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  • containerization - definition of containerization from : Transportation of cargo in containers (that can be interchanged between ships, trains, and trucks) with standardized handling equipment, and without rehandling the. — “containerization definition”,
  • CAI International, Inc. Cronos Ltd. Flexi-Van Leasing, Inc. Florens Container Services Alternative Container Flooring Design Program. Click HERE for Article. — “The Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL): Welcome”,
  • Piedmont Distribution warehousing, distribution, containerization, dry, cold, freezer storage. I-85 business corridor close to southeastern USA ports: Greenville/Spartanburg SC, Raleigh/Durham NC. PDS. — “Piedmont Distribution, PDS-Warehousing, Distribution”,
  • Containerization presents many advantages: Limited civil works (only container foundation) Containerization of a water treatment plant does not only include the supply of a. — “Water Treatment Plant containerization”,
  • It was a simple steel box — the container — and it would soon revolutionize international trade. Like many 20th century innovations, containers were born out of a sense of urgency. — “APL: History - Containerization”,
  • MHSI uses unique technologies and its experience to break down "silos" of cost and provide measurable results. >> read more. Containerization. Our Containerization Solutions ensure our customers meet and exceed their challenging material handling cost savings targets ontime, every-time. — “MHSI”,
  • The Ci-online information service gives subscribers access to: personalized news about the container industry, a research archive, port and fleet statistics, service profiles, fleet or company performance, fleet deployment, conference and. — “Containerisation International”, ci-
  • English: Containerization is a system of intermodal freight transport cargo transport using standard ISO containers (known as Category:Shipping containers or, rarely, Isotainers) that can be loaded and sealed intact onto container ships, railroad cars, planes, and trucks. Subcategories. — “Category:Containerization - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Boxes similar to modern containers had been used for combined rail- and horse-drawn transport in England as early as 1792. The US government used small standard-sized containers during the Second World War, which proved a means of quickly and efficiently unloading and distributing supplies. — “History of Containerization | World Shipping Council”,
  • Container shipping eventually replaced the traditional "break-bulk" "Containerization has transformed global trade in manufactured goods as dramatically as. — “Containerization changed shipping industry forever”,
  • Global Maritime Containerization Industry. This report ***yzes the Global market for Maritime Containerization in Million TEUs. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2007. — “Global Maritime Containerization Industry -- NEW YORK, June”,
  • High cube containers have a height of 9.5 ft. (2.9 m), while half-height containers, used for heavy loads, have a height of 4.25 ft (1.3 m) The widespread use of ISO standard containers influenced modifications in other freight moving standards, gradually forcing removable truck bodies or. — “Sea Containerization”,
  • With HighJump™ Container Advantage working as part of your HighJump warehouse management system (WMS), you can develop an efficient plan to build cartons, pallets, trailers and ocean containers as part of distribution processes. HighJump™ Container Advantage helps ensure your ability to meet. — “HighJump Software | Warehouse Management Systems (WMS”,
  • Definition of containerization in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of containerization. Pronunciation of containerization. Translations of containerization. containerization synonyms, containerization antonyms. Information about containerization. — “containerization - definition of containerization by the Free”,
  • It is the mission of the Containerization & Intermodal Institute (CII) to raise awareness of the container transportation industry and its benefit to everyday life. — “Containerization & Intermodal Institute”,
  • Containerization. Containerization. Containerization. Containerization. Containerization ISO containers. Containerization. Containerization. Containerization. — “Free Pictures - ”,
  • Containerization (or containerisation) - container loading - is a specialty of World Trade Distribution's Container Freight Station/CFS operations. We meet containerization challenges including loading, blocking and bracing, and trucking cargo. — “Containerization, Container Loading - World Trade Distribution”,
  • containerization (transport), method of transporting freight by placing it in large containers. Containerization is an important cargo-moving technique developed in the 20th century. Road-and-rail containers, sealed boxes of standard sizes, were. — “containerization (transport) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • For 20- and 40-ft-long metal boxes, see intermodal container. Containerization (or containerisation) is a system of intermodal freight transport using standard intermodal containers as prescribed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). — “Containerization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Containerization (or containerisation) is a system of intermodal freight transport using standard intermodal containers as prescribed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These can be loaded and sealed intact onto container ships, railroad cars, planes, and trucks. — “Containerization facts - Freebase”,
  • containerize ( ) , -ized , -izing , -izes . To package (cargo) in large standardized containers for efficient shipping and handling. — “containerize: Definition from ”,
  • As containerization enters its peak growth years, its potential future developments over maritime extraordinary contribution that containers have implied for logistics systems and global commodity. — “The Future of Containerization: Perspectives from Maritime”,
  • [[Image:Line3174 - Shipping Containers at the terminal at Port Elizabeth, New Jersey - NOAA.jpg|thumb|Shipping containers at a terminal in Port Elizabeth, New Jersey.]]Containerization is a system of intermodal freight transport cargo transport. — “Containerization | ”,

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  • 50th anniversary celebration - transportation of rail container The event that memorialized that container transportation by the railroad began, and it was 50 was held in Tokyo. The first container freight train which ran in Showa 30's was reproduced. "JR freight" (JRF) held this event. A party of 100 parent and child was invited to the meeting place of the Tokyo freight terminal station of Tokyo / Shinagawa-ku other than relevant parties of railway company. In the place, the first containerized cargo limited express "TAKARA" of 26 formation that began service with Shiodome of Tokyo between Umeda of Osaka in November, 1959 was reproduced. As for the container, the thing of the 10t heaping up was used at the present, but 5t heaping up was the mainstream in those days, and the color was greenish brown not the present reddish brown. I was similar as those days, and the head mark of the locomotive was reproduced it was named "TAKARA" by thought to "carry the important treasure of the consumers". I tell that I "appeal to you for accuracy only by the railroad or gentleness to the environment, and the JR freight wants to reclaim the new customer".
  • Komatsu PC400 excavator loaded into an Open Top Container Komatsu PC400 excavator is being loaded into an open-top container by Big Iron, Inc in Jacksonville, FL. Big Iron is a global trading company located in Jacksonville, FL specializing in equipment sales and containerization of heavy equipment. Visit us at www.bigiron4 to learn more about us, our services and how to contact us. In this video, Big Iron's containerization department is loading the dismantled Komatsu PC400 excavator into an open-top container. This Komatsu PC400 has been sold by Big Iron Inc to a satisfied customer and is being dismantled and containerized by Big Iron as well.
  • Container house
  • Komatsu D31 Bulldozer Being Containerized by Big Iron Inc.MOV Video of final stages of the Komatsu bulldozer being driven into a 40 HQ container by Big Iron, Inc in Jacksonville, FL. In this video you will see how tight it gets with this bulldozer in a container. The cab, blade and other required parts have been dismantled prior to driving into a container. Big Iron, Inc containerizes heavy equipment from a dozer like this to a big excavator everyday. Visit our website and contact us about your next shipping and how we can help you. www.bigiron4 for all your heavy equipment shipping, containerization as well as purchases.
  • Dismantling Komatsu D65 Bulldozer by Big Iron, Inc. (2).MOV Big Iron, Inc. in Jacksonville, FL is dismantling (breaking down) this Komatsu D65 Crawler Dozer to containerize to be shipped internationally. This dozer is not an operational unit therefore removing the tracks are done in a different manner than normal. VIsit us at www.bigiron4 for more information. Big Iron, Inc. is a used heavy equipment dealer with shipping & logistics department that can dismantle any heavy equipment and containerize it. Visit our website for our portfolio to see previously completed containerization of heavy equipment.
  • 1998 CAT 12H Motor Grader to be dismantled by Big Iron's Shipping Department This 1998 Caterpillar CAT 12H motor grader will be dismantled & containerized by Big Iron, Inc to ship overseas. Big Iron's containerization department dismantles and containerizes various types of equipment and vehicles everyday to ship overseas. This Caterpillar grader had been purchased at Ritchie Bros Auction and has been delivered to Big Iron's yard in Jacksonville, FL USA for dismantling and containerization. Visit us at www.bigiron4 to learn more about dismantling and containerization services. We will be glad to provide a quote to containerize your equipment, vehicle, car or even your sports aircraft! We encourage you to view our portfolio on our website.
  • AST Modular: 3D low PUE 40' SMART SHELTER Container Smart Shelter Container (SSC) solution provides a fully functional Data Center inside a regular ISO container with complete infrastructure including: cooling, power, structural protection, fire protection, monitoring, access control, etc., achieving a total plug and play solution within a secure environment design, comprising a modular and flexible approach at the lowest PUE. SSC is capable of accommodating up to 19 conventional racks in a 40' container with a range of densities starting at 5kW/rack and up to 30 kW/rack or higher upon request and even the integration of main frames. A range of service containers are offered providing the appropriate power and cooling needs to feed the IT containers. AST can provide SSC solutions in stand-alone or multi-container solutions of 10', 20', 30', 40' and 53' ISO containers. For more information:
  • Modul Terminal For containers stuffing/unstuffing and long-term storage we offer a comprehensive network of inland off-dock terminal facilities adjacent to on-dock terminals with dedicated rail and road connections. This is our new terminal "Pulkovskiy"
  • Komatsu PC300 shipping in two 40 foot containers - Big Iron Inc.MOV Big Iron, Inc's shipping & containerization crew successfully completed another containerization of heavy equipment. This Komatsu PC300 excavator was shipped in two 40 foot HQ containers due to the weight limit in containers. This is a video of the two containers side by side after being loaded by Big Iron. Our Flickr account and website contains more pictures of this equipment and more information about heavy equipment shipping & sales. Visit us today www.bigiron4
  • My CHU in Iraq How I lived, not too bad actually. CHU is containerized housing unit, essentially a shipping container with windows, ac and electricity.
  • Unloading Caterpillar 416C at Big Iron, Inc's Yard.AVI Caterpillar (CAT) 416C loader backhoe purchased at the Ritchie Brothers auction in Orlando, FL is being unloaded at Big Iron's shipping & logistics yard in this video. Visit us at www.bigiron4 for more information about containerization of heavy equipment as well as equipment & machinery sales. This CAT 416C backhoe is unloaded at our new loading dock which makes equipment deliveries a pleasant experience for both the truck drivers and for our employees. Big Iron, Inc is a used heavy equipment dealer located in Jacksonville, FL. We buy and sell used heavy equipment & machinery and provide shipping & logistics services including break down and containerization of heavy equipment. This CAT 416C seen in this video will be also containerized. Make sure to check future videos to be posted by Big Iron about this equipment and how it will be packed into a container. Don't forget to check our equipment inventory on our website to see what we have for sale. www.bigiron4
  • LAWMA Containerization
  • Pulse of the Port: Moving the big stuff Even in the age of containerization, a huge variety of unusual, odd-size cargo passes through the Port of Long Beach.
  • Container ship flexing in rough weather Here you can see views from deck and also from the inside of the ship of the ship flexing in heavy seas.
  • GigaOM Tours HP's Containerized Data Center Stacey Higginbotham interviews Wade Vinson, 9/26/08
  • Sonex Aircraft Containerization Sonex Aircraft Containerization by Big Iron, Inc in Jacksonville, FL USA. Big Iron can help you with all your containerization needs from containerizing heavy equipment to cars to a small sport aircraft like this Sonex aircraft. Contact us today and we can help you with your overseas shipping needs. www.bigiron4 for more information.
  • AST Modular: Container Data Center Webinar Smart Shelter Container (SSC) solution provides a fully functional Data Center inside a regular ISO container with complete infrastructure including: cooling, power, structural protection, fire protection, monitoring, access control, etc., achieving a total plug and play solution within a secure environment design, comprising a modular and flexible approach at the lowest PUE. SSC is capable of accommodating up to 19 conventional racks in a 40' container with a range of densities starting at 5kW/rack and up to 30 kW/rack or higher upon request and even the integration of main frames. A range of service containers are offered providing the appropriate power and cooling needs to feed the IT containers. AST can provide SSC solutions in stand-alone or multi-container solutions of 10', 20', 30', 40' and 53' ISO containers. For more information:
  • I-TEC & DynaTech Prepare Containerized Generator Package for Zambia Africa Preparation of containerized generator and control package for shipment to Macha, Zambia for a Christian facility that includes AIDS research, computer, internet and vocational training for local villagers. Look at for more information.
  • Interpel CFS - Container Freight Station, Mombasa Interpel Investments is one of the leading Container Freight Stations (CFS) in Kenya and the closest to the Port of Mombasa. We handle containerized, motor vehicles and project cargo passing through the Port for inland clearance. Interpel is a one- stop clearance hub with all relevant Government agencies stationed here to facilitate quick cargo clearance. Our close proximity to the port gives us an edge when it comes to transferring cargo to the CFS.
  • Dada's Home Dada's Home or CHU, God Bless you, no CHU means containerized housing unit
  • PART 2 Step by step of Shipping Container Home Design and Construction presents part 2 of the step by step construction and design of standard ISO shipping container home in Costa Rica.
  • CubiForm Systems Lower your costs for Intermediate Bulk Containerization (IBC) by as much as 50%. It can be done with the K-1 Intermediate Bulk Containerization System and K-1 can be working for you with no capital investment up front. CubiForm Systems high volume users have achieved exceptional savings and your business can too! No more expensive FIBC, Octabin or Gaylord containers to deal with when handling or transporting intermediate bulk loads. Call us today at +1.616.399.4000.
  • Q-BIC. CAR EXPORT / car loading in Container With more than 7500 cars moved every year all around the world, you can feel confident that your car will arrive at destination : Q-Bic offer a complete range of services for your car from anywhere in the USA to any port and destination : - Door to Door nationwide trucking - On Time Pick Up and Delivery (insurance included) - Detailed car Inspection + pictures when receiving the car - Custom export documentations prepared by our well trained staff - Warehousing service - dust free, 24 hours surveillance camera, monitored facility and professional loading staff - Containerized or RORO shipping -- Weekly services, No delay - Custom clearance at port of destination and delivery at your front door
  • Container homes How to build containers in Haiti for Schools or home use.
  • Caterpillar CAT 977L at Big Iron's Containerization Yard.MOV Video of a 1980 Caterpillar CAT 977L Track Loader (crawler loader) running at Big Iron's shipping yard. This equipment has been delivered by one of our customers at our containerization yard so that Big Iron's own resources can dismantle and containerize this equipment to ship overseas. We provide teardown and containerization services to many customers from freight forwarders to equipment dealers, as well as equipment we sell. VIsit us at www.bigiron4 for more information about equipment transportation and shipping overseas including containerization services. Contact us today for a free quote. On our website, click on EQUIPMENT CONTAINERIZATION on the main menu. You can view our portfolio to see our previously completed containerization operations.
  • Mobile Cold Room CONTAINER TYPE PORTABLE COLD STORAGES You can put and carry the THERMODESIGN container coolers anywhere you wish since they are portable. You can also let them on lease. Portable nature of the cold storages give you many advantages. Istanbul / Turkey
  • Shipping Container (Second Life) This build is actually part of a larger project, it is a component. The parent project is an international shipping system that uses massive, autonomous, solar powered hydrogen airships for cargo transport. There are many benefits to air vs. sea transport model. It is possible to carry many times the number of shipping containers and at higher net speed, at greater economy, and with far less margin for error. The scale model in this video was built in less than 3 hours, I used 4 source photos of actual shipping containers and the international specifications to create a precision replica. I later scripted the doors to behave realistically. I may update the design in the future to reflect the most recent innovations in containerization technology, eg:
  • Norfolk Southern Jackson Ga SB Container Train South Bound NS Train by the Jackson Georgia Depot on 4-2-09.
  • Containerized block ice making machine Many videos of different ice machines. You can find videos of all kinds of ice machines here. All the component is assembled inside one 20 or 40 feet container, including the brine pool, the compressing and condensing unit, and so on. The containerized block ice machine is actually a complete block ice plant Here is the advantages of the containerized block ice machine. 1. The unit is very convenient for transportation. It can be send to you just like an standard container. 2. The system can be put into use right after you hook it up with fresh water and power. 3. Very compact, the system only take the place of a 20 feet container. All the job of block ice making and harvesting can be done inside the 20 feet container
  • Containerization Komatsu D65 Bulldozer by Big Iron, Inc Video of containerization of a Komatsu D65 by Big Iron Inc in Jacksonville, FL. Visit us at www.bigiron4 for more information.
  • 1981 Caterpillar CAT 950 for sale by Big Iron, Inc. This 1981 CAT 950 wheel loader is for sale by Big Iron, Inc in Jacksonville, FL USA. Visit Big Iron's website to learn more about this loader and how to contact us about a quote. We can also containerize and ship this loader overseas. Big Iron, Inc is a global equipment trading company located in Jacksonville, FL USA specializing in equipment sales and containerization of equipment. www.bigiron4
  • Tandemloc's Trailoc - Retractable, Universal Type with Bent Handle Originally designed for the United States Marine Corps, this retractable twistlock is well suited for flat bed type trailers. When retracted, the twislock is flush with the bed, enabling the flat bed to carry non containerized cargos. A very economical device, the Trailoc, with bent handle and hot dipped galvanized internal castings. For more information, visit our website at
  • Block Ice Plant - 'Containerized' This state-of-the-art do-it-yourself block ice plant is movable; it is installed in ocen going ISO containers that can be relocated with standard equipment for heavy lifting and transport. It is particularly well suited for rural areas of the Developing Wrold.
  • Containerised Transportable Laboratories by Essa Australia Mobile Self-Contained Laboratories Configured to Meet Your Project Requirements Full information at .au Containerised laboratory modules have limitless potential for expansion and can meet all project laboratory requirements from simple sample preparation to ***ysis units. Typical containerised units are fully self contained and include all necessary compressed air, lighting and ventilation systems. Site electrical power is the only service required. The containers are fully insulated suitable for operation in all extremes of climatic conditions. The laboratory operating area is air conditioned with extracted air filtered and returned to maintain a comfortable working environment and to reduce operating costs. The laboratories can be configured to operate conventional crushing and pulverising sample preparation equipment or linear automated systems. An expected output of 200 prepared samples per day can easily be achieved. If on site metallurgical testing, particle sizing or chemical ***ysis is required then additional units can be engineered to suit your specific laboratory needs. Low Cost Simple Transportation and Rapid Site Mobilisation The Essa range of mobile laboratories are engineered from standard 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. Once built all units are re-surveyed to ensure compliance with international shipping regulations. Transporting and handling the laboratories is as simple and inexpensive as standard shipping container haulage. There is no ...
  • Deltaport 's new third berth officially opens DELTA, BC, January 18th 2010 Today, Global Container Terminals and Port Metro Vancouver, along with government officials officially opened the new $400 million third berth at Deltaport container terminal. Deltaport is the largest container terminal in Canada, handling approximately 45 percent of the containerized cargo that moves through Canadas west coast and more than half of the containerized cargo through Port Metro Vancouver. The project, which took two years to construct, increases Deltaports capacity by up to 50 per cent from 1.2 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) to 1.8 million TEUs, and adds approximately 20 hectares of container storage facilities and the first quad cranes in North and South America. Every container that lands at the port generates approximately $2200 in economic output. The new third berth will increase Deltaports capacity by 50 percent and create 356 new jobs, said Michael Moore, President and CEO of Global Container Terminals. Global Container Terminals is proud to have contributed to this major infrastructure investment for the future of Canadas Pacific Gateway. Deltaports ongoing expansion project is in direct response to the growing needs of Canadian industry and consumer demand. Construction of the new berth began in January 2007 and was completed in December 2009. It was developed in an environmentally sustainable manner, with more than $25 million spent on habitat compensation and long-term monitoring of the local ecosystem ...
  • Container ship sinks off Egypt's coast An Italian containership owned by Linea Messina has sunk off Egypt's coast on December 14. All crewmembers were rescued during an operation after it broke down in rough weather, according to Egypt's news agency MENA. Maersk Line has announced that it is bringing back its AE9 service between Asia and northern Europe. The service was withdrawn in October in preparation for this year's European winter season, since when trade conditions have duly deteriorated, taking freight rate levels with it. Indian coastal shipping services are planning to open to foreign shipping lines, however foreign flag vessels would carry only containerized cargo along the country's coast.
  • Container Loading 4 Loading of HMS 1&2 into a 20 foot container using a hydraulic tilter
  • Containerizing Knowledge Through Video An explanation of why containerization works and how the concept can apply to the transfer of knowledge through video.
  • Vanguard Commercial Crating (Calgary's Container and Crate Specialists) A quick viewing of Vanguard Commercial Crating (Calgary, Alberta); showcasing their abilities and expertise in a hands on photo journey explaining their solid business applications. A look at our palletizing, our crating, and our container loading via slide show demonstration. (Also a great look at the loading of sea/rail containers and the process of crating for international destinations).
  • Komatsu PC200 Operation Before Containerization Attn: Elvan Nguyen

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