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  • Chloride definition, a salt of hydrochloric acid consisting of two elements, one of which is chlorine, as sodium chloride, NaCl. See more. — “Chloride | Define Chloride at ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Chloride. Information about Chloride in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. methylene chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, aluminum chloride, mercurous chloride,. — “Chloride definition of Chloride in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • chloride (klōr'īd, klôr'-), chemical compound containing chlorine. Most chlorides are salts that are formed either by direct union of chlorine with a metal or by reaction of hydrochloric acid (a water solution of hydrogen chloride) with a metal, a metal oxide, or an inorganic base. — “chloride: Definition from ”,
  • Chloride. This test is used to measure serum levels of chloride, the major extra cellular fluid anion. Chloride helps maintain osmotic pressure of blood and, therefore, helps regulate blood volume and arterial pressure. Chloride levels also affect acid-base balance. — “Chloride Test”, health-care-
  • The information on this page is seed content provided by an organization. Please help improve this Article by adding to it. If you are a physician or PhD, learn how to edit. If you are anyone else Hydrogen chloride released to the atmosphere will be removed by rainfall. — “Hydrogen Chloride - Medpedia”,
  • The word chloride can also refer to a chemical compound in which one or more chlorine atoms are covalently bonded in the molecule. A simple example of an organic covalently-bonded (an organochloride) chloride is chloromethane (CH3Cl), often called methyl chloride. — “Chloride - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • At Chloride Systems we do one thing LIFE SAFETY! Exit signs, emergency lighting, solid state lighting, ballasts, AC systems, and accessories. It's all we do and we've been leading the industry for over 35 years. Thank you for considering Chloride Systems!. — “Chloride Systems - Welcome”,
  • Find the best Real Estate, Restaurants, Shopping, Clubs, Schools, Government, Sports, News and everything for Chloride, Arizona. All at Chloride, Arizona AZ . — “Chloride, Arizona AZ - Real Estate, Restaurants, Shopping”,
  • Chloride is a type of electrolyte. It works with other electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and carbon dioxide CO2 to help keep the proper balance of body fluids and maintain the body's acid-base. — “Serum Chloride | ”,
  • Chloride is essential, as are sulfur and phosphorus, in maintaining the acid/base balance of the body fluids. Chloride is absorbed primarily in the intestine and secreted through urine, sweat, vomit, and diarrhea. — “Minerals~Chloride”, springboard4
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about chloride at . Make research projects and school reports about chloride easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “chloride Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • Chloride is one of the most important minerals in the blood, along with sodium, potassium, and calcium. In health, blood serum contains 100 to 110 mmol/L of chloride ions. — “Chloride Information”, vitamins-
  • A chloride test measures the level of chloride in your blood or urine. Chloride is one of the most important electrolytes in the blood. — “Chloride (Cl)”,
  • At room temperature, vinyl chloride is a colorless, highly flammable, potentially explosive gas. It has a faint sweet odor. The odor threshold for vinyl chloride is about 3,000 ppm in air, depending on the individual. When confined under high. — “ATSDR - MMG: Vinyl Chloride”,
  • Describes how the chloride test is used, when the chloride test is ordered, and what the results might mean. — “Chloride: The Test”,
  • Chloride was founded in 1862 with the discovery of silver ore. During its heyday, there were more than 75 mines in operation, and the population reached 2,000 in 1920. Today, there are still a few mines in operation, but Chloride looks elsewhere. — “Chloride, Arizona - DesertUSA”,
  • Accurate, FDA approved Oxybutynin Chloride information for healthcare professionals and patients - brought to you by . — “Oxybutynin Chloride Official FDA information, side effects”,
  • Chloride is an international provider of UPS systems and solutions; providing secure power and business continuity to customers worldwide. Our innovative and comprehensive range of UPS systems and services protect a wide variety of organisations. — “CHLORIDE”,
  • chloride (plural chlorides) Wikipedia has an article on: Chloride (chemistry) any salt of hydrochloric acid, such as sodium chloride, or any binary compound of chlorine and another element or. — “chloride - Wiktionary”,
  • Chloride Manufacturers & Chloride Suppliers Directory - Find a Chloride Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Chloride Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Chloride-Chloride Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Definition of chloride in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of chloride. Pronunciation of chloride. Translations of chloride. chloride synonyms, chloride antonyms. Information about chloride in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “chloride - definition of chloride by the Free Online”,

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  • Calcium Chloride Shown to Give False Readings - RH 5 of 22 Extensive testing was concluded that due to the unreliability of Calcium Chloride tests, that there is no correlation between moisture content and relative humidity. Kanare sums up the facts about the ASTM F1869 test method. To learn how you can view the full presentation, please visit: 2009 Copyrighted material by CTLGroup. All rights reserved. Used with permission by Wagner Electronics
  • Magnesium Chloride Magnesium is vitally important and needs to be taken on a daily basis; everybody should take it, because food today is low in magnesium. The reason for that is very simple: plants need very much magnesium to breath. Their chlorophyllic mechanism is fixation of carbonic gas and elimination of oxygen, which is the opposite of what we do. We do this through a mineral, iron is used for the breathing mechanism of red cells. In plants this is done by chlorophyll whose structure is basically magnesium. What happens is that the chemical fertiliser used today is the NPK, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Magnesium in not being replaced in the soil, and in the past, when cities were all made up of houses with septic tanks, the magnesium we eliminated through feces went back to the phreatic zone. However, today everything goes into the rivers and sea, resulting in an increasingly low rate of magnesium in the soil. The two most important functions of magnesium are: it regulates the metabolism of calcium in the body, it fixates the calcium where it should be and eliminates the calcium where it should not be. Therefore, spinal calcifications, joint, artery calcifications happen due to this lack of magnesium. Kidney calcifications, calcium oxalate kidney stones is due to a lack of magnesium. It is enough to give patients magnesium to dissolve kidney stones, provided they are not urate and phosphate ones. if they are calcium oxalate stones then they are due to lack of magnesium ...
  • Riggs Ferric Chloride Demo - Part 1 Charlie Riggs demonstrates using the ferric chloride and foil saggar method.
  • Chloride arizona Chloride arizona brief history
  • Calcium Chloride Shown to Give False Readings - RH 4 of 22 With no scientific backing or consistent results, Calcium Chloride has been shown to provide both false positive and false negative results. The US is the only country that has adapted the Calcium Chloride test method. Kanare will discuss why that is. To learn how you can view the full presentation, please visit: 2009 Copyrighted material by CTLGroup. All rights reserved. Used with permission by Wagner Electronics
  • Copper flame color - Copper I chloride in Methanol A flame color of copper I (cuprous) chloride in burning methanol. Includes 4 picture clips, the last one is its emission spectrum. Note: the orange line is due to traces of sodium ions as an impurity.
  • Flame Test- Strontium Chloride This is the '08-'09 school year's flame test demonstration. It went better than last year's demonstration (I have 3 videos of those on YouTube), but not as good as my first year's still (I have 7 of those videos [eg The flame test is preformed by burning a metal salt using a flammable liquid. Each chemical (in this case metal ion) gives off a characteristic color (seen here as changes in colors of the flames) when the electrons fall back down from their excited state and emit light at certain wavelengths (colors). This year I decided to do something different and filmed each salt individually. An alcohol is used to burn all of these salts, this one is strontium chloride (SrCl2) which has a scarlet or brick red flame.
  • Tests of rainwater showed "aluminum, magnesium, chloride, copper, nickel" People question whether coast really is clear, Fox 8 New Orleans, October 11, 2010 at 12:29 am EDT: On top of the economic impacts, coastal residents fear that the health effects are uncertain. "On June 16th I walked out of my front door and hit the ground. The smell was so strong I could not breathe. It literally took my breathe away. I didn't think I would ever smell anything like that ever.. and we smell it every now and again," said [Vicki Perrin with the Coastal Heritage Society of LA]. It's because of those strong odors that Perrin said she began testing rainwater. "Aluminum, magnesium, chloride, copper, nickel.. these are things you shouldn't find in your rainwater," said Perrin.
  • Gravimetric ***ysis of a Chloride Salt A video of a CHEM 1000 experiment on the determination of the chloride content of a salt by doing a gravimetric ***ysis
  • Sodium Chloride Crystal Lattice
  • Equilibrium in cobalt(II) chloride solution - temperature Equilibrium in aqueous cobalt(II) chloride solution can be affected by heating.
  • Elementary Productions: Chromyl Chloride In this video, synthesis and properties of Chromyl Chloride are demonstrated.
  • Make Manganese(II) chloride from Manganese metal Manganese(II) chloride describes a series of compounds with the formula MnCl2(H2O)x, where the value of x can be 0, 2, or 4. The tetrahydrate is a pink salt that occurs naturally as the rare mineral scacchite. Most commonly, the term "manganese(II) chloride" refers to the tetrahydrate MnCl2·4H2O, which consists of octahedral trans-Mn(H2O)4Cl2 molecules. The dihydrate MnCl2·2H2O is also known. Many Mn(II) species are characteristically pink, the paleness of the color being characteristic of transition metal complexes with high spin d5 configurations. Very rare mineral scacchite (trigonal) is the natural form, known from Vesuvius.
  • Nebulized Magnesium Chloride Oil - Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD Magnesium chloride oil should be nebulized as an isotonic solution - delivering 7.5g magnesium chloride per 100ml of distilled water - and if using the purest magnesium oil recommended by the IMVA, closely equal to 3.5 tsp of magnesium oil per 100ml. Colloidal silver, magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and others, are all natural therapies when introduced as an atomized inhalant.
  • Solubility of Sodium Chloride Virtual Lab
  • Calcium Chloride Concrete founder Tim Carter talks about adding calcium chloride flakes to fresh concrete. Carter discusses what that does to the chemical reaction happening inside the concrete.
  • Potassium Chloride Growing Crystal Solve Potassium Chloride (KCl) in hot water and let it crystallize in a multi color crystal show !
  • Tin Oxide Conductive Glass - Stannous Chloride Jeri reproduces the Terra Labs transparent conductive glass experiments with stannous chloride. The stannous chloride decomposes to tin oxide on the glass when heated.
  • Gord's Cherry Wet Wax removing Mag-Chloride Staining from Paint Here Gordon shows how easy it is to use Gord's Cherry Wet Wax to remove 9 yrs of Magnesium Chloride Stains from Ohio winters. Thus showing you the fastest way to restore the original paint on a 2000 Peterbuilt.
  • Rapid Chloride Penetration Test ( AASHTO T-277, ASTM C-1202) This is an overview of an approx. 36 hour test from core preparation, conditioning and electrical charging for test on electrical indication of concrete's ability to resist chloride ion penetration done in RSAL Lab. in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Make Colloidal Gold from Gold Chloride Here is a demonstration of producing colloidal gold (gold nanoparticles) using the Turkevich method. The entire process took a mere 10 minutes, with only gold chloride, distilled water, and sodium citrate. Sodium Citrate is a common food additive. More info at
  • [HD] Electrolysis of concentrated sodium chloride solution & detailed explanation Electrolysis of concentrated sodium chloride solution & detailed explanation I am going to do an experiment about electrolysis as my weekend project. I have used concentrated sodium chloride solution and pencil as electrode as pencil is made up of graphite which can conduct electricity. Music by GTA 4 Radio - The Journey - The Oh of Pleasure
  • Make a Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery How to make a Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery capable of generating 2.8v with enough current to power a LED. Warning: Thionyl Chloride is EXTREMELY toxic and this experiment must be performed in a fumehood by an experienced chemist with proper safety precautions. Lithium thionyl chloride batteries offer excellent shelf life (sometimes over a decade) and energy density. Their main drawback is they are not rechargeable but for low power applications like memory backup they are extremely useful. At very low power levels, they can outlast the device they are installed in, making the recharge issue a non-issue. As seen in this experiment, they are also extremely simple to make. A solution of lithium tetrachloroaluminate in thionyl chloride serves as the electrolyte and the lithium and carbon rods are simply inserted in. The cell can produce up to 3.5volts depending on the purity and quality of the components. Our cell in the video used waste chemicals we had leftover around the lab so the voltage is not that high. But it did produce enough power to light a small light emitting a diode. Commercial cells use lithium foil and spongy carbon for greater current but the concept is still the same. Our website at:
  • Sodium Chloride Even the fat guy has his limits. Sketch comedy from The Beeftrain Incident
  • CSB Safety Video: Vinyl Chloride Explosion and Fire Explosion and Fire at Formosa Plastics Corporation, USA, Illiopolis, Illinois
  • X-Rays and Chloride Salt Solutions. Just a relatively simple experiment to demonstrate the relative absorption of X-rays by the elements Sodium, Potassium, Calcium & Chlorine when in roughly equal concentrations in aqueous solution. The heavier the element, the less transparent to the rays it becomes.
  • Photosensitivity of silver chloride This demonstration explains the principles of photography
  • Chloride Titration This video demonstrates the precipitation titration of chloride using silver nitrate and dichlorofluorescein as an indicator, a process otherwise known as Fajan's method.
  • Ketone Aldehyde Acyl Chloride Mechanism - Organic Chemistry
  • AP Chem Redox Demo A video of the reaction between aqueous cupric chloride and aluminum.
  • chloride channel Dutzler et al., Nature 2002
  • Making sodium chloride (NaCl = table salt) by neutralization WARNING: This reaction produces large quantity of hydrogen gas. Be careful, may explode. In this video, I will show you the reaction of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. The product is sodium chloride, also known as table salt. Don´t eat the product please ! You will need: - hydrochloric acid - sodium hydroxide - a 100ml container - a 100ml Erlenmeyer flask. The reaction is : NaOH+HCl+H2O=NaCl+H2O. This process is called neutralization. The product is not acidic, not basic, it´s neutralized. You can also evaporate the product to get clear sodium chloride. Thank you for watching. Please, subscribe, rate and comment.
  • #01 Electrolysis Of Sodium Chloride (Cl2 is produced!) When electrolysing a solution of NaCl, you'd normally expect water to be oxidized to oxygen and oxonium because of the electrode potentials (given values are E0): Cl2 + 2 e− ⇌ 2 Cl− +1,36 V O2 + 4 H3O+ + 4 e− ⇌ 6 H2O +1,23 V Normally, the oxidation reaction with the lower potential happens, so one would expect that water oxidation would be preferred over chloride oxidation. But in reality, the potentials depend on many factors such as concentration, type of the electrodes used, temperature, etc. That's why you can "trick out" the potentials by using a graphite anode and a saturated NaCl solution. The smaller chloride ion can attach to the graphite more easily than the bigger H2O molecule, so the chloride ion will be oxidized to chlorine ("over voltage" effect). This favours the chloride oxidation. Using a higher concentration of chloride ions will also shift the preffered oxidation reaction towards chloride oxidation (This is understandable if you look at the Nernst Equation). However, some of the chlorine produced that way will react with the OH- ions produced by the cathode to form ClO- and Cl- (in succession ClO3- and ClO4- as well): Cl2 + 2 OH(-) ⇌ Cl(-) + OCl(-) + H2O 3 OCl(-) ⇌ 2 Cl(-) + ClO3(-) To reduce such disproportionation effects, HCl can be added. On the one hand, this increases Cl(-) concentration, on the other hand it reduces OH(-) concentration. Both effects hinder the chlorine from reacting to hypochlorite , because the reactions are pushed ...
  • Equilibrium in copper(II) chloride solution Equilibrium in copper(II) chloride solution is shifted with hydrochloric acid or water.
  • Cool Science: Silver Chloride Photochemistry We show the chemistry of photography using silver chloride that we make ourselves from table salt and silver nitrate. Silver chloride has the interesting property that it reacts to light. This photosensitive chemical will decompose into dark silver powder and chlorine. To make it, just mix one gram of silver nitrate made in our previous video ( ) and half a gram of salt in separate quantities of water. Then mix the two solutions with shaking, this forms silver chloride. Then let it stand for five minutes. This will cause the silver chloride to settle to the bottom. After five minutes pour off the extra liquid. Spread out the silver in a layer onto a piece of paper. Let it dry in darkness as you don't want the light to expose it before you're ready. Once it is dry, place a stencil or template of something you want "photographed" over the silver chloride. You might want to weigh it down with a piece of glass. When you're ready, shine a strong light onto it for ten minutes or so. The silver chloride will darken in the areas that are exposed to light. Remove the glass and template and you will have a negative photo of what you placed over it. The image won't keep forever, eventually the whole thing will darken. This is ofcourse a very simple experiment and modern photography is far superior. Please rate, comment and subscribe! Our website at:
  • Equilibrium in cobalt(II) chloride solution Equilibrium in cobalt(II) chloride solution is shifted by adding hydrochloric acid
  • Chemistry experiment 4 - Preparing ammonium chloride. preparing ammonium chloride
  • "Negative X" fire starts with water (Zinc, Ammonium nitrate and Sodium chloride) IMPORTANT: All content here meant to be Educational,None of the above experiment should be repeated on your own. The famous fire starts with water experiment, in which Zinc powder, ammonium nitrate and sodium chloride mixed together. Chloride ion introduces the oxidation of Zinc and bursts into flame. Music: That's a Wrap by Kevin MacLeod @ Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"
  • Make Ammonium Chloride Make Ammonium Chloride and see the heat with a thermal camera.
  • 01 - Synthesis of Ammonium Chloride I decided to keep it simple for my first upload. I would love any suggestions to make the videos better in the future, so be sure to comment and let me know what you think! Production of ammonium chloride using hydrochloric acid and ammonium hydroxide (ammonia). A simple, exothermic reaction that I decided to make as my first YouTube video. There will be plenty more (and more interesting) videos to come in the following weeks! Be sure to subscribe, rate, and comment! Thanks!! I created this channel for the sole purpose to help spread the interest in science, mainly chemistry. The decline of scientific interest in the United States is rather disappointing. After I cruised YouTube a bit I noticed all the other channels similar to mine and I thought about canceling this channel; however, after thinking about the decline of science, I decided to keep making videos until I just run out of ideas.

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