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  • The chromospheric network is a web-like pattern most easily seen in Spicules are small, jet-like eruptions seen throughout the chromospheric network. — “NASA/Marshall Solar Physics”,
  • The scientific meeting will cover various aspects of chromospheric plasmas which are particularly well observed in the above the chromospheric level or having the properties of plasmas at chromospheric temperatures: sunspots chromosphere, plages, chromospheric flares,. — “GAUC | The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas”,
  • Chromospheric Features. The Chromospheric Network. The chromospheric network is a web-like pattern most easily seen in the emissions of the red line of hydrogen (H-alpha) and the ultraviolet line of calcium (Ca II K - from calcium atoms with one electron removed). — “Chromospheric Features”,
  • Definition of Chromospheric in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Chromospheric. Pronunciation of Chromospheric. Translations of Chromospheric. Chromospheric synonyms, Chromospheric antonyms. Information about Chromospheric in the free online. — “Chromospheric - definition of Chromospheric by the Free”,
  • Parallel chromospheric Ca II H and K emission data from the Mount Wilson Observatory span the entire interval. The extended data strengthen the relationship between chromospheric and brightness variability at visible wavelengths derived previously. — “Lockwood et al., Patterns of Variation among Sun-like Stars”,
  • This article or section is in need of attention from an expert on the subject. WikiProject Astronomy· Astronomy Portal • WikiProject Physics· Physics Portal. — “Chromosphere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Chromospheric height and density measurements in a solar flare observed with RHESSI: II. Data ***ysis Different Patterns of Chromospheric Evaporation in a Flaring Region Observed with Hinode/EIS. — “Solar Physics E-Print Archive”,
  • But simultaneously, motivated by the available chromospheric observations, the stan The present confluence of high quality chromospheric flare observations and sophisticated. — “Solar Chromospheric Flares”,
  • Definition of chromospheric from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of chromospheric. Pronunciation of chromospheric. Definition of the word chromospheric. Origin of the word chromospheric. — “chromospheric - Definition of chromospheric at ”,
  • 4 Chromospheric Activity. Section 3 presents a synopsis of the development and present state of our understanding of active chromospheric structures. In this section, I will discuss some of the major observational programs and their results. — “Stellar Chromospheric Activity”,
  • considered as "basal" stars due to the low level of chromospheric can help understand the mechanisms of chromospheric heating. In particular, we want to understand whether different levels of. — “Chromospheric models of dwarf M stars”,
  • chromosphere ( ) n. An incandescent, transparent layer of gas, primarily hydrogen, several thousand miles in depth, lying above and surrounding the In the chromospheric network at the edges of 30,000-km-wide (19,000-mi) supergranule cells, the magnetic field is strong, the gas is dense and. — “chromosphere: Definition from ”,
  • It is to determine whether coronal dimming seen in small-scale eruptions starts before or after chromospheric plasma ejection. In both the quiet Sun and the coronal hole eruption, on disk 171Å dimming was seen before the chromospheric eruption,. — “arXiv:1005.2097v1 [astro-ph.SR] 12 May 2010”,
  • 65. Chromospheric and coronal heating mechanisms. Narain U. Ulmschneider P., in: Mechanisms of Chromospheric and Coronal Heating, Ulmschneider P. — “Coronal and Chromospheric Physics Group”, ita.uni-
  • Chromospheric heating produces UV emissions that can only occur in an enhanced electron temperature medium. Chromospheric heating mechanisms. considered previously (e.g. shock waves and nanoflares) have failed to account for the observed persistency and. — “Chromospheric heating by the Farley-Buneman instability”,
  • We ***yze observational data from 4 instruments to study the correlations between chromospheric emission, spanning the The chromospheric diagnostics studied here show a pronounced similarity in their brightness structures and map out the. — “The relationship between chromospheric emissions and magnetic”,
  • chromospheric (comparative more chromospheric, superlative most chromospheric) Of or /wiki/chromospheric" Category: English adjectives. — “chromospheric - Wiktionary”,
  • selective review of the history of research on chromospheric magnetism, includ- ing some of the key results and future prospects. Measuring the chromospheric magnetic field is fraught with difficulty. — “Chromospheric Magnetism”,
  • Chromospheric constraints from CO lines.   ƒ Ë # Chromospheric constraints from CO. The at appreciable column mass. In general, chromospheric material is. — “Chromospheric constraints from CO lines”,

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  • Chromospheric Structure Proposal 1 2 3 4 Optical setup
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  • chromospheric spicules in the light of hydrogen alpha
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  • Solis NSO Chromospheric Magnetogram 854 2 nm Longitudinal Magnetic Field Mgram 854 2 nm Solis
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  • Chromospheric coronal spectra Composite image of the chromosphere corona made from the Ha red FeXIV green and HeI blue emission lines The horizontal streaks are continuum emission
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  • Chromospheric oscillations at 5 mHz are the most conspicuous sign of chromospheric dynamics at timescales available to current instrumentation as seen above probably with good reason
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  • that means that the Frequency of Optimal Transmission FOT drops of several bands For a circuit between Belgium and Congo at 100 W output the S N ratio at receive and FOT forecasts drops from 24 6 MHz at 1500 UTC to 13 4 MHz at 0300 UTC Signals in Congo will the strongest from 1900 UTC and
  • 磁場と電流マップ 右 太陽黒点と ライトブリッジ 大小の四角は 動画および磁場 電流マップの視野 クリックで拡大 提供 JAXA NAOJ 黒点磁場とらせん状磁場の間で発生する彩層ジェットの概念図 クリックで拡大 提供 JAXA 太陽黒点には ときどき ライトブリッジ と
  • use the median instead of the average to avoid the influence of sudden short jumps in height due to small scale chromospheric structure This is especially important for the slope measure Fig 8 The chromospheric height in centerline H alpha for 5 days during 1994 and 1995 as a function of position angle according to a the e fold measure and b the
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  • at 0300 UTC Signals in Congo will the strongest from 1900 UTC and during the night on 20m with a S N close to 20 dB S2 Note that at that time the foF2 is also forecasted the highest at 15 MHz over the equatorial zone Maps created with HFProp Seasonal variations The ionosphere
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  • Chromospheric Structure Proposal 1 2 3 4
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  • High resolution H alpha image of chromospheric filaments and barbs observed 2002 October 30 14 46 UT USAF ISOON image courtesy D Neidig from work of A A Pevtsov Barbs are the
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  • Chromospheric Activity of HD 192263 CaII K line for HD 192263 Spectrum from Keck Observatory HIRES spectrometer
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  • “The Lowell Observatory Blog [ Back to Lowell Observatory home page ] Stellar Chromospheric Activity. March 10, 2008 – 10:17 am. Or, "Everything you wanted to know about stellar chromospheres but were”
    — The Lowell Observatory Blog " Blog Archive " Stellar,

  • “Stellar Chromospheric Activity. by: Jeffrey C. Hall. The Sun, stars similar to it, and many rather dissimilar to it, have sources appear before the hard X-ray emission in chromospheric footpoints, major flare acceleration sites appear to be”
    — Living Reviews in Solar Physics – Blog,

  • “Sydney Observatory – news and views on astronomy from Sydney Around such spots the chromospheric granularity is often very disturbed, and looks like long grass blown over by strong winds”
    — Sydney Observatory – news and views on astronomy from Sydney, .au

  • “View the profile of lorma chromospheric. school026. sale6. prices1100. drudged. crushers. resources0160. resort0131. bali. photo177. dentinal. road175 road017. sale088. disconnect. scott1280. resort112. saint247. rocks223. sale13. ryan0204. review1236. sale062. road035. cooperators. dressed”
    — View the profile of lorma, leak-

  • “It is much easier to pass along the problem to the next generation. It is therefore B. De Pontieu et al., Solar chromospheric spicules from the leakage of photospheric”
    — 8 March 2006,

  • “() -- A joint Japan-United States research team has identified the origin of the white light emission in solar flares. ways of viewing solar flares include X-rays, radio and chromospheric spectral lines. A large percentage of flares are recognized”
    — Hinode Discovers the Origin of White Light Flare,

  • “The primary focus of our research on dM stars is the study of their magnetic dynamos and resulting star spots & coronal X-ray and chromospheric UV emissions as a function of age, rotation and spectral type. Their targets show an increase in chromospheric activity from early to mid-spectral types,”
    — Red Dwarfs - Astronomy News,

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