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  • This page provides information related to course offerings in composition for students who wish to emphasize composition at UNC and for those who wish to simply enroll in selected courses. The page also provides important information related to scholarship opportunities in composition. — “Composition — UNC Music Department”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Composition. Information about Composition in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. musical composition. — “Composition definition of Composition in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • It will stoope and yeeld upon better compositions to him that shall make head against it. that the Turks retired and fled into the Castle, from whence by a flag of truce they desired composition. — “composition - Wiktionary”,
  • composition n. The combining of distinct parts or elements to form a whole. The manner in which such parts are combined or related. — “composition: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Bull's Eye Composition. A definite NO, NO' in good composition. When you place the Main Subject right smack' in the center of the picture area it is called a Bull's Eye. This should be avoided at all times, unless you have a definite reason for doing it. — “Composition”,
  • Look up composition or compose in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Composition (number theory), a way of writing a positive integer as a sum of positive integers. — “Composition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Although quite dated, this essay from Alfred M. Hitch***'s 1923 book, High School English Book provides a purposeful, real-world definition of composition: What does the word composition mean to you? What does it immediately suggest? No doubt. — “Composition - Wikiversity”,
  • Articles about how to improve photographic technique and composition, how to use golden mean, golden section, golden spiral, golden ratio, framing, leading lines, image balance, and other photography composition rules. Examples, articles,. — “Photography Composition Articles Library”,
  • Music Composition: A Book List - The Art Of Creating Your Own Music. — “Music Composition: A Book List - The Art Of Creating Your Own”,
  • A composition that conveys a photographer's intended meaning is an effective one. One that doesn't or that confuses the viewer is not. This section, one the site's most important, is intended to help you properly compose your photographs. — “Composition”,
  • Principles of Composition is a component of the Guide to Grammar and Writing. It contains digital handouts on how to get started in the writing process, how to edit (and check for errors in logic), how to begin and conclude, and how to format. — “Principles of Composition”,
  • Do you want to know more about 'the rules' of Composition?Or an explanation of the Principles and Elements of Composition and Design?Have you ever tried to make your artwork more pleasing to the eye?Or wanted to know what makes some paintings. — “Composition and Design - Resources for Artists”,
  • Mead composition book - 444 results from 174 stores, including Composition Book,Special Ruled,100 Shts ,9 -3 /4 "x7 -1 /2 " ,BE /ME, Composition Book,Special Ruled,100 Shts ,9 -3 /4 "x7 -1 /2 " ,BE /ME, Composition Book,Special Ruled,100 Shts ,9. — “Mead composition book - Shop sales, stores & prices at”,
  • Composition definition, the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole. See more. — “Composition | Define Composition at ”,
  • Definition of composition from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of composition. Pronunciation of composition. Definition of the word composition. Origin of the word composition. — “composition - Definition of composition at ”,
  • Composition can be a lonely occupation. Images of composers living on dry bread in garrets spring to mind, although many church composers have been well-paid and well These masters were geniuses, but they were also skilled craftsmen, for that is what 95% of composition is - a craft. — “Church Choir Music composition - write music yourself!”, music-for-church-
  • Definition of composition in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of composition. Pronunciation of composition. Translations of composition. composition synonyms, composition antonyms. Information about composition in the free online English. — “composition - definition of composition by the Free Online”,
  • "ONE FRIEND IN A LIFETIME IS MUCH; TWO ARE MANY; THREE ARE HARDLY POSSIBLE."—Henry Brooks Adams. SUCH a remark suggests that true friends are rare. All too often comments such as "I have no one to turn to," "I cannot trust anybody," or "My dog. — “composition about friendship? i'm a beginner in composition i”,
  • Composition dolls are made of a combination of wood pulp and paper-based products. The material mixture was an inexpensive alternative to the pricey bisque dolls made in Europe. Composition dolls are formed in a mold, making these dolls the. — “Composition - Get great deals for Composition on eBay!”,
  • Composition Book - 130 results like the Mead Square Deal Composition Book, Roaring Spring Paper ROA77308 Tapebound Composition Notebook, Roaring Spring Paper Tapebound Composition Notebook, Global Industrial Sewn Black Marble Cover Composition. — “Composition Book - Notebooks - Compare Prices, Reviews and”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define composition as NComposition \Com`po*si'tion\, n. [F. composition, fr. positio. See {Composite}.]1. The act or. — “Definition of Composition from ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of COMPOSITION. 1. a : the act or process of composing; specifically : arrangement into specific proportion or relation and especially into artistic form b (1). — “Composition - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-

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  • Composition of functions (math) This video describes how to compose functions, which is used in math. This concept is usually taught in Algebra II and Precalculus.
  • Photographer John Woodward on Composition Watch a clip from the Beauty and the Beast photography seminar. John Woodward explains composition.
  • Princesse des sables (Original composition) - Igor Flédérick New one for my princess. Please, share this video with your friends ! Buy it !
  • Formula from Mass Composition Figuring out the empirical formula from a molecules mass composition
  • Learn Photography Composition - Learn to see the elements of composition and how everything works together to carry the viewers eye from detail to detail
  • Free Photography Lessons, Part 2: Composition I gladly offer this basic, 5-part series of photography lessons FOR FREE! Our world has become increasingly visual in the way we communicate. We not only take more pictures, we show them, send them and display them to more eyes than ever before. Wouldn't it be nice to capture and show better pictures? In this series, I get us thinking about... 1. How to tell a story with our photographs by understanding the 4 dimensions associated with the art. 2. The basic elements of "composing" our photographic story. How do we put things in our viewfinders so people get the essence of that moment that inspired us. 3. Understanding exposure, light and color and how they combine to say what we want. 4. How lens choice and operation effects focus and how focus effects what we show in our photos 5. The people in our photographs and the people we are showing them to. Please enjoy these lessons. They're not meant to be comprehensive and their not meant to be exhaustive or advanced. That doesn't mean I don't encourage any questions you might want to post for either me to try to answer or anyone else who comes along. Please, be kind, helpful and enjoy.
  • After Effects Tutorial - 3 - Advanced Composition Panel Part 4 - Watch this video in high def now! You'll thank me :) Subscribe to my channel if you're cool! visit my website at
  • Film Composition with Nicholas O'Toole, Part 1 How to produce film composition using the NeKo all-in-one keyboard workstation demonstrated by composer Nicholas O'Toole.
  • Dreams - Classical Composition - to purchase a CD or check out the website CD is also now available on Itunes - ----------- Hello My Friends :)) I recently finished writing this classical piece, I hope you will enjoy it :))) Cheers, Alex Copyright Alex Chudnovsky
  • Jewel Thief - Rula Ke Gaya Sapna Mera - Lata Mangeshkar Super Hit Hindi Song From Bollywood Film Jewel Thief 1967 Dev Anand, Vaijayantimala, Ashok Kumar, Tanuja ,Music By SDBurman, Directed By Vijay
  • After Effects Tutorial - 2 - Creating a Composition Part 3 - If you wanna watch this tutorial in high def click the link below (hint: click the link) and make sure to subscribe to my channel! visit my website at
  • Photography Tutorial 8 (Composition) Happy August everybody!!!!!! This is the 8th installment of my Photography Tutorial series. It is actually an abbreviated version of Chapter 2 from the DVD I slang. It is a introduction to some core concepts of composition. Enjoy, the next one of this series will be posted first week of September........ Order the DVD here to be a learning super freak • FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE • for a limited time If you order this DVD all of your wildest dreams will come true =o) Peace Robert
  • Composition - Photography with Imre - Episode 4 Episode 4 of my photography series discusses and demonstrates composition (rule of thirds, golden mean or ratio, etc). You'll also want to check out my blog - - as it's supplemented with additional information and links to sites describing this topic in detail. Hope you enjoy, remember to rate (5 stars!), and subscribe so you can stay up to date with my future videos.
  • The Separation (original composition) Rocket- ***ATTENTION ALL SINGERS OUT THERE*** Youtuber user JeffKSorensen has written a thoughtful set of lyrics to this piece and I am in search of awesome vocalists to sing this song together, possibly to post as a video response. Solo is perfect as well, comment for details. --LYRICS-- So, you were always in my heart, until the day we had to part. Till the sun set down and made you go. There, on a lonely wooded hill, I will always love you still. Till all the trees are gone and rivers all run dry. Yet, all my dreams have come true. It was all because of you. You were my hero, my inspiration, my life. And I know ... I just had to let you go. I will continue to be true. To all the life I had with you. And the promises you helped me make. You will return for me once more, from beyond the distant shore, Where we can laugh and play, as the years go fleeing by. I will not fail as I go back and live, thorough all the joy and the heartache thats left for me, As I share the things I have to give. Oh what a bright morning light, when I meet you dressed in white, And all the sorrow will fade away as a dream. Still I know, you dont want me to cry, but be happy spending my life, To care and love and learn, to live and feel and grow. {Piano interlude} But, when Im sitting here, I cried. I want you sitting by my side. Theres just one thing that I miss right now. You.
  • Sadness Will Fade in Time (original composition) It has been far too long since I have posted a song-like composition on piano. Hope you enjoy this one, it's longer than Island of Dreams! I would say the inspiration behind this is Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and pop perhaps? Anyhow, I enjoyed writing and producing this video, and I hope you get as much out of it as I did! Kyle
  • Fuschia Kimono (composition) my 3rd composition, took me a loooooong time.. this was created with the song "Isabella" by OzielZinho, a great brazilian guitarist, in mind. i had wanted to change my style and add variation to my compositions since i had the habit of being too modal in my other pieces, so i decided to incorporate some minor progressions and melodies in my composition in a new style. at thet time, i had really wanted to create a song similar to his incredible piece, so i decided to transcribe his songs by ear and compose something along the way. if you like my videos, you could help me out by pressing the yellow "subscribe" button up top, and i would greatly appreciate it. please rate and comment, and better quality mp3 can be found on my myspace link below. thanks! btw, happy birthday to my mom, whose b-day is today, July 7th.
  • Piano music composition - The unfinished story A new original piano music composition by Isisip released in March 2008. The title of it is "The unfinished story". Just like the music on the album "My music collection", a lot of thoughts were put into it. This time another story is told by the piano. Two versions are presented in this video, the piano only version was played a little slower, the two different versions have different feelings. To learn more about the song, please visit (Piano sheet music available for sale on the website) Hope you like it, some listeners said this music reminds them of the piano music from final fantasy. Thank you very much for watching! (C)2008 Isisip
  • StarCraft 2 - [P] Unit Composition vs MMM - Strategy Force StarCraft 2 Strategy presents: Protoss Unit Composition vs MMM Learn Step-by-Step how to execute this strategy! (9) Pylon (10) Gateway (13) Assimilator (15) Cybernetics Core (22) Robotics Facility (24) Gateway (24) Warp Gate Research (27) Assimilator (47) Robotics Bay - Going for that 2 Warpgate Robotics Facility build will allow you to get out a fast Immortal to deal with any early game Marauder aggression - Take full advantage of your Observers to fully scout your opponent, the more you know the better you can respond - In order to properly deal with MMM you are going to need Collosus or High Templar, make your decision as to which pending on what your opponent is doing NOTE: Build orders should never stay static and are subject to change based on what your opponent is doing Remember this is an RTS: use your brain, be adaptable, profit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download this replay to study it yourself: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To stay up to date on the latest StarCraft strategy and discussion be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Force StarCraft 2 Strategy Your premier location for SC2 Step-by-Step strategies and tutorials ...
  • Piano Music Composition- My lonely Road Hello! This is my original composition played by myself, hope you like it :) The best sound quality version can be found on my CD "my music collection" and mp3. Get the music here: To learn more about the song and for info about sheet music, please visit: Thanks for watching. (C)2007 Isisip
  • Feelings of Childhood (original composition) Rocket- This is actually my very first composition. I started writing it in sixth grade when I was twelve. It was always an untitled composition until about two years ago when I entitled it "Old School." I changed the name for this video however. Why did I want this piece to represent Childhood? Because I wrote it back when I was a child However, you may notice this piece isn't happy and jolly all of the time. It becomes very sad, and even angry at a point. My childhood was alright at first, but there was one tragic event that plummeted it to sadness. My mother had passed away when I was eleven. It was hard to overcome, but I got through it. That would be the reason for the ending. Hope you enjoy Kyle ps. keep in mind there has obviously been some huge improvements in this piece due to how much better I am now than when I wrote this.
  • Photo Composition 101 Photo Techniques
  • Composition of Functions Composition of Functions - Numerous examples are shown of how to compose functions! For more free math videos, check out
  • Wonder Girls - So Hot process of composition by JYP JYP making of Wonder Girls hit song So Hot
  • Rules of Composition this is a video project done for school on the rules of compositions for photography
  • Cynthia Cantabile (original composition) Rocket- Cynthia is so awesome, that I made her a full composition. Yeah so sorry about the horrible lighting. It looked fine when I situated the camera. I guess the sun hid behind clouds while I took the video but miraculously came back at 2:49 at the most perfect time. Kyle
  • Animemories (original composition) Rocket- The chorus of this piece was written months before hand haha... but the story of this piece goes like this This piece is dedicated to Matt Roy (spookyman89), Inspired by listening to anime music too much in the past. I changed the title AGAIN, this time I think it may be a little more creative? eh? Kyle
  • Java Programming Tutorial - 43 - Composition What composition is in java programming
  • Molecular and Empirical Forumlas from Percent Composition Molecular and Empirical Forumlas from Percent Composition. Example 2.9 from Kotz Chemistry book
  • Mieke Maligne sings her original composition, Christmas...It's Kinda Almost Here Just in time for the holiday season, Mieke Maligne delivers her original composition, Christmas...It's Kinda Almost Here, at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The video uses split screen as Mieke plays her ukelele and all of percussion on the track. Wes Inaba (vocal director of Premiere Entertainment (Pure Artists) accompanies on piano. CHRISTMAS...IT'S KINDA ALMOST HERE (Music and Lyrics by Mieke Maligne) Verse 1 It's not even Halloween Just that awkward stage in between Of seeing pumpkins and orange leaves And hearing carols like Greensleeves Verse 2 The Christmas count down has begun It's pretty long cause summer school was just done Stoked to wear my Christmas jumper, Not for the shopping traffic bumper to bumper! Chorus I'll tell you how I always know I see commercials for scented candles before there's snow Yes, I already see the happy times of the year It's certainly not unclear Christmas is kind of, almost, sort of close to being here Verse 3 Facebook updates every hour On what festive foods my friends devour And while I eat my tofurky at home I'll go on "Santa Track" to see what time he's in Rome Verse 4 I must confess I'm not immortal here There is one thing that brings me such cheer The fireplace channel on a chilly day And then go with friends, baby on a sleigh Chorus I'll tell you how I always know I see commercials for scented candles before there's snow Yes, I already see the happy times of the year It's certainly not unclear Christmas is kind of, almost, sort of ...
  • Astronauts - Mathew Maokh ( Original Composition ) You can buy the song and it's backing track on iTunes : ______________________________________ Hello everybody. It's been a long time I haven't post any originals, and I want to apologize for this, I was soooooooo busy, :) This one is called " Astronauts ", and it's one of my favorite guitar work. I love the atmosphere of the song, I'm just feeling like flowing when I'm playing this song. I didn't want to make a song, who will be just like a 3 minutes solo. I worked on the atmosphere, on the ambiance, on the feeling. I really hope that I can share my emotions with all of you, and that you can feel it. When I played the song, I used a simple clean tone, and then, I added some effects ( Reverb, Delay ) with Cubase and many plugins included. I worked a lot on the drums for this one. When I pressed the "Enter button" ( at 1:54 ), it's just because I had to swith between the clean, and the distortion tone. I hope you'll like this song. And, thank you so much for your support. Love you xx ___________________________________________ Me and my band recently recorded our debut EP. Check this channel out to listen to some extracts ! ___________________________________________ Guitar : ESP M-II Tuning : STANDART ___________________________________________ I'm using Cubase SX to record the sound, and EZDrummer to create the drums. The guitar sounds comes from my Toneport UX1, with the Line 6 Pod Farm interface. #1 - Le plus de commentaires écrits ...
  • Raphael Sorel Composition This is a mix of clips of Soul Calibur's Raphael dubbed to Kate Ryan's Desenchantee.
  • Composition - The Golden Mean (Golden Section) with Ronald Swanwick Professional Artist Ronald Swanwick explains the principles behind 'The Golden Mean' rule of composition. And it would appear that some noodle has spelt his name wrong in the video - sorry about that Ronald!
  • Original Composition - Run Away GUITAR PRO TAB HERE ! You can download the song here : The backing track : The songs are free, but for those who may want to help me, you can make a donation here : Thank you ! __________________________________ Hi guys ! Here is a video of one of my composition. The BT have been made with Cubase, and Reason. I you have some questions, ask me :) Thank you so much for all your comments ! Don't forget to subscrite and to rate my videos if you like them ! ;) (Sorry, I'm French, i don't know if all the sentences are corrects haha ) Guitar : ESP M-II Tuning : STANDART -------------------------------------------------------------- My band : -------------------------------------------------------------- I'm using Cubase SX to record the sound, and Reason 4 to make the Backing track. The guitar sounds comes from my Toneport SX, with the Line 6 Pod Farm interface.
  • Avatar Trailer Music Composition This is the soundtrack from the second trailer of James Cameron's Avatar. It was arranged by me from three songs, precisely like they goes in the trailer (maybe little bit longer). It's not a stupid connection of songs one by one. Name of the songs: Steve Jablonsky - My name is Lincoln Audio Machine - Akkadian Empire Audio Machine - Guardians at the Gate (No Choir) Audio Machine - Guardians at the Gate (Choir) you can download this song by this link
  • Pleasant Encounter - Ben's Composition Pleasant Encounter Ben's original composition "mounten summers!" by The breeze comes. The sun beem through the leaves. Pine leaves dance on their branches. Birds sing and cherp. Squirls dance and play chatering, with each other as if to say, come on man lets have fun today. Listen to the stream as it passes by, trickling over rocks and broken branches. Smell The wild flowers all in bloom, mixed with pine and blue moss too. What a sent you can't, make only God could make it that way. The breeze plays with my hair. I just close my eyes and boom I'm there. The sun dances on, the leaves of green, and shines on the ground below. could it be mountain summers just begun? Oh what a sight to see. Life comes out only to see, and hide when it becomes dark. Oh mountain summers, please never end, no chilly breezes, only soft warm wind! by Laurel Smith!
  • Another mass composition problem Another exercise converting a mass composition to an empirical formula.
  • Basics of Composition Part: 2 www.learn- I'm going to take you from the beginning to the end, how to compose piano music. Each month I'll post new more advanced videos taking you right through to composing pieces like the ones I've put up here.
  • True Love -Ben's Original composition Ben's original composition at age 9 As tears now, fall from my eyes, The beauty of your composition, i cannot disguise. The breathtaking words and a delicate song, Touched my heart so, i just couldn't go on, Without telling you how much you have just done for me, Giving me hope, that i will find my destiny. Thank you. ~Jenny
  • Meditação- Jive's composition (improvisation) Improvisation meditative
  • Janaki kalag***edhu...Ramudu anukoledhu [Original Composition], Romantic Telugu Song 1983's Old Telugu movie RajKumar (Shoban Babu and Jayasudha) Music: Illaya raja, Lyricist: Acharya Athreya Artwork Composition: VGNath jAnaki kalag***Edhu rAmuni sati kAgalanani EnADu rAmuDu anukOlEdhu jAnaki pati kAgalanani AnADu EnADu evarU anukOnidI InADu manakU nijamainadI A rAmAyaNam mana jIvana pArAyaNam rAmuDu anukOlEdhu jAnaki pati kAgalanani AnADu cheli manasE Sivadh***ainadi tolichUpula vaSamainadi valapu swayam varamainapuDu geluvanidI yEdI oka bANam oka bhAryannadi SrIrAmuni chirayaSamainadi SrIvAru A varamistE sirulannI nAvi tolichukkavu nIvE chukkAnivi nIvE tudidAkA nIvE maru janmaku nIvE AAAA AAAA AAAAAA jAnaki kalag***Edhu rAmuni sati kAgalanani EnADu rAmuDu anukOlEdhu jAnaki pati kAgalanani AnADu sahavAsam manaku nivAsam sarihaddu nIlAkASam pratipoddu praNayAvESam pedavulapai hAsam sumasAram mana samsAram maNihAram mana mamakAram pratirOju oka SrIkAram paravaSa SrungAram gatamanTE nIvE kadha kAnidi nIvE kalalannI nAvE kalakAlam nIvE AAAA AAAA AAAAAA rAmuDu anukOlEdhu jAnaki pati kAgalanani AnADu jAnaki kalag***Edhu rAmuni sati kAgalanani EnADu AnADu evarU anukOnidI InADu manakU nijamainadI A rAmAyaNam mana jIvana pArAyaNam rAmuDu anukOlEdhu jAnaki pati kAgalanani AnADu jAnaki kalag***Edhu rAmuni sati kAgalanani EnADu Friends, I have recreated my channel and you can expect more videos coming into my channel. For those who had downloaded my this video and uploaded back to youtube, I thank you for liking my composition and supporting it. I have few more ...
  • Composition Rule 3 - The Rule of Thirds This is the easiest rule of composition to use. The Rule Of Thirds. If you like it, please visit my website for more.
  • Beautiful Sadness - Classical Composition by Alex Chudnovsky - to purchase a CD or check out the website CD is also now available on Itunes - ----------- Hello My Friends :), I hope your all doing well. I am sorry about such a long delay in posting new videos. I hope you enjoy this new classical composition. Cheers, Alex Copyright Alex Chudnovsky

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