is normal for a non-perishable commodity which has a cost of carry. — “”,
  • Contango is a Houston-based, independent natural gas and oil company. Contango Operators, Inc. (" COI"), our wholly-owned subsidiary, acts as operator on certain offshore prospects. The Company has approximately 15.8 million shares of common stock outstanding,. — “Contango Oil & Gas Company”,
  • Contango Capital Advisors takes a comprehensive approach to helping individuals, families, small businesses, trusts and foundations achieve their goals and fulfill their aspirations. We work with each of our clients to identify, understand and address specific needs and objectives. — “Contango Capital Advisors, Inc”,
  • Definition of Contango in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Contango? Meaning of Contango as a finance term. What does Contango mean in finance?. — “Contango financial definition of Contango. Contango finance”, financial-
  • Translations of contango. contango synonyms, contango antonyms. Information about contango in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. There's a large contango play going on, and we've been getting a huge number of enquiries on whether we are able to finance inventories. — “contango - definition of contango by the Free Online”,
  • Features citations, quotations, and evidence on the true origins of famous American words and expressions, especially those from New York City. Contango is a term used in the futures market to describe an upward sloping forward curve (as in the normal yield curve). — “The Big Apple: Contango”,
  • Common Sense on Commodities - Research-oriented website devoted to sharing ideas about hard assets investing for both individual and institutional investors. Interviews with leading commodities experts, articles, and more. — “Contango/ Backwardation - ASSET ALLOCATION”,
  • Contango - Definition for Contango from Morningstar - Contango refers to the situation in futures trading when the current price of a commodity (called the 'spot price') is lower than the price of a far future delivery. — “Contango”,
  • See the company profile for Contango Oil & Gas Company Comm (MCF) including business summary, industry/sector information, number of employees, business summary, corporate governance, key executives and their compensation. — “MCF Profile | Contango Oil & Gas Company Comm Stock - Yahoo!”,
  • contango - definition of contango - A condition in which distant delivery prices for futures exceed spot prices, often due to the costs of storing and insuring the underlying commodity. — “contango Definition”,
  • Stay informed on the latest Oil Contango news. TheStreet is the source for financial market and Wall Street news, trading stock and personal finance advice. — “Oil Contango | Oil Prices | OIL | TheStreet”,
  • A contango market is often confused with a normal futures curve; and a normal backwardation market is confused with an inverted futures curve. Contango is when the futures price is above the expected future spot price. — “Contango Vs. Normal Backwardation”,
  • Contango definition, (on the London stock exchange) a fee paid by a buyer of securities to the seller for the privilege of deferring payment. See more. — “Contango | Define Contango at ”,
  • Such a forward curve is said to be "in contango" (or sometimes "contangoed" A contract in contango will decrease in value until it equals the future spot price of the underlying. — “Contango - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • These are the current contract prices for natural gas contracts: Contango for 2011 contracst has ended, in fact there is slight backwardation in March and April. Shall this situation continues, UNG may actualy benefit. Prices may also lift. — “Contango”,
  • climb up the corporate ladder, and providing. superior value in doing so. ¤ Orientation session for CFA ® Level 1 on 17th July 2010. ¤ To register yourself for the orientation session, please email your Name and Contact Number on [email protected]“CONTANGO”,
  • contango (kuhn-TANG-goh) noun A premium paid by the buyer to the seller for deferring payment. Etymology From alteration of continue or contingent. — “Contango: Definition from ”,
  • Right now, you can buy oil for $36 a barrel. And you can lock in a contract to trade oil in June for $51.30. When futures prices are higher than current prices, it's a situation called "contango. — “Contango: The Most Profitable "Buy-and-Hold" for 2009 So Far”,
  • How Contango Affects Crude Oil ETF's and ETN's (USO, OIL, DBO) The following is a Guest post on . Note this is part of a 2 article series in which we also examine how best to play crude oil via Below, you'll find the article relating to how contango affects these investment vehicles. — “How Contango Affects Crude Oil ETF's and ETN's (USO, OIL, DBO”,

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  • What are 'contango' and 'backwardation'? - MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials Contango and backwardation are key terms investors use when commenting on forward and futures contracts. In this short tutorial, Tim Bennett explains what they are. Don't miss out on Tim Bennett's video tutorials -- get the latest video sent straight to your inbox each week, before it's released on YouTube: To receive Tim's 50 FREE MoneyWeek Basics emails: Watch over 100 of Tim's videos for free: Or download them to your mobile device: For the most important financial stories and how to profit from them: http Video series by CFA UK Highly Commended journalist Tim Bennett.
  • Contango and Backwardation Review Learn more: Review of the difference uses of the words contango, backwardation, contango theory and theory of normal backwardation
  • 197. Contango, Backwardation, and The Futures Curve The next lesson in my free futures trading course which discusses contango, backwardation, and the futures curve.
  • Index Matters COMMODITIES: Backwardation and Contango Bob Greer, Executive Vice President & Manager or Real Return Products, PIMCO and Boris Shrayer, Managing Director & Global Head of Commodities Marketing, Morgan Stanley discuss backwardation and contango with Jodie Gunzberg, Director, S&P Commodity Indices.
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  • Contango Oil & Gas (MCF) - Motley Fool 11 O'Clock Stock Market Tips - Contango Oil & Gas is a Motley Fool stock pick. Motley Fool's Erin Corr and Toby Shute bring you another episode of 'The Motley Fool's 11 O'Clock Stock' - over the course of 50 days we are investing $50000 in 50 stock ideas.
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  • Contango's Feiger Says US `Least Bad' Place to Invest July 21 (Bloomberg) -- George Feiger, chief executive offer of Contango Capital Advisors Inc., a San Francisco-based wealth management firm with about $3.5 billion in assets, talks about the global financial markets and his investment strategy. Feiger speaks with Susan Li on Bloomberg Television's "First Up." (Source: Bloomberg)
  • Understanding Contango, Backwardation, Roll Yield Understand key investment concepts that impact Van Eck CM Commodity Index Fund (CMCAX). Contango, Backwardation and Roll Yield are defined and explained. - - - - - - - - - - IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE Please note that Van Eck offers a mutual fund that is benchmarked to the UBS Bloomberg Constant Maturity Commodity Index. UBS and Bloomberg own or exclusively license, solely or jointly as agreed between them all proprietary rights with respect to the Index. In no way do UBS or Bloomberg sponsor or endorse, nor are they otherwise involved in the issuance and offering of the Product nor do either of them make any representation or warranty, express or implied, to the holders of the Product or any member of the public regarding the advisability of investing in the Product or commodities generally or in futures particularly, or as to results to be obtained from the use of the Index or from the Product.You can lose money by investing in the Fund. Any investment in the Fund should be part of an overall investment program, not a complete program. Commodities are assets that have tangible properties, such as oil, metals, and agriculture. Commodities and commodity-linked derivatives may be affected by overall market movements and other factors that affect the value of a particular industry or commodity such as weather, disease, embargoes or political or regulatory developments. The value of a commodity-linked derivative is generally based on price movements of a commodity, a commodity ...
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  • Severe Contango Generally Bearish Learn more: Thinking about why a severe contango could be bearish
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  • Contango & backwardation in commodity forward markets Contango and backwardation are about the relationship between the spot and forward price. If Forward is greater than Spot, it's contango (upward sloping forward curve). If Forward is less than Spot, it's backwardation (inverted forward curve). The "normal" prefix refers to relationship to expected future spot price and is harder to figure.
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  • Contango Capital's Feiger Expects Euro to Fall Further: Video April 30 (Bloomberg) -- George Feiger, chief executive officer of investment manager Contango Capital Advisors Inc., talks with Bloomberg's Susan Li about Greece's debt crisis and the emergency loans from the euro region and the International Monetary Fund. Feiger, speaking from San Francisco, also discusses the outlook for the euro, the region's economies and equity markets. (Source: Bloomberg)
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  • Gold Channel Update! Near Zero Contango! COMEX silver futures are almost in total back-wardation until 2015! Then link is here . Real bills of exchange and why they are important. The link is here . Long bond is breaking down! See the action here . Thanks for watching!
  • ETFdb TV: Commodities, Contango, & the US Commodity Index Fund - September 16, 2010 ETF Database ***ysts Michael Johnston and Eric Dutram discuss commodity ETFs, contango, and the latest commodity ETF: the US Commodity Index Fund (USCI).
  • Artango x Contango 2005 KWPN Gelding .wmv Dutch Dressage Horse for sale
  • Contango's Feiger Says US Blue-Chip Stocks Oversold May 24 (Bloomberg) -- George Feiger, chief executive offer of Contango Capital Advisors Inc., a San Francisco-based wealth management firm, talks about global financial markets and his investment strategy. (Source: Bloomberg)
  • Contango from Trader Perspective Learn more: What a trader means when they say that a market is in contango
  • Silver Update 12/06/11 Contango/Backwardation Silver Update 12/06/11 Contango/Backwardation Netdania screenshots provided by James Turk: Expect A Violent Move Higher In Precious Metals, Especially Silver (SLV, GLD, PSLV, AGQ, ZSL) Contango Normal backwardation CMEGroup The information within this video is for educational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice.
  • 15 Franziskus x Jazz x Contango 15 Franziskus x Jazz x Contango, filly, 08-06-2012. Selected for the Elite Foal Auction that takes place 30th of August, 2012 in Borculo, the Netherlands. High quality dressage and jumper foals from Dutch breeders! Please visit - for full pedigree information.
  • USO death by contango (Part 1 of 2) Relevant links attached to part 2 Transcript of the videos (two parts) follows, but shortened as youtube don't have the space ;-) USO (United States Oil) is an etf, exchange traded fund, which uses futures contracts to track the price of oil. Let's say that I buy futures contracts for oil, with March expiry, at a price of $35. This gives me the right to take delivery of crude oil at that price when the contract expires. NYMEX Crude oil futures quotes Now, USO doesn't have the facilities or inclination to take delivery of oil. Neither do I. Neither do the majority of traders in oil futures. Many are settled for cash instead of oil. The method used by USO, and other similar funds such as OIL, to keep a continuing position in the oil price is to 'roll out' the contracts to the next month when the current contract is close to its expiry date. This sounds complex, but it isn't. So, that contract to buy oil at $35 in March we talked about might be worth, say, $38 when we come to roll it out, as short term oil prices are volatile and there have been many bounces and false starts along the way during oil's incredible collapse since July of last year. So, you know, $35 to $38, - perfectly feasible. Great, that's a $3 profit for the USO fund. So far so good. However, there is a point I would like to explain in detail for you as it is little understood by most investors currently buying USO in hopes of timing a bottom in oil. The thorn in USO's side goes by ...
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  • “Our good friend Jim Cramer went on a rant last night on Mad Money about the shortcomings on the United States Oil Fund (NYSE Arca: USO)”
    — Cramer Discovers Contango (But Forgets History) - Blog,

  • “Forex- A daily blog about currency trading, forex ***ysis, forex systems, complete forex education and forex auto trading. Contango and Cash. It's very interesting to get into the whole trading thing deeper than you had been before. If you have never heard the term, Contango before, were both”
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  • “Hard Assets Investor submits: By Brad Zigler Real-time Monetary Inflation (last 12 months): -2.3%The tango has long been known as the dance of love”
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  • “The persistent contango that costs passive commodity investors month in, month out, is beginning to disappear. The chart below, taken from Kemp's blog, shows the monthly roll returns from the index's non-energy components”
    — Commodity Headwinds Disappear - BLOG ,

  • “Ah Contango Memories (USO, USL) The oil market's contango denotes more-than-adequate current supplies. By this measure, there's been a relative glut of crude since June 2008 when the WTI market flipped from backwardation—higher prices for front-month deliveries—to contango”
    — ETF DAILY NEWS " Ah ... Contango Memories (USO, USL),

  • “Contango outsources everything else. Contango formed a partnership with Juneau This leaves Contango with the sole job of making sure that it invests in the best possible”
    — Value Investing Congress Blog " Contango Oil & Gas (MCF,

  • “So even though the assets are going up, and gold is theoretically being bid, the fact that that gold is being locked away for the purposes of the contango trade is the potential equivalent to a mass pool of oversupply in the market – just like in oil”
    — FT Alphaville " A GLD contango strategy,

  • “1 Energy Tough Love Blog " Oil Speculators At It Again - This time instead of fooling with contracts they are actually fooling http:///blog/2009/01/13/oil-price-fundamentals-contango-opec”
    — Supply Excellence — Oil Price Fundamentals: Don't believe the,

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