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  • I cannot stop obsessing about the birds that are perpetually chirping outside of my window. As I am writing this, I can hear one chirping away. I mean, I understand that birds are supposed to chirp in the early morning and during the day, but. — “Little Chirping Birdies | Double Chirp”,
  • A chirp is a signal in which the frequency increases ('up-chirp') or decreases ('down In some sources, the term chirp is used interchangeably with sweep. — “Chirp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • When a chirping noise is detected first locate the area of the car it is being generated from. If the noise is being generated while you drive and you are having a hard time detecting the location of the chirping, have a helper ride along in the. — “Car Chirping Noise”, 2
  • In England it is a sign of good luck to have a cricket chirping on the hearth, and to kill one is bad luck. can be nerve-wracking, but the steady chirping of the cricket is calming and comforting. — “Cheerful songsters-crickets”,
  • Overview page of events, news, people, companies, organizations related to Chirping. — “Chirping - Silobreaker”,
  • Chirping royalty free sound effects available for download. — “Chirping Sound Effects”, digital-sound-
  • Chirping Bat .Com specializes in adaptive software, hardware, and training for blind and low vision computer users and music and audio production software and hardware for everyone. — “window eyes jaws triple talk hartgen tutorials adaptive”,
  • Chirping on Twitter about our YouTube and Yahoo video sites is welcome, including RSS According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of "chirping" is:. — “Chirping | Chirps | Chirping About Twitter | Chirped | Video”,
  • Learn about Chirping Crickets on . Find info and videos including: How Does a Cricket Chirp?, How to Stop a Cricket From Chirping at Night, How to Estimate the Temperature by Cricket Chirps and much more. — “Chirping Crickets - ”,
  • Chirping. Learn about Chirping on . Get information and videos on Chirping including articles on bird, wild parrots, bird virus and more!. — “Chirping | Answerbag”,
  • The process of talking large amounts of ***, towards stupid individuals. Before, During, or After a fight, the individuals fighting will often 'Chirp' each other. — “Urban Dictionary: chirping”,
  • Chirping definition, to make a characteristic short, sharp sound, as small birds and certain insects. See more. — “Chirping | Define Chirping at ”,
  • We found 14 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word chirping: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "chirping" is defined. General (12 matching dictionaries) chirping: Wordnik [home, info]. — “Definitions of chirping - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Chirping Friends Pets & Supplies L.L.C.. 586-997-0707. New Items. Birds Photos. Favorite Links © 2010 Chirping Friends Pets & Supplies L.L.C. — “Chirping Friends Pets & Supplies L.L.C. - New Items”,
  • Chirp·ing a. Cheering; enlivening. He takes his chirping pint, he cracks his jokes. Pope. Chirping is most often observed in pulsed operation of a source. — “Chirping: Information from ”,
  • chirping Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects, Stock Footage and Photos on . Multiple birds chirping, bird birds chirp chirping trees woods tree animal animals flying fly sky outside. — “Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects, Stock Footage, and”,
  • Stock photo, image, picture, photography of chirping. — “Chirping Stock Photos / Pictures / Photography / Royalty Free”,
  • chirping (plural chirpings) (gerund of chirp) An instance of chirping. 2009 January 11, Richard Lourie, "Displaced Minds", New York Times: Adler's prose seeks to catch the whispers and chirpings of insanity rather than the lamentations of suffering. — “chirping - Wiktionary”,
  • Smoke detector chirping ruining your entire day? Read on to find out how to stop smoke detector chirping once and for all. Smoke Detector Chirping. — “Smoke Detector Chirping”,
  • As the cat's purr is a mystery, so is the hermit crab chirp. I raised the lid of the isolation tank and Slater started chirping angrily at me -- he was in mid-molt!. — “HERMIT-. Your hermit crab care headquarters!”, hermit-
  • You may hear a few people say they've heard their guinea pigs "chirp" Chirping guinea pigs may look like they are in a trance. Play this clip for your guinea pig(s) and observe. — “Guinea Lynx :: Behavior”,
  • Definition of chirping in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of chirping. Pronunciation of chirping. Translations of chirping. chirping synonyms, chirping antonyms. Information about chirping in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “chirping - definition of chirping by the Free Online”,
  • Chirping Chicken Amsterdam Upper West Side. — “Chirping Chicken - Online Ordering”,

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  • One Perfect Day - Cricket Chirping Music From the movie "One Perfect Day." DJ records cricket chirping, and changes the frequency to make song/music.
  • April Flowers & Chirping Birds A view of the spring bulbs and other flowers on April 21, 2008.
  • Anna's hummingbirds chirp with their tails Read more: Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have ***ysed the chirp made by male Anna's humminbirds as they swoop down towards a female.
  • Jibijip the Budgie Chirping My pet budgie Jibijip chirping. Sadly he died and was buried on Tuesday the 17th of June, 2008. He died of a problem in his digestive tract. Rest in peace my dear sweet baby Jibijip. You're flying with the angels now, I hope to see you in heaven.
  • 7 parakeets chirping My parakeets chirping back at themselves on YouTube
  • Cricket Sound
  • budgie chirping lady Chirping
  • Banco the budgie calling, chirping, screaming Banco the green budgie singing in his cage, answering to his own voice recorded on the computer.
  • Baby ***atiels Chirping and Eating Two hungry baby ***atiels making ridiculous noises while eating and waiting to be fed
  • Parakeets Chirping Away Our two new parakeets, we've had them for about 1 1/2 month now. Yellow one is Sunny. Blue one my youngest son named Nemo.
  • Singing (chirping) guinea pig
  • Toby the Mynah bird chirping, talking and whistling Toby the Mynah bird chirping, talking, and whistling. This video is is licensed content by MyaBacardiJaguar. Copyright MyaBacardiJaguar ©2008.
  • Cricket chirping A cricket shot while rubbing its wings together, producing its familiar sound
  • Chirping Winston I do believe he's part bird.
  • Kaaba Tawaaf with Birds Chirping Early morning video of Tawaaf in Makkah. In the middle of the video you can listen the birds chirping and flying around the kaaba..These are said to be the same birds which stormed the military of Abraha with pebbles when he came to destroy Kaaba.. since then thy have stayed here and are there to protect the KAABAH
  • Birds chirping after a storm Video of birds chirping like crazy after a spring storm.
  • Eager fight, chirping between Sharks and Kings San Jose Shark Ben Eager goes toe-to-toe with Los Angeles King Kyle Clifford as Shark Ryane Clowe and later Douglas Murray have some words with Jarret Stoll and the rest of the King bench. Playoff hockey begins now.
  • 5 Minutes of Tommy Wiseau Chirping Oh God help me. Normal Tommy Wiseau is funny. Tommy Wiseau acting like a chicken is hilarious. Tommy Wiseau acting like a chicken for Five minutes straight is unbearable.
  • Rocky... CHIRPS!!! Rocky and Fluke again but this time, Rocky actually chirps a bit! No talking on these videos, I'm afraid but they're my little birdies!!!
  • Breezy Spring day, birds chirping Breezy, clear Spring day, with birds sat chirping in the tree limbs. A loud sneeze is audible at 20 seconds. Saturday afternoon, April 7, 2007. San Mateo, California.
  • Cat Chirping Katy chirps at a moving light.
  • BOOST Mobile Phone Motorola i465 Chirping and Bleeping PTT Review I was asked very nicely to do some more in depth reviews with the new Motorola i465 Phone. This is a review in regards to the Chirping/Bleeping or the PTT (aka Walkie Talkie) on the new Boost Phone i465. I hope this helps or answers any questions! Remember: (I am not a professional phone reviewer, just an average joe looking to help people out!)
  • Budgie chirping in slow motion When I slow down a clip of Ike chirping, it sounds like a laugh! Personally, I think it's just coincidence. What do you think?
  • Bird chirping in the back yard We were having dinner in the garden and this chatty bird dropped by to add some bird music to the scene. It was nice.
  • bird chirp my bird henry chirping away
  • Birds Chirping Comment on my channel to request a sound effect or email [email protected]
  • Liam Chirping Here's a video of our cat, Liam, which we think is a Maine Coon. This breed is known for their high-pitched chirps and trills instead of the usual cat meows. Listen on...
  • Chirp Scratch Tutorial - How To Scratch For more info please visit: Chirp Scratch Tutorial by DJ Short-e. One of Short-e's fav scratches! This week, Short-e teaches you how to do the Chirp scratch. Named because it sounds like a bird chirping away, this scratch is attained by playing the sample forwards and cutting the end of the sample off, then bringing the record back and turning the fader on. Repeat. You probably heard DJ Premier use this scratch loads and it can be really funky. Although relatively simple you can achieve much with this scratch, combining it with flares for the chirp flare. Beat # 8528 used in this clip is available here: Happy Scratching! :D
  • Review: Nike Dunk SB - Larry Perkins / Chirping Birds These Nike SB Dunks were originally called the Chirping Birds. They were updated to include the sound to a ringing telephone in an ode to Larry Perkins. Larry Perkins is a fictitious character from around five years ago, who was the most underrated skater ever and made prank calls on behalf of Big Brother Magazine. Like the previous version with the chirping sound, they sport a black denim upper. They sit upon a white midsole that shares its color with the heel tab, and a red outsole that compliments the branding on the heel and tongue tab. They also have a black furry bird-like lining, but since they dont chirp anymore, I guess it is just furry. They released Saturday, March 20th, 2010.
  • The Call of the Platypus Ignore the water in the background. This is what a platypus really sounds like.
  • Serval Cat Chirping for toy - Very cute! Serval cat Athena chirping like a bird for a toy. Serval cats often chirp to communicate. F1Hybrids Cattery is dedicated to producing quality F1, F2, F3 savannah cats. We do have rare F1 savannah cat kittens! www.F1
  • Kobe the Manx Cat Chirping part1 He's fixated on the birds outside. He wants them.
  • Fiordaliso chirping and whistling Fiordaliso chirps and whistle in a different way respect to other budgies. He seems to imitate the sound of a videogame! So funny!
  • maubster16 Nike SB Chirping Bird / Larry Perkins Dunk Low Shout out to zechmilla also on 1000 subscribers!!! Comment explaining which lace colour you think is better!! Thanks for checking out the video be sure to subscribe!!
  • cat chirp my cat chirping at birds
  • Cricket Chirping A male field cricket singing his mating call during the night... He turns around after six seconds.
  • Chirping Chipmunk Watch as the female chipmunk chirps away, trying to attract a mate. Will she find one? ---- Click "Subscribe" for more chipmunk action. ---- Do you have a mating call of your own? Add a comment.
  • Small Plastic Boxes With Golden Chirping Crickets Do you like commercials? Do you like crickets? Do you like Youtube? Do you enjoy funness? Are you alive?
  • Baby cheetah sounds The baby cheetahs sound like little birds, and the young rhino in the video below sounds like a kitten. Go figure! This is actually a scene from an 8-minute Africa video which can be seen here: (Zulu Nyala, Hluhluwe, South Africa - May 20, 2010)
  • Hummingbirds - chirping their song Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world can be noisy and territorial.
  • How to DJ : How to Make Chirps on a Turntable Incorporate chirps into your scratch on a turntable as a DJ. Learn how with tips from our professional disc jockey in this free DJ video music lesson. Expert: Corey Black Bio: Corey Black aka the Turntabalist has been working as a DJ for over 15 years. He first became interested in being a DJ at a local family gathering and his interest just grew from there. Filmmaker: Antar Hanif
  • Cheetah cubs chirping September 5, 2006. Somewhat too-long clip of the cheetah cubs chirping to one another. They chirped a lot when they were hungry.

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  • “ALBUQUERQUE—Cellulosic biofuels extracted from native switchgrass could lend a helping hand to imperiled birds that depend on vanishing prairies in the Midwest. With palm oil plantations overrunning Indonesian rainforests and corn-based”
    — News Blog: Birds are chirping over cellulosic biofuels,

  • “They may be for the birds but you'll love these unique bird houses from Stonewood Manufacturing. Home > Blog > Swooping Up The Bird Houses That Have Everyone Chirping. View Recently Purchased Products!”
    — Swooping Up The Bird Houses That Have Everyone Chirping,

  • “My CRT started making a wierd high pitch hiss or whistel when I'd turn it on but would go away after a few mins and it warmed up. All the suddon now even after it's warmed up it's now making a chirpi”
    — My CRT is chirping!!! Anyone know why? - CRT-Monitors,

  • “Periodically as the steam begins to populate the rads, I hear a chirping sound coming from one or a few air vents. air rushing out of the AV orifice causing chirping, but unsure of root cause or even this”
    — Heating Help,

  • “Chirping or barking cat? - forum topic”
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  • “The Sound of Crickets Chirping " Blog Archive " OpenID != SSO: "OpenID != SSO" Well, I understood what the author wants to say, Sound of Crickets Chirping " Blog Archive " Op October (7) Dev Thoughts " Blog Archive " JMX meets Log4J”
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  • “CoolIT Systems a manufacturer of Computer system cooling solutions. I fixed my PURE pump noise chirping (1/1) - EOL CoolIT Archives - PURE CPU Cooler - CoolIT Forum”
    — I fixed my PURE pump noise chirping - CoolIT,

  • “349471 - 01/28/09 12:40 PM chirping. sonic. Member. Registered: 03/24/08. Posts: 33 to record parakeet chirping so they can chirp along with”
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