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  • Hybridizers have been expanding on the beautiful color combinations nature had already provided, so in addition to the bright orange Clivia miniata commonly appearing in landscapes here in Southern California, we are now seeing gorgeous yellows, peaches, pinks, and some near-whites. — “Pacific Bulb Society | Clivia”,
  • Having been involved in the breeding of the yellow form of Clivia miniata for nearly 30 years, Cape Seed and Bulb are among the pioneers in the field development and promotion of selected forms of Clivia miniata var.citrina, and they won many international prizes. — “Clivia”,
  • One of the few exceptions to this rule, is a house plant known as a clivia, or kafir lily. While a clivia plant does not have a true bulb, the swollen clasping leaf bases of a mature clivia plant quite clearly. — “Clivia”,
  • clivia African plant in the family Liliaceae; the bulbs of the plant contain toxic lycorine. — “Clivia: Definition from ”,
  • Bring together individuals interested in keeping, collecting, and caring for any of the six species and interspecific crosses of Clivia. — “American Clivia Society”,
  • see our new items along with our availability here. PO Box 1296. Watsonville, CA 95077. 748 Privacy — we do not collect anything. Life is too short, and it would just be more work. — “Monterey Bay Nursery”,
  • This site is dedicated to those interested in the South African flowering plant, Clivia. If you would like to provide information for this web site, or be listed on this web site, or be notified with regard to changes on this web site, please contact us. — “The Clivia Web Site”,
  • Clivia Plants, Clivia Seeds, Clivias for Sale : - Variegated Seed Green Seed Special Flowers Seed Variegated Clivia Plant Green Clivia Plant Special Flowers Plant Clivia Plants, Clivia Seeds, Clivias. — “Clivia Plants, Clivia Seeds, Clivias for Sale”,
  • Learn about Clivia on . Find info and videos including: How to Fertilize Clivia, How to Repot Clivia, How to Care for Clivia and much more. — “Clivia - ”,
  • Clivia (pronounced /ˈklaɪviə/)[1] is a genus of monocot flowering plants native to southern Africa. Of the six known species, Clivia miniata is the most widely cultivated, and hybrid varieties with flowers ranging from deep red-orange to pale yellow have been bred by growers. — “Clivia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Clivia SA by Thurlow Flora Producing Plants with Pedigree Specialising in Color Breeding. — “Clivia Colour, Clivia Seeds & Clivia Plants By Thurlow Flora”,
  • Clivia- after the Duchess of Northumberland, Lady Charlotte Clive who first cultivated and flowered the type specimen in England. The discovery of the yellow flowered Clivia miniata (C. miniata var. — “Clivia miniata”,
  • Clivia is one of the more primitive genera of the Amaryllidaceae. Clivia miniata. In nature, C. miniata is native to KwaZulu-Natal Province and the southeastern Transvaal in. — “The Amaryllis Family: Clivia”,
  • All information relating to the 2010 Clivia Conference to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, can be found at the link above. This website is intended to be a contact point for those interested in Clivia, as well as a resource and link for those desiring to know more about. — “The Clivia Society”,
  • Clivia belongs to the lily family (Liliaceae), the same family as amaryllis, and it's easy to see why. Clivia flowers cluster together to form large conspicuous flower heads. There is some variation in height within the species,. — “Chicago Botanic Garden”,
  • ShopWiki has 120 results for Clivia, including 1 Good Hope Clivia Plant - RARE - 4" pot - NEW, Dollhouse Miniature Clivia in a Clay Pot, Dostal: Clivia, and Aqua Brass 9203WH Console basin Clivia White. — “Clivia”,
  • Clivia, Kafir Lily, Clivia Miniata v Aureum, clivia variegata variegated Clivia (pronounced kly-via) is one of the more primitive genera of the family Amaryllidaceae. — “Dragon Agro Products - Clivia”,
  • Clivia - Information on Clivia caulescens, clivia gardenii, clivia miniata, clivia mirabilis, clivia nobilis, clivia robusta as well as clivia plants and clivia seed for sale. — “Clivia”,
  • Buy clivia, Home Garden items on eBay. Find great deals on Stamps, Art items and get what you want now!. — “clivia items - Get great deals on Home Garden, Stamps items”,
  • The wonderful clivia flower can brighten your home and garden during late winter and early spring. This article will provide you information about clivia flower and available varieties of clivia flower. Clivia Flower. — “Clivia Flower”,

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  • Clivia 2009 - 52 days time lapse by Busák Péter Blooming Clivia Video: Busák Péter 2009 Time Lapse
  • Yellow Clivia Bulbs Yellow Clivia flowers are rare Clivia bulb cultivars, but Ty Ty Nursery also sells orange, white, and variegated Clivias.
  • Variegated Clivia Bulb
  • Preparing Your Clivia for Show Mike Riska--Director of the North American Clivia Society, and Executive Director of the Delaware Nature Society--shares some pointers on how to get a clivia to bloom, and gives advice on growing and grooming your plants for competitions. Video Production by Jake Verterano.
  • Clivia flowers in my garden Some unique clivia flowers from my garden
  • Smile Xolani Heylon Ft.. Kevon Carter & Clivia Robley - [official music video] "Smile" Album: Belmont Director: Matthew Canada Production: /​Xolani.Heylon Models: Katja, Jodeene, Zhanna, Elieth Xolani Heylon, is quickly becoming one of the most creative people in the Caribbean community . In addition to stints as an actor , a designer with a very successful clothing company he is an incredible producer , songwriter, singer and artist. The latter credits happen to be the driving art forms behind his latest project. Belmont, the album named after his home town in port of Spain Trinidad is a tapestry of hard times, love lost ,boastful bravado and honesty all set to beats produced by Heylon himself. It is blend of jazz , Motown soul, Calypso and Hip Hop . The latest offering from Belmont is "smile" a guitar driven hip hop , Rapso ballad with words that would melt any woman. Is said to her by her significant other .. Such gems as " I wanna build a family of warriors with you, and when we're married I will cook wash and clean too ..litter the song and least you think those lyrics appeal to the softest of men he drops "my eye does that too slave to the cheeks" .. your thighs end there boo , I'm' a slave to the cheeks
  • Yellow Clivia
  • Clivia miniata - kaffir lilly (NOT an Orchid!) This is a video of a plant I bought with very fragile yellow flowers (like daffodils) that fell off. I'd thought it was an orchid, due to the roots. However, Hoggywart recognised it as a Clivia.
  • Huge Golden Dragon Clivia This is a video of the Clivia I'm sellingon ebay.
  • Clivia bloom timelapse My first timelapse experiment, with a blooming clivia. Obviously I was positioned wrong for the light! Also note how the clivia does a lot of growing during the dark hours. One frame was taken every five minutes.
  • Clivia Flower The clivia plant is indigenous to South Africa. Color: Two Colour Peach
  • Bee Pollinates Clivia Flower
  • "Ik ben verliefd" "Clivia" - Yvonne Verbeeck, Flemish operetta soprano, live 1955 Haciënda A'pen. Operetta "Clivia" by Nico Dostal. Few people known that Yvonne was a verry good soprano before she became a comedy actress.
  • White Flower Farm - How to Grow Clivia Join nursery manager Barb Pierson as she talks about growing Clivia miniata. Visit to learn more. Clivia miniata is both beautiful and indestructible. Deep green, straplike leaves arch 2-3 feet above the crown, forming a graceful fountain. In early spring (and often twice a year for us), the plant bursts forth with clusters of orange, Lily-shaped blooms that are carried on strong stems and last for several weeks. Clivias thrive even in a north window and require very little care, growing larger and more impressive with age. They are ideal plants for a second home. Our plants are of blooming size, and most will flower within 3-4 months of arrival. One plant in a 7-inch terra-cotta pot with saucer.
  • The beauty of His creation - Clivia 100331 Our blooming clivia
  • How-to... Clivias - divide plants & grow from seed. Clivias are fabulous garden plants for shady spots. They also have some of the most spectacular flowers around! You probably know that they're dead-easy to grow but did you know it's very easy to get new-plants-from-old, to propagate Clivias? Let me show you just how simple it is to divide an established plant and to pot-out some fresh seeds. If you like my videos don't forget to visit & 'like' me on FaceBook to keep up-to-date with all things garden lifestyle, sustainability & horticulture related!
  • Gardening Tips : How to Plant Clivia Clivia is from South America and does really well in the summertime, but in the winter it needs to be in a greenhouse. Plant Clivia with help from a third-generation flower grower in this free video on gardening. Expert: Yolanda Vanveen Contact: Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Wash. Filmmaker: Daron Stetner
  • Clivia -Nos Bracos de Jesus me entrego a Jesus
  • Clivia Crescent- Sugar Bush Estate, Krugersdorp, 45 Two bedroom two bathroom apartments in Sugar Bush Estate- Krugersdorp, developed to clients specifications. Date of completion- 1 September 2011
  • Neville and the Clivia Lily! Look at these beautiful flowers in the gardens of San Francisco!
  • Planting Clivia Flowers
  • yellow clivia plant glossy, broad, green leaves. yellow flower on a long spike. frost tender
  • Clivia Christina - What A Wonderful World Cliva Christina sings a new groovy version of Louis Armstrongs famous song
  • CLIVIA MINIATA ...."Striata" Native to Natal, South Africa , Clivias were named after Lady Charlotte Florentine Clive , Duchess of Northumberland , who was the granddaughter of Robert Clive, better known as Clive of India. Clivias are almost unkillable plants, which brighten the garden in late winter and early spring.
  • Clivia Song for Japan Please enjoy to my clivia song and clivia flowers. And don't miss it to Clivia Charity Auction May 15 to 22 on ebay.
  • Clivia 君子兰 A slidshow of photos of my clivias' leaves, blooms, fruits, and the whole plant. Visit my website
  • Last Night (Clivia video) Last Night - my old electronic music piece composed 1997. On video You see my plant - Clivia. She has one time in the Year beautiful flowers! I put my clivia uner the rain. She like it :). I found my clivia in garbage... The clivia is native to forest floors of southern Africa. From Africa, it was brought to England in 1854, where it was named to honour Lady Charlotte Clive, Dutchess of Northumberland. Because of the plant's natural ability to survive on shaded forest floors, it quickly gained popularity as a plant well suited to the large shadowy parlours of Victorian homes. As a member of the amaryllis family, clivias shares many common characteristics with the more familiar amaryllis. Like the amaryllis, the leaves of a clivia are strongly two-ranked. This means the long strap-shaped leaves arise from the soil, directly opposite one another in an alternating sequence. Because the leaves are produced in an alternating sequence and they arch directly over one another, a mature clivia plant will develop a strikingly formal silhouette with almost perfect symmetry, forming what looks like a large flattened vase. source:
  • My Brother's Clivia 4 years ago, when my brother passed away, I inherited his collection of Clivia This is the first year since I have had them that they have flowered.
  • Jesus Will Still Be There - Clivia Singing at Presbyterian Church in Orlando, FL - Horley de Oliveira ( Piano ) - june 10th, 2007 * Cantando na Igreja Presbiteriana - 10 de junho de 2007
  • Clivia Kwiaty Clivia Kwiaty - Flower Confetti
  • the ship Clivia in the Amazon the ship Clivia navigating in the mouth of the Tapajos river and entering the Amazon river in front of the city of Santarem. The ship Clivia travels between the Cities of Manaus and Belem, passing by Itacoatiara, Parintins and Santarem, transporting passengers and cargo. The video was taken from the boat Nheengatu in july 16th 2004
  • Clivias in Flower HD.mp4
  • the Amazon ship Clivia the amazon passengers ship Clivia navigating downstream in the mouth of the Tapajos river, entering the Amazon river, leaving the city of Santarem. The video was taken in September 16th, 2010
  • Growing Plants From Seeds : How to Grow Clivias From Seeds Clivias are plants that are from South Africa, so they love warm shade, but they shouldn't be placed under a full, hot sun. Learn about using a container of soil to grow clivias seed pods with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing clivias from seeds. Expert: Yolanda Vanveen Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is a third-generation flower grower and sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Washington. She is the owner of and has sold flower bulbs for more than 15 years. Filmmaker: Daron Stetner
  • Santa Barbara Kifer Lillies Clivia
  • Growth record of Clivia miniata.(Long version) Growth record of Clivia miniata. It is record for one month. 2011/02/20~2011/03/22 A performance of a koto and a shakuhachi(Scarborough Fair)
  • Growing Clivias from Seed. Part 1
  • Clivia Peeling Me using a nail cleaner to peel clivia pods.
  • Clivia Z (Canabis Z x Zeoliet x AbgarXX), f saura 2003

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  • “This was a clivia with mis-colored flowers. Anyway, apparently there were people who were willing to drop of money, or something close to it, for a clivia with yellow flowers”
    — Albert's Greenhouse: Yellow Clivia,

  • “clivia, clivia plants, clivia seed Blog. November 11, 2010. I have just begun sponsoring the SA Clivia Forum. I am also pleased to announce that 3 of our Appleblossom Clivias have set seed. Seed will be available in June/July 2011. I always offer seed first to those on our email list”
    — Blog,

  • “Shop clivia forum t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique clivia forum tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee”
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  • “Clivia Forum - Index Clivia, Clivia discussion, Clivia Forum, The Clivia Forum, Clivia miniata, Clivia nobilis, Clivia caulescens, Clivia mirabilis, Clivia gardenii, Clivia robusta, variegated Clivia, Clivia, Clivia discussion, Clivia Forum, Clivia miniata, Clivia”
    Clivia Forum - Index,

  • “Here is the comments of Tinker on my request to create a forum dedicated to Clivia for your information: Since Clivia propagates from Rhizomes it would be best located there under our organizational tree”
    — Tinkers Gardens Forum : Clivia on this forum,

  • “Go tubular: Clivia gardenii. There was a time when almost no-one knew clivia colour, coupled with unusual floral shape, I suggest checking out Clivia gardenii”
    — Fennel and Fern | Blog | Go tubular: Clivia gardenii,

  • “908-377-0477. [email protected] Signed in as . Sign Out. Sign In Posted by Clivia Esposito @ 4:00 PM on 08/27/2009. Welcome | Area”
    — First-time Homebuyer Seminar - Blog - Clivia Esposito,

  • “Shop Clivia Forum Bags. Large selection of unique and funny clivia forum designs. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Fast shipping”
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