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  • What Are Collisions? A collision is the mechanism used by Ethernet to control access and allocate shared bandwidth among stations that want to transmit at the same time on a shared medium. The collisions counter counts the number of frames for which one or more collisions occurred when trying to. — “Cisco - Troubleshooting Ethernet Collisions”,
  • Linear Momentum and Collisions. Seems like everything wants to keep on By "collision" , I mean an interaction between two objects which is over is a very short. — “Linear Momentum and Collisions”,
  • In physics, a collision is an isolated process in which two or more objects interact in such a mathematical complexity involved in studying collisions that are not perfectly elastic or. — “Collisions/Impulse-Momentum”,
  • DriveCam's Insights release focuses on frequency of collisions and near collisions by month of the year, day of the week and hour of the day for comme. — “New DriveCam Insights: Focus on Tanker Fleets | EON: Enhanced”,
  • "Cosmic Collisions" Planetarium Show. Theme: A Tour of the Universe within the context of "Things Colliding with Other Things" The educational value of NASM Theater programming is that the stunning visual images displayed engage the interest and desire to learn in students of all ages. — “Cosmic Collisions.doc.doc.doc”,
  • collision n. The act or process of colliding; a crash or conflict. Physics . A brief dynamic event consisting of the close approach of two or more. — “collision: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • These internal forces are significantly larger than any external forces during the time of the collision. The laws of conservation of linear momentum and energy, applied to the "before" and "after" situations, often allows us to predict the outcome of a collision. — “10. COLLISIONS”,
  • Collisions - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Collisions”,
  • An inelastic collision is one in which part of the kinetic energy is Collisions in ideal gases approach perfectly elastic collisions, as do scattering interactions of sub-atomic particles which are deflected by the electromagnetic force. — “Elastic and Inelastic Collisions”,
  • Table 1. Reported Yearly Injuries Sustained by All Pedestrians in Collisions.11 Table 20. Yearly Collisions by Pedestrian Location prior to the Collision .35. — “Chicago Pedestrian … Motor Vehicle Collisions:”,
  • 1.7 that binary collision processes can only be defined for weakly coupled plasmas. Note, however, that binary collisions in weakly coupled plasmas are still modified by collective effects--the many-particle process of Debye shielding enters in a crucial manner. — “Collisions”,
  • Collisions definition, the act of colliding; a coming violently into contact; crash: See more. — “Collisions | Define Collisions at ”,
  • Such collisions may build up massive stars; also, encounters between stars could form exotic stellar systems. The mechanics of stellar collisions are illustrated by this slightly off-center parabolic encounter of two stars with a mass ratio M1/M2 º m = 2. — “Stellar Collisions”,
  • A spectacular immersive theater experience, Cosmic Collisions launches visitors on a thrilling trip through space and time—well beyond the calm face of the night sky—to explore cosmic collisions, hypersonic impacts that drive the dynamic and continuing evolution of the universe. — “Cosmic Collisions | American Museum of Natural History”,
  • After the collision, ball A has speed Va and ball B has speed Vb. (1) If A is heavier than B then A will slow down during the collision but it will keep moving forward at reduced speed after the collision, with Va < Vo. This happens when A is a bat and B is a ball. — “The physics of baseball”,
  • Even if you do require more accurate collisions you will still use bounding shapes to allow you to reject whole objects before going down to the triangle level i.e. you want to avoid as many ray-triangle tests as possible so a first pass bounding box test will eliminate many triangles. — “Collisions”,
  • ***ysis of the effect of collisions on molecular velocity statistics. Results are also presented on the mean time between collisions and mean-free path between collisions. — “Particle Collisions”,
  • Collisions involve forces (there is a change in velocity). Collisions can be elastic, meaning they conserve energy and momentum, inelastic, meaning they conserve momentum but not energy, or totally inelastic (or plastic), meaning they conserve momentum and the two objects stick together. — “Collision - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Ultrarelativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions and the quark-gluon plasma A. Andronic, P.Braun-Munzinger Search for Strange Quark Matter Produced in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions. — “Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions - References”, www-
  • Momentum and collisions, animations and video film clips. Physclips provides multimedia education in introductory physics (mechanics) at different levels. Modules may be used by teachers, while students may use the whole package for self. — “Momentum and collisions -- from Physclips”,
  • Collisions are an important part of chemistry, for example molecules in the gas phase can not react with one another unless they collide. Elastic collisions, in which the particle bounces off the surface with the same kinetic energy as before the collision. Inelastic collisions, in which the particle. — “Collisions”,
  • You're in a car, driving to the gas station. Ahead of you, there is a large truck traveling southbound. Instantly, a small convertible appears to be traveling toward the truck, northbound. The truck driver, who doesn't see the convertible,. — “Momentum: Collisions - High School Online Collaborative Writing”,
  • High-quality Repairs - Bumpers, Scratches, Minor and Heavy Collisions. Complete Auto, Truck, Bike, and Boat Repaint and Color Changes and nobody beats our prices!. — “Titan Collisions - serving the greater Dallas / Fort Worth”,

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  • Lethal Collisions with Humpback Whales In the busy waters off Massachusetts, researchers are hand-tagging humpback whales to learn how to protect the species from potentially lethal collisions with ships.
  • FunJet Collision A funjet, flown via FPV, gets a little too close to another (glow) model.
  • Dirtmusic - Collisions "BKO", 2010. Hugo Race (of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds among others), Chris Eckman (of The Walkabouts) and Chris Brokaw (formerly of Codeine). They found common musical ground with the Touareg band Tamikrest
  • Train accidents, crashes, collisions, near misses and rail idiots! Part 2 Compilation Part 2 of videos of trains encountering cars, trucks, buses, bikes, people and even other trains, mostly as a result of someone being an idiot and either not concentrating, or failing to realise that trains take a while to stop, are big, heavy and potentially deadly! Sit back and get your adrenaline going with this compilation of some nail-biting moments, some get away with their brush with death, others are not so lucky. This Part 2 features a couple of longer clips of videos taken from tram / metro rail lines of cars turning into the path of the trains, something which has been a big problem for the Houston Light Rail scheme. As the original video sound clips are copyrighted I replaced one with a track from World of Goo. Copyright to each of the video clips featured lies with the original publisher of the video clip - I do not own or claim copyright to any of these videos. If any of the original publishers wish to be credited here, please let me know :)
  • Sound Of Guns - Collisions Off the album 'What Came From Fire'
  • ClearPath: Highly Parallel Collision Avoidance for Multi-Agent Simulation We present a new local collision avoidance algorithm between multiple agents for real-time simulations. Our approach extends the notion of velocity obstacles from robotics and formulates the conditions for collision free navigation as a quadratic optimization problem. We use a discrete optimization method to efficiently compute the motion of each agent. This resulting algorithm can be parallelized by exploiting data-parallelism and thread-level parallelism. The overall approach, ClearPath, is general and can robustly handle dense scenarios with tens or hundreds of thousands of heterogeneous agents in a few milliseconds. As compared to prior collision avoidance algorithms, we observe more than an order of magnitude performance improvement [Stephen. J. Guy, Jatin Chhugani, Changkyu Kim, Nadathur Satish, Ming C. Lin, Dinesh Manocha, and Pradeep Dubey].
  • Physics Collision Video 2007 A simple and short movie to demonstrate elastic and inellastic collisions.
  • Eating the Dirt Track - Crashes and Collisions - Part 1 From the show: Crash Impact 2
  • Cosmic Collisions Clip 5 from 'Hubble - 15 years of Discovery' regarding the structure of galaxies. More videos-
  • Unity Tutorial 02: Part 2: "Collisions" Infinite Ammo Unity Tutorial 02 - Part 2 "Collisions" Looking at how basic scripts and collisions work in the "Schpooter" example project. Download Unity from unity3 Download the project file for this tutorial UT02 Part 1: Project Layout - UT02 Part 2: Basic Scripts and Collisions - UT02 Part 3: Collisions and Messaging - UT02 Part 4: Messaging - UT02 Part 5: Messaging Continued -
  • iShares Cup 2008 : Capsizes and Collisions! All the drama from the 2008 iShares Cup
  • "Hero Sandwich" Part 2 Lacey learns what it means to be a victim of success when she invents a new sandwich that becomes a little too popular. Then a spike in traffic convinces the town's mayor to install a traffic light. To pay for it he orders Karen and Davis to crack down on jaywalkers. Hank and Oscar engage in civil disobedience as Brent tries to broker a deal with the pro-traffic light faction to bring peace back to the street of Dog River. Finally, Wanda is excited to get a tattoo until Emma offers to help her design it. Main Cast: Brent Butt ... Brent LeRoy Gabrielle Miller ... Lacey Burrows Fred Ewanuick ... Hank Yarbo Eric Peterson ... Oscar Leroy Janet Wright ... Emma Leroy Lorne Cardinal ... Davis Quinton Tara Spencer-Nairn ... Karen Pelly Nancy Robertson ... Wanda Dollard
  • Lecture 16_ Collisions - Elastic and Inelastic - Center of Mass Frame of Reference.mp4
  • Midair Collision Over Hudson River NTSB Sunshine Meeting Washington, DC - The National Transportation Safety Board today determined that the probable cause of last year's midair collision over the Hudson River that resulted in the deaths of all nine persons aboard the two aircraft were the inherent limitations of "see-and-avoid" concept and a Teterboro Airport air traffic controller's nonpertinent telephone conversation at the time of the collision. The see-and-avoid technique of averting mid-air collisions was not effective because of the difficulty the airplane pilot had in seeing the helicopter until the final seconds before the collision. In addition, the Teterboro Airport local controller engaged in a personal telephone conversation, which distracted him from his air traffic control duties, including the timely transfer of communications for the accident airplane to the Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) tower and correcting the airplane pilot's incorrect read-back of the EWR tower frequency. The Safety Board met today in a five-hour public meeting to determine the probable cause of the accident and issued five recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration for improving the safety of the national airspace, and in particular, the airspace over the Hudson River near New York City. The Safety Board noted that contributing to the cause of the accident were the ineffective use by both pilots of their aircrafts' electronic advisory system to maintain awareness of other air traffic, FAA's procedures ...
  • What is a Collision Domain and How to Use Them - In this video we learn about collision domains and some of the things we can do to keep collisions from happening on our network.
  • Galaxy Collisions: Simulation vs Observations A comparison of a simulation of a galaxy collision with five Hubble observations of galaxy collisions. No sound. This visualization follows the evolution of a computer simulation of two galaxies colliding. At five points, the simulation is stopped, and the geometry of the simulated galaxies are compared to five different interacting galaxy pairs observed by the Hubble Space Telescope. Thus, one sees that each observation is just one snapshot of a billion-year-long process. The interacting galaxy observations are part of a 59 image press release honoring the 18th anniversary of Hubble. Visualization by Frank Summers (Space Telescope Science Institute). Simulation by Chris Mihos (Case Western Reserve University) and Lars Hernquist (Harvard University).
  • Top Ten most Awesome Boat , Crashes, Collisions, Sinkings and Amazings Sights at Sea Offshore power boats ships crash crashes collisions accidents huge waves perfect storm sink sinking sea lake river speed deadliest catch plunge dive stopper water amazing compilation racing f1
  • Several collisions FIA European Truck championship in Most Several collisions onboard camera during the sixthe round of the FIA European Truck championship in Most
  • FSN Sport Science Episode 2- Johnny Damon Collision Ouch! Hard to watch, easy to learn Johnny Damon, Damien Jackson, John Brenkus, Base Productions BASE Productions
  • Meteorite Collision A simulation of what a meteorite collision might look like. I added a soundtrack rather than have the Japenese, as in the original. The song is "Casino" from the soundtrack to Run Lola Run. I believe the other versions of this video have been removed, however there were once versions with English and Japanese voice-overs on YouTube.
  • Car collisions on slippery road Car collisions on a slippery road
  • Geneva Atom Smasher Sets Collision Record The world's largest atom smasher has set a record for high-energy particle collisions in its search for the mysteries of the universe. Scientists were jubilant as the $10 billion Large Hadron Collider fired up after a long repair period. (March 30)
  • 5 - Collision Detection: Java 2D Side Scrolling Game programming Tutorial This video shows you how to implement collision detection (discussed in the last video) into the 2D side scroller game. This is done, again, through the rectangle class, by getting the coordinates of each image as a rectangle and checking when they intersect. The game now checks for collisions between any bullets and the enemy and the enemy and main character. Let me know if you have any questions and I will answer them. This will probably be the last video in the 2D Side scrolling game programming series. The code can be found below: Board class: Frame class: Dude class: Enemy class: Bullet class: Images can be found here:
  • Cosmic Collisions: Meteorite Treasure Extraterrestrial rocks are valuable clues to the history of the Solar System.
  • The Slow Mo Guys - Droplet Collisions at 5000fps In the slowest slow mo video yet, Gav shows us the classic colliding droplets shot in liquid. Using a mixture of coloured water and milk shot at 5000 frames per second (200 times slower than real-time.)
  • 7 TeV Collisions in the Large Hadron Collider to Be Made on March 30, CERN
  • Cosmic Collisions Fifty thousand years ago a large iron-nickel meteor struck Winslow, Arizona leaving a huge impact crater that can be seen to this day. Anything near to the point of impact would have been melted or even vaporized.
  • Destroyed in Seconds - Jet Plane Collision Host Ron Pitts uses amazing footage to tell the story of a dramatic mid-air collision. Check out more Destroyed In Seconds Thursdays at 9pm ET on Discovery Channel!
  • Elastic Collisions Worked example problem of an elastic collision by James Dann for CC BY SA
  • A Look at the Milky Way's Future From NASA, here's a vivid look at the future of our Milky Way in an ultra high-end computer simulation of spiral galaxies colliding. Collisions and mergers are central to galaxy evolution, from the earliest dwarf galaxies that formed to the familiar galaxies we see today. These collisions in action will be targets for the James Webb Telescope. Astronomers hope to understand how the shape, structure and chemical content of galaxies change over the sweep of cosmic history.
  • Train accidents, crashes, collisions, near misses and rail idiots! Part 1 Compilation Part 1 of videos of trains encountering cars, trucks, buses, bikes, people and even other trains, mostly as a result of someone being an idiot and either not concentrating, or failing to realise that trains take a while to stop, are big, heavy and potentially deadly! Sit back and get your adrenaline going with this compilation of some nail-biting moments, some get away with their brush with death, others are not so lucky. Copyright to each of the video clips featured lies with the original publisher of the video clip - I do not own or claim copyright to any of these videos. If any of the original publishers wish to be credited here, please let me know :)
  • Buoys Help Avert Whale-Ship Collisions Exploiting technology used to build better tires, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution engineers built a remarkable mooring line that was stable and quiet enough to detect whale calls, yet strong and stretchy enough to survive stormy seas.
  • LHC First Physics : First collisions in the LHCb's experiment - March the 30th, 2010
  • Cosmic Collisions - Galaxies Gone Wild Science & Reason on Facebook: Fifty-nine images of colliding galaxies make up the largest collection of Hubble images ever released together. As this astonishing Hubble atlas of interacting galaxies illustrates, galaxy collisions produce a remarkable variety of intricate structures. --- Please subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • --- Interacting galaxies are found throughout the Universe, sometimes as dramatic collisions that trigger bursts of star formation, on other occasions as stealthy mergers that result in new galaxies. A series of 59 new images of colliding galaxies has been released from the several terabytes of archived raw images from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope to mark the 18th anniversary of the telescope's launch. This is the largest collection of Hubble images ever released to the public simultaneously. Galaxy mergers, which were more common in the early Universe than they are today, are thought to be one of the main driving forces for cosmic evolution, turning on quasars, sparking frenetic star births and explosive stellar deaths. Even apparently isolated galaxies will show signs in their internal structure that they have experienced one or more mergers in their past. Each of the various merging galaxies in this series of images is a snapshot of a different instant in the long interaction process. Our own Milky Way contains the debris of the many smaller galaxies it has ...
  • collision mask A quick video showing how to give a sprite a custom collision mask so that you can control what areas of the graphic register with collisions.
  • Preventing a Cosmic Collision There is a chance that the asteroid Apophis may cross Earth's path if not in 2029 then in 2036 for a potentially catastrophic collision. Is there anything that can be done to prevent such a deadly cosmic collision...
  • Unity Tutorial 02: Part 3: "Collisions and Messages" Infinite Ammo Unity Tutorial 02 - Part 3 "Collisions and Messages" Looking at how collisions and messages work in the "Schpooter" example project. Download Unity from unity3 Download the project file for this tutorial UT02 Part 1: Project Layout - UT02 Part 2: Basic Scripts and Collisions - UT02 Part 3: Collisions and Messaging - UT02 Part 4: Messaging - UT02 Part 5: Messaging Continued -
  • Nissan car brakes automatically to avoid collisions YOKOSUKA, JAPAN -- If you're hurtling along the road towards a stationary car it's a pretty good idea to hit the brakes ... but in this car you don't have to. The car is fitted with a prototype safety system developed by Nissan that helps avoid rear end collisions.
  • Momentum and Collisions Boğaziçi University, Turkey. Computer and Educational Technology Department. Final Project for course CET 201. All rights reserved.
  • Episode 8: Sound of Guns - "Collisions" - The Crypt Sessions This week the Sound Of Guns recoiled through the Crypt and bloomin marvellous it was too. Touting their corruscating brand of anthemic rock, the Liverpool five-piece have had quite a year. They played no less than four times at Glastonbury and followed up with a slot on the main stage at Latitude. Over at Radio One, Steve Lamacq adopted them as his new favourite band and their song, Elementary Of Youth, was recently voted hottest record in the world on Zane Lowes show. Phew. So forgive us for feeling just a little smug that Andy (lead vocals), Lee and Nathan should want to take time from recording their new album to come and play for us. Elementary Of Youth is released today on Distiller Records, both as a four track, 7 EP (with a cd and the bands own fanzine Retail Rodeo attached) and as a digital download. So head on over to /soundofguns and get ordering.

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