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  • Use a comma before and, but, or, nor, for, and yet to separate independent clauses in Commas separate participial phrases and adjective clauses that are nonessential. — “Commas”,
  • Commas are frequently used to make a writer's meaning clearer to a reader. If you still have a complete idea, the word or phrase is an interrupter and commas will be needed to separate it from the rest of the sentence. — “Intermediate Test Prep ELA 8 (Grades7-8) Literary Devices”,
  • Comma Usage. If you have a fast connection to the Internet—a T1 line (available in most computer lab situations), cable modem, or DSL—click HERE for a If your computer is equipped with PowerPoint, click on the PowerPoint icon to the right for a brief PowerPoint presentation on comma usage. — “Rules for Comma Usage”,
  • Caution: Do not place commas between two items separated by and or between three items separated from one another by ands. Remember to place a comma before the coordinating conjunction joining the last two elements of the series. — “COMMA”,
  • The comma has several uses in English grammar, all related to marking-off separate elements within a sentence. — “Commas | Punctuation Rules”,
  • What follows is not a comprehensive guide to the many uses of commas, but a quick tour of the most common errors involving them. A simple comma makes everything clear: "I plan to see Shirley, and Fred will go shopping while we visit. — “commas”,
  • Comma Rules: How to Use Commas Properly - Part Three. By Morgan Stockton October 27, 2010. Every writer, even the good ones, sometimes need a little help with commas. Here is a helpful guide in explaining comma use in your sentence structure to make your writing flow smoothly. — “Commas - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • What a difference commas make! Proper use of punctuation and grammar is quickly falling to the wayside in today's environment of information on demand and text messaging. Use commas to separate things in a list or series. Use commas between two or more. — “How to Use Commas - wikiHow”,
  • A comma is a punctuation mark. It has the same shape as an apostrophe or single closing quotation mark in many typefaces, but it differs from them in being placed on the baseline of the text. — “Commas and Punctuation”, the-
  • Rules governing punctuation change over time, reflecting the style and tastes of a writing, print, or cyber culture: although nowadays writers tend to minimize comma usage, there are still numerous conventional uses for commas: Using Commas with Coordinating Conjunctions. — “Commas”,
  • Commas, for starters, make sentences, like this one, run on, and on, and on, with no end, however weak, in sight. A List, Of Sorts, Of Comma Users, Who Use Commas. ***agers, the most foolish ones, who aspire to be writers, however unlikely, might overuse the comma, in order to seem, though this is. — “Commas - Encyclopedia Dramatica”,
  • Should it be June,1990, or June 1990, or no commas at all? Answer: No comma after June, since no day is expressed. There is a comma after 1990, but not because it's a date. That comma is there because the phrase "after one year of employment" is not restrictive. — “Questions on Commas”,
  • In some cases there are widely accepted rules governing comma usage; in a few cases, there is more than one acceptable approach. After all, the last thing a senior attorney wants to do is correct a junior attorney's comma usage. — “Commas”,
  • Using commas incorrectly may confuse the reader, signal ignorance of writing rules, or indicate carelessness. Where you pause or breathe in a sentence does not reliably indicate where a comma belongs. — “Commas”,
  • 11 Commas in dates, numbers, personal titles, and addresses For now, don't worry about any unfamiliar terms; simply observe the main actions commas do: join, emphasize, contain, and separate. They work with a coordinating conjunction to join two independent clauses within a sentence. — “Rhetoric and Composition/Commas - Wikibooks, collection of”,
  • ( commas with two independent clauses) She invited him to her party and he accepted. ( comma unnecessary with short clauses) Use a comma after an introductory adverb clause and, often, after an introductory phrase (unless the phrase is very short). — “The Comma”,
  • Commas are probably the most frequently used punctuation mark, and comma errors come up frequently in student writing. The most common mistake that students make when using commas is thinking that a comma goes wherever one hears a pause in a sentence. — “ENG 1001: Punctuation: Commas”,
  • A punctuation mark ( , ) used to indicate a separation of ideas or of elements within a sentence. 'Take care of the commas and the other stops will take care of themselves,' for the writer who handles this puny little stop correctly and sensibly can probably punctuate as well as need be. — “comma - definition and examples of comma - marks of punctuation”,
  • The comma ( , ) is a punctuation mark. It has the same shape as an apostrophe or single closing quotation mark in many typefaces, but it differs from them in being placed on the baseline of the text. Some typefaces render it as a small line,. — “Comma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Commas definition, the sign (,), a mark of punctuation used for indicating a division in a sentence, as in setting off a word, phrase, or clause, esp. when suc See more. — “Commas | Define Commas at ”,
  • This resource offers a number of pages about comma use. 1. Use commas to separate independent clauses when they are joined by any of these seven coordinating conjunctions: and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet. — “Purdue OWL: Commas”,
  • If sentences, comma use. Commas and more. Comma Sense. See: Punctuation, Comma Splices, Language Arts Index, Using Commas and Semi-Colons Correctly. Free Presentation Tutorials - including how to create. a new presentation from several old. — “The Common Comma - Language Arts FREE Presentations in”,
  • Learn about Commas on . Find info and videos including: What Is a Comma?, How to Use Commas, How to Use a Comma and much more. — “Commas - ”,

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  • comma song- how to place commas in numbers!!! song that teaches commas go after every 3 digits in a number. Use this along with my 'reading numbers' place value song: See more...
  • Grammar Lesson 3.4 Commas in a Series This is a grammar lesson from http:// that explains how commas are used to punctuate nouns or adjectives in a series or list. Visit our ...
  • Commas are a matter of life or death! A story from Professor Puppet You know, punctuation is very important and needs to be used properly. It can even be the difference between life and death, like in this story. A panda walk...
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  • Using Commas Professor Mills, at Randolph-Macon College talks about the power of punctuation and specifically, how to properly use commas.
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  • commas in a series commas in a series.
  • All I want is commas I got dope boy money Stupid with the plug.
  • Grammar Vids for Kids: How To Use Commas http:///grammar http:///inkwellscholars Einstein teaches the three most important comma rules, and the alien finds a new friend.
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  • ACT Writing: How to Correct Punctuation Errors (Commas) | Kaplan Test Prep Kaplan ACT Writing teacher and online ACT tutor Claire provides a helpful lesson and tutorial on how to get more points on the Writing section of the ACT usi...
  • Grammarville Lesson One: Comma Rules This is a short grammar lesson that covers three different comma rules.
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  • SAT Grammar: How to Use Commas and Semicolons http:// for more free SAT and ACT grammar tips and advice! Here, I discuss the ways in which you can properly use a semicolon and a ...
  • Young Jeezy - Too Many Commas ft Birdman (It's Tha World) HD Young Jeezy - Too Many Commas ft Birdman (It's Tha World) HD Young Jeezy - Too Many Commas ft Birdman (It's Tha World) HD Young Jeezy - Too Many Commas ft Bi...
  • (Music Video) /Dotarachi /Mrprincefilms (Music Video) 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • Basic Punctuation: How and When to use Commas http:///lesson/2954 This lesson is excerpted from the Basic Punctuation course. The full course was created by and is available from Splashe...
  • Chap 10 Part 1 - Commas and Semicolons
  • L.E.P. Bogus Boys - Commas (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Ma$e Buy Now! iTunes: Music video by L.E.P. Bogus Boys performing Commas (Explicit).
  • L.E.P Bogus Boys feat Young Jeezy T.I. Mase - Commas [OFFICIAL REMIX]
  • Grammar Module 8b: Commas Module 8b Commas Centre for Academic and Faculty Enrichment C.A.F.E. Durham College Created by: Sunny Mutti.
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  • Commas Rule! Watch this "slasher" film about the comma. You'll never again think about this tiny punctuation mark the same way.
  • The Comma Song (Bruno Mars).mov Some of my students wrote this for a class project, they gave me permission to record and post. They did a GREAT job!

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