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  • Columbariums by Armento designed are with an understanding of and respect for the denominational needs and the architectural style of the church. The Bronze Face Plates are sculptured bas-reliefs of liturgical meaning. The modular construction. — “Columbariums by Armento Liturgical Arts”,
  • A columbarium is a place for the respectful and usually public storage of cinerary urns (i.e., urns holding a deceased's cremated remains) The Columbarium of Pomponius Hylas is a particularly fine ancient Roman example, rich in frescoes, decorations and precious mosaics. — “Columbarium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Columbarium is derived from the Latin word devocate, or "a nesting place for doves." The Early Christians in Rome used the term to describe the catacombs, where they not only interred the dead, but also sought refuge and worshipped during times of persecution. — “Columbarium”,
  • Construction will begin soon on the 3rd Wall of our Columbarium! A columbarium is an arrangement of openings into which an urn or urns containing the cremated remains of a. — “Columbarium”,
  • On behalf of the Session, Westminster's Finance and Administration Committee manages the Columbarium, maintains a Columbarium diagram, and keeps records regarding niche reservations and persons inurned in the Columbarium, including names, dates of birth and death, and inurnment dates. — “Columbarium Policies and Procedures - Westminster”,
  • Columbarium definition, a sepulchral vault or other structure with recesses in the walls to receive the ashes of the dead. See more. — “Columbarium | Define Columbarium at ”,
  • Columbarium. In life and death and life beyond death, God is with us, The word "columbarium" is derived from "Columbra," the Latin word for ". — “Columbarium”,
  • The word Columbarium refers to a place designated for the inurnment of the ashes of the dead. Since the earliest days of the Christian Church, disciples have been Such remains were typically placed in cemeteries, crypts and columbaria set apart, that is blessed, for this purpose. — “What is a Columbarium”,
  • columbarium also columbary n. , pl. , -ia , also -ies . A vault with niches for urns containing ashes of the dead A columbarium is a place for the respectful and usually public storage of cinerary urns (i.e., urns holding a deceased's cremated remains). — “columbarium: Definition from ”,
  • How Can I Learn More about the St. Thomas Columbarium? A Columbarium is an area reserved for the interment of cremated remains of the deceased, in dignified surroundings on consecrated grounds. It is a place for meditation and private prayer. — “St. Thomas' Episcopal Church: Burial in the St. Thomas”,
  • columbarium, plural columbaria or columbariums. a dovecote; one of the pigeonholes in a dovecote. a large, sometimes architecturally impressive building for housing a large colony of pigeons, particularly those of ancien regime France. (by extension). — “columbarium - Wiktionary”,
  • Columbarium. Selecting and establishing a permanent memorial for a family member or loved The St. James' Columbarium, to be located on the original church. — “St. James' Episcopal Church Columbarium”,
  • A columbarium is a structure that is used to house the cremated remains of individuals. The columbarium has been installed to prolong the life of the cemetery. — “Columbarium”,
  • The New Building site plan for St. Thomas More includes construction of a columbarium located between the existing church and the proposed Parish Center. A location near the church for the deceased has been a powerful symbol of our faith since the early church. — “The Catholic Community of St. Thomas More: Columbarium”,
  • Manufacturer of architectural columbariums and other memorial garden components and specializing in natural materials. A Capitol Engraving company. — “Architarium”,
  • Columbarium & Memorial Center. It is comforting to know the cremated Thus, inurnment in a church columbarium can provide a needed anchor for a family's. — “Columbarium”,
  • The Meditation Garden and Columbarium at the church offers a beautiful, tranquil space for quiet reflection and meditation, as well as providing the option for those who would like for their cremation to be interred on church grounds.The garden is open during regular church hours. — “State College Presbyterian Church | Columbarium”,
  • Now in keeping with this tradition, churches have established special facilities for the care and safekeeping of cremated remains in Columbariums. The name Columbarium is derived from the Latin Columba or "Dovecote", the dove being the symbol of God's spirit and peace. — “Columbarium”,
  • Columbarium Planners is one of the nations's most established firms offering planning, design and project supervision of resting places for cremated remains. — “Columbarium Planners, Inc”,
  • Definition of columbarium in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of columbarium. Pronunciation of columbarium. Translations of columbarium. columbarium synonyms, columbarium antonyms. Information about columbarium in the free online English. — “columbarium - definition of columbarium by the Free Online”,
  • We provide wall and free standing niche memorials for churches and cemeteries and niche walls for Cemeteries and Churches. We are Designers and Suppliers of Columbaria Systems, Memorial Gardens. — “Everest Columbarium Systems”,
  • Columbarium. Interment on church grounds is a statement of our belief in the resurrection, The church's columbarium is a dignified place of peace and beauty, an. — “Columbarium | Edenton Street United Methodist Church”,
  • The Columbarium at St. John's Cathedral is the only indoor columbarium in Saskatoon, located opposite the picturesque parklands of the South Saskatchewan River in one of Saskatoon's most beautiful and historic landmarks. — “Columbarium at St. John's Cathedral”,
  • The Columbarium Ministry at St. Paul's Church. The time of death is a difficult time of grief and transition. Simplicity of Planning - The purchase of a columbarium niche eliminates the pressures of choosing a burial site, casket, vault and monument. — “Columbarium”,

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  • IBPS Buddhist Memorial Columbarium A Buddhist Memorial Columbarium is located at 3888 S. Workmill Road Whittier CA 90601 USA This Buddhist Memorial Columbarium offers outdoor and indoor niches. Memorial plaque also available in this complex.
  • Runescape - Opening 500 Columbarium Keys Opening 500 Columbarium Keys obtain from Vyre Corpse Burning Cremeating 500 Vyre Corpse is a one of the requirements for Trimmed Completitionist Cape Spent a Total of 6 Hour Killing Vyrewatch, Cremating the Corpse and Using the Keys. Every 50 Corpse you Cremated you gain a "Invisible" Damage Boost to your Ivandis flail and Blisterwood weapond. It hit it Maximum Potential after Cremated 500 Corpse. Experience Gained for Cremating 500 Corpse. Firemaking : 202250 (Magic Pyre Log) Prayer : 39500
  • Great Lakes National Cemetery - Columbarium Sec 1 - Holly, MI - July 23, 2010 Our visit to the Columbarium at the Great Lakes National Cemetary in Holly, Michigan. This is the first section, where Dad is located. This was taken July 23, 2010, at the 1 year anniversary of Dad's death. We were having a picnic on this visit, baby was in the background fussing.
  • Memorial Garden and Columbarium Dedicaton Memorial Garden and Columbarium Dedication First Presbyterian Church - Conway, Arkansas November 18, 2007
  • Tranquility Gardens Columbarium The Green-Wood Cemetery - Brooklyn, New York, USA Niche Spaces: 7638 Contrasting with the existing historic cemetery, Milne Construction's 11th project built for The Green-wood Cemetery is a u-shaped building comprised of a series of sunlit alcove pavilions which surround a koi pond. A neo-Japanese bridge, glass memorial pyramid, and fountain basin soften the exterior transition to the columbariums. Detached landscape niche walls, and garden features add to the lush and peaceful ambience. The columbariums feature exposed mahogany roof decking, blue stone flooring, glass, bronze, and rich multi-hued marble niches. Team: Mike Hipp, Dan Dame, Allan Knowlton, Larry Holley
  • Nirvana Singapore - The Most Luxurious And Modern Columbarium In Singapore - Nirvana Memorial Garden Pte Ltd (Nirvana), Asias largest 6-star columbarium, is the first privatized memorial park in Singapore. It is the most luxurious and modern columbarium in Singapore. Located in Choa Chu Kang, the premise is fully air-conditioned and designed with the elements of fengshui in mind. The 6-star columbarium also features modernized and comprehensive facilities like comfortable lounge area with couches, VIP discussion rooms, prayer rooms and customer service reception area. Nirvana Singapore being a professional funeral service provider with 20 years of experience ensures that the finest quality of Chinese bereavement products and services are delivered to all customers. Nirvana is a member of ICCFA (International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association) since 1998 and has attained ISO 9001 in 2001. Nirvana Singapore is a place with tranquil and serene environment. It is an everlasting resting place with verdant landscapes for your loved ones. Nirvana Singapore provides customers with a total peace of mind.
  • BUMC Columbarium - Moment Photographs taken at Brentwood United Methodist Church, Brentwood , TN on Tuesday August 31, 2010 by Don Russell
  • St Therese Columbarium Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus... the most ideal sanctuary for our dearly departed. A solemn and inspiring refuge for the faithful...and a comforting sanctuary for the bereaved. The St Therese Columbarium, the first of its kind in the Philippines, is a breath of fresh air to those who seek peace and privacy in the comfort of family and friends. The Columbarium is an elegant, practical and most ideal sanctuary for the interment of the ashes or bones of your departed loved ones. * Air-conditioned and Al Fresco vaults. * A single vault can accomodate 4 urns * Remembering Chapel - La Chapelle des Roses with a seating capacity of 170 seats where daily masses and novenas are held. * 2 wake chapels * Virtual Video Library - La Bibliotheque des Memoirs to store images and videos of your loved ones that can be viewed whenever desired *Security access card to ensure safety and privacy * Perpetual Maintenance Trust Fund - no monthly maintenance fees
  • The Columbarium & The Church Memorial Garden The columbarium maintained by a church memorial garden is becoming more common as Americans increasingly choose cremation. Visit for more information.
  • Neptune Society Columbarium Even Herb Caen had to leave San Francisco eventually. The Columbarium on Lorraine Court, formerly part of the Odd Fellow's Cemetery, provides an opportunity for a lucky few thousand people to hang around in The Afterlife's Favorite City; on .
  • St. Therese Shrine and Columbarium AVP.mp4
  • Columbarium St. Jakobi zu Lübeck
  • St. Therese Columbarium
  • Columbarium Sax Player: John Stafford Saxophone Player: John Stafford plays Jazz at San Francisco's stunning Columbarium
  • Colombarium, Columbarium - San Francisco Built in 1898 by architect Bernard JS Cahill, the copper-domed Columbarium is an example of Neo-Classical architecture. It is the only non-denominational burial place within San Francisco's city limits, with space available, that is open to the public. The Columbarium was once part of the Odd Fellows Cemetery, which encompassed approximately 167 acres (68 ha). It was built to complement an existing crematorium designed by Cahill in 1895. In 1902 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance to prohibit the sale of cemetery lots or permit any further burials within the city. By late 1910, cremation was also prohibited. The Odd Fellows, forced to abandon their cemetery, established Green Lawn Cemetery in Colma. Transfer of bodies began in 1929 and many families also chose to remove their urns from the Columbarium. The crematorium and various mausoleums were demolished, and many of the headstones were used to build a seawall at Aquatic Park. Only the Columbarium remained. After a time, the Columbarium was sold to the Bay Cities Cemetery Association and later to Cypress Abbey. As it passed from one organization to another it fell into disrepair. In 1980, the Neptune Society of Northern California bought it and began restoration. In 1996, the building was added to the register of San Francisco Landmarks. The Columbarium combines baroque and neoclassical features. Cahill was probably inspired by the Columbian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago. The diameter, from the ...
  • What is a Columbarium? An answer to one of the most asked questions in death care... What is a columbarium? Watch and find out.
  • EVP October 2009 San Francisco Columbarium - Voice To Voice EVP #10 I have visited this San Francisco landmark, tucked away in a neighborhood, many times, here is a collection of EVPs from one of my very first visits. Please stop by the blog and read the articles related to my posts and give me your thoughts, I would love to hear and discuss them. www.voice2
  • COLUMBARIUM TRAILER A trailer of a short theatrical film Produced and Directed by Linda Richard and shot and edited with Ed Dudkowski. Linda also stars in the film which depicts a personal true story. This short was done as a project for the Directors Guild of America (DGA) workshop in the winter and spring of 2008. For more information email: [email protected]
  • The Columbarium - RuneScape Soundtrack The Columbarium -RuneScape Soundtrack If you have any song requests, leave a comment and I'll do what I can! RuneScape is a registered trademark of Jagex LTD. I do not own, nor work for them. You can play runescape at:
  • Cemetery Columbarium Install The long-awaited custom columbarium walls have arrived at the Brandon Municipal Cemetery. For more information contact Sandy at the Brandon Cemetery office at 729-2150.
  • Columbarium - Coal Parker I own only the music. Talking about someone only you know who dies always seems slightly trivial when a stranger does it. With that in mind the pictures are people whose deaths left a mark on me. Columbarium A kiss to your head as you sink through the folley Grasp slips away as the crank turn will drag you on down Cover the frown Man-made for comfort The last look that you'll ever be known for as the organ plays something by Elford T Brown And the painted smile on your face, slips like a clowns You say goodbye I turn to the room, your ma feints with a swoon Its emotional Lagoon, thats swilring us close to be drowned As it thunders outside, this room for a bride topples down As you bid farwell, a bark from your orphaned hound Theres no fitter ending thats due for a love Youre the keystone of life without you we all will fall foul As i hold back the torrent to look up at your twinkling star You say goodbye Say goodbye Goodbye.
  • Woodland Cemetery Lookout Columbarium
  • Say NO! to Columbarium
  • Columbarium Clips (2006) Columbarium is a film set in the head of a disembodied, warped and mute poet embarking on an elliptical perambulation of Dublin. Concerned with the nature of perceived duality, consciousness and conscience, it is a subjective examination of mans compulsive mind; a meditation on the nature of addiction, escapism, grief, hallucination and acceptance: obsessively wrapped up as a long form visual love poem with lots of birds, bees and biplanes. Music: Deasy Voiceover: Marcus Lamb Animation: Nick Ryan, John Buckley
  • sampieVSjamboe: RuneScape 200 Columbarium Keys Loot Runescape is a game by Jagex Ltd, this video contains footage of Runescape, i am not the creater of this game all Copyright is held by Jagex Ltd 2009. The music: Alestorm - Of Treasure, And Soundtracks From Pirates Of The Caribbean Is Not Owned By Me But By The Orchard Music And Is Used With Respect to The Authors
  • National Columbarium of Singapore (documentation) 2009 Architectural model, Caption/timeline Art board, Vinyl 1:100 scale Lost in the City, National Museum of Singapore, 2009-2010 Collection of the artist 100 lost Singapore architectures (including 45 scaled models of demolished, unbuilt and fictitious buildings named after the city-state) gather in this white floating city. Installation conceived by Michael Lee Video shot and edited by Nicole Midori Woodford Music using My Angel Rocks Back and Forth by Four Tet
  • Arlington breaks ground for largest columbarium yet WASHINGTON -- Army and elected officials join Arlington National Cemetery staff in breaking ground on the cemetery's largest columbarium. Columbarium nine, will allow the cemetery to continue to honor America's hereos through inurnments until 2024.
  • San Francisco Columbarium Slideshow of iphone Hipstamatic pictures of the Neptune Society's Columbarium in San Francisco's Richmond district. The song is Clair De Lune. Special thanks to caretaker & historian Emmitt Watson for his incredible work and hospitality. This is completely different from the usual concert videos I post, but I found my experience at the Columbarium quite moving and really wanted to share it as best I could. Hope you enjoy, and I really encourage you to visit the Columbarium if you're in San Francisco. If you call ahead you can even arrange a tour with Mr. Watson. Original pictures on Flickr @
  • CHEEK TO URN, SF COLUMBARIUM During a visit to the SF Columbarium [Inner Richmond] the music heard started out of was perfectly eerie...the tune...the cold... i'm in heaven dancing cheek to cheek with the silence in between...thinking of all the ashes dancing in their pots
  • Transferring of Niches Ceremony @ Yishun Columbarium
  • Personal Columbariums Personal Columbariums, cremation, funeral, alternative to burial, mourning, flexibility, cost effective,
  • Oriental Villa, Urn Columbarium at Nirvana Semenyih Just launched on 15th July,2011. Please contact : Jenny Yap, Service Director for more information. HP:012-3704884 or 019-3234883 or visit: for more information.
  • Columbarium Historic Columbarium in San Francisco for placement and display of cinerary urns under the management of the Neptune Society.
  • Columbarium Presentation - Pt1 Columbarium Presentation - Part 1
  • 20100609 政府失職又一例證: 非法經營骨灰龕(3) Illegal Columbarium Stop Illegal Columbarium with Compulsory Licensing The only way to stop these illegal columbarium is compulsory licensing system. No licence, no columbarium. You need a licence to operate a restaurant or a pub, so why not columbarium? To read more... Stop Illegal Columbarium with Compulsory Licensing The government is dreaming if it thinks it can control the spread of illegal columbarium by its often repeated 3 pronged approach, that is by: 1. Enforcing the government lease; 2. Complying with town planning regulations; and 3. Enforcing the Buildings Ordinance. Government lease Some government leases are detailed enough with clear restrictions on use. However some leases are more brief and open to interpretation. Some leases simply don't exist because they were lost during the war. Some leases are Block Crown Leases which have no restrictions on use due to a ruling in the Court of Appeal. The problem is that even in the government lease is watertight on permitted use, such as old peoples' home, the columbarium operators simply choose to ignore it. The government's Lands Department has been very tardy in its enforcement of government leases. Complying with town planning regulations In theory, if there is a change of use in any building, you're supposed to apply to the Town Planning Board for planning permission. So if there is columbarium use permitted in the second column of the schedule of uses attached to each Outline Zoning Plan (OZP), you're supposed to apply to Town ...
  • Great Lakes National Cemetery - Columbarium Sec 1 - Holly, MI - July 23, 2010 Our visit to the Columbarium at the Great Lakes National Cemetary in Holly, Michigan. This is the first section, where Dad is located. This was taken July 23, 2010, at the 1 year anniversary of Dad's death. You can hear the kids, wind, and birds in the background. We were having a picnic on this visit
  • Jessica Looi Yik Ching - Placing of Urn in Niche at Christian Columbarium, Singapore Jessica Looi Yik Ching - Placing of Urn in Niche at Christian Columbarium, Singapore (camera 3)
  • Runescape Slayer Vlog|97 Slayer|Columbarium With a Surpise! Well thats the second d spear ive gotten on vid..
  • Anti Columbarium Residents in Ipoh Garden East celebrates vicory On Thurs, 8 Sept 2011, the Ipoh City Council rejected the proposal to build a columbarium in Ipoh Garden East. Residents met for a briefing and to celebrate this victory.

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