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  • Clarinets are descendants of the chalumeau, with a cylindrical bore and a single reed. Clarinets are relatively recent additions to the orchestra and are standard instruments in the concert band, symphonic band, military bands, wind. — “Clarinet”,
  • The clarinet has a range spanning from low E on the third space of the bass stave (concert D) to the high C, on the space above the fifth leger line above the treble stave (concert B flat) There are also instruments known as basset horns in F, bass clarinets pitched one octave below the Bb soprano,. — “Clarinet - Wikinfo”,
  • In about 100 years, lower-pitched clarinets existed. Mozart loved the clarinet, and brought it into popularity in orchestral music. He wrote important solo works for it and included it in several orchestral pieces. It continued to be refined, by adding more keys to improve its range and tone. — “Clarinet”,
  • Go get your Clarinet-Now! Every clarinet experience is a lesson: taking from a private teacher, listening to a master performer, or referencing informational book or web resources. — “Clarinet-Now”, clarinet-
  • The Concerted Action CLARINET was a climate program sponsored by the European Commission Environment Directorate-General. CLARINET brought together problem holders and solution providers to solve problems of contaminated land in whole Europe. — “Contaminated Land Rehabilitation - Activities and”,
  • The clarinet is a musical instrument that is a part of the woodwind family. The name derives from adding the suffix -et (meaning little) to the Italian word clarino (meaning a type of trumpet), as the first clarinets had a strident tone similar. — “Clarinet photos on Fotopedia - The Photo Encyclopedia”,
  • Musical instruments are classified by the way they produce sound; such as string, voice, keyboards, percussion, wind, and electronic. The Clarinet is a woodwind instrument that produces sound when a column of air is made to vibrate through it. — “Clarinet - Get great deals for Clarinet on eBay!”,
  • Free clarinet sheet music pieces to download from 8. — “Free clarinet sheet music - 8”, 8
  • The Number One Online Music Education Resource for Teachers, Students, Parents and Administrators A clarinet for a child is a terrific starting point into making music. — “How to Buy a Clarinet - Purchashing & Renting a Student Clarinet”,
  • clarinet ( ) n. A woodwind instrument having a straight cylindrical tube with a flaring bell and a single-reed mouthpiece, played by means of finger. — “clarinet: Definition from ”,
  • The clarinet is a musical instrument in the woodwind family. The name derives from adding the suffix -et meaning little to the Italian word clarino meaning a particular type of trumpet, as the first clarinets had a strident tone similar to that of a trumpet. — “Clarinet”, schools-
  • Journals, research, mailing list, contact information, calendar, articles, and links. Please sign in to see a special preview of the upcoming issue of The Clarinet. — “International Clarinet Association”,
  • The term, alone, most commonly refers to the Bb clarinet, though an entire family ranging from sopranino to contrabasses exists. The clarinet is usually constructed of grenadilla (African blackwood), though student instruments may be made of a high impact plastic resin. — “Clarinet”,
  • Links to free Classical Clarinet Music on the internet. — “The Classical Clarinet Mp3 Page -- Classic Cat”,
  • The clarinet is a musical instrument that is a part of the woodwind family. The clarinet family is the largest such woodwind family, with more than a dozen types, ranging from the BB contrabass to the A soprano. — “Clarinet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The clarinet is a musical instrument in the woodwind family. The name derives from adding the suffix -et, meaning little, to the Italian word clarino, meaning a particular trumpet, as the first clarinets had a strident, but pleasing tone similar to that of a trumpet. — “Clarinet - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Learn about Clarinet on . Find info and videos including: A Comparison of Clarinets & Bass Clarinets, How to Convert an E Flat Clarinet to a B Flat Clarinet, About the Clarinet and much more. — “Clarinet - ”,
  • The clarinet is a musical instrument in the woodwind family. Clarinets are made from specially chosen varieties of wood or, in the case of some student instruments, composite material or plastic resin. — “Clarinet - Academic Kids”,
  • Welcome to the Capital University Clarinet Studio page! From lessons to ensemble rehearsals and concerts to recitals, there is always something going on in the Clarinet Studio at Capital University. Check out this page for information about what's up now and next!. — “Clarinet Studio”,
  • Clarinets have the one of the largest ranges of pitch of all musical Buy or rent a clarinet so that you can practice.But remember clarinets won't be that good. — “How to Play the Clarinet - wikiHow”,
  • Clarinet definition, a woodwind instrument in the form of a cylindrical tube with a single reed attached to its mouthpiece. See more. — “Clarinet | Define Clarinet at ”,

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  • Poulenc Clarinet Sonata - Michael Collins, Julien Quentin - Verbier 2007 Watch the whole concert here: And watch all our concerts from the Verbier Festival here: Michael Collins (clarinet) and Julien Quentin (piano) play the third movement of Francis Poulenc Clarinet Sonata : Allegro con fuoco. This concert was recorded at the 2007 Verbier Festival.
  • Rhapsody in Blue for Clarinet Solo By: George Gershwin Arranged By: Timofei Dok***ser & David Andrews Poway HS Wind Symphony June 4th, 2009 Sheet Music: Band Score: Alternative Links:
  • sharon kam mozarts clarinet concerto,first movement Sharon kam playing mozart's clarinet concerto, the first movement to confirm it for everyone: IT IS A BASSET CLARINET!! "Sharon Kam used a Basset Clarinet for this concert. You can view the video by pressing the following links:"--from sharon Kam's website
  • Flight of the Bumblebee - Bb clarinet Clarinet version of the popular Flight of the Bumblebee. Many have asked if they could be sent the music. I posted a link on my blog at Jonathan Greene playing solo music by Rimsky Korsakov on Bb clarinet. Performed at Skidmore College Connect with me: /Clarinetfeed [email protected]
  • Thomas Friedli - Brahms Clarinet quintet 1st mov. (audio) The first movement of the Brahms clarinet quintet in B minor op. 115 performed by Thomas Friedli & Quartet Sine Nomine. In homage to our dear Thomas whom we miss.
  • Romani "Gypsy" Clarinet Virtuoso Ismail Lumanovski Ismail Lumanovski brings down the house at the 11th Annual Herdeljezi Festival in Sebastopol, CA, produced by Voice of Roma. ,
  • Super Mario Brothers Theme Clarinet Quartet Clarinet Quartet Playing a popular song
  • Clarinet Assembly, Disassembly and Daily Maintenance. How to of proper assembly, disassembly and daily maintenance of a clarinet.
  • Woody Allen: Clarinet Solo From 'Nine Below Zero', The Carlyle Cafe, New York, 11-17-2008
  • Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A - 2nd mvt Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A 2nd movement: Adagio Clarinet Soloist: Sharon Kam Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Manfred Honeck
  • Stanley Drucker/NYPO/Mehta/Weber Concertino for Clarinet Stanley Drucker, who will retire soon after 60 years of playing in the New York Philharmonic, played this live telecast in 1989. To say he is unique is to state the obvious.
  • How It's Made Clarinets Discovery / Science Channel's "How It's Made" Clarinets episode
  • Mozart: Clarinet Concerto: II. Adagio (Audio Only) David Shifrin, Bassett Clarinet in A Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra Conducted by Gerard Schwarz Score available here:
  • Clarinet Polka Richard Maloof plays the "Clarinet Polka" on his tuba.
  • Clarinet Lessons : Clarinet Tips for Beginners When a beginner attempts to play the clarinet, they should know about the embouchure, which is how the face is held when the instrument is played. Learn about clarinet success and cleaning tips with help from an elementary school music teacher in this free video on clarinets. Expert: Brandie Suchevich Bio: Brandie Suchevich is an elementary school music teacher in Western Pennsylvania. Filmmaker: Amber Miller Series Description: Playing the clarinet requires a specific kind of training that can differ from other instruments. Learn to play a woodwind with help from an elementary school music teacher in this free video series on clarinets.
  • Clarinet Scene - Mr. Holland's Opus Scenes from the movie when Gertrude decides to quit the clarinet but Mr. Holland proves her wrong! No copy write infringement intended!!!
  • Mozart Clarinet Quintet on period instruments Part 1 k. 581 Part 2 MOZART CLARINET CONCERTO The academy of ancient music chamber ensemble Antony Pay Basset Clarinet Wolfgang Mozart's Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, K. 581, was written in 1789 for the clarinetist Anton Stadler. The composer indicated that the work was finished on 29 September 1789. This quintet is sometimes referred to as the Stadler Quintet; Mozart so described it in a letter of April 1790. It consists of four movements: 1. Allegro in A major and common time 2. Larghetto in D major and 3:4 time 3. Menuetto in A major and 3:4 time - Trio I in A minor - Trio II in A major 4. Allegretto con Variazioni in A major and common time The first movement sets the mood for the entire piece. It has beautiful moving lines in all of the parts and in the second half there is a virtuoso run that is passed throughout the strings, based on material from the second section of the exposition.
  • Watering Can Clarinet Xylosax plays a "Humarimba" with Linsey Pollak on Watering Can Clarinet
  • Carrot clarinet Linsey Pollak drills out a carrot and turns it into a clarinet and plays it, live looping with a Boss RC20 to record 3 layers....from his solo show "Making Jam"
  • How to Play the Clarinet : How to Begin Playing the Clarinet Playing the clarinet can be difficult and knowing how to put it together is just as confusing. Assemble a clarinet and hold it correctly with the tips and advice from an experienced musician in this free beginning clarinet video. Expert: Loren Green Bio: Loren Green has a Bachelor of Music Education degree, and is currently working on her Masters of Music Education. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA
  • Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A - 3rd mvt Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A 3rd Movement: Rondo - Allegro Clarinet Soloist: Sharon Kam Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Manfred Honeck
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Clarinet Concerto in A Major Adagio -------------- Painting: The Parc Monceau Artist: Claude Monet
  • Clarinet Care and Maintenance From the Band Instrument Repair program at Red Wing, this video is for young clarinet players who want to know how to care and maintain their instrument.
  • Playing A Clarinet Covered In Bees Presenting Professor Norman Gary and his unusually dangerous rendition of 'When The Saints Come Marching In'. Where else to find Diagonal View... FOLLOW us on Twitter: or LIKE us on Facebook: Strange talents, shocking stories, dangerous stunts...see it all here @
  • N. Paganini capriccio no 24/Spyros Mourikis, clarinet Spyros Mourikis plays the Paganini's capriccio no 24 as encore at the Athens Megaron music hall in 04/04/2009.
  • WA Mozart Concert for clarinet, 2.nd mov Carelys Carreras , Cuba, is the soloist of the Concert for Clarinet from WA Mozart performed by the VIENNA PHILHARMONIC WOMEN´S ORCHESTRA conducted by its founder IZABELLA SHAREYKO, Poland-Austria. The concert was given at RONACHER-ETABLISSEMENT in the center of the city of Vienna May 2005. E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Rachmaninoff Vocalise on clarinet Sergei Rachmaninoff Vocalise Opus 34, No. 14
  • Mr Curly (contra bass clarinet) Linsey Pollak plays "Mr Curly" (a contra bass clarinet made from garden hose) from his show "Passing Wind" as well as the feather duster clarinet.
  • Brahms Clarinet Trio Mov 1 Brahms Clarinet Trio Op. 114 Allegro Karl Leister Clarinet Ferenc Bognar Piano Wolfgang Boettcher Cello
  • Clarinet Candy The US Army Band performs Clarinet Candy on the West Steps of the US Capitol on June 12, 2009.
  • Copland Clarinet Concerto Benny Goodman Part 1 What a nice piece-- A. Copland, Conductor LAPO
  • Bix Beiderbecke - Clarinet Marmalade A fantastic piece of fun-loving, foot stomping, 1920's jazz. Remastered from an original 1920's recording.
  • Julian Bliss plays Mozart clarinet concerto (final movt) Cherubic 17 year-old Julian Bliss (a protegee of Sabine Meyer) plays the Mozart clarinet concerto, on basset clarinet. With Jiri Belohlavek conducting the BBCSO. Oh, and Queen Elizabeth II in attendance :O III Rondo (allegro) Well it looks like he gets the royal seal of approval from Her Majesty at the end :)
  • Bartók: Contrasts for Clarinet, Violin & Piano (Mvt I + II) Yehudi Menuhin (violin) and Jeremy Menuhin with Thea King, clarinet. Bartók: Contrasts for Clarinet, Violin & Piano, Sz. 111 I. Recruiting Dance. Moderato, ben ritmato II. Relaxation. Lento go here to see the last movement: Filmed at the ORTF, Paris, 03/12/72 by Eric Tishkoff: What started in August 1938 as a casual conversation between József Szigeti and Benny Goodman very quickly turned into a significant chamber work by one of the world's leading composers, Béla Bartók (1881-1945). Szigeti, a pre-eminent violinist of the time, sent the request to Bartók-although, it was the world-renown jazz clarinetist Goodman who officially commissioned (ie, paid for) the work. In his letter, Szigeti requested a duo for clarinet and violin with piano accompaniment, consisting of two contrasting movements, 6-7 minutes in duration, with cadenzas for both the clarinet and violin. Szigeti was probably expecting a short, flashy show-tune, in which case, he got much more than he bargained for. Janos Karpati writes (Bartok's Chamber Music, Stuyvesant, NY, Pendragon Press, 1976, p. 476) "Despite the commission, Bartók composed not what is known as a concert piece, but a chamber-music work, a worthy cousin of the string quartets and sonatas, which in both its material and structure follows the laws of chamber-music form." Contrasts is a three movement work nearly three times the duration of the original request. The music is an amalgam of abstracted Hungarian folk music ...
  • LSO Master Class - Clarinet Chris Richards from the London Symphony Orchestra gives a clarinet master class for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011
  • Clarinet Lesson A short lesson on the clarinet embouchure and how to properly form it. Visit my site for more info!
  • Basic Clarinet Embouchure Clarinet embouchure by Andrea Morst. Pedagogy project - Woodwind Pedagogy, Dr. Yoshi Ishikawa, University of Colorado at Boulder, College of Music.
  • Karl Leister (clarinet) Weber quintet last movement Mr. Karl Leister plays the last movement of CM Weber clarinetquintet with members of BPO (1990) Berliner Philarmonie
  • Aaron Copland, Clarinet Concerto, Martin Frost Aaron Copland - Clarinet Concerto, Martin Fröst clarinet, DalaSinfoniettan, Tobias Ringborg conductor, Vinterfest 2011, Mora (Sweden)
  • Buffet Clarinet Factory Tour
  • Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A - 1st mvt Part 1 Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A 1st Movement: Allegro Clarinet Soloist: Sharon Kam Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Manfred Honeck
  • Artie Shaw: Concerto for Clarinet From the 1940 film Second Chorus

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