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  • contaminate ( ) tr.v. , -nated , -nating , -nates . To make impure or unclean by contact or mixture. To expose to or permeate with radioactivity. — “contaminate: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Spring water supplies are the most frequently contaminated, with more than 70 percent containing coliform bacteria. Improving protection of a well or spring from the inflow of surface water is an important option to consider if the supply is contaminated with bacteria. — “WaterSafe Drinking Water Test Kit Instructions”,
  • GENETICALLY modified canola has jumped containment lines and "contaminated" a commercial beehive in western Victoria, prompting claims that people Greenpeace spokeswoman Louise Sales said the contamination meant people were being denied choice: anyone buying honey from the affected hive. — “Uproar as GM canola 'contaminates' beehive”, .au
  • contaminates quotes. Quotes about contaminates. Quotes with the word contaminates. I saw that lack of love contaminates, You know I know you know I know you know. — “contaminates quotes”,
  • Schmidt Axxiom Aftercooler and Air Dryer Systems: Compressed air entering the AirPrep system passes through a prefilter, removing severe contaminates, particles, and moisture before going to the cooler. The air then enters the lower tank where it. — “Schmidt Axxiom AfterCooler Air Dryer- Norton Sandblasting”,
  • EnviroWorx High Performance Decontamination Solutions for radioactivity, radioactive waste, used oil, lead, PCB's EnviroWorx™ High Performance Solutions will successfully decontaminated the following contaminates. — “Possible Contaminates at EnviroWorx high performance”,
  • Concrete Mold Contaminates Household Safety: Find Customer-Rated Mold Remediation Contractors and Concrete Articles. — “Concrete Mold | Concrete Mold Removal”,
  • Definition of contaminates in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of contaminates. Pronunciation of contaminates. Translations of contaminates. contaminates synonyms, contaminates antonyms. Information about contaminates in the free online English. — “contaminates - definition of contaminates by the Free Online”,
  • A guide to water filters and various types of water treatment. A Guide to Drinking Water Contaminates. Common Drinking Water Contaminates. Drinking Fluoride - Toxic Side Effects. Lead In Our. — “Dehydration Symptoms - Benefits of Drinking Water - Signs of”,
  • We are a supplier of water treatment equipment designed to remove contaminates from your water. Our processes clean and purify your water so that you can drink it, bath in it, use in your manufacturing process and in your reagents as you make up. — “Home”,
  • Definition of contaminates in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is contaminates? Meaning of contaminates as a legal term. What does contaminates mean in law?. — “contaminates legal definition of contaminates. contaminates”, legal-
  • Contamination and debris can be trapped in the concave area resulting in false failures. When used with the ROTATORTM Spring Contact Probe, the head cuts through contaminates. — “Online Source Book - Interconnect Devices, Inc”,
  • CONTAMINATES/CONTAMINANTS. When run-off from a chemical plant enters it contaminates the water; but the goo itself consists of contaminants. Return to list of. — “contaminates”,
  • Calcium, as with all hardness, can be removed with a simple sodium form cation exchanger (softener). Reverse Osmosis will remove 95% - 98% of the calcium in the water. Electrodialysis and Ultrafiltration also will remove calcium. Calcium can also. — “Calcium - Water Contaminates - Aquapure Filters”,
  • Just like the UN, IMCO, efforts started the ball rolling to control the ocean dumping of contaminates. Also, contaminates can cause fetal abnormalities, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, skin rashes, nerve damage, and liver diseases. I. — “What Do You Wish for the World's Future? - Associated Content”,
  • National Marker PRD95 Lead Contaminates Danger Labels. — “National Marker PRD95 Lead Contaminates Danger Labels”,
  • This idea that there's an oil biodegradation rate doesn't hold, says Ronald Atlas, a microbiologist at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, who has studied the aftermath of the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. — “Dispersant use contaminates volume of water with up to 1,000”,
  • Control, collect and remove floating contaminates on the surface of water, as well as products that handle most industrial spills. — “ACME Boom design, manufacture and use of environmental products”,
  • These areas are expected to have higher levels of contamination. Because of the levels of concentrations and /or distribution on the site these contaminates trigger cleanup concerns. — “Contaminates”,
  • Coal Ash Contaminates Lives in New Mexico and Tennessee. Earth Justice has interviewed members of families whose livelihoods and health have been drastically affected by coal ash, far away from the mines. If you'd like to read more about the effects of coal, try these books:. — “Sustainable Rays: Coal Ash Contaminates Lives in New Mexico”,
  • Biozone 500 Air Purifier cleans the air of biological contaminates like bacteria, viruses, mold, destroy fumes, remove harmful particulates, neutralize odors. Biozone's UV ultraviolet photoplasma method of purifying air is advanced clean air. — “Biozone 500 Air Purifier”,
  • Friday, January 1, 2010 - The Valley News - A computer error that misdirected the flow of sewage is blamed for a Christmas weekend release that sent as much as 7 million gallons of untreated effluent into Murrieta Creek in Temecula, officials s. — “Christmas weekend sewage release contaminates part of”,
  • Because the meteorite hasn't been sitting around collecting contaminates for months - and the folks handling it now are using gloves to further protect it - researchers at the museum's Pritzker Center for Meteoritics and Polar Studies have a rare. — “Meteorite From Night Sky Explosion Donated To Chicago Museum”,
  • More U.S. coal-waste disposal sites have contaminated drinking or surface water with arsenic and other heavy metals, according to a study by Earthjustice, the Environmental Integrity Project and the Iain on Coal Waste Contaminates More Water than Initial Estimates ". — “Environmental Leader · Green Business, Sustainable Business”,
  • A Carbon Filter Removes Contaminates Better. Submitted by ThelmaMTA These instigate contamination in our water supplies thus water that flows through our. — “A Carbon Filter Removes Contaminates Better”,

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  • Coal Ash Contaminates Our Lives
  • Sewage Spill Contaminates Lake Nacimiento Lake now off limits for drinking water, recreation.
  • Oil Spill Contaminates Ecuador Amazon From: August 12, 2010 Chevron faces $27 billion lawsuit in Ecuador.FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
  • Orpheus Park, Part 3, Contaminated Runoff into an Elementary School Contaminated Storm Water Runoff from dog feces. An unmanaged dog park contaminates an elementary school, Paul Ecke Central located in Encinitas California and violates Federal EPA guidelines regarding Storm Water Runoff. The purpose of the video is to raise awareness of mismanagement of Encinitas City parks and to make parents and school administrators aware of the hazards associated with the dog park located next to the school.
  • Crude Oil Contaminates Gulf of Mexico Crews send underwater robots to stop sunken oil rig's leak.
  • Heavy Metal Contaminates Hunan's Crop Land Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: The life-giving waters and mineral deposits of the Xiang River in Hunan Province, were gifts from heaven. But now they threaten the very lives and the land of the local residents, there.. Huge tracks of land in Hunan, China's largest rice producer province, are fast becoming permanently unproductive lands, as the result of various forms of pollution. According to an insider, it's difficult to solve China's pollution problem due to the collaboration between officials and businesses. Hunan's "Mother River," it is now among China's most polluted bodies of water, due to the fact that mining and industrial facilities continue to illegally discharge their industrial waste and heavy metal pollutants directly into the river. Xiang's water, in turn contaminates the surrounding arable lands, making them permanently unproductive. This is exactly the case in Jiangshui Village, Jiangshui Town, in Yizhang County. Huang Yuanxun, a resident of Jiangshui Village said: "When the water beneath the mines, which carries heavy metals, flows onto the land, it"hardens" the soil making it unproductive. Crops don't grow well or they turn yellow and die." According to an insider whose village produces iron ore, water discharged from the mines has destroyed the surrounding croplands. Villagers were punished for appealing to the government. About 500-600 villagers are forced to work in the iron mines, because their lands no ...
  • Soil Is Best Filter for Water Contaminates Lancaster, CA Water experts explaining how soil filters out water contaminates. Lancaster California
  • Casella Transports Contaminates to Public Highway New York State Senator Catharine M. Young 57th Senate District
  • Blue mine leak contaminates north-west Qld property A grazier from Chidna Station near Camooweal, north-west of Mount Isa, wants the Qld Government to fix a mine leak which is turning water on his property bright blue.
  • Japan: radiation contaminates food and milk The Japanese govt has told a village near Fukushima N-plant not to drink tap water due to radioactive iodine.
  • The Hoover Vacuum contaminates your home & Hoover does not want you to know! Small dust,mold spores,pollen spores,microbes,fungi,odors, germs, and bacteria particles FLY right through this Hoover vacuum cleaner. It has a BIG emissions problem. The dirt you suck up comes right back out and contaminates your environment. And it gets worse with each use of the vacuum. Find more information and reviews on our blog at consumer- If you are looking to purchase a machine, or any parts and accessories, check out our online store at . Enjoy, The killdirt Team (more) (less http (more) (less)
  • Pig virus contaminates rotavirus vaccines, but FDA says no problem-Dr. Scott Johnson Pig virus contaminates rotavirus vaccines, but FDA says no problem by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor (NaturalNews) Rotavirus vaccines are commonly given to children, and this year's batch of vaccines made by GlaxoSmithKline and Merck are contaminated with a pig virus, the FDA recently discovered. So the FDA called a meeting to determine whether injecting a pig virus into the bodies of young children might be some sort of problem requiring a recall of the vaccines. Can you guess what conclusion the agency reached? As reported by Reuters, the FDA concluded " was safe for doctors to resume giving patients Glaxo's Rotarix and continue using Merck's Rotateq. The agency said there was no evidence the contamination caused any harm..." In other words, as long as they can bury the evidence and deny any link between vaccines and health problems -- which has been the standard excuse of the FDA for decades -- they can continue to claim the vaccines are safe enough to inject into little children. Never mind the fact that the pig virus found in the vaccines actually causes a wasting disease in baby pigs, giving them intense diarrhea and causing them to rapidly lose weight. DNA from these viruses was detected in the "master cells" used to make the vaccines. An FDA advisory panel said the risk to human health from the viral contamination was only "theoretical." But of course it's easy to claim anything is "theoretical" if you ...
  • Ceelo Contaminates TEG with his new BA Song The TEG artists really enjoy Ceelos new song!
  • NJ Water Testing Contaminates Found NJ Water Treatment Opti Radata Inc. 27 Ironia Road, Unit #2, Flanders, NJ 07836 800-447-2366 http NJ water testing contaminates that need to be addressed, NJ water treatment options full lab testing facilities hot line 800.447.2366
  • Coal Ash Contaminates Our Livelihood Coal-fired power plants are poisoning our rivers, lakes and streams with coal ash, a waste product that contains arsenic, mercury, and lead. Coal ash poisons fish, making them unsafe to eat. For decades, power plants have carelessly dumped coal ash into ponds and landfills that leak into our rivers and streams. It's time for the EPA to set strong safeguards that classify coal ash as hazardous waste—because that's exactly what it is.
  • Exclusive: Union Carbide dump contaminates water The chemicals dumped by the Carbide while in operation has contaminated the underground water within a radius of 5 kms of the factory.
  • Safe Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Supplies & Contaminated Waste Water Safe non-toxic home cleaning supplies, natural home cleaners & discussion about toxic residue contaminating waste water, toxins in streams -- Balanced Health Show.
  • Drilling Contaminates Drinking Water A new technique of natural gas drilling, using hydraulic fracturing of underground shale formations, has sparked a boom in drilling across Pennsylvania. The stories of these families in once-quiet Dimock, Pa., illustrate how this technique -- also called "fracking" -- can lead to contamination of drinking water with methane, chemical spills, fish kills and other problems.
  • One amazing filter After receiving issue of US Patents for its new industrial filtration technology in September of 2008, WaterGuard Technology Products, Co. boasts the only filter of its kind; a filter that successfully removes water and contaminates from hydraulic and lubricating oils, restoring industrial fluids back to new condition for continued use, saving companies astronomical amounts of money. Previously, when hydraulic and lubricating oils became contaminated with water or particulate and was no longer considered suitable for further use, it was necessary to dispose of these fluids and purchase new product. WaterGuard filters, with their patented ability to restore contaminated oils back to good condition, replaces the expensive and time-consuming method of yesterday, and has proven to extend the life of all hydro-carbon based industrial fluid, perhaps even, as one Houston company has found, indefinitely. This popular beer bottling company has been using WaterGuard filters for nearly three years on their bottle labeling machines. They report not changing their oil at all during this time, but simply adding the amount of oil the machine uses. They also report not having the breakdowns they were having on a quarterly basis due to the glue and gunk that developed in their oil before installing WaterGuard filters. WaterGuard filters are also used as diesel engine fuel filters and on gasoline or gas/alcohol fuel dispensers. For more information, call WaterGuard sales rep, Brenda, toll ...
  • Salt contaminates area in foraging network _
  • Dea On A Push-Pull A Push-Pull is a particular type of scrapper that works in tandem with another one of the same model. Here, I am operating a CAT model 637 for FERMA of Union City, CA. The project is contaminated soils containment problem. The property belongs to Chevron Oil Company and was the original site of their tank farms. The Problem: For over 80 years, petroleum products and other chemical contaminants had been allowed to leak into the ground, leeching into the water where it returned to ruin the ecosystem of San Francisco Bay Area. The Solution: After the soil was identified as contaminated, it was then removed and stock piled by the scrappers. An opened earth remained and the was bottom lined with clay to a depth of ten feet. Subsequently, the sides were lined to a thickness of about eight feet as teh contaminated soils were returned to the pit. Since clay is impervious to water, the contaminated soil could be safely returned in these pits by the same scrappers. They were finally covered with clay caps. In the end, it looks as if we make pimples in the earth. Epilogue: I suppose there may have been better ways to sterilize years of polluting the ground water. One idea was to burn the soil in natural gas ovens until all contaminates were released into the atmosphere. At that time, no one thought they would be counting their carbon foot prints either. Fortunately today, the area is in a natural state were draught resistant plants grow that are also native to these parts of the ...
  • city of richmond contaminates own sewer system
  • Pepsi Co. contaminates ground water Minister NK Premachandran has come out in the open against Pepsi Co at Kanchikode in Palakkad saying that the company exploits the ground water to a certain level besides contaminating it.
  • Watch Out For BPA Or Bisphenol A & Other Contaminates Contaminants that we should watch out for Dr. Bob DeMaria on Marilyn Hickey BPA a chemical lining in cans bad for your liver Skin conditions like psoriases, acne, and eczema are caused from an overloaded and contaminated liver cause from drinking showering, or bathing in unpurified water
  • Indoor Pollution and Real Solutions - In this presentation we discuss a very serious health issue; indoor pollution. We discuss the difference between indoor air quality (problems) and indoor environment (pollution), various health problems associated with indoor pollution, contaminates that cause indoor pollution, where these contaminates are found, how to effectively address indoor contamination and finally a couple of products that very effectively deal with the problem of indoor pollution.
  • Japan Nuclear Plant Contaminates Water Japan's Agency for Natural Resources and Energy has reported that high levels of radioactive cesium have been detected in seawater near the crippled nuclear reactors and raises the prospect that radiation could enter the food chain. In other words, radiation of many kinds could be getting into the earth's water cycle.
  • Matt Contaminates le bonefire Intentionally matt throws a piece of plastic roofing on the fire and it makes this thick smoke and he gots shot and dies at the end of the movie
  • 劣化ウランがイラクを汚染する:Depleted uranium contaminates Iraq Depleted uranium contaminates Iraq ファルージャの子供達の悲劇:Tragedy of Children in Fallujah / イラクでガン症状が急増ima-ikiteiruhushigi.cocolog-
  • Highly Purified Shark Liver Oil No Detectable Contaminates! OMEGA 3 Fatty Acids + ALKYLGLYCEROLS Liquid Deep Water SHARK LIVER OIL highly purified proprietary molecular distillation process guarantees purity to a billionth of a particle manufactured in our pharmaceutically licensed lab in Norway ensuring the highest quality to be found in the world today.
  • Uranium Mining Pollutes Drinking Water Art Dohman, Chairman of the Goliad County Uranium Research Advisory Committee, describes pollution in local drinking water aquifers caused by uranium mining in Texas.
  • Learn How To Reduce Contaminates In Your Drinking Water With Read The Full Details At
  • Damages: Contaminated Properties (4 of 7) How contaminated properties are valued in eminent domain cases depends upon the case laws in your state. We believe that when valuing property in an eminent domain taking, contaminates on the property should not discount the property. This issue has not been litigated in many states; make sure you at least speak to an eminent domain attorney if you have contaminates on your property that is being acquired. For more information, visit our website at: www.condemnation-
  • Centrifuge removes contaminates from crusher lube system Watch the amount of contaminates (iron ore dust) this centrifuge removes from a crusher lube system in six hours.
  • Little Big Africa - Collecting contaminated water from an unprotected spring This Little Big Africa movie shows a lady collecting water from an unprotected water source. She uses a cup to scoop water into the jerrycan - an activity that is very time consuming and also further contaminates the water. This water is commonly used by households, which have no access to clean water, for cooking, drinking and washing. The area around this unprotected spring has been cleared in preparation for protecting the spring (to provide clean, safe drinking water) Little Big Africa has protected 16 natural springs, like this one in the video, in Eastern Uganda, providing clean water to thousands of people.
  • Coal Ash Contaminates Our Lives: Tennessee Interview Coal-fired power plants are poisoning our rivers, lakes and streams with coal ash, a waste product that contains arsenic, mercury, and lead. Coal ash poisons fish, making them unsafe to eat. For decades, power plants have carelessly dumped coal ash into ponds and landfills that leak into our rivers and streams. It's time for the EPA to set strong safeguards that classify coal ash as hazardous waste—because that's exactly what it is.
  • Satan Contaminates Don't dismiss something because it does not fit your mold!
  • Nagercoil: Sewage contaminates drinking water Locals of Nagercoil on December 16 contract Gastroenteritis and Dehydration owing to the sewage water that was mixed with the drinking water supply.
  • Coal Ash Contaminates Our Lives: New Mexico Interview Coal-fired power plants are poisoning our rivers, lakes and streams with coal ash, a waste product that contains arsenic, mercury, and lead. Coal ash poisons fish, making them unsafe to eat. For decades, power plants have carelessly dumped coal ash into ponds and landfills that leak into our rivers and streams. It's time for the EPA to set strong safeguards that classify coal ash as hazardous waste—because that's exactly what it is.
  • Pollution from Gold Mine Contaminates Chinese River Cheng: In China's Fujian province, pollution from a mine owned by one of China's top gold producers has caused major contamination in a local river and reservoir. The mine is owned by the Hong Kong-listed Zijin mining company. A leak from the mine's waste pond into the Ding river and Mian Hua Tan reservoir was first detected on July 3rd. According to state-run Xinhua News, the leak has killed 4.2 million pounds of fish. State media have not yet reported what impact the pollution has had on the local drinking water. Water contamination is a growing problem in China, as the push for economic growth outpaces environmental regulation.
  • DuPont Toxic Dumping Contaminates Well Water

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  • “Study: Road salt contaminates urban streams. Published: September 17, Minneapolis — Many urban streams have become salty enough to harm aquatic life, largely”
    — Study: Road salt contaminates urban streams " The Daily Reporter,

  • “Claying is the first step after washing. Claying removes any additional contaminates that remain on the surface after washing. This results in the contaminates loosening from the paint and bonding to the clay. The clay should be kneaded in order to maintain a clean surface”
    — Claying a Vehicle,

  • “MCRmy Mexico Contaminates Their Zone! Home: MCRmy Mexico Contaminates Their Zone! MCRmy The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys! Jeff's blog. Login or register to post comments”
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  • “parakeets questions. by illusive Fantasy. 1 second ago. AIR BORNE CONTAMINATES. by illusive Fantasy Please make sure you have read and understood our Forum Guidelines”
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  • “Being just contaminates the void. Everybody! So, we did go to the Robyn Hitch*** show at T.T.'s last night. It was fun. The show 3 Responses to "Being just contaminates the void" Amy Says: March”
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    — Uranium Contaminaton Blog: NL INDUSTRIES SCIENTIFIC STUDY, du-

  • “InkJet Forum Participator. Registered: 07/19/2007. Posts: 24. Refilling BCI-3eBK Canon i560 contaminates yellow cart. To my InkJet Forum Participator. Registered: 07/19/2007. Posts: 24. Re: Refilling BCI-3eBK Canon i560 contaminates yellow cart. Thanks for”
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  • “Guest Blog. Genetically inserted insecticide contaminates U.S. waterways. By David Biello Sep 28, 2010 03:31 PM 9. Add another compound to the long list of agricultural pollutants in the The guest blog is a forum for such opinions. The views expressed belong to the author and are not necessarily”
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  • “Monsanto contaminates Mexican corn PrisonPlanet Forum > ***THE MAIN BOARDS - Welcome to the Prison Planet Educational Forum and Library*** > General Discussion for the Prison Planet Educational Forum and”
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