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  • Characteristic: Being a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing; distinctive: heard my friend's characteristic laugh; the stripes that are characteristic of the zebra. — “characteristic - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • Characteristic summary with 5 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Characteristic Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • Explore work Characteristic Pieces For Piano on 12 classical music works CDs to buy at CD Universe, including sound samples, songs, reviews, and more. — “Work - Characteristic Pieces For Piano at CD Universe”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Characteristic - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • MENDELSSOHN: 7 Characteristic Pieces, Op. 7 / Fantasia, Op. 28 by Felix Mendelssohn. Listen and download famous classical music mp3s online. Performed by the Benjamin Frith. — “MENDELSSOHN: 7 Characteristic Pieces, Op. 7 / Fantasia, Op”,
  • Definition of characteristic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of characteristic. Pronunciation of characteristic. Translations of characteristic. characteristic synonyms, characteristic antonyms. Information about characteristic in the free. — “characteristic - definition of characteristic by the Free”,
  • Definition We say that F has characteristic zero if it has prime subfield isomorphic to Q and characteristic p if it has prime subfield isomorphic to Zp. Proof of the proposition: Let P be the prime subfield. Since it is a subfield of F it contains 1F. We need some notation. — [email protected],
  • CHARACTERISTIC Defined Using a Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Search Engine. — “characteristic - Definition of characteristic at ”,
  • Characteristic information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Characteristic - ”,
  • Learn about Down syndrome, a chromosomal disorder. The most common risk factor for having a child with Down syndrome is a woman's age. The severity of Down syndrome ranges from mile to severe and the characteristic features and symptoms of Down. — “Down Syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment by”,
  • Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos. — “Flickr: "characteristic"”,
  • Waste that have not been specifically listed may still be considered a hazardous waste if exhibits one of the four characteristics defined in 40 CFR Part 261 Subpart C - ignitability (D001), corrosivity (D002), reactivity (D003), and toxicity (D004 - D043). — “Characteristic Wastes | Wastes | US EPA”,
  • Characteristic definition, pertaining to, constituting, or indicating the character or peculiar quality of a person or thing; typical; distinctive: See more. — “Characteristic | Define Characteristic at ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Characteristic. Information about Characteristic in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Characteristic definition of Characteristic in the Free”, encyclopedia2
  • Top questions and answers about Characteristic. Find 86 questions and answers about Characteristic at Read more. — “Characteristic - ”,
  • Domain names is the first impression of your site to the viewer. Here are few domain name characteristic for great success. — “Domain Name | Characteristic | Register Your Domain”,
  • characteristic adj. Being a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing; distinctive: heard my friend's characteristic laugh; the stripes. — “characteristic: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • In mathematics, and more specifically in algebraic topology and polyhedral combinatorics, the Euler characteristic (or Euler–Poincaré characteristic) is a topological invariant, a number that describes a topological space's shape or structure regardless of the way it is bent. — “Euler characteristic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Characteristic Function. of a Probability Distribution. Let z be a stochastic variable and p(z) be the probability density function for z; i.e., the probability of obtaining a value of z between a and b is: abp(z)dz. The expected value of any function of z, say g(z), is defined as. — “The Characteristic Function of a Probability Distribution”,

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  • Repeated roots of the characteristic equation What happens when the characteristic equation only has 1 repeated root?
  • Lockheed P-38 Flight Characteristics (1943) Courtesy FedFlix, http National Archives and Records Administration P-38: FLIGHT CHARACTERISTICS War Department. Army Air Forces. (06/20/1941 - 09/26/1947) ARC Identifier 2773 / Local Identifier 18-AF-109. Shows normal and emergency operating characteristics of the P-38. Demonstrates precautions and techniques for taking off, flying, and landing, showing in detail how controls and apparatus should be manipulated. Explains how to take off and fly with only one engine, and shows how to bail out. Made possible by a donation from John and Paige Curran.
  • Bosnian pyramid Geometric Evidence of the Existence of Pyramids in Bosnia Research is under way and interesting facts about the pyramids have been found already. The teams measured the sides of the pyramids and the results show equal side triangular shape with each side measuring 365 meters in length and a 60% angle (this is a characteristic of an equal side triangle). Also the distance measured between three pyramids -- Pyramid of the Sun, Moon and Dragon, is also an equal side triangle and the distance between the tips of the three pyramids is also 365 meters. It is a known fact that all of the pyramids found so far in the world have strong numerical and geometric characteristics. We are looking forward to new findings and find this latest data very encouraging. This is maybe greatest archelogy discovery ever link www.bosnian- www.bosnian-
  • Second Careers for Women Baby Boomers... Wendy Stevens two Wendy Stevens Women Baby Boomers part 2 two The Characteristics of a Successful Boomer Woman Entrepreneur By Wendy Stevens What I'm about to tell you will surprise you. You may think that successful entrepreneurs are free-spirits who despise structure and are renegades who would rather work alone, only reluctantly hiring a team because there's no other choice. What it takes to break away from the good old W-2 and start your own venture is a curious mix. Forget about the idea that you have to learn how to do everything yourself. The successful entrepreneur is far from this Lone Ranger model of running a business. In my model of entrepreneurialism, it's what experts call a "Cash Machine" business, you get to strengthen your strengths and hire your weaknesses. Hiring the right people who will do what you can't or don't want to do is perhaps the one thing that differentiates a successful entrepreneur from one who simply moves from one job (working for someone else) to another job (working for him or herself). It's also a key difference between having a hobby and having a real business in which you earn a healthy income -- far better than what you're making at your current W-2 job! Here are the key characteristics that you'll want to have or cultivate in yourself You must be the business owner. There's a lot of confusion about this characteristic, even amongst those I've coached. Being a business owner means that you take charge of your life. You ...
  • How does a Leslie work on jazz sound A Leslie working, with the 3 positions : Stop, slow speed and High speed. The sound of my 760 for jazz !!
  • Ginastica Natural - Movements These images were taken by fighter Fabio Gurgel trained by me, about 15 years ago. We can see in this training the great influence of the ground movement of jiu-jitsu. This characteristic is what led Ginastica Natural to be known among the great gym goers. I trained alone for several hours a day to create the exercises. "I always looked to explore my creativity, intuition, and discipline to the max, to execute these movements. Hatha Yoga helped better my concentration and flexibility, but these movements where developed in a natural form, without a programmed sequence or any other kind of influence, but according to my characteristics and concepts." More info:
  • How to fly a Tiger Moth The de Havilland DH 82 Tiger Moth was a 1930s biplane designed by de Havilland and operated by the Royal Air Force and others as a primary trainer. The Tiger Moth remained in service with the RAF until 1952 when many of the surplus aircraft entered civil operation. Many other nations used the Tiger Moth both in military and civil applications and the ubiquitous little trainer still is in great demand worldwide as a recreational aircraft. Design and development The Tiger Moth trainer prototype was derived from the de Havilland Gipsy Moth (DH 60). The main change to the DH Moth series was necessitated by an effort to improve access to the front ***pit since the training requirement specified that the front seat occupant had to be able to escape easily, even wearing a parachute. Access to the front ***pit of the Moth predecessors was restricted by the proximity of the aircraft's fuel tank directly above the front ***pit and the rear support struts for the upper wing. The solution adopted was to shift the upper wing forward but sweep the wings back to maintain the centre of lift. Other changes included a strengthened structure, fold-down doors on both sides of the ***pit and a revised exhaust. It was powered by a de Havilland Gipsy III 120 hp engine and first flew on 26 October 1931 with de Havilland Chief Test Pilot Hubert Broad at the controls.[4] One distinctive characteristic of the Tiger Moth design is its differential aileron control setup. The ailerons (on the ...
  • Complex roots of the characteristic equations 2 What happens when the characteristic equation has complex roots?
  • THE ULTIMATE DAWAH COURSE Characteristics of... - 2nd Video In this video: Characteristics of the caller by Murtaza Khan Women's Issues by Bilal Philips Have you ever wanted to give dawah to your non-Muslim friends but didn't know where to start? Has Islam ever been attacked in your presence without you being able to defend it? Have you ever dreaded being asked about Islam & polygamy, arranged marriages, Hijaab ..... or questions such as "Was Islam spread by the sword"?, "If God is good then why did he create evil"?, "Why are two female witnesses equal to one male witness in Islam"?. If the answer to any of these questions is YES then the Ultimate Dawah Course may be what you have been looking for! Take a seat with Bilal Philips who will take you through the AZ of giving dawah including how to answer some of the most difficult questions that can be thrown at you. Bilal Philips is one of the most active and well known speakers around the world having written many books encompassing a wide spectrum of Islamic subjects. He is a very experienced Daee through whom, during the first Gulf War, Allah guided hundreds of foreign troops to Islam. Also included in this dawah course are many revert stories including that of Bilal Philips. This Dawah course is normally taught at the Qatar Guest Centre for Islamic Information and we are able to provide you with their detailed and extensive set of course notes with questions, assignments and exercises. Please download these notes from our website:
  • What makes humans unique? Recently I read Frans de Waal's book 'The Age of Empathy' and it really brought it home to me how many characteristics, which we often think of as uniquely human, are exhibited by many other animals, especially other primates, dolphins and some birds. However, De Waal does give us one characteristic that HE thinks is uniquely human: I offer this idea of his in this video, though you may not like his conclusion...... give me your thoughts :) In the video I say i will link up a number of videos on primate behaviours that we usually only associate with ourselves. Here are those links: Monkey cooperation and fairness Chimpanzee Problem Solving Amazing Apes: Self-awareness (1/2) Amazing Apes: Self-awareness (2/2) Chimpanzee Problem Solving by Imitation Chimpanzee Problem Solving by Cooperation Chimpanzee Cooperation: Limitations (1/2) ..and this one follows on: Bonobo Cooperation Kanzi and Novel Sentences Bonobos: Language Recognition, Play
  • Cornershop 'The Roll Off Characteristics (Of History In The Making) Get the new FREE remix of "Soul School" now with an added dress-down Friday funk from Massachusetts. Go to buy vinyl and downloads direct from the band themselves at "The Roll Off Characteristics (Of History In The Making)" Cornershop Directed by Prashant Bhargava Produced by Jaideep Punjabi Production Company: Khushi Films Features footage from the upcoming feature film PATANG. Thank you for your support. 'Shop Live Dates Coming Up: Touring The US This November: 11.11.2010 Seattle, Showbox At The Market 11.12.2010 Portland, Crystal Ballroom 11.14.2010 San Francisco, The Independent 11.15.2010 Los Angeles, El Rey Theatre 11.17.2010 Cambridge, The Middle East Downstairs 11.18.2010 Philadelphia, The Trocadero 11.19.2010 New York, Irving Plaza 11.20.2010 Washington, 9:30 Club 11.21.2010. Carrboro, Cat's Cradle Follow Cornershop: http
  • Characteristics of a Missional Church Tim Keller discusses issues related to the Desiring God 2006 National Conference. Also see for all things Tim Keller.
  • Pyramid of Bosnia Numerous layers of evidence indicate that the mound Visocica represents an ancient colossal structure with a readily recognizeable pyramid shape, because of: * visually symmetric geometry; * precise orientation in all four cardinal directions; * geo-sedimentary composition of evidence from the ground; * ***ysis of satellite images; * ***ysis of satellite thermal images which suggests the characteristics of artificial construction; * resident reports anout the presence of massive, shaped stone blocks, bound with crumbly mortar, covered "passageways" and "holes" in the vicinity of home foundations erected near the base of the hill; * complex of underground tunnels: Ravne-Visocica-Plješevica-Krstac; * peculiar fluviial/erosive geomorphology observed on the Visocica hill.; * characteristic "resonance" of Visocica under shelling during the last war; * symmetric terraces on a high-resolution geodesic elevation map.
  • Stolen Meat - Kleftiko Lamb Legend has it that Klephtico (or Kleftiko) slow cooked lamb (or other meat) can be translated as 'stolen meat'. The Klephts, not having flocks of their own, would steal lambs or goats and cook the meat in a sealed pit to avoid the smoke being seen. That's how those ovens look like: Greek cuisine (Greek: Ελληνική Κουζίνα) is Greece's traditional cuisine. It is a typical Mediterranean cuisine sharing similar characteristics with the cuisines of Southern France, Italy, the Balkans, Anatolia, and the Middle East. The most characteristic and ancient element of Greek food is olive oil, which is present in almost every dish. It is produced from the trees prominent throughout the region, and adds to the distinctive taste of Greek food. The basic grain in Greece is wheat, though barley is also grown. Important vegetables include tomato, aubergine, potato, green beans, okra, green peppers, and onions. Honey in Greece is mainly flower-honey from the nectar of fruit and citrus trees (lemon, orange, bigarade trees), thyme honey, and pine honey from conifer trees. Mastic is grown on the Aegean island of Chios. Greek cuisine uses some flavourings more often than other Mediterranean cuisines do: oregano rigani, mint dhiosmo, garlic, onion, dill, salt, and bay laurel leaves. Other common herbs and spices include basil, thyme and fennel seed. Many Greek recipes, especially in the northern parts of the country, use "sweet" spices in combination with meat, for example ...
  • DNA of King Tut In the study of genetics, we find that we can only inherit what our ancestors had, nothing more and nothing less. Blood factors are transmitted with much more exactitude than any other characteristic. If all mankind evolved from the same ancestor their blood would be compatible. Where did the Rh negatives come from? Why does the body of an Rh negative mother carrying an Rh positive child reject her own offspring? King Tut DNA Results Royal Blood of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh cauasoid not negro negroid from southern africa. Rhesus negative from Cro magnon West of Europe Atlantis, afrocentric lies about Egyptian ancestry and genetic origin. Out of Africa theory wrong. In the study of genetics, we find that we can only inherit what our ancestors had, nothing more and nothing less. Blood factors are transmitted with much more exactitude than any other characteristic. If mankind evolved from the same African ancestor their blood would be compatible. Where did the Rh negatives come from? Why does the body of an Rh negative mother carrying an Rh positive child reject her own offspring?
  • Polarization (seq 1 of Common Sense Quantum Physics) You may turn on/off dutch or french subtitles. Videoscript: Hello, I'm Arjen, the Common Sense Quantum Physicist. My goal is to bring Quantum Mechanics nearer to intuition. As an introduction, we'll look at a characteristic property of light : the polarization. Light may be polarized in some cases, that means that it can take a characteristic orientation. For example, the sunlight reflected from this surface is polarized in such a way that it is filtered by these sunglasses if I wear them horizontally on my nose. If I turn my head, I am dazzled by the reflected light. So, how could we explain this ? Firstly, we need to know that a polaroid film is deposited on these sunglasses. A polaroid film is in fact a bunch of molecules that are arranged parallelly on the glass of the spectacles. Secondly, we take advantage of a scientific representation of light. Light is composed of tiny particles, that we call photons. In quantum physics, a photon is represented by a little spinning arrow. One way to understand light is then to visualize it as a flux of little spinning arrows guided by a wave. When an arrow bounces from a reflecting surface, it affects its spinning direction. Before the reflection, the arrow is spinning in a random direction. The reflecting surface then rearranges that in a definite spinning direction and the polaroid film filters the photons depending on their spinning direction. Let us simulate this polaroid filtering with ordinary objects. Firstly, we have this ...
  • Human characteristics of chimps - BBC wildlife BBC wildlife. Charlotte Uhlenbroek explains just how similar these bonobos social habits are to our own. Free video clip from BBC. From the BBC
  • Diagonalisation, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Characteristic Polynomial This is a nice recap i hope it makes sense and that there are no mistakes
  • Lecture - 13 Basic Characteristic of an Amplifer Lecture Series on Basic Electronics by Prof. TSNatarajan, Department of physics, IIT Madras For more Courses visit
  • Volt-Ampere Characteristic of Resistors Volt-Ampere Characteristic of ResistorsThe behaviour of a resistor connected to an electric circuit can be described by its electric parameters and characteristics. According to the Ohm's law, the functional relationship between the quantity of the applied voltage and the quantity of the current flowing through the resistor is called the volt-ampere characteristic. (In Russian technical literature it is sometimes abbreviated as VAH). The diagram of this relationship in the rectangular coordinate system looks like a straight line running through the origin of coordinates.If positive voltage is applied to the resistor, the current flows in the positive direction. If the polarity of the applied voltage is changed, the direction of the current also reverses. The resistors with a linear volt-ampere characteristic are called linear resistors. They differ from similar components such as, for instance, varistors or thermistors. The latter two have a non-linear volt-ampere characteristic. Such resistors are nonlinear. The higher the resistor's rated resistance, the narrower is the angle between the volt-ampere characteristic and the abscissa axis. In its turn, the volt-ampere characteristic appears to be more horizontal on the graph. According to the graph, if voltage U1 is applied, current I1 will be flowing through the resistor. Point A is called the operating point. Correspondingly, current I1 is called the operating point current. Voltage U1 is called the operating point ...
  • Batalla Imperial for Organ Batalla Imperial for Organ composed by Juan Bautista José Cabanilles A batalla is a piece, in which a military battle is illustrated and in which the organist can use the characteristic reed stops of Spanish organs Performed by E. Power Biggs at the Cathedral de Segovia (date unknown) Photos courtesy of Martin Doering from die- and other public sources Juan Bautista José Cabanilles (September 6, 1644 in Algemesi near Valencia -- April 29, 1712 in Valencia) was a Spanish organist and composer at Valencia cathedral. He is considered by many to have been the greatest Spanish baroque composer, and is sometimes called the Spanish Bach. He probably began his musical career as a singer in a choir of a local church. Later he studied to become a priest in the cathedral at Valencia, which included lessons in music. On May 15, 1665, at 20 years of age, he was named the assistant organist of the cathedral. A year later, upon the death of his predecessor, he became the principal organist. On September 22, 1668 he was ordained as a priest. He kept his position as principal organist for 45 years, but from 1703 on his health often necessitated that a substitute be found. From 1675 to 1677 he also took charge of teaching the children in the cathedral choir. Many of Cabanilles's compositions are virtuosic and advanced for their time. The majority of his m***cripts are kept in the Biblioteca de Catalunya in Barcelona. Numerous compositions for organ (tientos, toccatas ...
  • Lec 10 | MIT 18.03 Differential Equations, Spring 2006 Continuation: Complex Characteristic Roots; Undamped and Damped Oscillations. View the complete course: License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at
  • Kabuki Theatre UNESCO: Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - 2008 URL: Description: Kabuki is a Japanese traditional theatre form, which originated in the Edo period at the beginning of the seven***th century and was particularly popular among townspeople. Originally, both men and women acted in Kabuki plays, but eventually only male actors performed the plays: a tradition that has remained to the present day. Male actors specialized in womens roles are called onnagata. Two other major role types are aragoto (rough style) and wagoto (soft style). Kabuki plays are about historical events and moral conflict in relationships of the heart. The actors speak in a monotone voice and are accompanied by traditional instruments. The Kabuki stage is equipped with several gadgets, such as revolving stages and trapdoors through which the actors can appear and disappear. Another speciality of the Kabuki stage is a footbridge (hanamichi) that extends into the audience. Important characteristics of Kabuki theatre include its particular music, costumes, stage devices and props as well as specific plays, language and acting styles, such as the mie, in which the actor holds a characteristic pose to establish his character. Keshÿ, the particular make-up, provides an element of style easily recognizable even by those unfamiliar with the art form. After 1868, when Japan opened to Western influence, actors strove to heighten the reputation of Kabuki among the ...
  • Fairy Tales! Roots! Seagulls! #179 Watch our stupendous cartoons online! Gretel & Hanzel Submitted by Gianna Ruggiero The Peasant and the Root Submitted by Brock Gallagher Black-Eyed Snakes: "Rise Up!" Submitted by Brian Barber  Hey all y'all! This week, the cartoons are comin' atcha in full force! First up is a wicked sweet animation about a poor little girl seeking her brother, Hanzel. Second is the classic tale of the Mandrake root. And finally, we have a cautionary tale about feeding seagulls.Last week, you all left some fantastic comments on YouTube and today, the Robot responds to them! He also wants to know what you're doing for Memorial Day, so, you know, leave him a comment or give him a ring: 888-414-8148
  • Jerusalem - Hymn by William Blake & Charles Hastings Parry For HIGH QUALITY & STEREO version: Jerusalem Words written by William Blake Music by Charles Hubert Hastings Parry And did those feet in ancient time Walk upon England's mountains green And was the holy lamb of God On England's pleasant pastures seen And did the countenance divine Shine forth upon our clouded hills And was Jerusalem builded here Among those dark Satanic mills Bring me my bow of burning gold Bring me my arrows of desire Bring me my spears o'clouds unfold Bring me my chariot of fire I will not cease from mental fight Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand 'Til we have built Jerusalem In England's green and pleasant land 'Til we have built Jerusalem In England's green and pleasant land
  • NO SAG, NO DRAG - THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A GREAT CASTING, MENDING, REACHING FLY ROD This video is about the best characteristic of a great fly rod. Fox Statler is an author, custom fly rod builder and designer, fly designer, a fly fishing guide on the White River in Arkansas for 26 years, has been fly fishing for 54 years. He was the creator of Dead-Drift Nymphing. This is Fox's first production fly rod. A 9 foot 6 inch 3 weight that cast, shoots and mends incredibly well.
  • Paris Ambulance with both American Siren and French Siren. SAMU Thank you all for your generous support which allows me to continue making and sharing these videos. RARE! This ambulance is using BOTH the two-tone hi-low siren characteristic of France as well as the multitone siren characteristic of the USA and most other countries nowadays. The American siren starts at 08 seconds and comes in again at 21 seconds. RARE footage of this combination taken on the boulevard Beaumarchais near the Bastille which you can see in the background on 2 January 2010.
  • Solution to a 2nd order, linear homogeneous ODE with repeated roots I discuss and solve a 2nd order ordinary differential equation that is linear, homogeneous and has constant coefficients. In particular, I solve $$y'' - 4y' + 4y = 0.$$ The solution method involves reducing the ***ysis to the roots of of a quadratic (the characteristic equation). Such an example is seen in 1st and 2nd year university mathematics.
  • Lecture 12.1: FDFD-- Calculating Z for a Microstrip How to calculate the characteristic impedance of a microstrip line. Written notes and a screen shot of the board:
  • Shiba Inu Talking Dog ~ Roll Over! My dog won't actually roll over ~ he'll only try to repeat the command
  • Complex roots of the characteristic equations 1 What happens when the characteristic equations has complex roots?!
  • Lecture - 9 Zener Diode Characteristics Lecture Series on Basic Electronics by Prof. TSNatarajan, Department of physics, IIT Madras For more Courses visit
  • Repeated roots of the characterisitic equations part 2 An example where we use initial conditions to solve a repeated-roots differential equation.
  • Michael Shermer Explores Graphology, Part 2 Graphology, or handwriting ***ysis, claims that personality characteristics such as introversion and extraversion can be inferred from the form and structure of letters, words, and sentences (introverts, for example, are said to write in smaller letters, extraverts in larger letters). Shermer puts graphology to the experimental test, showing that if you do not already know the personality characteristic you are looking for in the handwriting, graphology is no better than chance.
  • Complex roots of the characteristic equations 3 Lets do an example with initial conditions!
  • 13. Nationalism European Civilization, 1648-1945 (HIST 202) In light of the many ethnic and national conflicts of the twentieth century, the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918 appears less surprising than the fact that it remained intact for so long. National identity is not an essential characteristic of peoples, and in many cases in Europe it is a relatively recent invention. As such, there are many different characteristics according to which national communities can be defined, or, in Benedict Anderson's phrase, imagined. Along with religion and ethnicity, language has played a particularly important role in shaping the imaginary identification of individuals with abstract communities. No one factor necessarily determines this identification, as evidenced by modern countries such as Belgium and Switzerland that incorporate multiple linguistic and cultural groups in one national community. Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: This course was recorded in Fall 2008.
  • Xotic RC Booster -The Xotic RC Booster is the ultimate silent weapon for your pedalboard. It gives you over 20dB of clean boost, which could help in many applications such as increasing your signal over a long stretch of cables. The Xotic RC Booster has a two band active EQ, providing +/- 15dB for Bass and Treble. Active electronics offers a wide range of possibilities because you can cut or boost either frequency! The RC Booster can push an amp into overdrive with the massive amount of output or add some dirt with the Gain control. Whichever application you use, your original tone will maintains it's integrity and transparency due to the high quality components and true bypass switching. Let the RC Booster work wonders on your tone! Can be used with AC adaptor or 9V Battery. By connecting this pedal between your guitar and other effect pedals, this sustains the original guitar sound all the way to amp as well as emphasizing any effects sound characteristics. This pedal also acts as a buffer that helps to fight against signal degradations caused by long cables as well as electromagnetically noisy condition. The RC Booster's Gain control has characteristic of a clean tube amp and, by fine turning it, you can create a bold and smooth sound which resembles the sound of amp with turned up volume. Equipped with not only boost Gain but also Treble and Bass controls that allow you to adjust sound anyway you like. True bypass for eliminating any signal interference when it is ...
  • Bratia Kulinovi - Tirbushona Bulgarian folk hits from the 90's. Bratia Kulinovi (aka Kulinovi Brothers " :-) ) are famous for the characteristic culinary light motive in their songs. This song is a peculiar peac in their work. The song itself consist almost entirely of vivid and unique symbols and metaphors that surpass even the poems of the school of French sumbolists. Common theme with the school metioned above is the difficult path of the artist ("... the microphone in the paw, two nails in the head"). :-) PS Dolu Mitio Payner-a!!! Toi sasipa chalgata.
  • "Extreme Anger: A Disease of the Heart" p1 - Abu Abdissalam Those who spend [in Allâh's Cause - deeds of charity, alms, etc.] in prosperity and in adversity, who repress anger, and who pardon men; verily, Allâh loves Al-Muhsinûn (the good doers).[Noble Quran 3:134] Hadith - Al-Tirmidhi #5145, Narrated Abu Sa'id al-Khudri, transmitted by Tirmidhi ...It is said that he (sallallahu aleihi wa sallam) mentioned anger, saying, "Some are swift to anger and swift to cool down, the one characteristic making up for the other; some are slow to anger and slow to cool down, the one characteristic making up for the other; but the best of you are those who are slow to anger and swift to cool down, and the worst of you are those who are swift to anger and slow to cool down." He continued, "Beware of anger, for it is a live coal on the heart of the descendant of Adam. Do you not notice the swelling of the veins of his neck and the redness of his eyes? So when anyone experiences anything of that nature he should lie down and cleave to the earth."
  • Michael Shermer Explores Graphology, Part 1 Graphology, or handwriting ***ysis, claims that personality characteristics such as introversion and extraversion can be inferred from the form and structure of letters, words, and sentences (introverts, for example, are said to write in smaller letters, extraverts in larger letters). Shermer puts graphology to the experimental test, showing that if you do not already know the personality characteristic you are looking for in the handwriting, graphology is no better than chance.

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