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  • Concise: Dictionary definitions and example sentences of Concise on . — “Concise - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • Concise is a leading supplier of technical services, computer systems and network to government, industry, private business and the residential market. From simple residential computer systems & networking systems to large scale domain. — “Concise Systems Start Page”,
  • Concise definition, expressing or covering much in few words; brief in form but comprehensive in scope; succinct; terse: See more. — “Concise | Define Concise at ”,
  • concise ( ) adj. Expressing much in few words; clear and succinct. [Latin concīsus , past participle of concīdere , to cut up : com- , intensive. — “concise: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • We found 33 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word concise: concise: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] concise: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of concise - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of concise from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of concise. Pronunciation of concise. Definition of the word concise. Origin of the word concise. — “concise - Definition of concise at ”,
  • Bonvillars | Bullet | Champagne | Concise | Corcelles-près-Concise | Fiez | Fontaines-sur-Grandson | Fontanezier | Giez | Grandevent | Grandson | Mauborget | Mutrux | Novalles | Onnens | Provence | Romairon | Sainte-Croix | Vaugondry | Villars-Burquin. — “Concise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Synonyms for concise. Other words for concise. Different words for concise. Antonyms of concise. concise implies the stating of much in few words, by removing all superfluous or expanded details a concise. — “concise - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Concise Quotations. In labouring to be concise, I become obscure. Horace. A definition of poetry can only determine what poetry should be and not what poetry actually was and is; otherwise the most concise formula would be: Poetry is that which at some time and some place was thus named. — “Definition of Concise”,
  • That is as clean and concise a summation of a profound and complicated truth as I have come across — David Noonan, Newsweek, 10 Nov. 2008. — “Concise - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Concise. Learn about Concise on . Get information and videos on Concise including articles on undervalue, greenville south carolina, textbooks and more!. — “Concise | Answerbag”,
  • Concise Learning is a one-stop portal for learning and student success. — “Concise Learning™ - Learning & Student Success Portal”,
  • Also available here through my association with are several books that provide excellent advice about concise writing. Describes the "Paramedic Method" for making your writing clearer and more concise, as. — “Garbl's Fat-Free-Writing Links”,
  • concise (comparative more concise, superlative most concise) Retrieved from "http:///wiki/concise" Categories: Late Latin derivations. — “concise - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of concise in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of concise. Pronunciation of concise. Translations of concise. concise synonyms, concise antonyms. Information about concise in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “concise - definition of concise by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Find concise synonyms and concise antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. — “Concise Synonyms, Concise Antonyms | ”,
  • Concise Consulting on Information Privacy, Security and Data Governance. Risk and Compliance strategies and tactics for Fortune 500, national and regional organizations. Focus on regulated industries including Financial Services and Healthcare. — “Concise Consulting”,
  • GOOD TO KNOW Books and Movies Few countries have been more written about than Italy, and travelogues—including the classic Concise History of offer all the detailed information and insider advice of a Frommer's Complete Guide--but in a concise, pocket-sized format. — “Concise”,
  • We could not find exact matches for "The Concise Dictionary of Scottish Words and Phrases" Showing partial matches (2070 items) Results for " The Concise Dictionary of Scottish Words and Phrases " (83) See All Concise Nahuatl-English/English-Nahuatl (Aztec) (Hippocrene Concise. — “The Concise Dictionary of Scottish Words and Phrases : Target”,
  • Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts. Here are some notes toward efficiency and conciseness in writing. — “Writing Concise Sentences”,

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  • The Free Market Was Framed: Government Intervention Caused The Financial Crisis This was as concise as I could make it. Fannie Mae Eases Credit To Aid Mortgage Lending: Another interesting video to watch. Do you disagree with me? I encourage you to make a video response or comment explaining why I'm wrong. Alternate Channel:
  • Lama Surya Das: "Buddhism 101" A concise and insightful introduction to the Buddhist way of enlightenment by one of the foremost American meditation teachers, Lama Surya Das
  • What's going on in Iran? (2) - June 2009 - Green Revolution All the information in this video was taken from what I believe to be reliable sources. The full story can be found at: and Evidence of fraud: 7 point manifesto of the resistance: Participate at: Videos taken from the news, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Thank you Iranians for continuing to provide them. Real-time news at: Transcript: It is now beyond doubt that the presidential elections were faked. Despite bans, mass demonstrations still continue every day. In Tehran alone, up to 2 million protesters were seen. They are demanding the removal of the current government and its oppressive branches. The Iranian regime continues to crack down against protesters. Basij militia have shot protesters dead in the street. Hundreds are arrested every day. Rumors of torture persist. Tehran University has been raided. Students have been rounded up. There are many signs this is a coup, trying to radicalise Iran. Foreign Hizbullah soldiers have been spotted posing as riot police. Iranian TV is actively spreading fake news. Violence is incited by plain-clothes agents. Footage is miscaptioned to elicit government support. All other media is suppressed. However the free exchange of information continues online. Protesters communicate and organize using phones, Twitter and email. Hackers inside and outside Iran have set up ...
  • Tim Staples- Five Non-Negotiables Would you like a concise explanation of where the Church stands on five of today's most important, non-negotiable moral issues? This important new CD set by Tim Staples is an expansion of Catholic Answers' acclaimed Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics. And it will help you vote in an informed manner consistent with Catholic moral teaching and fundamental human rights. All five moral issues discussed on this CD—abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning, and same-*** "marriage"—have been definitively declared by the Church to be objectively and absolutely immoral. And you, as a faithful Catholic, are required to vote against all five and—with only rare exceptions—to vote against politicians who support any of them. Now, in Five Non-Negotiables, Tim Staples clearly explains: * Why the Church teaches as it does about these five issues; * Why the Church's teachings are binding on all Catholics; * Why these issues are "black-and-white" and unchangeable; * Why it's a serious sin to vote contrary to the moral teaching of the Church on these issues; * Why these issues trump others—even important ones—when it comes to voting. Five Non-Negotiables, along with the Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics, will quickly bring you up to speed on Church teaching about these five crucial political and moral issues. Catholic Answers
  • The Good Doctor's concise opinion on Sucker Punch Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Reviews 01.04.2011
  • Embodiment of Scarlet Failure This video provides a concise summary of what playing Touhou on Lunatic is actually like. Some of you may remember my EoSD Lunatic no focus run. If not, I uploaded all the videos for it over a year ago, so go watch them. But what you didn't see were the countless failures I had before I finally got that successful no focus 1cc. This video is fairly old, and part of a full Let's Play of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil that I made some time ago. I will not be uploading that LP here, but if you are interested in watching it then you can view it on my Dailymotion account starting here:
  • TOEFL iBT: How to Be More Concise in Writing and ... Michael Buckhoff is the co-founder and author of a TOEFL iBT Blog at (Helpful Insights to Pass the TOEFL iBT) and of TOEFL iBT products at http (Pass the TOEFL iBT in 7 Easy Steps). TOEFL iBT, TOEFL iBT Reading, TOEFL iBT Speaking, TOEFL iBT Listening, TOEFL iBT Writing
  • The Soft Machine - Pataphysical Intro / Concise Alphabet / Hibous, Anemone and Bear / Hulloder First 5 tracks off of Soft Machines Colume Two.
  • Dajjal/Anti-Christ by Salem Al-Amry Salem Al-Amry gives a concise account about an important topic which pertains to one of the Major Signs of the Last Day. This is an excellent and very important subject that every muslim needs to know, O' Ummah of Muhammad [Peace Be Upon Him]. The Prophet (peace be upon him) described the Dajjal in great detail. Through his description we know what the Dajjal will look like, where he will first appear, who will follow him, what he will do once he gets here, and how he will be killed. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: I have told you so much about the Dajjal (Antichrist) that I am afraid you may not understand. The Antichrist is short, hen-toed, woolly-haired, one-eyed, an eye-sightless, and neither protruding nor deep-seated. If you are confused about him, know that your Lord is not one-eyed. (Abu Dawood) We know that he will be a man. He will be blind in one eye. His hair will be curly and he will be short. The believers, whether literate or illiterate, will be able to read the letters kaaf, faa, raa (spelling kaafir or "disbeliever"), written between his two eyes. The Dajjal will claim to be Messiah and then claim to be Allah, Himself. He will perform miracles. He will traverse the earth in short periods of time. He will exert control over weather patterns, sending down rain upon those who believe in him. He will exert a similar influence over crops and livestock. He will only be able to do this because Allah, in all of His Power and Wisdom, will allow him to do so ...
  • Knife review: Spyderco Military, Zero Tolerance ZT 0200 and FKMD Profili A concise comparison from a non-tactical viewpoint of three of only a handful truly tactical knife designs in my collection: the Spyderco Military, the ZT 200 and the FKMD (Fox Knives Military Division) Profili. Which one do I like most?
  • Free Trade and the Steel Industry Dr. Milton Friedman gives a concise and lucid argument for international free trade at Utah State University in 1978. A common belief is that big companies will sell below cost to drive out their competitors and then raise their prices. This is a fallacy and there are few professional economists who believe otherwise. Historian Thomas E. Woods offers a simple explanation in this video: For an example of the steel industry's anti-free enterprise rhetoric listen to Dan DiMicco, CEO of Nucor, one of the largest steel producers in the United States, during this interview with Lesley Stahl of '60 minutes'. In this example, just as Dr. Friedman professed, Nucor benefits at the expense of Caterpillar which relies not only on steel, but exports as well. The anti-free trade protectionists will say we need exports to create American jobs. But, they say, we need tariffs and import quotas to protect American jobs from "unfair" competition. This is a fallacy as Friedman explains in the preceding video. When you impose tariffs on imports you hurt exports as well! To understand this better read the following: Lerner Symmetry Theorem Balance of Payments International Capital Flows Doubling US Exports = Doubling US Imports Trade is Mutually Advantageous -- and Its Advantages, for All Parties, are Measured in Imports Chapter 12 of Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt www ...
  • Ways of Improving One's Character - Dr. Jafar Idris In this very concise but important lecture Sheikh Jafar Idris gives us important points on ways to improve our character as Muslims. We read in the books of Ahadith: Sahih Bukhari: Volume 8, Book 73, Number 61: Narrated Masruq: We were sitting with 'Abdullah bin 'Amr who was narrating to us (Hadith): He said, "Allah's Messenger was neither a Fahish nor a Mutafahhish, and he used to say, 'The best among you are the best in character (having good manners)."' Sahih Bukhari: Volume 2, Book 23, Number 467: Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "Every child is born with a true faith of Islam (ie to worship none but Allah Alone) and his parents convert him to Judaism or Christianity or Magianism, as an animal delivers a perfect baby animal. Do you find it mutilated?" "According to Islam every human being is born good... So if you want to improve your character you strengthened your faith in your creator. There can be no good deeds without any faith at all... The First thing that you should do to improve your character is always to do whatever helps you to strengthened your faith in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala." About Dr. Jafar Sheikh Idris: • Dr. Jaafar Sheikh Idris is considered one of few Muslim Scholars of this era who comprehended the knowledge of Islam and Western Ideologies. He authored many articles and research papers. He visited many countries around the world where he lectured in Arabic and English. • Dr. Jaafar Sheikh Idris was born on 15th June 1931 in Port Sudan ...
  • The Call of Cthulhu in Under 2 Minutes Valley Girl + HP Lovecraft = The Most Concise Summary Ever! From the creators of "Dante's Inferno in Under 2 Minutes," The Brothers Grim & Grimy [undead] bring you HP Lovecraft's beloved Cthulhu in their inimitable cheeky style.
  • Statements of Fact V Concise Statements of Fact
  • Know Your Neighbor: Samuel, The Concise Poet Samuel Menashe of Greenwich Village writes poems. Really short poems. From -- Know Your Neighbor is WNYC's video series about the characters, legends, and good folk living in your midst. For more episodes of Know Your Neighbor, go to:
  • Canon 450D - concise review This is a short review of my experiences with the Canon 450D. Thanks for watching! Gallery:
  • Tics and Compulsions: The big difference (clear, concise version) A clear, concise version of 'Tics and Compulsions: The big difference' with extra information about tics and compulsions. Many people think that tics and compulsions are on different ends on the same spectrum. Although they are connected in some ways and people with either Tourette syndrome or obsessive compulsive disorder will often have traits of the other, tics and compulsions are different in that they are responses to different things. PLEASE NOTE: I begin by explaining my previous theory and then explain my revised theory and end with some more insights into tics and compulsions. Please note that this video is based on personal theory and not medical or scientific fact. None of my videos are for sympathy, just for education. This is not a comedy. If you are looking for something to laugh at, please go elsewhere. If you have any (polite, respectful, genuine, mature) questions, please go ahead and ask and I'll do my best to try and answer them for you :)
  • The Hobbit in Under 2 Minutes Valley Girl + Hobbit + Lebowski = The Most Concise Summary Ever! From the creators of "Dante's Inferno in Under 2 Minutes," & "The Call of Cthulhu in Under 2 Minutes," The Brothers Grim & Grimy [undead] bring you the story of the Little Dude in their inimitable cheeky style.
  • Imran Khan explains "War of Terror" and "Pakistani Taliban" This explains it all..He is probably the only Islamist politician in Pakistan who talks sense rather than the secular fools in power today..Pakistan today has become the hub of terrorism and mass corruption and only this man can save the country from breaking up.. Most of the American people are made to believe that Taliban and Al-Qaeda are the same and have the same goals, but the fact remains that Taliban never approved of Al-Qaeda's global terrorism aims and infact tried to prevent Bin Laden from operating in Afghanistan..OBL had become a headache for them and they too wanted to expel him long before 9/11 but wanted strong proofs against him as he had already become a robinhood of sorts for the Afghan people.. www1 This war could be easily ended if US agrees to leave Afghanistan and forget their UNOCAL pipeline dreams which Taliban had rejected..Taliban may be religious fanatics, but they sure know how to do business! And the fact remains that they are not global jihadis and can be separated from Al-Qaeda.. COMMENT! RATE!! SUBSCRIBE!!!
  • Kermode Uncut: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Kermode blogs about Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. Go to for regular Kermode Uncut video blogs.
  • Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) opening statement at the Markup of the FY 2010 Budget Rep. Paul Ryan said we are at a "critical juncture" and called the Democrats budget a "High-Cost, Big-Government proposal" at this morning's House Budget Committee Markup of the FY 2010 Budget:
  • 1 - Matrix Designs to Realize Soul Body to White Light as Consciousness as Reincarnation Part 1 The Concise History of the Development of the Structural Resonance : So, what at the moment here on earth, and has for eons of time, is currently actually directing the course of humanity: Human beings' structural resonance. What is human beings' structural resonance? It is the following: (The development thereof I will explain in point form and I'm starting at the very beginning.) 1. We had the White Light system and the Soul construct. The Soul construct was infused within human beings' physical bodies; the Soul' was allocated in their solar plexus and contained all the information of the being's lives they had ever experienced which was also filed in the Akashic Records in the dimensions. This done so that when the being dies, their records are able to be opened by specific beings in the dimensions who were in charge of the recycling/reincarnation process, and then again allocated anew on earth which was referred to as reincarnation. The Soul construct was designed and infused within human beings so that the dimensional beings were able to keep track' of the beings' progression from one life to another the reincarnation process/system. The White Light system was infused as an entire gridline structure here on earth where beings, once born and come of age, were allocated and placed in a specific cross-point within the White Light gridline structure. They would remain in this specifically allocated cross-point placement within the White Light gridline structure so that ...
  • "Keep Running" by Concise Music Video ft. Concise from 211 ent. About Relationships Produced by Greg Goggins
  • "I Love You, You Imbecile" by PELLE CARLBERG Music video for "I Love You, You Imbecile" by PELLE CARLBERG from his sophomore album IN A NUTSHELL.
  • Latma News -A Concise History of the Youth They are NOT Arabs, they are Youth. This time on the Tribal Update A Concise History of the Youth
  • Father Barron Against The YouTube Heresies Another part of a video series from . Father Barron will be commenting on subjects from modern day culture.
  • A Concise History of the Youth.mpg
  • I'm a Man! I'm 40! Concise version of Mike Gundy's famous line
  • Cosmos Episode 12: Encyclopedia Galactica Part 1 of 7 Are there alien intelligences? How could we communicate with them? What about UFOs? The answers to these questions take us to Egypt to decode ancient hieroglyphics, to the largest radio telescope on Earth and, in the Spaceship of the Imagination, to visit other civilizations in space. Dr. Sagan answers questions such as: "What is the life span of a planetary civilization?" and "Will we one day hook up with a network of civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy?"
  • Gary Miller - Concise Reply to Christianity (part 1/4)
  • Richard Dawkins interview-Bill Moyers NOW with Bill Moyers interview The earth is not the centre of the universe. It orbits the sun -- which is just another star. There is no music of the spheres, but the chemical elements, from which all matter is made, arrange themselves cyclically, in something like octaves. There are not four elements but about 100. Earth, air, fire and water are not among them. Living species are not isolated types with unchanging essences. Instead, over a time scale too long for humans to imagine, they split and diverge into new species, which then go on diverging further and further. For the first half of geological time our ancestors were bacteria. Most creatures still are bacteria, and each one of our trillions of cells is a colony of bacteria. Aristotle was a distant cousin to a squid, a closer cousin to a monkey, a closer cousin still to an ape (strictly speaking, Aristotle was an ape, an African ape, a closer cousin to a chimpanzee than a chimp is to an orangutan). We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born. The potential people who could have been standing in my place but who will never see the light of day outnumber the sand grains of Sahara -- more, the atoms in the universe. Certainly those unborn ghosts include greater poets than Donne, greater scientists than Newton, greater composers than Beethoven. We know this because the set of possible people allowed by our DNA so massively outnumbers ...
  • Tina Turner - Proud Mary ('Concise' Mix by Arquest) 'Concise' mix of Tina Turner's live version of famous 'Proud Mary'. Originally, it was recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1969. Two years later a cover version was released by Ike & Tina Turner that differed greatly from the structure of the original, but is also well known and has become one of Tina's most recognizable signature songs. The song has since become a staple in all of Tina's live shows! Including last 50th anniversary tour as well. This track comes from Tina: Live! album released in 2009. Lyrics: I left a good job in the city Working for the man every night and day And I never lost one minute of sleeping worrying 'bout the way things might have been Big wheel keep on turning Oh the proud mary keep on burning And we're rolling, rolling Rolling on the river Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis Pumped a lot of tane down in New Orleans But I never saw the good side of the city Until I hitched a ride on a riverboat queen Big wheel keep on turning Oh the proud mary keep on burning And we're rolling, rolling yeah Rolling on the river If you come down to the river I bet you gonna find some people who live You don't have to worry if you got no money People on the river are happy to give Big wheel keep on turning Proud mary keep on burning And we're rolling, rolling Rolling on the river. We're rolling, rolling, rolling on the river etc. ______ "Tina Turner" "A Fool In Love" "It's Gonna Work Out Fine" "River Deep Mountain High" "I Wanna Take You Higher" "Proud ...
  • Slangston Hughes feat. Concise & Mike Maven - TONIGHT TRUE2 PRESENTS.... SLANGSTON HUGHES featuring CONCISE & MIKE MAVEN in the Music Video for "TONIGHT" Directed by MICHAEL LAMBERT JR. Director of Photography DAVE MAHECHA Produced by TRUE 2 LIFE MUSIC Shot in HD Technical Support/Styling DJ LISCIOUS Lighting/Steadicam Provided by LEN www.True2 /True2LifeMusic Go to www.True2 to download the *NEW* TRUE 2 LIFE Mixtape "LIVE.LOVE.LISTEN VOLUME 1" for FREE...including Bonus Liner Notes... /true2lifemusic /slangstonhughes /jackierobmusic /mikemaven For More Info or to Subscribe to True 2 Life Music Newsletter....Email: [email protected]
  • Why do we believe in God? Faith Clips by Fr. Robert Barron In this first question, Fr. Barron answers the most basic question of all time. To expand our knowledge about the spiritual life, we must begin with the truth. In this clip, Fr. Barron looks at how each of us is already 'wired to God'.
  • J. Geils Band - No Anchovies, Please There needed to be song lyrics of this song, so I bothered to make this video. J. Geils Band - No Anchovies, Please From the album Love Stinks I don't own this song.
  • Knife review: Pohl Force Bravo One Outdoor: sturdy EDC I have previously discussed the mighty Pohl Force Alpha One (meanwhile further refined as Alpha Two and Three). A great knife, but perhaps too much of a good thing for EDC. Hence knife designer Dietmar Pohl now offers a smaller variant, that's perfect for EDC: the Bravo One, which comes in 2 versions. In this review we have a closer look at the Bravo One, we compare its features with those of its big brother, and there is even an interview with Mr. Pohl !
  • How To Change Electric Guitar Strings Concise Tutorial Pt 1 Learn to change your electric guitar strings fast and easy. Get cool tips and secret methods to make string changes quickly. Also learn secret tricks to help keep strings in tune immediately after they're they're put on!
  • Lama Surya Das: "Buddhism 202" A concise elucidation of the next stage on the Buddhist path by one of the foremost American meditation teachers, Lama Surya Das.
  • Beavis and Butt head Kidnapped
  • A Concise Definition of Cognitive Neuroscience (UC Berkeley) Excerpt from "Lecture 1: What is cognitive neuroscience?" from the Fall 2009 Cognitive Science C127, 001, Psychology C127 at UC Berkeley. Professor Richard Ivry. iTunes U link: deimos3 UC Berkeley link:
  • GNOCDC New Orleans Index at Five In this 10-minute briefing, Dr. Allison Plyer of the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center explains that despite three major shocks, greater New Orleans is rebounding, and in some ways, "better than before." In addition, the research indicates that New Orleanians are showing increasing signs of resilience, and have executed multiple, critical systemic reforms. Yet, the data also reveals some disturbing trends. The briefing ends with thoughts on how to build on New Orleans' progress to date, and how to address the unfinished business of Katrina -- regional economy and coastline -- to truly move the region toward prosperity.

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  • “Source link: http:///10592/the-case-against-ip-a-concise-guide/ The Case Against IP: A Concise Guide. September 4, It is a fact that your name-calling, wild accusations and defamations of character against others are all over this forum”
    — The Case Against IP: A Concise Guide — Mises Economics Blog,

  • “Concise Computer Consulting, LLC. We offer IT consulting services to metro Detroit, MI including on-site computer repair and troubleshooting”
    Concise Computer Consulting, LLC:,

  • “The longest running virtual Hogwarts community on the web, since May 2001. now! 'cause I say so :P. And Cassie says it is amazing >_> And yes, this is a CONCISE blog post. 07.03.2009, 11:00 pm | pr_esc. Ravenclaw. Main Areas. Entrance Hall. HOL Forum. Hogsmeade. HOL Blog”
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  • “Research and review Abb Concise jobs. Learn more about a career with Abb Concise including all recent jobs, hiring trends, salaries, work environment and more”
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  • “Crossword Clue Solver is the crossword solver for you, providing crossword help for those pesky clues in your crossword puzzle Crossword Help Forum. Home " Forum " Times2 concise. Foxylady. 22a 8 letters. Group of football teams ?i?i?I?? Post 1 of 3. Posted: 18th November 2010, 10:”
    — Times2 concise,

  • “Blog Review Question 23: Concise Page URLs. December 13th, 2007 by Easton. We will now Blog Review Question #23: How concise is each page URL? It's important to be concise with”
    — Blog Review Question 23: Concise Page URLs,

  • “Monday, 11 June 2007. Blog Launch! Concise IT is proud to launch their The blog is intended to be a slightly more informal medium for Concise IT to communicate”
    Concise IT Official Blog: Blog Launch!,

  • “I have worked with several bloggers through my blogging consultancy service and one of the things I have noticed is that many bloggers do not utilize the power of self-promotion. If you are a small blogger, without self-promotion not many”
    — How to write blog headlines that make people click,

  • “Commercial art Concise設計工作室. Global blog category: Lifestyle. Album. Blog. Comment. Profile. Selected Category: Commercial art (2) View Mode: Post List Post Summary. Jun 26 Fri 2009 08:44. Making solid commercial space. By the different style, makes a special style the commercial space, is the”
    — Commercial art @ Concise designs the work room :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::,

  • “forum n. , pl. , forums , also fora . The public square or marketplace of an ancient Roman city that was the assembly place for judicial activity”
    — forum: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article,

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