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  • Consequent: Following as a natural effect, result, or conclusion: tried to prevent an oil spill and the consequent damage to wildlife. — “consequent - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin consequent-, consequens, present participle of consequi to follow along, from com- + sequi to Learn more about "consequent" and related topics at . — “Consequent - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Synonyms for consequent. Other words for consequent. Different words for consequent. Antonyms of consequent. — “consequent - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Definition of consequent in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of consequent. Pronunciation of consequent. Translations of consequent. consequent synonyms, consequent antonyms. Information about consequent in the free online English dictionary and. — “consequent - definition of consequent by the Free Online”,
  • If any action in the consequent cannot be completed within the declared Timeout-for-rule-completion time interval, G2 performs the appropriate If the phrase is not present, G2 first attempts to evaluate all the expressions in all the actions in the consequent. — “Rules, Inferencing, and Chaining”,
  • Consequent definition, following as an effect or result; resulting (often fol. by on, upon, or to): See more. — “Consequent | Define Consequent at ”,
  • Consequent Quotations. There is no calamity which a great nation can invite which equals that which follows a supine submission to wrong and injustice and the consequent loss of national self-respect and honor, beneath which are shielded and defended a people's safety and greatness. — “Definition of Consequent”,
  • consequent adjective - definition from Cambridge Dictionary Online: happening as a result of something. — “Definition of consequent adjective from Cambridge Dictionary”,
  • Compare French conséquent. [edit] Adjective. consequent (not comparable) Following as a consequent (plural consequents) (logic) The second half of a hypothetical proposition; Q,. — “consequent - Wiktionary”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for consequent in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “consequent - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • MySpace Music profile for Consequent. Download Consequent Hip Hop / Electronica / Rap music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Consequent's blog. — “Consequent on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Definition of consequent from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Geology Having a position or direction determined by the original form or slope of the earth's surface: a consequent river; a consequent valley. — “consequent - Definition of consequent at ”,
  • We found 32 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word consequent: consequent: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] consequent: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of consequent - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Established in 2002, Consequent is a South African management consultancy specialising in tactical strategy realisation. While many companies go. — “Consequent - Company Profile | LinkedIn”,
  • Aspects of the topic consequent are discussed in the following places at Britannica. implication sign, the first argument as the antecedent, and the second as the consequent; q p is known as the converse of p q.Finally, p q ("p. — “consequent (logic) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Listen to and buy Affirming the Consequent music on CD Baby. Download or buy the CD The Hell Chart by Affirming the Consequent on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. — “Affirming the Consequent | The Hell Chart | CD Baby”,
  • The consequent in a hypothetical proposition is not necessarily a consequence of the antecedent. "Fish speak Klingon" is the consequent here, but intuitively is not a consequence of (nor does it have anything anything to do with) the claim made in. — “Consequent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • consequent adj. Following as a natural effect, result, or conclusion: tried to prevent an oil spill and the consequent damage to wildlife. — “consequent: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • A conditional statement is composed of two parts: the antecedent (which follows "if") and the consequent (which follows "then" the sufficient condition for the consequent (the phrase following the "then") and the consequent is the necessary condition for. — “Logic Fundamentals: A Lesson In Conditional Reasoning”, top-law-

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  • Global Warming: Consequent of Extra Terrestrial Activities? Dr Derrick Norbert Morris AA,AA,BBA, BBA,BScTH,MBA,MACEd,PhD,DCEd&DCS Global warming maybe caused by ozone depletion, and carbon dioxide; maybe there is some thing we are overlooking. Would space activities lighten the earth causing it to levitate towards the sun and moon in reaction to their increased gravitation pull? In fact the gravity between earth, moon and sun are based on their mass. Flights, airline passengers and airborne matter subtract from earth mass. Lightening it further and putting us under more of the moon and sun's gravity. Maybe we are closer and thus more heat and higher tides. We need to focus and consider this alternative concept.
  • Denying The Consequent, March 10th, St. Louis An awesome warehouse rave brought to you by the Jaded Elite: Denying The Consequent, March 10th, St. Louis, MO.
  • Logical Fallacies 7 pt. 1: The Snap-Shot Fallacy and Affirming the Antecedent Sometimes it's also known as Affirming the Consequent. Script here: lazyperfectionist1
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  • Dubski Breakup - Part 1 DONE YOUR DASH
  • Poverty and Pollution are Costly Capital Losses Demanding Non-Violent Management of Natural Resources, including Human Resources. Poverty and Pollution are costly losses of Capital. Human Development Investments are necessary to increase market demand. Life is Capital. What we call capital really is equity. Human Development Investments are necessary investments creating market growth and fostering demand. Present example: The US Real Estate Subprime crisis is directly consequent to poverty increase in the USA, itself directly consequent to excessive Public Funds spending in military and violent management solutions to solve problems.
  • Affirming the Consequent: A Formal Fallacy . This is a sample video from a video tutorial course titled "Common Valid and Invalid Argument Forms", which you can preview and purchase at the link above. List of Tutorials in the Course Part 1 Argument Forms Using Disjunctions (A or B) 1.1 Valid forms using "OR" 1.2 Invalid forms using "OR" Part 2: Argument Forms Using Conditionals (If A then B) 2.1 Modus ponens 2.2 Modus tollens 2.3 Hypothetical syllogism 2.4 Affirming the consequent 2.5 Denying the antecedent Part 3: Argument Forms Using Generalizations 3.1 Valid and invalid forms using "All" 3.2 Valid and invalid forms using "Some"
  • Binge-drinking: Australia's brain-damaged debauched Anglo-Celtic degenerate 'settler society', uhh White Australia's 'difficult' relationship with alcohol + the consequent public health + safety nightmare are turning the country into a squalid, failed, self-indulgent, self-serving, confused + viciously self-righteous materialistic society devoid of any real purpose for its existence. Although under-aged drinking is a growing social + health issue, widespread pervasive social binge-drinking + alcoholism is still creating social disorder + expensive health costs community-wide..... Despite a national health campaign, this year's 'schoolies' on the Gold Coast (South of Brisbane, Queensland) has already gone down as the most appalling on record for under-age drinking + drunken disorder + violence, uhh. The war ever being waged on the roads is something else..... as an emotionally immature + spiritually dormant redundant society creates a lower order for itself in absolute denial of its own worthless conceited meaninglessness. *
  • deny the st. louis rave denying the consequent mar 10 st. louis underground warehouse party
  • iBT 토플 단어 후기 2009년 3월 14일 대한민국에서 2009년 3월 14일 시행된 토플시험 단어문제 정답입니다. unaccounted for = not explained, consequent = resultant, persistent = (long) lasting, staple = regular feature, incompatible = in conflict, substantially = significantly, handle = process, aridity = dryness, assorted = various, comparable = equivalent
  • Consequentialist Ethics: Utilitarianism Follow me on Twitter: My blog: nykytyne2 Subscribe to me on BlogTV:
  • Medina Carreira Demolish Socrates Governement Anonymous he said: To manage to understand the politics of Socrates... The socialism is an ideology and a political practice what, in bigger or less degree, they define for the next characteristics: 1-materialistic conception. the Whole socialist ideology suits a merely materialistic conception of the man, of the world and of the society. Autodefine-se eat the republican « secular « and « « socialism, but it is a religion in which the democracy is the divinity, the « popular sovereignity » is the fountain of the faith, the friendly secretary - general is porridge and the supporting machine is the clergy. 2-overincrease in value of the concept of people and consequent dilution of the human individual being. The socialism conceives the society like a group the possible most united and cohesive thing, like a machine of production of "results", with a consequent dilution of the individual. It values this one for the results that it produces of his work, from there the insistence in the work and in the workers. It is the increase in value of the society to the detriment of the individual who implicates the struggle for the equality and for the democracy, in the name of the « social cohesion » and the "inclusion". The ecological preoccupation understands like enlargement of the dilution of the individual in the nature itself and in the Universe. For the socialism, the important thing is the collective thing and the statistics. The individual, while such, it is a mere disposable ...
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  • Re: Affirming the Consequent (Epydemic2020) Is morality objective? Does the existence of a mutual desire not to be killed form a secular basis for objective reality?
  • Six Eyed Snake - "Band Intro and Consequent Song" (Captain Jack's Saloon, 8-21-10) May you come to love the band that came to love you!
  • Another look at African economies and the slave trade Added: I highly recommend reading "Dahomey and the Dahomans" By Frederick Edwyn Forbes, an abolitionist "The Commander-in-chief received the offer of my services, and at the same time a request from Mr. Duncan, the newly appointed Vice-Consul, that a naval officer should accompany him to the Court of Dahomey, and was pleased to confer on me the honour of the mission. A great deal has been written on the state of the slave trade on the coast and at sea, together with the fate of the slaves in the Brazils. It is the object of the author, in giving publicity to the following Journals, to illustrate the dreadful slave hunts and ravages, the annihilations and exterminations, consequent on this trade ; and to bring prominently before the British public the sacred service they are rendering their fellow-men, in prosecuting their increasing efforts to allay those fearful horrors. I had been often a day or two journeying into various parts of the interior of Africa, and had seen the state of the slave trade in its advanced systematic stage, and had considered the horrors of that division of it disgusting enough. I have visited bara- coons, and seen men so fearfully attenuated, from want and over-exercise in the march to the coast, as to render nature unable to support the frame. I have seen the hold of a slave ship, and the horrors consequent on diseases arising from the crowded state and want of wholesome food to alleviate the cravings of hunger and thirst. I have seen the slave ...
  • Mitral Valve Prolapse and Mitral Regurgitation Mitral valve prolapse and consequent mitral valve regurgitation is seen during TEE examination in a patient undergoing mitral valve repair. The P2 scallop of the posterior mitral leaflet is seen as prolapsed with a flail chord. Color Doppler shows a mitral regurgitant jet.
  • Consequentialism: A Broad Perspective Part II I'm really sorry but this ran very long so bear with me. Lotta stuff here. Wayofthe***'s video:
  • Absolutely... not Divine absolute values are claimed by some to be the only valid basis for morality. This video takes a look at some of the many problems with that claim, and its consequent impotence in dismissing the morality of those who do not believe in gods.
  • Guthrie Govan plays: Who's Best? The Winter 2005 edition of UK Guitar mag 'Guitar Techniques' revealed winners of a readers poll, identifying the best players (in the humble opinions of many GT readers) at certain techniques. Master Guthrie then wrote and recorded a (rather superb) piece of music in the style of all of the consequent winners. To answer the inevitable questions, the results were as follows; Best chord voicings - Eric Johnson Best use of capo - James Taylor Best strumming - Pete Townsend Best use of E-Bow or sustaining device - The Edge Best vibrato - BB King Best string bending - David Gilmour Best finger picking - Mark Knopfler Best hybrid picking - Albert Lee Best tapping - Eddie Van Halen Best palm muting - Al Di Meola Best sweep picking - Yngwie Best speed, Best alternate picking, Best string skipping - Paul Gilbert Best pinched harmonics - Zakk Wylde Best use of an effect - Tom Morello Best legato - Satch Best fretting hand reach, Best use of harmonics - Steve Vai Best use of slide - Sonny Landreth Best feel - Jeff Beck Best timing - John Scofield Most creative/experimental player, Best use of whammy bar, Overall winner - Jimi. This vid is more about showcasing the piece of music and versatility of Mr G rather than prompting a debate over who is better than who (you can't please everyone with such polls), but if you wish to tear lumps out of each other then be my guest :) Enjoy.
  • Bahut Kathin Hai (Hindi, Ghazal, Qawwali) "Laayee Hayaat Aaye, Qaza le chalii chale" is a famous ghazal from Zauq, a contemporary of Ghalib and Momin in the golden age of Urdu poetry. "Bahut kathin hai dagar panghat kii" is a qawwali rendered by HabibPainter & Party. The two have found a new combination in the present qawwali. Original lyrics have been significantly changed - to share experience of difficulties in NivExploration. This qawwali reveals five (5) unexpected aspects of NivExploraion. Here , 'Niv' stands for Natural Longing of HumanBeings - happiness, joyous-contentment, enthusiasm for Living,...; and 'Ziv' for illusion of 'niv'. This illusion generates mass delusion and suffering. English translation has been attempted, as we proceed. The first part says "Living with the dominating ZivCulture and with its consequent ZivInfrastucture, is very difficult. It is like living in extreme wilderness. However, Engineering a NivPath through this wilderness is also not easy. In either case, you have to face suffering caused by the ever-present DelusionaryEnvironment." The second part says " In the 21st century, means appeared to be available for building 'delusion-free culture' within a collective of NivExplorers - thereby completely eliminating Human-Suffering for the participating explorers. However, so far it has proved an erroneous assumption. 'Cultures' seem to behave like 'organisms'. New one would not be born, before completion of its 'gestation'. 'Technology' appears to be the primary driver - 'Self Re ...
  • Reasoning under uncertainty #3 - inverse implication In this clip, an implication will be used the 'wrong way' in order to do probabilistic reasoning. It's assume we know an implication, A implies B and that we then observe B. For example, if it's rain it's overcast and it's overcast now. It's shown that the probability for the unobserved A (rain) increases when we observe B (overcast). PS: I may have been switching pictures too swiftly in this clip, so using the pause button can be recommended. Deductive logic will not get any results here. Claiming so would be the fallacy known as affirming the consequent. Thus a very simple case where probabilistic reasoning gives result where deductive logic does not, is provided.
  • Bass Solo Concepts No. 1 - Phrasing The basics of melodic construction examined as it pertains to the bass solo. Investigation of vocal patterns and their relationship to melodic phrasing through antecedent/consequence.
  • Michael Buble interview on ROVE (Australia) 2008 Irresponsible Michael Buble on ROVE (live in studio with Rove McM***). Jack Black on the couch. Original upload: 54584+ views. If the name Bublé was in the dictionary, it would read: all-out entertainer, talented, charismatic, ***y, spirited, cheeky, hard working, and hugely popular! Michael Bublé's origins are humble and his story is one that people never tire to hear. The son of a fisherman, his love of music was keenly developed by his grandfather (a plumber) who bribed club owners in their home town of Vancouver to allow Michael the opportunity to perform. His performance at the Canadian Prime Minister's daughter's wedding, and consequent meeting with fellow Canadian high achiever and record producer David Foster, led to Bublé signing with the major record label Warner Bros. Records - and the rest is musical history! He's sold in excess of 17 million albums around the globe and his album Call Me Irresponsible snagged a Grammy this year. Michael is back in Australia and in the midst of his national tour, and will be joining Rove in the studio for a chat. Bublé's loves us and we love him here at Rove, and with that amount of love in the room, anything could happen. Who would Michael Buble turn gay for? Hilarious interview as seen on Rove. Official site: .au Brought to you by unofficial - Broadcast date s09e10 - 8th of June, 2008 - Melbourne Australia
  • "Don Van Vliet: Some YoYo Stuff" Part 1/2 From UbuWeb: "Don van Vliet, alias "Captain Beefheart", is one of the most influential, misunderstood, talked about, admired, copied, treasured, loved and quoted musicians and yet he is still an obscure and mysterious artist. His quite abrupt artistic transformation from working with a microphone to a paintbrush in 1982 and his consequent move from the desert to the ocean meant even less direct contact with the outside world than before. Subsequently there is very little information about Don from this time onwards and this short black-and-white film made in 1993 is an unique opportunity to see and hear this unique man. The film is approximately 13 minutes long, directed and photographed in black and white" Directed by Anton Corbijn
  • re - VeritasEtLibertas82 - Absolute Basis of Nature Jordan's Channel: In your first objection, you demonstrated a predictive error of affirming the consequent. This was only made possible by the predictive nature of the statement you offered as an alternative to my own, and had you attempted to critique the original statement in the manner that you did your own, no error of prediction would have been found for the simple reason that the original statement is not predictive in nature. But you are right, we cannot substantiate the statement by making prediction that affirms its consequent. In your second objection, you appeal to the fact that science is limited in its success in predicting anything. This objection is not relevant, since, however often science might be wrong in its predictions, the matter of the statement is to identify the reason as to why science is ever right, when it is. Lastly, you suppose there is something wrong in using science to justify something that science already assumes. That would be correct if the original statement was making claim to justification, but it did not, since the original claim reads axiomatically. If you accept these rebuttals, allow me to propose something to add some depth to the original statement. ========================= That being said, the statement is still wrong, and I discuss why (see annotation) ========================= Consider a method of prediction. It could be anything. Consider flipping a coin to predict if it will rain tomorrow. Say I explain ...
  • Fall Crawl 2006 Backtrack by Ph8. Featuring Ph8, Gaza Strip, Affirming the Consequent, Troys bucket.
  • Don't destroy the open space left in Victoria 26th January 2009 AD backs relocation of Gozo law courts and proposes a different site rather than the residential area chosen by government. Residents from Victoria, together with Alternattiva Demokratika, are protesting against the building of a new Court premises in the centre of Victoria, Gozo and the residential area of Pjazza l-Assedju 1561, which is at the moment being used as a parking area. Apart from this, the residents have not been at all consulted with regards to the plans of the buildings, which will certainly affect their quality of life. Alternattiva Demokratika chairman Arnold Cassola stated: We are not against the building of new premises for the law courts. On the contrary, we are in favour. But we are against it being built in the centre of Victoria because this would bring with it more traffic in the midst of the population with an increased rate of noise pollution and air quality deterioration, and the consequent dangers posed to the health of residents and their children. Victor Galea AD Spokesperson for Gozo and secretary general, urged the Gozo Ministry and the Home Affairs Ministry as well as Transport Ministry to seriously reconsider their plans and said that given that the present premises in the Cittadella are inadequate to accommodate the volume of legal work, coupled with the consequent concentration of traffic in the heart of Victoria, together with the inadequate conditions of the workers. Alternattiva Demokratika proposed instead that the ...
  • Consequentalist theory Egoism and Utilitarianism.avi Consequentalist theory Egoism and Utilitarianism I downloaded and updated this video from the Oregon University Ethics site
  • Affirming the Consequent (I found a mistake in this video, I will fix it soon) I made a mistake in this video from 1:23 through 1:48 and then again at the end of the video. Be sure to click the annotation at the beginning to view an updated version of this video without those errors. In this video I explain what the fallacy "affirming the consequent" means, and I demonstrate why I do not think the moral argument commits this fallacy. The guy playing basketball in this video is me and I am also making the music.
  • Song Z Still shots of Affirming the Consequent
  • Interview w/ Jimmy from Affirming the Consequent Subscribe to my video's! Jimmy the drummer from Affirming in the recording studio sits down with me for an interview
  • Dangerous Jobs - would YOU do this? Linemen on a high-tension/high-voltage tower. Helicopter works as crane/truck/bus/taxi. PG & E crews (Pacific Gas and Electric) is the local utility. Quite an amazing job. By the way, we could hear them perfectly!!
  • Counterstrike video Filmik z counterstrike. Consequent by spuNge
  • Top ten earthquake hits Japan and the consequent tsunami Earthquake, Japan, tsunami, reinsurance, Bermuda
  • Rain Stick Katie joins Affriming the Consequent for some fun on stage.
  • Affirming the Consequent 'Burn A Politician' Tucson Arizona Band Affirming the Consequent does 'Burn A Politician' Live on The Big Word Show
  • NL rap, Rob- Aka Mc Trubbel - Consequent Consequent
  • Godhra Terror Attack, Consequent Riots in Gujarat, India - Must See for US Secretary of State Truth about what happened in Godhra and the Lessons Why did Lion of Gujarat, Mahatma Modiji Get Angry - Godhra Terror Attack on Hindu Pilgrims. This is a must Watch video for US Secretary of State. Influenced by evangelical xians, Mahatma Modji's US visa for revoked by Bush administration. US would do well to reinstate Mahatma Modiji's visa for its own good. One century ago, in South Africa, arrogant British empire's representative threw another Indian, barrister Gandhi from the train despite possessing first class ticket. The Gujarati man, who had truth on his side changed the world. US would do well to see through the deceitful evil represented by forces of totalitarian church and totalitarian islam. For its own good, US would do well to undo the extremely stupid decision by the previous american administration.
  • mediterranean fishes are extending northwards Climate change and the consequent advance of thermophilic fishes: a brief introduction from the Mediterranean sea (MonItaMal project, a film of Marco Pisapia-ISPRA)
  • The void that BRITNEY is a program! And/or challenges of are Britney the ***ual transport, later more notes, him did make immediately already and, how the free years were? Is the separation, how ferme croppedepe it is in order to she is more the right his aunt, the piece they are precious accountants and the enterprise of it is this place she is mince, in the battle, this to depend the method? In the ***ual transport the internal 2, re-examined in the place of utilisation of spouse this in in the place Swindler young person. The person all different money and the production seize the comfort of form consequent you. Because the person is,! this money this possesses Britney is occupied, meeswterjke's fy'res the connection internal, the one one likely enterprise because this writes insufficiently for the make from complete. It in does not have in empty means in the year the scene. In the song "him it takes", because the cause this saves in in the place and that to be important and a lot of enterprises and all gives the person, is exterior a lot of and with the enterprise is this this is a lot of many PERJSSOTERO3 u, you and a complete enterprise, is this leaf that the cutting names and, to wish! These persons are not the trahja' chance reach very well consequent you,! the void that BRITNEY is a program! My his it has asked,! Heeh. You are also the investment with skin from the will and extends professional brains his Chairman specialised Britney it considers ve that they accept immediately. Trhough reliable ...
  • John 17:3 and the fallacy of Asserting the Consequent John 17:3 teaches that the Father is the only true God. Thus if Jesus were the Father He would be the only true God. But the following argument is invalid: If Jesus were the Father he would be the only true God. Jesus is the only true God. Therefore Jesus is the Father. This argument commits the formal fallacy of asserting the consequent. There is nothing in John 17:3 inconsistent with the doctrine of the Trinity. I hope you get a laugh out of this video by my friend Richard (with just a little help from me). God bless. Tom (lightspeed52)

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  • “What I don't understand is exactly where the consequent south poles form. There doesn't appear to be any space left for these consequent poles to form”
    — Electrical Knowledge Repository - Consequent Pole Motors,

  • “Blog. Forums. Docs. Quick Tour Windows Mobile. Quick Tour. Quick Tour – Money for iPad. HowTo's Money for iPad. bi-weekly periodicity no. 1 overall position the American App Store, and stayed no. 1 several consequent days”
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  • “and this is our company blog, where photography, art, audio and journalism collide (sparks may fly) frills and then will spend the time necessary to engage the consequent discussions”
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  • “Unwanted hair, especially, on face, is a problem. The procedures to treatment often lead to damaged skin. The most common methods of hair removal or Browse > Home / Beauty Tips / Blog article: Removal of Unwanted Hair and Consequent Skin Care”
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  • “Par conséquent, il peut devenir très difficile d'arrêter ce cycle sans fin de pensées. Par conséquent, la première étape consiste à prendre une décision claire et consciente”
    — How To Gain Control of Your Own Thoughts — Sri Chinmoy,

  • “As a follow up to the recent news story and consequent forum discussions I thought I'd clarify the current review situation on the key Ph”
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  • “If such Jupiter is afflicted in any way, wearing of yellow sapphire will neutralize the consequent evil effects and will provide protection to the native. For the Aries Ascendant – Mesha Lagna. Jupiter is Narendra: good web site and excellent that you people start a vedic blog”
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  • “Born in 1936, Yves Saint Laurent grew up in Oran, Algeria. At 17, he left for Paris where he showed his drawings to Michel de Brunhoff, director of Vogue, who published several of them immediately. Following a stint at fashion school, Saint”
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  • “Open source freeware SFTP, FTP and SCP client for Windows. 'Not consequent' [Reply with quote] Thanks for your post. This issue has been added to tracker. Martin Prikryl. Advertisements [Reply to topic] You can post new topics in this forum. Search”
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  • “Forum: Ruby on Rails returned values and consequent usage. Forum List | Topic List | New RE: returned values and consequent usage. Posted by Bob Silva (Guest)”
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