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  • Colonies - The Middle and Southern settlements were as different as night and day. Chesapeake And New England Colonies - A community is a group of people who work together towards a common goal and share a common interest. — “Free Colonies Essays”, 123
  • For colonies in antiquity, city-states would often found their own Some colonies were historically countries, while others were territories without definite. — “Colony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The thir*** colonies were the British colonies that formed the United States. They were: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. — “Thir*** Colonies - Conservapedia”,
  • In 1776, the Declaration of Independence announced that the 13 English colonies in North America were a sovereign nation: the United States of America. — “The 13 Colonies — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts”,
  • Colonies. Learn about Colonies on . Get information and videos on Colonies including articles on thir*** colonies, american colonies, colonial and more!. — “Colonies | Answerbag”,
  • Encyclopedia article about colonies. Information about colonies in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “colonies definition of colonies in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • The Thir*** Colonies were part of what became known as British America, a name that was used by Great Britain until the Treaty of Paris recognized the independence of the original United States of America. These thir*** British colonies in North America rebelled against British rule in 1775. — “Thir*** colonies - Wikinfo”,
  • The main motivation in the founding of the 13 colonies was religious freedom. The first New England colonies were along the eastern coast. The first permanent settlers in North America were the English. — “New England Colonies”,
  • Somewhat archaic/patronising yet affectionate term used in the UK for the white dominions of Australia, Canada, New Zealand. Philadelphia by the Continental Congress and signed by many of our founding fathers, announcing a seccesion of the 13 Colonies from Great Britain. — “Urban Dictionary: colonies”,
  • The early forming of this great nation. France, England and Spain all influenced the formation of the New World. The colonies in America were diverse and cannot easily be categorized. Read about the daily life along with the individual histories. — “Colonial America - The Thir*** Original Colonies”,
  • Map of the 13 Colonies and Colonial America, 1776 (.pdf file) - For more maps, check out the MAP section above. For more on the 13 colonies, past and present, please visit my 50. — “From Colonies to Revolution”,
  • Georgia: Last colony settled but was 4th to ratify Constitution and become state; named after King George II. Maryland: Named for Queen Henrietta Maria of England; Known for its valiant army; statehood 4-28-1788; part of state became Washington D C. — “13 Original Colonies”,
  • The colonial period of America began in 17th century. The revolutionary war marked end of colonial period. All 13 colonies together formed United States of America on 4th July, 1776. Let's take a quick look at lifestyle of colonial people. Life. — “Life in 13 Colonies”,
  • The Thir*** Colonies were British colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America, which declared their independence in the American Revolution and formed the United States. The colonies, whose territory ranged from what is now Maine to the. — “Thir*** Colonies Information (Maine) @”,
  • Colonies - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Colonies”,
  • Contains profiles of the original thir*** colonies plus links to maps, documents, biographies, and more. — “13 Originals: Founding the American Colonies”,
  • American colonies (British and United States history) These conditions included the vast distance from London, which forced the British government to grant significant autonomy to the colonies; the existence of colonial legislatures in which representatives in at least one house were elected by. — “American colonies (British and United States history”,
  • colony n. , pl. , -nies . A group of emigrants or their descendants who settle in a distant territory but remain subject to or closely associated. — “colony: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • New England Colonies, the Key People, Places, Documents, and Events Important to the New England Colonies. — “ - Your Guide to the History of the New England”,
  • After the settlement, the colonies slowly began to prosper and eventually gave birth to a race of cybernetic lifeforms, known as Cylons. Soon after their creation the Cylons raged a devastating war on their creators' home planets which ultimately led to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. — “The Twelve Colonies of Kobol - Battlestar Wiki”,
  • The most populous of the Middle colonies was Pennsylvania, other colonies were settled rather haphazardly over the course of the 17th century. The Middle Colonies were not as cohesive as the New England colonies because colonists in this region were not united by single religion or code of. — “The Middle Colonies”,

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  • East Timor's colonial legacy The birth of the tiny nation of East Timor in 2002 came at a heavy price for its people after years of conflict, occupation and bloodshed. It was removed from the UN's colonies list in 1975, as Indonesia took advantage of Portugal's departure to occupy the territory. When Timor finally won its independence, thousands died in the resulting mayhem. Now as the country begins to find its feet, Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen finds it is still struggling with its colonial legacy.
  • Colonial Life in America Colonial Life in America. Here's another fun clip from Dave Stotts and my buddies at Drive Thru History, which reveals the heroic tales of faith underlying the true history of America. Please visit for the complete story. Also, visit for the complete Drive Thru History video series covering Colonial Life in America and other compelling accounts in US History.
  • Thir*** Colonies: the New England Colonies This edition of Mr. Zoller's Social Studies Podcasts focuses on England's thir*** original colonies in the new world. Specifically, this podcast discusses the New England Colonies: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
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  • Colony Collapse Disorder = Bee Stress Colony Collapse Disorder solved. Well, I guess it's been solved all along. The organic beekeepers experienced little, if any colony collapse disorder. Happy bees. Jacqueline Freeman is the author of an upcoming book "Bees, the OTHER Way". She points out the different strategies that conventional bee keepers might try to save their hives from colony collapse disorder. Throughout the video I count off the first twelve. There are several more points that ended up on the editing room floor. For that stuff, make sure to visit the discussion at http 12 things to prevent colony collapse disorder: #1 general approach: use organic practices #2 general approach: strengthen bee immune system instead of "attack and kill" what nature uses to remove weak bees #3 don't use insecticide (for mite control or any other insect problem) inside of hives - bees are insects! #4 allow bees to create their own cell size (typically smaller) - no more pre-made foundation or cells #5 genetics based on "survival of the fittest" is superior to genetics resulting from mass production where the weak are medicated #6 swarming is the natural way to good genetics #7 local bees have adapted to challenges in your area #8 stop moving hives #9 feed bees honey, not sugar water #10 feed bees polyculture blossoms, not monoculture #11 stop using insecticides on crops - bees are insects! #12 raise hives off the ground Don't feed bees honey that you find in the supermarket. The USDA has shared ...
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  • Colonialism in 10 Minutes: The Scramble For Africa An excerpt from the film Uganda Rising showing in a (very!) brief overview the utter decimation of Africa that took place via colonialism and the so-called "Scramble For Africa." Despite the film's focus on Uganda, I think this excerpt sheds light on just how much of the violence that we see today actually has a colonial/European precedent rooted in exploitation and racism. It's also an instructive lead in, I think, to Darfur in 10 Minutes: An Overview of the Conflict in Sudan. Uganda Rising was produced by Alison Lawton. It was directed by Jesse James Miller and Pete McCormack (me). Jesse also edited the film, and I wrote it. For more about the film, visit .
  • Thir*** Colonies: the Southern Colonies This edition of Mr. Zoller's Social Studies Podcasts focuses on England's thir*** original colonies in the new world. Specifically, this podcast discusses the Southern Colonies: Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
  • Gibraltar clings to colonial life The British terrritory of Gibraltar is the smallest of all the areas on the United Nation 's list of colonies. Its residents live in just six and a half square kilometres, on an outcrop of the southern coast of Spain. Despite their distance from the UK and proximity to Spain they appear happy to stick with British rule. As part of Al Jazeera's series on global colonies, Laurence Lee visits the famous rock.
  • Collection of Colonies of Bees - Flocks IV Artist: Collection of Colonies of Bees Title: Flocks IV Album: Birds Year: 2008
  • Battlestar Galactica Attack Of The Colonies / Era Enjoy it ! Disclaimer : I don't own Battlestar Galactica neither Era, I only used the material for non-profit entertainment purposes. Videos : Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (2009) [BluRay-720p] Battlestar Galactica: Razor (2007) [DvdRip] Battlestar Galactica: Pilot (2003) [DvdRip] Music : Era - The Mass Properties Of : NBC Universal Universal Music Group Videomaker : Swofer
  • How Ant Colonies Get Things Done Google Tech Talks April, 30 2008 ABSTRACT Ant colonies operate without central control; there is no one in charge and no ant directs the behavior of others. Colonies perform many tasks including foraging, nest construction, and care of the young. Task allocation is the process that adjusts the numbers of workers performing each task, according to the current situation. How do colonies get ants to show up at a picnic, and what determines which ants go? Experiments with harvester ants show that task allocation arises from a dynamical network of brief interactions. Which task an ant performs, and whether it performs it actively at that moment, depends on its recent rate of encounter with other ants. The dynamics of task allocation changes as colonies grow older and larger: larger colonies are more stable than younger, smaller ones, although since ant turnover is high, older colonies do not contain older ants. Ant colony organization provides an interesting model for investigating network behavior and the function of network size. This talk will be taped. Speaker: Dr. Deborah Gordon Deborah M. Gordon is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. She was a French major at Oberlin College and received her M.Sc. from Stanford and her PhD from Duke. She did postdoctoral work at Harvard and Oxford. Her research in animal behavior and ecology is on the behavior and ecology of ants: how colonies are organized, how colonies in a population interact, the evolution of ...
  • Mr Ruperts 13 Colonies THE ORIGINAL 13 COLONIES
  • Episode 25: Colony Drop Titan officer Jamaican Daninghan plans to drop an abandoned space colony onto the lunar city of Granada, one of the AEUG's main strongholds. However, his rival Scirocco sends Sarah Zabiarov to warn the AEUG, and the Argama rushes to stop the colony drop. Sarah, now a captive aboard the Argama, plays a cruel trick on the young AEUG member Katz Kobayashi in order to make her escape.
  • Slavery Rife Among Lake Tahoe's Ant Colonies Complete video at: If you thought humans were the only species with a track record of enslavement, think again. Polygerus breviceps ("slave-making ants") build their labor force by stealing the pupa of other species, says entomologist Mark Moffett. ----- Can human beings really improve our group decision making by imitating the democracy of honeybees? Are ants truly considered the highest form of insect evolution? Join Litquake and the California Academy of Sciences as they present two leading experts for a fascinating and thrilling discussion of our planet's smallest and most complex social organizations. Moffett provides fascinating details on how ants live and how they dominate their ecosystems through strikingly human behaviors, while animal behaviorist Thomas Seeley reveals that bees have much to teach us when it comes to collective wisdom and effective decision making. - California Academy of Sciences Contract photographer Mark Moffett has developed a career that combines science and photography, in spite of being a high school dropout. Although his family was not academic, encouraged by his parents he sought out biologists by the age of 12. Soon he became a field assistant on research projects across Latin America. Upon completing his doctorate Moffett spent two years as curator of ants at Harvard. Still based at Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology, his research presently concerns insect and spider social behavior and the structure and dynamics of ...
  • Culion Island, a former leper colony in Philippines -09Oct07 Al Jazeera's Marga Ortigas travels to the island of Culion in the Philippines, which used to be called "the island of the living dead", to see what life has been like for the survivors of one of the oldest leper colonies in the world. It is a place of such stigma that many of its residents have been forced to live their entire lives in isolation. The Island has now been declared free of the disease. "I had a dream before ... that is when I was young ... in the place of my birth - a life full of promises," 73-year old Manuel Capao wrote this song of pain and lost dreams. A gifted guitar player, he lost his fingers and was sent here at 18, like many others struck with leprosy. Thanks to modern medicine, he's now leprosy free but he bears the scars. And with other ageing ex-patients, days are now spent in this hospice overlooking their island home. Culion the island itself bears a scar - a health warning to all that they were approaching a leper colony - what was known as "the island of the living dead". Hilarion Guia recalls that the island itself was split into two -- the left side for those considered "untouchable" ... and the right, for the indigenous "un-afflicted" residents. Even in death they were kept apart. This cemetery was solely for those that died afflicted with leprosy. Those that weren't were buried in a separate cemetery on the other side of town.
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  • The Story of My Ant Colony: Myrmica rubra Visit our online ant store and snoop around for your ant colonies! We sell top formicaria all over the world. Don't forget to also visit our new Ant Nursery to buy Queen ants and Ant Colonies !!! Join our Ant Facebook Group and connect to serious Ant Keepers from around the world The Story of my Ant Colony over the first 30 days. ON ANOTHER NOTE, BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY LATEST MUSIC VIDEO under the UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP YOUTUBE page here:
  • ISRAEL - The German Colony At first hearing, the contention that the Zionism of Israel is not that of the Hebrew Prophets, but that of the hegemonic German national anthem and that the State of Israel is under the control of anti-Semitic European interests sound strange. As the evidence is examined, however, it becomes increasingly clear that that is precisely the case. Important Information Templers (religious believers) German Colony, Haifa "In 1937, 34% of the Templers were card-carrying members of the *** party. On Coronation Day in 1937, all the Templer colonies flew the swastika flag. At the start of World War II colonists with German citizenship were rounded up by the British and sent, together with Italian and Hungarian enemy aliens, to internment camps in Waldheim and Bethlehem of Galilee. 661 Templers were deported to Australia via Egypt on July 31, 1941, leaving 345 in Palestine." German National Anthem The national anthem is "Deutschlandlied", formerly (before some of the lyrics were excised) called "Deutschland über Alles." The music, but not the words, are by Haydn, in a song called "the Austrian Song", "the Austrian Hymn", or "the Austrian Imperial Anthem". There is at least two religious hymns, and probably more, that have used the same music Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken Glorious things of thee are spoken, *Zion*, city of our God; He, Whose Word cannot be broken, Formed thee for His own abode. On the Rock of Ages founded, What can shake thy ...
  • A Day at Colonial Williamsburg Highlights from filming at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The film features the story of Virginia's historic triangle of Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown. Together, these three towns form a historical continuity of Sir Raleigh's dream of a new English colony in the New World: Jamestown - the beginning of the colonies; Williamsburg - the apex of the colonial era; and Yorktown, the end of the colonial dream and birth of a new American nation. Where America Began DVD is available "on location" at Colonial Williamsburg and at . For information on Colonial Williamsburg, visit .
  • Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Colonies Edition) brings you the latest Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Colonies Edition)trailer.
  • Colonial New Jersey Paul Revere's midnight ride takes a detour through the armpit of the colonies. Free CHTV video podcast on iTunes: CH Facebook Fan Page: Watch this on CHTV and view credits at
  • Colonizing Space - '70s Style! A NASA video from a time of great optimism about space exploration. The Apollo missions were completed and the Space Shuttle program was underway. How soon before cheap and frequent flights to space would allow the construction of O'Neal colonies and mining camps on the Moon? This visionary approach calls for tiered greenhouses in space and unlimited solar power beamed back to Earth... all before the year 2000!
  • The Hutterites - Hutterite Colony - Driven to Sustain Those who know Hutterites know that they are very traditional people. It is, therefore, no surprise that they have firm political beliefs and very conservative views about the world around them. Most Hutterites do have a source of outside news, typically the local paper. Its how the colony interprets the news that is especially interesting. Most of the views of the Hutterites Ive spoke with about global issues are direct translations from the newspapers. The opinions of Obama were suspected terrorist; climate change doesnt exist because President Bush discredited humans involvement over 8 years ago. Translations like these happen frequently in the colonies, but very seldom does this source of global information affect their daily routine. Although thats unless a Hutterite catches an article on becoming more resource efficient in their lives and a Hutterites attention will be caught. You see, Hutterites are *** conservative in a lot of ways than just politically. They are by far the most efficient group of people I have ever witnessed. Its not because Hutterites are trying to save the world from climate change but because they put higher value in resources than the average person. Something I believe, western culture can learn from this amazing society. Follow Driven to Sustain as we visit sustainable initiatives across North America and promote environmental sustainability in schools and the media while we break the Guinness world record for Longest Journey by Car ...
  • Nosema Symptoms in Honey Bee Colonies Jamie Ellis from the University of Florida describes the symptoms of nosema disease in honey bee colonies. This is a segment from a more detailed video about nosema which can be viewed at the University of Florida extension website

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