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  • To practice communicating constructively, plan to use the attribute of constructive communication that you think you need to improve the most (e.g., descriptive, not evaluative) Think about what the challenges to communicating constructively were and how you can deal with those. — “Communicating Constructively”,
  • On 17:21, July 30, 2010. Luv_sarah said: "Criticize Constructively" is a former featured article candidate. The list for Featured Article Candidates is periodically reviewed, and articles that have been nominated for some time, but not chosen, are removed. — “Discussion:Criticize Constructively - wikiHow”,
  • constructively (comparative more constructively, superlative most constructively) This page was last modified on 29 September 2007, at 08:25. Text is available under the Creative Commons. — “constructively - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Constructively - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Constructively Productive started with a guest post Ali wrote: The Missing Half of Productivity Advice: Why Women Need to Get Involved. The idea resounded. — “About the Blog | Constructively Productive”,
  • A tribunal may rule that an employee who resigns because of conduct by his or her employer has been 'constructively dismissed' without limit, and, by dismissing constructively, it by definition. — “Constructive dismissal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Whether you have been laid off, fired or voluntarily unemployed it is important that you use the time off work constructively. How you approach un , Robert Raffi Varoujian. — “How to use your time constructively when youre unemployed”,
  • Constructively Defuse Anger for a Healthier Life. From Stealth Health The key is to learn how to constructively defuse that anger so it doesn't wind up destroying your health. — “Defuse Anger for a Healthier Life: A Necessary Challenge”,
  • CONSTRUCTIVELY ENGAGING WITH THE MASHELKAR COMMITTEE REPORT: A RESPONSE TO DWIJEN RANGNEKAR. Dwijen Rangnekar, a prolific writer in the area of geographical indications (amongst other things), emailed me a copy of his recent article in the EPW. — “SPICY IP: CONSTRUCTIVELY ENGAGING WITH THE MASHELKAR”,
  • Managing anger constructively helps reduce stress and tension in your life. You can manage anger destructively or constructively. Managing anger destructively is actually allowing your anger to manage you. — “Managing Anger Constructively - LoveToKnow Stress Management”,
  • All people argue, its just the way humans are. - But how do we make sure that when we're arguing, we're not just out to hurt and harm, but instead When we try, unfortunately, we often tend to lode our cool and strike out and argue instead of discussing the matters constructively. — “Arguing With Your Spouse Constructively”,
  • : Constructively Verbal Protocols of Reading: The Nature of Constructively Responsive Reading by Michael Pressley and Peter Afflerbach (Hardcover - Jan. 1, 1995). — “: Constructively”,
  • Con·struct·ive·ly adv. In a constructive manner; by construction or inference. A neutral must have notice of a blockade, either A neutral must have notice of a blockade, either actually by a formal information, or constructively by notice to his government. Kent. English. — “constructively: Information from ”,
  • Definition of constructively from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of constructively. Pronunciation of constructively. Definition of the word constructively. Origin of the word constructively. — “constructively - Definition of constructively at”,
  • There's nothing wrong with anger provided you use it constructively. I've been pretty lucky in that I seem to have found people online who are willing to constructively tear it apart for me, and indicate its weaknesses. David Knopfler. — “Definition of Constructively”,
  • Translations of constructively. constructively synonyms, constructively antonyms. Information about constructively in the free constructively - in a constructive manner; "it is my task to look critically and constructively at the flaws and the failures". — “constructively - definition of constructively by the Free”,
  • Learn about Constructively on . Find info and videos including: Post Beam Construction Vs. Steel Construction, Home Construction Techniques for Metal Roofs and Block Construction, How to Have a Constructive Conflict and much more. — “Constructively - ”,
  • "Parent – *** Conflict, Managing it Constructively" deals with managing the conflict inherent in parent – *** relationships, why managing this conflict constructively is important and some tools that parents and ***s can use to manage their. — “Parent – *** Conflict, Managing it Constructively”,
  • Definition of constructively in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is constructively? Meaning of constructively as a legal term. What does constructively mean in law?. — “constructively legal definition of constructively”, legal-
  • Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "constructively" is defined. Quick definitions (constructively) adverb: in a constructive manner ("It is my task to. — “Definitions of constructively - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • One way to manage anger is to realize that conflict is a natural part of life, and that it does not necessarily lead to fighting and negative emotions. There are ways in which to deal with conflict constructively in order to resolve disputes. — “Five Techniques For Dealing With Conflict Constructively”,

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  • Constructive Feedback This tool will help you have more productive conversations and improve your communication skills. Assertiveness will help you confront people in love and fairness.
  • Overlapping Sounds Part I Sound is sent down a pvc pipe submerged in water. The wave sent down the tube overlaps the waves reflecting off the water surface. When the tube is lifted to certain heights a standing wave is produced. When the sound is loud, it is because the transmitted wave overlapped constructively with the reflected wave emerging from the tube. The 1st resonance point corresponds to 1/4 wavelength and the 2nd corresponds to 3/4 of a wavelength.
  • STATE WORKERS USE COST SAVINGS DAYS CONSTRUCTIVELY Employees of the State of Ohio are turning lemons into lemonade and helping a great cause in the process on Thursday. A group of SEIU District 1199 members will be volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Columbus to put the finishing touches on a project house located in Columbus, Ohio. This house will be unique in central Ohio because it is being built by women for a single mother and her children. Our members wanted to find a way to make a difference in their community while constructively using their cost savings days, said Becky Williams, President of SEIU District 1199. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Columbus is doing some great work in this community and our members are excited about being a part of this project. During negotiations earlier this year, State employees represented by SEIU District 1199 agreed to cost savings days to meet the needs of the State budget. Cost savings days are days that State employees are required to take off from work without pay.
  • Why the hate on The Queen of the Damned film? I'm sick of people defending that film as an adaptation of the books when they don't know what they're talking about. The film was _not_ made as "inspired by" but the producer tries to excuse what they did, in the name of a serious adapting project. This video is introducing the actual constructive article, to which I link in the end of this description. Please read the article with thought - it's educational as it includes the film's producer's words and a constructively critical response to them. And after that, please stop saying we shouldn't hate and critisize the film as an adaptation because we have every valid reason and right to. Although I do think some fans over-do it by whining about every little change instead of just the essentials. Marius as Lestat's maker is an essential change loudly opposed to, yes, but with that, many fail to look into it's potential to be without completely changing everything else because this film's makers did not do it anywhere near right. The article goes into that change too. THE FAQ ARTICLE refered to in the video: ANNE RICE on her official Facebook page, Jan 16th 2010: "It was a crushing disappointment and a disaster for the Chronicles, in that no new movie has ever been made. ---- I begged the studio not to make it. They shelved so much original material and replaced it with studio commissioned cliches and nonsense. We were heartbroken. I am constantly asked about it. I would love to just forget that it ever ...
  • Positive and Constructive Feedback group activity during the WIN-Pasig Youth Camp 2008 june 6 2008 this video is edited to fit for this screen glory to Jesus
  • Leila's House of Corrections: Constructive Criticism Are you the type of manager who has a difficult time telling an employee how to improve? If so, learn how to give criticism constructively.
  • Providing Feedback Constructively - If you valued this video; obtain free guidelines on this topic, join our mailing list and acquire our full range of products.
  • Active & Constructive Responding Active & Constructive Responding is an example of a Happiness Exercise by Dr. Martin Seligman from the Reflective Happiness Web site. This exercise is intended to help you respond actively and constructively to positive events reported to you by others.
  • Receiving Feedback Constructively - If you valued this video; obtain free guidelines on this topic, join our mailing list and acquire our full range of products.
  • Your Place in the Team - Team Building Training - Clip from the DVD Your Place in The Team DVD How behaviour affects team performance. Good teamwork lies at the heart of an efficient, productive and contented company - but its not something we can buy off-the-shelf. Teamwork needs to be worked at and thought through. If not, the best of intentions can quickly fizzle out. In Your Place in the Team three companies, of similar size and operating in much the same areas of work are visited in turn by an independent book keeper. As a result, she has the chance to observe at first hand the way each company works together. At the Thornier company, no one takes responsibility, mistakes are blamed on everybody else, the buck is passed furiously. At Harmonia, the facade of an apparently happy company masks a reluctance to face up to problems and a dangerously inefficient laissez-faire attitude. The ideal of good teamwork is found at Arcadia, where difficulties are shared, ideas contributed and problems solved in a positive, constructive environment. Who could benefit? All staff, particularly those working in close-knit teams Managers and supervisors at all levels, whether in charge of small teams, departments, divisions or companies Key learning areas Committing to team goals with enthusiasm Accepting responsibility we all make mistakes Contributing ideas, criticising constructively and positively Managing conflict with tact, but facing up to problems Collaborating sharing not hoarding information Support - encouraging and coaching fellow workers ...
  • Ever needed to fire someone? How to constructively work around staff issues and grievances. Keep you business out of trouble by getting a human resources specialist on board; we help you deal with grievances and staff issues, navigate government regulations and find professional solutions for staff issues. Quality HR will increase productivity, increase engagement and ultimately lead to better business results. Visit End 2 End Business Solutions site at: Video created by Hunting With PIxels
  • Phaeleh - Hollow Absolutely insanely amazing... Again, its that bass, those vocals, those beats - everything just fits so perfectly. Said I'd upload another, so so awesome. Also taken from their Afterglo mix CD (download here: so apologies for small size of clip - listen closely!
  • Antwone Fisher - The Slave Community - 2 of 2 THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING! a scene from Antwone Fisher where the Psychiatrist Commander Dr. (played by Denzel Washington) is talking with his patient Seaman Antwone Fisher about his early childhood experiences of abuse by the Tate Family, as a product of what has been described as "The Slave Community". It is about the slaves being abused by their masters and then passing this abuse along in thier families, generation after generation. And how a person has the right to feel angry, and how they can use that anger in constructive ways, like using it to better themselves. quote from movie - doctor: It may be helpful to understand the mentality of the people like the Tates. Here. Look. It's "The Slave Community" Fisher: Why do i have to understand somone beating up on me? doctor: What you went through was in part a result of the treatment slaves received from their masters. And then passed on to their own Children, generation to generation to generation. Right on down the Tates. Fisher: sir, that sounds like an excuse. I was a kid. Doctor: I understand, Fisher: Sounds like you taking up for them? Doctor: I am not say what they did was right. What they did was wrong. We all have choices. They ade the wrong choices. But this is not about them. This is about you.You were sent to me because you have an anger problem. You have the right to be angry. But, you also have to learn to channel that anger. To use is constructively. Instead of getting into fights, go to the gym. Hit the bags ...
  • Approaching Islam Constructively: An Anthropological View Click here fro more info and links to the Literature. Creative Commons Music: The Orientalist Album: 1000 Sounds Lotus Song: Islamatronic cantilliation Neither this nor that, but both and. (The Wife) Great website on reading the Qur'an and background: (The Ex-Wife). Everything you wish to know with a slant. www.islam- Ancient Near Eastern Literature: The Nag Hammadi Library On the Gospel of Barnabas: Text: www.sacred- Muslim View Point on the text: Also look at early Christian theology on ideas of After life, demons, and Judgment. Also See Ancient Near Eastern use of Blessings and cursing of Hittite and Assyrian Treaties. Compare that to the text of Deuteronomy. Also see Ancient Near Eastern Law codes. (Christian website but it cover the topic somewhat well): See the Egyptian view of the Judgment, the idea of weighing of good and bad, The text "The Forty confessions of Matt", also might apply. Jewish View of Demonology: Zoroastrianism beliefs: The literature of Zoroastrianism: www.sacred- Ideas of Paradise as Gardens ect. see Epic of Gilgamesh when he visits Utanapishtim.
  • Sales Training Moment #27 - Sell More by Making Clients Constructively Discontent Sales training video on how to sell more | www.SalesInfluence.TV | by Making Clients Constructively Discontent. Buyers are complacent and won't buy. It's your goal to make them discontent and motivate them to buy. Sales trainer and public speaker Victor Antonio is the founder of Sales Influence, a sales training company based in Atlanta Georgia focusing in on how people buy.
  • Movie I Made in High School and Learning to Watch Constructively I show you some scenes from a movie I made when I was 15 (and how terrible I was at VFX) and offer some suggestions on how to get better faster.
  • Me singing Te Amo by Rihanna This is me singing Te Amo by Rihanna, No effects on my mic -using Gemini DJM-2 microphone and DV camcorder only. My voice and Backing instrumental. Please constructively comment rate and subscribe. Note constructive not destructive. Would love to hear your feedback. Love bev x
  • Interference: constructive & destructive Two waves of the same amplitude interfere with each other constructively, producing a larger-amplitude wave pattern, and destructively, producing a flat wave pattern. This is a screencapture of an animated gif. Original source:
  • What to Do About Anger - Sunburst Visual Media Guidance Trailer This hands-on workshop in anger-management skills helps children get along better with friends, family, and authority figures. Teach students the difference between angry feelings and angry behavior, how to handle anger constructively, and how to deal with angry energy in safe, positive ways. Dramatizes situations close to student experience to demonstrate typical anger triggers and anger styles in children, offers specific techniques for dealing with anger: what triggers your anger; how to put space between your anger and what you do about it; positive self-talk; and how to use the energy of anger for a constructive outcome. Includes 15 reproducible student worksheets on CD. Grades 3-5
  • Resonance with a Tuning Fork and Water Resonance - Allison LaSalle, Doreen Liang, Samantha Petrakis - 2012 The key to understanding this video comes when we realize that each time the tuning fork is held above the glass bottles you are actually hearing 2 sounds, not one. You are hearing the sound made by the tuning fork and the sound that reflects off the water and reemerges from the jar. When the reflected wave reemerges, it overlaps with the wave coming from the tuning fork. If the wave emerging from the jar overlaps constructively you will hear a loud sound. If the emerging wave overlaps destructively, you will hear no sound or a very low amplitude sound. For more on constructive and destructive interference, check out
  • Father Hear Your Children My attempt at Steve Green's "Father, Hear Your Children." This is my interpretation / attempt and no money is being made either directly or indirectly via any advertisement. I do not have sheet music because I learned it from watching and listening to Steve Green and Josiah perform it right here on YouTube. I have always been a fan of Steve Green the person as well as his music. I don't mind constructive criticism so if you have any it's OK to leave it. I'll use it constructively and just might be a little better next time. If you're going to be rude or vulgar, there are plenty of other video channels where you can vent. Equipment: Taylor 714CE, Line6 UX1 for Guitar/Microphone Input, Ableton Live (Line6 Version), Sennheiser e835 Microphone, Cleaned up with an old version of Cool Edit Pro for better audio quality then added back to Video using Windows Movie Maker. A Panasonic PV-GS250 was used to record the video.
  • SMM 30 | How to Criticize Salespeople...Constructively In this episode of http you'll learn How to Criticize Salespeople...Constructively. Visit toget immediate access to your choice of Sales Manager Training INSIDE the internationally acclaimed Sales Management Mastery Academy -- where you'll find courses, tools and resources for sales managers to become top sales managers. You'll get access to the sales manager training courses, checklists, power point presentations, motivational newsletters and much, much more.
  • В.Путин.Заявление на Совете Россия-НАТО.04.04.08.Part 3 Press Statement and Answers to Journalists Questions Following a Meeting of the Russia-NATO Council.Part 3 April 4, 2008 Bucharest Заявление для прессы и ответы на вопросы журналистов по итогам заседания Совета Россия-НАТО 4 апреля 2008 года Бухарест VLADIMIR PUTIN: Certainly we are. But, first, let us not forget that the key role in creating a new structure of international relations in today's world belongs to the United Nations and its Security Council. Major international and regional organizations, such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, are of course big and important players. The mere fact that we went to the trouble of creating the Russia-NATO Council, that we are participating in its work and constructively engaged with it, shows that we want to maintain a dialogue with the organisation. Overall, we are engaged in this work and have achieved positive results. I have already mentioned some areas: working together to combat terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction components; in the Mediterranean Sea, our Black Sea fleet is involved in operational activities. Also our work in Afghanistan, disaster prevention, and the fight against terrorism, and this is one of the main areas of our joint activities. All of this indicates that we are engaged in constructive work. We will continue to act in this way provided our partners take our interests into account. QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, yesterday the United States and NATO ...
  • Introduction: Approaching Islam Constructively "Wehave not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us. The labyrinth is thoroughly known. We have only to follow the thread of the hero path. And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; and where we had thought to slay another we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence; and where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world." - Joseph Campbell "Power of the Myth" YahyaWay's Channel
  • Nick's constructive review for Heineken My dear friend Nick takes the time to constructively review and give his opinion of the Heineken keg that he bought at the weekend.
  • Planning your online class What do you think of this resource? Please click to complete a quick survey. Download the supporting PDF file for this episode from the Learning to Teach Online project website. This Learning to Teach Online episode explores some of the key considerations when planning your online or blended (face-to-face and online) class. It examines the importance of considering pedagogy before technology; constructively aligning assessment with learning outcomes; and the integration of digital literacy skills. It also offers some useful strategies for deciding which components are better suited to an online learning environment. It is strongly recommended that teachers who are considering planning an online class also watch other Learning to Teach Online episodes and case studies for more in-depth information about the concepts discussed in this episode.
  • Stephen Chase Buchanan's demo on Thin Film Reflection My name is Stephen Chase Buchanan. Over the course of a year, I built this devise with Professor Geller from the UCSB physics department in order to demonstrate thin film reflection. When we began, Professor Geller and I knew we wanted to create some kind of project that blended unique aspects of physics and he came up with the idea to use thin films and project their colors onto a surface. Not wanting to make this task too easy, we decided to add music and have the color patterns change to the beat of a song. Our project can be broken down into 3 goals: •Display the colors created by a thin film onto any surface (preferably white). •Refresh the soap film with minimal loss of image, in order to keep the colors on the wall for as long as possible. •Play music and see changing patterns in the colors by disturbing the soap film. The first step was getting the colors to display. But before I get into that, its important to understand what makes the colors on the soap film. Its the thickness of the film that determines the color you see at a given spot on the film, and its due to reflected light. For our project, a flashlight served as the light source. When the flashlight shines on the film, one ray of light reflects from the front surface, and while most of the light passes right through, a second ray reflects off the back surface towards the front. These two rays can constructively or destructively interfere, depending on how far the second ray has traveled through the film ...
  • How To Offer Constructive Criticism Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from CinemaSlam and more videos in the Communication category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Pick your words and prepare your manner carefully if you really want to help with advice and criticism. To complete this How-To you will need: A plan of attack Respect for others Knowledge of the issue Listening skills Humility Step 1: Reflect and prepare Reflect on what you want to say to the person and prepare a clear message. Be honest with yourself regarding any ill will you might harbor. Step 2: Maintain respect Maintain unconditional respect for the person. Everyone, including you, is doing the best they can. Step 3: Know the situation Document and praise the other's efforts, intentions, and accomplishments. Before raising reservations about their performance, be complimentary. Tip: Try to conduct the conversation privately, away from prying eyes. Step 4: Listen closely Ask questions and invite them to explain their view of things. This could change the criticisms you offer. Step 5: Consider their power to absorb State your case, taking into account their compromised power to absorb information in such a tense circumstance. Step 6: Criticize the behavior Criticize the behavior, not the person. Accept criticism as well ...
  • Using the Census Constructively - Part 1
  • A Bitter Song [Death Note AMV] I suppose this is what happens when I'm bored at 4 in the morning.... This AMV obviously captures Light Yagami/Kira's death from Death Note. This happens to be my first AMV so please be as constructively critical as you can so that way I can become better at creating these videos. All constructive criticism is accepted and encouraged so don't be afraid to tell me I screwed up or I should do things differently! I hope you all like the video! Episodes used: Death Note Episode 37 "New World" "Shinsekai" "新世界" RIGHTS FOR THE EPISODE BELONG TO: Madhouse, Nippon Television, Shueisha, DN Dream Partners and VAP. Song used: "A Bitter Song" Butterfly Boucher ALL RIGHTS FOR THE MUSIC BELONG TO: Butterfly Boucher, Universal (UK), A&M (US) This video was made for entertainment purposes only. ^ So they don't delete everything on me D:
  • The Upside of Anger ANGER and resentment can stop you in your tracks. That's what I know now. It needs nothing to burn but the air in your life that swallows and smothers you. It's real though. The anger. The fury. Even when it isn't it can change you; mold you and shape you into someone you're not. The only upside to anger than, is the person you become. Hopefully someone that wakes up one day and realizes they are not afraid of its journey. Someone that knows the truth is, at best, a partially told story that anger, like growth, comes in spurts and fits and in its wake leaves a new chance at acceptance and the promise of calm. From the movie "The Upside of Anger" Written by Mike Bender The planetary alignment I shared with you in last week's Reflections reached its full power this past weekend August 6 and 7. I feel that configuration was all about anger and its power to transform. Everyone is so afraid of anger because no one has taught us how to use it constructively and so we have all created patterns to hide it away and ignore it, until, one day it explodes spewing your toxic garbage all over others and our planet. It is past time to begin that journey into your anger. How much more pain and drama do you need to create in your lives and on our planet? How many more tsunamis, earthquakes, oil spills, fires and floods must we endure before we are willing to scream enough is enough and use the power and energy of our anger as a constructive force of positive change. Where is anger in your ...
  • The Blarney Pilgrim on 8-key Simple System flute AND then on Böhm flute Traditional Irish jig The Blarney Pilgrim played first "normally" on 8-key Simple System flute (something like you would expect to hear it played by a trad Irish musician - I am of course a foreign impostor in that respect!) and then on a modern Böhm system "tin typewriter", trying to illustrate transferability (or not!) of trad-style techniques onto a fully platter-keyed flute. This video is by way of response to Nina Perlove's St Patrick's Day offering ( to attempt to illustrate that it IS possible to play trad music tolerably idiomatically on a Böhm flute, if not entirely convincingly due to the interference/unresponsiveness of the key mechanism compared to direct fingering of open holes. I did post a comment on Nina's clip pointing out that her playing was distinctly unidiomatic - too fast and arrhythmic (in time but too smooth, no pulse, no drive, not dancey) and devoid of finger articulation, although she does play mostly legato, not falling into the cliched trap for classical musicians of tonguing everything. I meant that as a respectful and constructive commentary, understanding full well that for all her professional competence as a modern instrument orchestral musician, this field of music is not one to which she is accustomed or in which she is proficient. Unfortunately she must have found my post not to her taste (or at odds with her advertising campaign) and deleted it ;-) I would have hoped she had a more open mind than that, that she didn't ...
  • В.Путин.Заявление на Совете Россия-НАТО.04.04.08.Part 4 Press Statement and Answers to Journalists Questions Following a Meeting of the Russia-NATO Council.Part 4 April 4, 2008 Bucharest Заявление для прессы и ответы на вопросы журналистов по итогам заседания Совета Россия-НАТО 4 апреля 2008 года Бухарест QUESTION: Mr President, was the issue of Iran raised at the summit? Did you discuss whether there should be pressure put on Iran? Can you tell us anything on this subject? VLADIMIR PUTIN: If I understand you correctly, we are talking about the Iranian nuclear programme, and of the concerns of some of it neighbours, including the countries of the Persian Gulf. What can I say? Russia has worked very constructively with the international community within the framework of the UN Security Council on the Iranian nuclear issue. At the same time, we fully intend to fulfill our contractual obligations to our Iranian partners with regards to developing their nuclear programmes for peaceful purposes. As you know, this means supplying nuclear fuel. But we are keeping in mind all of the concerns of the international community regarding Iran's military programmes, and thus far we have worked constructively with all parties to this process, right up until the UN Security Council's resolution. Here, the important thing is our unity on this issue. We are ready to continue to work in a similar vein. By this I mean ensuring the legitimate interests of Iran in the development of high technology and alleviating the concerns of the international ...
  • How to complain to your partner - Complaining constructively How to complain to your partner - Complaining constructively Tired of having your complaints fall on deaf ears? Relationship expert Terrence Real has four simple steps to help you complain constructively. Keywords: how to complain complaining constructively
  • If I Have Resigned Can I Still Make An Unfair Dismissal Claim? If you were put in a position where you had no option but to resign you can make an unfair dismissal claim on the basis that you were constructively dismissed. Constructive dismissal occurs when you are forced to resign as a result of your employers conduct. This includes anything they may have said, done or failed to do. You must show that you did not leave your employment on a voluntary basis and your employers conduct must be the main reason for your decision to resign. The basis of your claim must be that your employer breached his contractual responsibilities towards you and as a result you had no option other than to resign.
  • An outsider look into the drama involving his fellow Christians and a criticism of YokedToJesus In the light the of this recent youtube drama involving my fellow believers has gone on too long and too far as no progress is being made in winning converts. I am truly saddened by this as my fellow believers are bickering at each other as to who is a Christian and who is not. I am fed up with it as it needs to stop. As for YokedToJesus, I do not mean any animosity towards you as you are a fellow believer, instead consider it as constructive criticism as you are a fellow Brother in Christ. By the way, about what I said with "having better things to do" I meant that about my college work. I really wish you the best of luck YokedToJesus. If it makes you feel any better, I have constructive criticisms planned for other believers as well as I really wish my fellow believers all the luck in the world in winning souls over to Christ. Also, YokedToJesus, you are free to CONSTRUCTIVELY criticize me and my videos as you like. Let us criticize each other CONSTRUCTIVELY, not destructively! I also have plans to constructively criticize Jezuzfreek777 on how he makes his videos.
  • For the haters and spammers... Congrats, guys. You've earned your own video! More importantly, here is my way of humiliating you guys publicly, and actually giving you guys valid tips on how to even come close to trying to take me on. So far, you guys have failed so epically, that you might actually have to go over this video many times to get all the tips and write them down. Seriously? I just OWNED you guys. EDIT: Constructive Criticism for John Addams The forum where there is but one purpose - to criticize John Addams (constructively), in his own forum, publicly. Yet, I do warn you - you may find that this may not be the kind of walk in the park you expected. Prepare to really have to WORK to be able to do ANYTHING at all. Because, now, I will demand that you play at my level. Enough of the petty arguments with limited character amounts on YouTube! Try and meet me for a one on one. There are tips, warnings, and rules. Ignore them, and you are left to meet the result of your actions. And, yes, I actually did make a beginners guide on how to beat me at my own game, in the rules. Yet, few will actually read through it all. And even less will understand what it all means. Those who do, however, will have an edge over arguments with me. The rest, sadly, will either have to learn on their own, through me, or through failure. (and yes, failure is now collective - you fail, and your whole side looses a bit of influence, along side with all those who argue in its favor... victory will give your side credit ...
  • Multitude Movement - part 1 The Multitude social movement, a constructive revolution. Part 1 The new technology operates very significant social, economical, and political transformations. Its most important effects are the empowerment of individuals and the coordination of masses. It naturally offers more potential to the many, the people, to the detriment of the few in power. This will lead to the democratization of means of production, to a broader redistribution of wealth, and to more freedom. Science and technology are important motors of social change. We are all amazed by the technological advancement in the last 100 years. In some aspects, our society today is unrecognizable, and yet the fundamentals of our social, economical, and political institutions are quite the same as two centuries ago, they are not in tune with the new reality anymore. Tensions have risen between the guardians of leading institutions and the proponents of change. These tensions are real, and they follow a very familiar pattern. Inertia comes from the ruling class, which relies on the current system to maintain its supremacy. On the other side, the impetus for change comes from those who aren't profiting as much from the system, but master the new means to accumulate wealth and to access to power. The proponents of change, the people, have in their possession not only the tools necessary to propel themselves to the governance of their own society, they are at the same time laying down the foundation ...
  • Sammy Dread - Think Constructively Album: Jah Live One of my all-time favourites. Hope you like it!
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    — Waste Time Constructively, Win Free Soda,

  • “Blog Action Day: Ecopsychologist says that it's time to "constructively frighten people. This blog post today is our contribution to international Blog Action Day”
    — Blog Action Day: Ecopsychologist says that it's time to,

  • “Constructively fraudulent transfers may be done with the best of intentions, but they can impact your bankruptcy and upset creditors. It shouldn't take more than a few visits to our blog for you to find a slew of posts about how to prepare for your bankruptcy and manage all the relationships along the”
    — Understanding Constructively Fraudulent Transfers | North,

  • “Home Blog Products Audio Archives Forums About ? " Podcast #021 – Being Psychic. Discussion Forum Gems " Feeling It could be a bank statement, a bill, a blog post about money, the sorry contents of your wallet, or the prices at the gas”
    — Feeling Blessed,

  • “February 14, 2006. Nearly after 3 months i am updating my website. Mainly because i had some free time druing a break between two meetings and I wanted to spend that time constructively”
    — Sundeep Reddy's Home page,

  • “Let's see Blog. Re: What would you (constructively) want from a K5 / K1 ? User: Flat view. Navigation: ^ Forum |< First < Previous. Next > Next New >> Forum. News Discussion. Subject”
    — Re: What would you (constructively) want from a K5 / K1,

  • “15.10.2008 - 15:28 Constructively/Pointlessly/Amazing Time Wasting Joe Zadeh”
    — Constructively/Pointlessly/Amazing Time Wasting | Clash Music,

  • “Jointly, locally, and participatively, through ubiquitous, publicly accessible information about products and services. Constructively thoughts on Healthcare Reform. August 7th, 2009. 782No Comments "http:///blog/2009/08/constructively”
    — jon abad dot com · I'm told that I am the internet,

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