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  • Product Details: Gemstone: Natural Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye; Stone ID: CHC-590; Carat Weight: 10.23 Carats; Product Details: Gemstone: Natural Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye; Stone ID: CHC-322; No. of Pieces: 14 pcs; Carat Weight: 11.38. — “Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye @ Gem Soul”,
  • See results 1 - 10 of about 89 for chrysoberyl. — “chrysoberyl”,
  • Chrysoberyl Manufacturers & Chrysoberyl Suppliers Directory - Find a Chrysoberyl Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Chrysoberyl Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Chrysoberyl-Chrysoberyl Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,
  • The finest color of chrysoberyl cat's eye as shown above will be a honey color, with a The transparent chrysoberyl as shown in the photo below will be a. — “The Gemstones”,
  • chrysoberyl n. A gray, green to yellow, or brown vitreous mineral, BeAl 2 O 4 , relatively rare and used as a gemstone. — “chrysoberyl: Definition from ”,
  • The green (chromium-bearing) gem variety, that shows a colour change under different light sources, is called alexandrite. — “Chrysoberyl: Chrysoberyl mineral information and data”,
  • The Chrysoberyl family is best known for the more valuable alexandrite and cat's eye varieties. Faceted chrysoberyl is a beautiful gemstone which is not as well known in its own right. Buy chrysoberyl gems online at GemSelect. — “Buy Loose Chrysoberyl Gemstones at Wholesale Prices from”,
  • Ironically, chrysoberyl varieties include two of the world's most exotic and expensive gems, alexandrite and cat's-eye chrysoberyl, while yellow or yellowish-green faceted chrysoberyl is a nondescript variety in the low to moderate price range. — “[Ganoksin] Chrysoberyl: Alexandrite and Catseye”,
  • Chrysoberyl definition, a mineral, beryllium aluminate, BeAl2O4, occurring in green or yellow crystals, sometimes used as a gem. See more. — “Chrysoberyl | Define Chrysoberyl at ”,
  • The mineral or gemstone chrysoberyl, not to be confused with beryl, is an aluminate of beryllium with the formula BeAl2O4.[1] The name chrysoberyl is derived from the Greek words χρυσός chrysos and βήρυλλος beryllos, meaning "a gold-white spar". — “Chrysoberyl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Vanadium chrysoberyl 90 gemstones, we supply the finest natural loose stones at wholesale prices. Please see our pictures and information to learn more about our gem vanadium chrysoberyl 90s. Vanadium Chrysoberyl Click here: to see all our. — “Vanadium Chrysoberyl”,
  • Chrysoberyl is a poorly known mineral in the gem world even though the gem varieties are popular. The first type is simply faceted transparent Chrysoberyl that is usually found in yellowish green to green, yellow and shades of brown. — “CHRYSOBERYL (Beryllium Aluminum Oxide)”,
  • Definition of chrysoberyl in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of chrysoberyl. Pronunciation of chrysoberyl. Translations of chrysoberyl. chrysoberyl synonyms, chrysoberyl antonyms. Information about chrysoberyl in the free online English. — “chrysoberyl - definition of chrysoberyl by the Free Online”,
  • History and General Information- Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye. The translucent honey-yellow to greenish or brownish yellow chatoyant chrysoberyl which, when cut with a domed surface (cabochon) show a mobile streak of light are called as cymophane or cat's eye chrysoberyl. — “Cat's Eye Gemstone | Chatoyant Chrysoberyl | Catseye”,
  • Chrysoberyl. Comments: Chrysoberyl (alexandrite) sixling twin crystal. Comments: Chrysoberyl (Alexandrite) crystal on matrix with excellent color change (Daylight, Tungsten Bulb). — “Chrysoberyl Mineral Data”,
  • Buy Chrysoberyl, Chrysoberyls items on eBay. Find great deals on Loose Chrysoberyl, Loose Chrysoberyls items and get what you want now!. — “Chrysoberyl items - Get great deals on Chrysoberyls, Loose”,
  • Of all commonly used - natural - gemstones, chrysoberyl is only surpassed by corundum and diamond in its hardness and brilliance. Chrysoberyl -as a gem - is yellow to green in color with a transparent varieties, namely the color changing alexandrite and cymophane (chatoyant. — “Chrysoberyl - Antique Jewelry University”,
  • Chrysoberyl is a gem family most well known for producing phenomenal gems, including Cat's-eye chrysoberyl has a distinct pupil-like band of light that sweeps from side to. — “Columbia Gem House, Inc. - Chrysoberyl”,
  • Although lacking the fire of other gemstones, chrysoberyl gems are very valuable. Another expensive form of chrysoberyl is the unusual cat's eye variety. When polished as cabochons, these stones exhibit a narrow band of concentrated light along the width of the gem. — “The gemstone chrysoberyl”,
  • Information about chatoyant cymophane or cat's eye chrysoberyl and transparent gemstone chrysoberyl. — “Semi-Precious Gems: Chrysoberyl”,
  • Buy chrysoberyl at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “chrysoberyl - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Remarkable Gemstone Treasures. Chrysoberyl 'kri-s&-"ber-&l. Jeane-Margherite MMMS. — “Chrysoberyl Description”,
  • Our most expensive Chrysoberyl is USD 1906.56 and largest Chrysoberyl weight is CTS 12.20. Our Chrysoberyl(s) are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. — “ > Gem Library > Gemstones Varieties > Chrysoberyl”,

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  • VVS DAZZLING CHRYSOBERYL Gorgeous dazzling green fire, VVS clean clarity chrysoberyl 1 of the best stone other than sapphire and diamond, imperialgemgroup present you with the best quality Natural Always loose gemstones. this latter weight at 3.45cts worth over 1200usd per carat.
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  • Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Many people are fascinated by, or even collect what are called, "phenomenon" gems. These are gemstones that possess unusual optical properties. Cat's eye chrysoberyl (also called, precious cat's eye) is one of those type of gems. Microscopic tube-shaped crystals within the gem cause light entering the stone to produce the famous "cat's eye." Careful study of the "eye" reveals the results of the stone's unique properties. When struck by the sun or lamplight, a line appears on the "north/south" axis of the cabochon. This is the "iris" of the cat's eye. The phenomenon gets even more interesting.... When struck by a strong point of light, the Sun for instance, a quality cat's eye chrysoberyl will present a very sharp "iris." However, when struck by a more diffuse light source, a different phenomenon may be observed. The "iris" of the cat's eye will widen slightly, and one side of the "iris" will be a different color than the other side. This is frequently referred to as the, "milk and honey" effect. Allow me to gild this lily a bit more. To wit: Chrysoberyl is extremely durable; checking in on the hardness scale just below sapphire, making this a good choice as an, "every day ring." To check the quality of a chrysoberyl, look for an "iris" line that is close to straight, aligned perfectly north and south on the cabochon. Slowly roll the stone east and west so the "iris" line moves left and right across the apex of the cabochon. You should observe little or no distortion of ...
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  • Morion ™ Czochralski pulled Synthetic Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl) Czochralski pulled Synthetic Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl) 0.90ct (6×6mm) Morion ™ Created.
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  • Eye Flawless 15.01ct Radiant Cut Chrysoberyl Eye flawless 15.01ct 14.55x11.22x9.81mm rectangular octagonal radiant cut chrysoberyl from Sri Lanka. VS1 clarity, with appraisal listing an approximate replacement cost of $4700.00.
  • 3.11-Carat Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Stone ID: CHC-4 - Video Presented by: The Star Ruby Shop
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  • “ community site chrysoberyl cat's eye is not the only stone that the effect of cat's eye, but by far the most spectacular eye, because the density of thin fibers, which can happen in chrysoberyl (these gucci jeans for women are the inclusions that the eyeball )”
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  • “Hypnotic and Mesmerizing Golden Honey color Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl-Get back lost wealth and power! Hypnotic and Mesmerizing Golden Honey color Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl-Get back lost wealth and power!”
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  • “Bonhams to Auction Large Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Ring. National Jeweler reports that Bonhams and Butterfields will be auctioning a very large cat's eye chrysoberyl ring in Los Angeles on December 6th. The ring contains a 47.8 carat the forum thread. blog comments powered by Disqus. The Writers Write”
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  • “Umbalite and Chrysoberyl. Precision Gem Blog. Two new stones, and some new rough arriving is a Chrysoberyl from Tanzania. The color and flash are nicer in person, and the picture”
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  • “Internet -Jewelry and Mineral Blog. Category Archives: Chrysoberyl Cats Eye. Chrysoberyl Cats Eye Gallery. February 22, 2008 – 11:54 am. Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Gallery Please place the cursor of the mouse over the image to view the image”
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  • “These picture show just the right colour of the gem.. im buying it from my friend. Anyone can help me estimate the value plz.. thanks You Are Here : Home >>Forum >> Diamond Prices and Grading >> Colored Stones >> Cat''s eye chrysoberyl”
    — Cat''s eye chrysoberyl : Colored Stones • Diamond Jewelry,

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