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  • Computers requires prior counselor approval for requirement(s) #6e, 6f, 7c, 7d. Computers Merit Badge a. Describe four uses of computers outside the home. b. Describe three ways you and your. — “Computers - MeritBadgeDotOrg”,
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  • Apple designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the revolutionary iPhone and iPad. — “Apple Inc”,
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  • While a computer can, in theory, be made out of almost anything (see misconceptions section), and mechanical examples of computers have existed through much of recorded human history, the first electronic computers were developed in the mid-20th century (1940–1945). — “Computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • IBM manufactures and sells computer services, hardware, and software. Also provides financing services in support of its computer business. — “IBM”,
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  • Quantum Computers and Parallel Universes Complete video at: Marcus Chown, author of Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You: A Guide to the Universe, discusses the mechanics behind quantum computers, explaining that they function by having atoms exist in multiple places at once. He predicts that quantum computers will be produced within 20 years. ----- The two towering achievements of modern physics are quantum theory and Einsteins general theory of relativity. Together, they explain virtually everything about the world in which we live. But almost a century after their advent, most people havent the slightest clue what either is about. Radio astronomer, award-winning writer and broadcaster Marcus Chown talks to fellow stargazer Fred Watson about his book Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You. - Australian Broadcasting Corporation Marcus Chown is an award-winning writer and broadcaster. Formerly a radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology, he is now cosmology consultant of the weekly science magazine New Scientist. The Magic Furnace, Marcus' second book, was chosen in Japan as one of the Books of the Year by Asahi Shimbun. In the UK, the Daily Mail called it "a dizzy page-turner with all the narrative devices you'd expect to find in Harry Potter". His latest book is called Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You.
  • Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Old School Computer Remix This is dedicated to all fans of Queen. No effects and no sampling was used. What you see is what you hear (does that even make sense?) Atari 800xl and Floppy Drive 0$ 3.5 Inch Hard Drive 1$ Adaptec 2940UW SCSI Card $5 TI-99/4A and Tape Drive $15 8 Inch Floppy Drive $20 HP ScanJet 3C $25 Eico Oscilloscope $28 1000000 Hits on YouTube - Priceless
  • Eddie Izzard's Encore on Computers Hilarious! From his "Glorius" tour, Eddie discusses his love hate relationship with computers and how they will eventually end the world.
  • Lec 1 | MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Fall 2008 Lecture 1: Goals of the course; what is computation; introduction to data types, operators, and variables Instructors: Prof. Eric Grimson, Prof. John Guttag View the complete course at: License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at
  • LittleBigPlanet : Little Big Computer i have made an "electronic" 8bit calculator (not "mechanical" calculator) with the Beta demo of "Little big planet" (a new PS3 game with an editor for create). it do decimal/binary conversions and it can do Add and Sub. There are probably more simple solutions for calculator machine but i was more interested by this "electronic" solution for the fun computation take clearly less that a half second this calculator use: - 610 magnetic switches - 500 Wires - 430 pistons - 70 emitters and others stuff... I have made this machine only with the Beta demo, one month before the commercial release of the game (look the date of the video) in approximately one week. Level called "Little Big Calculator" my PSN is Upsilandre
  • The Future of Computers Mult-Touch Screen. So awesome.
  • Computer Health - With so many of us spending hours on end at our computers these days, it's no wonder we have body pains and health issues. Here are some excellent tips to help you stay in better "computer health".
  • Zapp IV - COMPUTER LOVE - Extended Version Old school R&B.
  • Computer Basics : What Is a Computer Router? A computer router is used to take the data being transmitted between computers and make sure it gets routed to the right computer using a scheme called addressing. Connect a network of computers using a wired or wireless router with tips from a certified computer technician in this free video on computers. Expert: Jonathan Ayres Bio: Jonathan Ayres has more than 25 years of computer industry experience with all types of computer hardware and operating systems. Filmmaker: Todd Green
  • Mineral Oil Submerged PC in Aquarium (original video) DIY kits for sale at and full details at We cool a computer by submerging it in mineral oil. In an aquarium, it looks great!
  • Your Dad Asks Computer Questions: SuperNews! A look into today's relationship between a young man, his dad, computers, internet *** and nuclear weapons. Watch more SuperNews! VIEW more SuperNews! clips & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Playlist here...
  • Computer Maintenance Tips : How to Keep Your Computer Running Fast & Smooth To keep a computer running fast and smooth, free up the hard drive and delete all the cookies from the system. Keep a computer running fast and smooth with tips from a computer specialist in this free video on computers. Expert: Charles Stewart Jr. Contact: Bio: Charles Stewart Jr. has been working with both Windows-based and Mac-based computers for more than 10 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC
  • How Computers Work - Journey Into The Walk-Through Computer [Recorded 1990] How Computers Work: A Journey Into The Walk-Through Computer is an educational video produced by The Computer Museum and hosted by David Neil of PBS's Newton's Apple. Join David Neil and his four young companions on an entertaining and illuminating trek through The Computer Museum's one-of-a-kind, two-story working model of a desktop computer. The Computer Museum in Boston, Massachusetts was the predecessor institution to the Computer History Museum located in Mountain View, California since 1996. Sadly, the walk-through computer did not move to California with the Computer Museum's collection, but as you can see from this video, it was a very engaging exhibit.
  • Computer Pioneers - Pioneer Computers Part 1 [Recorded: 1996] Part 1 of 2 The Dawn of Electronic Computing 1935 1945 Computer pioneer Gordon Bell hosts this two-part program on the evolution of electronic computing from its pre-World War II origins through the development of the first commercial computers. His narration traces the development of the stored program computer architecture which remains the foundation of todays modern computers. In Part 1 The builders of the first five computer machines: the Bell Labs Model 1, the Zuse Z1-3, the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, the Harvard Mark 1 and the IBM SSEC tell their stories.
  • Computer Maintenance Tips : How to Make Your Computer Faster Make a computer faster by checking the system's hard drive and eliminating unwanted items to free up space. Learn to make a computer run faster with tips from a computer specialist in this free video on computers. Expert: Charles Stewart Jr. Contact: Bio: Charles Stewart Jr. has been working with both Windows-based and Mac-based computers for more than 10 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC
  • BrainGate lets your brain control the computer BrainGate is a new technology where a chip is implanted in the brain that picks up electrical impulses. A computer then interprets those impulses as actions.
  • How to build, upgrade, or repair, your own PC Computer Yes, repairs PC's but here is a video that someone else upped in regards to how to build your own. I thought it was fairly instructional.
  • Computer Networking Tutorial - 2 - Networking Basics Introduction to computer networking. Any questions about the video? I will answer all questions at
  • Old People Use A Computer: The Game Show If you're over age 40 and successfully watching this, you've already won.
  • Look Around You - Computer Games A montage of clips from the 'Computers' episode from series 2 of Look Around You. First up, a special report on some of the latest video games available including million seller 'Diarrhea Dan' (check out some of the other titles in the background!)...Jack then grows a beard with the help of the 'Com***have'...A sneak preview of next weeks Inventor of the Year Grand Final...then mega-powerful computer 'Bournemouth'(David Walliams) escapes from captivity.
  • 1963 Timesharing: A Solution to Computer Bottlenecks [Recorded: May 9, 1963] This vintage film features MIT Science Reporter John Fitch at the MIT Computation Center in an extended interview with MIT professor of computer science Fernando J. Corbato. The film was co-produced by WGBH (Boston) and MIT. The prime focus of the film is timesharing, one of the most important developments in computing, and one which has come in and out of favor several times over the last several decades as the dichotomy between remote and centrally-managed computing resources played out; the latest incarnation for centrally-managed computing resources is known as cloud computing. Timesharing as shown in this film, was a novel concept in the early 1960s. Driven by a desire to more efficiently use expensive computer resources while increasing the interactivity between user and computer (man and machine), timesharing was eventually taken up by industry in the form of special timesharing hardware for mainframe and minicomputer computer systems as well as in sophisticated operating systems to manage multiple users and resources. Corbato describes how after the mid-1950s, when computers began to become reliable, the next big challenge to improve productivity and efficiency was the development of computer languages, FORTRAN being an example. One of the next bottlenecks in computing, according to Corabto, was the traditional batch processing method of combining many peoples computer jobs into one large single job for the computer to process at one time ...
  • How Steve Wozniak Brought Color to Personal Computers Complete video at: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recalls the moment he stumbled upon the idea of how to put color into personal computers. The inspiration came during a sleepless four-day and four-night design session while building the Atari game Breakout. "That was probably one of the biggest things Apple ever did," he says. ----- Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and philanthropist in conversation at the Discovery Forum 2010 with Emmy-award winning journalist Dana King from CBS 5 Eyewitness News. Renowned technology pioneer Steve Wozniak speaks to the importance of hands-on learning and encouraging creativity, and how the Bay Area Discovery Museum is a critical resource for preparing children for the challenges of the 21st century. The Discovery Forum serves to increase awareness about the importance of childhood creativity, and raises support for the Museum's educational exhibitions and programs. - Bay Area Discovery Museum A Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for the past three decades, Steve Wozniak, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Wheels of Zeus (wOz), helped shape the computing industry with his design of Apple's first line of products the Apple I and II and influenced the popular Macintosh. For his achievements at Apple Computer, Steve was awarded the National Medal of Technology by the President of the United States in 1985, the highest honor bestowed America's leading innovators. In 2000 Steve was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame and was awarded ...
  • How To Install Computer Memory TigerDirect is here to help you learn more about the ease of do-it-yourself upgrades. This video features a computer memory upgrade (RAM) in a standard PC. To learn more, visit or http Post your video review today! TigerDirect
  • The Computer History Museum Ellie Rountree visits the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. This episode was created in collaboration with Intel!
  • Bill Gates Praising Apple Computers BILL GATES - Computer Standard in 1984 - The MACINTOSH? WTF?????? Video Bill Gates- when promoting Apple, writing software for APPLE COMPUTER about 1984. Bill Gates Quote: "To create a new standard, it takes something that's not just a little bit different, it takes something that's really new and really captures people's imagination and the Macintosh, of all the machines I've ever seen, is the only one that meets that standard." — Bill Gates
  • Computer Science Unplugged - The Show This video shows an entertaining way to introduce Computer Science to school students. This version is the full 65 minutes video; it is also available in shorter clips starting at For more information, see
  • Oil Cooled Computer This is my attempt at a Mineral Oil Submersion cooled computer, followed after the project by Puget Custom Computers at After constantly fighting with loud fans, heat, and dust with my computer, I stumbled upon PCC's video about submerging a computer in mineral oil. I researched it further and ultimately decided to try it myself. There is no noise at all, even my new computer in an Antec 900 case on lowest settings is unbearably loud after experiencing the lack of noise from this system. The only way to tell if its on is to see if the fans are spinning :) Total stability as the oil equalizes the temperatures from all components. And its completely dust free forever! In the second half of the video I purchased a small 70gph water fountain pump for $20 and a heatercore for a 1973 Ford F250 for about $14, 1/2" vinyl tubing and clamps $7. Please comment! and I will try to answer any questions to the best of my ability. -Grey Artist: Transientworld Song: Deconstruct
  • 16-bit ALU in minecraft This is the first part of a planned 16-bit computer that will run entirely in minecraft. That computer will be "Hack" compatible, which is to say that it'll run code meant for the Hack machine described in The Elements of Computing Systems (a fantastic book that you should look up if you are at all interested in how computers work. Its website is ). Some more info: The design was drawn up in a program called Redstone Simulator (does what it says on the tin), which was written by Baezon on the Minecraft Forums MCEdit ( ) was used to help clear off space and import the design into minecraft. Hours of experimenting with prototypes, modifications to the design, and debugging took place in the game itself, however. This project is far from over. Memory, here I come...
  • Learn English 70 - Computers Learn how to talk about the Internet in English. In this advanced English lesson you will see two friends looking for information about the weather on line. One friend is explaining to the other how to use the Internet to find this information. To continue learning right away and talk to Englishtown teachers 24/7 click here or visit and find out more about studying English abroad.
  • Look around you computers petticoat V 5
  • Recycling Computers How precious metals are savaged from unwanted computers.
  • General Computer Tips : How to Download Videos From YouTube Download videos from YouTube by opening the Web browser, highlighting the address, and copying the file to the PC desktop. Convert downloaded YouTube videos to WMV files or Quick Time using tips from a software developer in this free video on general computer tips. Expert: Dave Andrews Contact: Bio: Dave Andrews is a software developer that holds a degree in computer science. Currently, he is employed by a government IT department. Filmmaker: Tim Brown
  • Hack: Shutdown your Computer with a Cell Phone ***UPDATE*** This project can also be done with Thunderbird. This video will show you how to shutdown your computer from anywhere using a texting capable cell phone, Microsoft Outlook and a free account from
  • Computer History - A British View - Part 1 of 3 A British film about computers from 1969. It is presented here as a historical look at how computers used to be in the 1960's when PC's and Macs were over 10 years away. Shown in three parts. Sorry, but the 16mm print is rather battered! To my surprise this clip was featured in 'The Guardian' newspaper's Technology supplement on Thursday December 6th 2007.
  • How to Learn Computers - Tom is twelve years old, and has more insight to computers than many people three times his age. This kid blows me away, and he has an amazing future ahead of him. He sent me in his top five tips to learn more about computers.
  • Internet & Computer Help : How to Connect a Wireless Router When connecting a wireless router, it's important to have access to the instructions that came with the router. Connect an Ethernet cable to a modem with help from a Web designer in this free video on computer and Internet tips. Expert: Noah Blumenthal Bio: Noah Blumenthal is a computer expert who worked as a Web designer at Netbuzz, an online Web design and advertising company in Paris, France. Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky
  • Speed Up Your Computer In 5 Minutes - Video 1 of 3 Hi! My name is Gabe Belanger, MCSE BSc., of Computer Geeks On Call ( [email protected] ). I have been working in the IT industry for 9+ years and I wanted to provide some training for one of the most common issues I deal with each day: slow computers. In about 5 minutes you will be able to safely and effectively speed up your computer and free up some RAM. How? This is done by disabling programs that run automatically when you start your computer. How do these programs get on your system? They come with the installation of programs such as Norton Anti-virus, Microsoft Office, etc. The problem happens not with one or two programs but with say 10 or 20 programs you install over a few months - the extra processing required to run these, often unecessary progams, slowly but surely slow down your computer. Best of all this tool is included with Windows 98, ME, XP and VISTA. It is something every person should do to keep their system running quickly. Adding RAM is often not a solution and neither is getting a new, faster computer - eventually as you install software the computer will slow down again because of the sheer number of extra programs that run.
  • My Computer Thinks I'm Gay (Prank Call) Friday Night Cranks prank call Dell customer support and tells them there is a virus on their computer that is telling Jared he is gay. This call gets interesting Request ideas now and watch us every week at
  • HP computers are racist The face tracking feature of the HP web cam will not recognize or track black faces. You have to watch this video. It is hilarious!
  • Barack Obama - Computer Science Question Barack Obama gets asked a computer science question by Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

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