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  • North and South - What Is A Strike - 'No!' said Margaret; 'I think they have too much sense.' 'An' I think, pack of spiritless, down-trodden men; welly clemmed to death; too. — “What Is A Strike - 'No!' said Margaret; 'I think they have”,
  • Doncastrians have a special way of saying you're good-looking, and Sheffield folk are unique when they're feeling the cold. Find out what the Voices wordmap reveals about the way South Yorkshire people talk. Sheffield has the distinction of its very own word for cold: "clemmed. — “BBC - South Yorkshire - SY People - Putting SY on the Wordmap”,
  • Definition of clem in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of clem. Pronunciation of clem. Translations of clem. clem synonyms, clem antonyms. Information vb clems, clemming, clemmed, clams clamming, clammed (when tr, usually passive) English dialect to be hungry or cause to be hungry [of Germanic. — “clem - definition of clem by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • [edit] Verb. clemmed. Simple past tense and past participle of clem. /wiki/clemmed" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “clemmed - Wiktionary”,
  • clem /klɛm/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [klem] Show IPA Use clem in a Sentence –verb (used with object), verb (used without object), clemmed, clemming. British Dialect. to starve. — “what is meaning of " clem"?”,
  • Big Time Long Shot---Klem Kadiddlehopper? As in clemmed for a snack. Dialect, favored by hoboes; common in rustic novels. Its use is considered by some to be chic." From "British English A to Zed" by Norman W. Schur (HarperCollinsPublishers, New York, HarperPerrennial edition, 1991). — “Big Time Long Shot---Klem Kadiddlehopper?”,
  • An huge collection of all those strange English words and phrases combined in a dictionary of slang and colloquialisms of the UK. Also 'clemmed'. — “A dictionary of slang - "K" - Slang and colloquialisms of the UK”,
  • The verb clem is still found in UK regional dialects, especially in the forms clemmed or clammed. Rural dialects continue to preserve a number of words meaning 'extremely hungry', including clemmed out, fammelled, starved, and thirly. — “clem definition - Dictionaries - MSN Encarta”,
  • West Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor set to open to two-way traffic after months of construction headaches Nov 5, 2010 at 6:00 AM One day I was being chased by a Schwart person, so I Clemmed up a Crabtree and got away. — “Saline athletic department selling old scoreboard on eBay”,
  • Steven Thompson, Unemployment, Poverty, and Health in Interwar South Wales: III 'Fair Clemmed': Diet and Nutrition. IV 'Heart-Break Houses?': Housing Conditions and House Building. V 'Leprous Towns'': Environment, Sanitation and Leisure. VI The Mixed Economy of Medical Services. VII 'The. — “Steven Thompson: Unemployment, Poverty, and Health in”,
  • Daily updated download free music video Female navel stabbed YouTube videos on .Watch download free music video Female navel stabbed YouTube free on . Trust us, you won't waste your time here. From: clemmed Views: 102221 225 ratings Time: 04:37. — “Watch download free music video Female navel stabbed video”,
  • Article about Clemmed - From The Probert Encyclopaedia. — “Clemmed - From The Probert Encyclopaedia”,
  • Clench definition, to close (the hands, teeth, etc.) tightly. clemmed. clemming. clemson university. clench. clenched fist. clenched fist sign. clenches. clendinnen. cleo. cleobis. cleobulus. cleoid. cleome. cleome hassleriana. cleome pinnata. cleome serrulata. cleomenes. cleomenes iii. — “Clench | Define Clench at ”,
  • Browse genealogical profiles listed alphabetically by last name in the bracket: Knutsson, Bjørn - Knutsson, Erik Clemmed (Klemmed) Knutsson. Clemment Knutsson. Cristian Knutsson. Dan Wilhelm Knutsson. — “Knutsson, Bjørn - Knutsson, Erik - Public Genealogy Directory”,
  • Starved Used in Elizabeth Gaskell's, 19th century novel about life in industrial Manchester, entitled 'Mary Barton' Clemmed. buy clemmed mugs, tshirts and magnets. To be cold, feel the cold. ( This is a word only used in Sheffield by Sheffielders). — “Urban Dictionary: Clemmed”,
  • Here is the list of words starting with Letter C in Slang- clemmed. cabbaged. click. cable. clink. cack. clinker. cack-handed. clinkers. cacks. clip. cad. clip artist. caffle. clip joint. cagoule. clipping. caj. clobber. cake. — “Slang-: Terms staring with C”, slang-
  • clem [ klem ] (past and past participle clemmed, present participle clem·ming, 3rd person present singular clems) or clam [ klam ] (past and past participle clammed, present participle clam·ming, 3rd person present singular clams) U.K. regional be or make hungry: to be hungry, or make a person or. — “clems definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • clemmed. Topic List < Prev Topic | Next Topic > Reply < Prev Message | Next Message > the clemmed. the worthless word for the day is: clemmed [fr. ME forclemmed, pinched with. — “wwftd : Message: today's wwftd is... clemmed”,
  • Chapter II, Page 4: Read The Water-Babies, by Author Charles Kingsley Page by Page, now. Free, Online. "But I can't get there; I'm most clemmed with hunger and drought." And Tom sank down upon the door-step, and laid his head against the post. — “The Water-Babies, by Charles Kingsley; Chapter II Page 4”,
  • Robert Nixon was a legendary prophet of Cheshire. Many accounts about him appear to be in conflict with each Summoned to the court of King Richard III, he refused saying he would be "clemmed death", that is, starved to death. — “Robert Nixon (Cheshire) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Maddy Prior & June Tabor - Four Loom Weaver (2008) Adapted bits of a broadside ballad from just up't road in Owdham. Still plenty of nettles hereabouts. Hope no viewers are clemmed these credit crunch days. From: Cecil Sharp House, London NW1, 23 Oct
  • Luxon - Four Loom Weaver Benjamin Luxon on a traditional British song from the industrial revolution I'm a four loom weaver, as many a man knows, I've nowt to eat and I've worn out m' clothes M' clogs are all broken, and stockings I've none. Thee'd hardly gi's tuppence for all I've gotten on. Old Billy O' Bent, he were telling us long We mayn't had better times if I'd nobbut held m' tongue. Well, I held m' tongue til I near lost m' breath, And I feel in m' hear that I'II soon clem to death I'm a four loom weaver, as many a man knows. I've nowt to eat and I've worn out m' clothes. Old Billy were right, but he ne'er were clemmed, He ne'er picked o'er in his liie. We held out for six weeks, thought each day were the last. We tarried and shifted til we were quite fast. We lived upon nettles while nettles were good. And Waterloo Porridge were best to us (as) food. Our Margaret declares, if hoo'd clothes to put on, Hoo'd go up t' London and see the great man And if things didn' alter when there hoo'd been Hoo' swears hoo'd fight til there blood up to th' e'en. I'm a four loom weaver as many a man knows. I've nowt to eat and I've worn out m' clothes Stockings I've none, nor looms to weave on, I've woven m'sen to far end.

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  • “Welcome to my Monday morning book blog. Every Monday morning I will talk about a book I've read during the previous week, At the camp he learns what it is to be truly hungry, far beyond being "clemmed" growing up, as the son of the village fishmonger”
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  • “Home: Forum: English: The state of British English Sheffield: Clemmed. East Anglia: Taters. Hertfordshire: Frozzed. Those are just a very few examples of increasingly revived dialect local dialect terms in the UK despite mass communication, transitory population movements, immigration and the mass media”
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  • “(3 posts) (3 voices) Started 5 months ago by Michael Allen. Latest reply from MrChigleysAunt. Current rating: Why aye, man,' I started, tentatively, I'm right clemmed, tha' knows. Gizza Newkie Brown.' When I gave George permission to dip”
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  • “Forum: General Chat. Thread: Odd sayings. Johnny39 (User) Posted on: 22-Nov-2008 16:48:07. Ah'm fair clemmed! Does that mean hungry, or is it thirsty? Same as 'famished'. compton”
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