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  • Corporate Chaplains of America offers chaplain care throughout the United States. Community Chaplains of America takes our 15 years of Corporate Chaplaincy experience into the community. — “Corporate Chaplains of America And Community Chaplains of America”,
  • Looking for Chaplain Jobs? See currently available job openings on . Browse the current listings and fill out job applications. — “Chaplain Jobs on ”,
  • CHAPLAIN. PRIDE OF SERVICE. If you're seeking the chance to expand your ministry in diverse and exciting ways, sharing the strength of your faith while doing your part to serve your country, you can do it as a part-time chaplain in the Air Guard. — “Chaplain”,
  • Learn about Chaplain positions in the Army. The chaplain assistant provides security for the UMT and assists with the administrative aspects of the UMT's ministry. — “Chaplain | ”,
  • chaplain n. ( Abbr. Ch. ) A member of the clergy attached to a chapel. A member of the clergy who conducts religious services for an institution,. — “chaplain: Definition from ”,
  • Chili Mobile: His Chaplain For You now running outreach program for homeless and at-risk More Videos of His Chaplain For You. Getting Involved! Based on the fact that we are a faith ministry there are several ways you can get involved:. — “ | His Chaplain For You | Chaplain Service”,
  • chaplain jobs are easy to find when you check the job listings on JobsOnline. Search the listings today for chaplain jobs. — “Chaplain Jobs from JobsOnline - Job Listings”,
  • Shop for Chaplain. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Chaplain - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • General Theological Seminary is a vibrant community dedicated to theological education. Founded in 1817 as the first seminary of the Episcopal Church, General cherishes its history and traditions even as it embraces the challenges of preparing. — “Chaplain”,
  • Nearly every state in the U.S. has openings for chaplains: military, corporate, hospital, hospice, and geriatric positions. There are many excellent benefits and salary packages throughout the country. The job opportunities list below are updated. — “The Chaplaincy Job Network”,
  • Chaplain - Definition. A chaplain is a priest or clergyman serving a group of people who are not organized as a mission or church. For example a chaplain is often attached to a military unit, a private chapel, a ship, a prison, a hospital, a parliament and so on. — “Chaplain - Definition”,
  • Meet the Chaplains of the UMMC Department of Pastoral Care. — “Meet the Chaplains”,
  • Learn about Chaplain on . Find info and videos including: About Chaplains, What Is a Chaplain?, How to Become a Chaplain and much more. — “Chaplain - ”,
  • Definition of chaplain in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of chaplain. Pronunciation of chaplain. Translations of chaplain. chaplain synonyms, chaplain antonyms. Information about chaplain in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “chaplain - definition of chaplain by the Free Online”,
  • But should a Christian be a military chaplain? When I say a military chaplain I mean a chaplain paid by, and answerable to, the state. The United States has had military chaplains since the Revolutionary War. As a Christian, I am not opposed to the general idea of a chaplaincy. — “Should a Christian Be a Military Chaplain? by Laurence M. Vance”,
  • Chaplain Lt. Barbara Wood partakes in communion during a Sunday morning service aboard Nimitz-class USS Abraham Lincoln Lay chaplains are also found in other settings such as universities. — “Chaplain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • When such chaplains had increased to a large number, in France, an arch-chaplain was appointed as their superior. The chaplain receives his faculties from the bishop, except in the. — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Chaplain”,
  • An investigation is being sought by a Christian church organization in the United States after the U.S. Army deliberately shut down a chapel one of its sponsored chaplains was running for U.S. military service personnel at Forward Operating Base. — “Military honchos 'suppress' chaplain's Baptist services”,
  • Space Marine Chaplains are the spiritual leaders of Space Marine chapters. A Chaplain from the Black Templars. Each Chapter has its own unique cult, which is often thousands of years old. — “Chaplain - Lexicanum”, wh40
  • Chaplain definition, an ecclesiastic attached to the chapel of a royal court, college, etc., or to a military unit. See more. — “Chaplain | Define Chaplain at ”,
  • Chaplain Fellowship Ministries christian chaplain and minister legal license ordination certification and ministry ecclesiastical endorsement for chaplains and ministers adds credibility as ordained members of the clergy adds credibility and. — “Chaplain Fellowship Ministries ordained christian chaplain”, chaplain-

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  • Military Chaplains Military Chaplains
  • Chaplain Major Mark R. Johnston Chaplain Johnston's military career began with his enlistment into the US Navy in 1973 and has continued in several capacities through the years. He now serves as Ethics Instructor and Chaplain for the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy, located at Fort Bliss, Texas.
  • Ex-Guantanamo Muslim chaplain - 10 April 08 As part of Al Jazeera's "In My View" series, former US Muslim chaplain for the US detention facility in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba talks about his experience after being accused of spying and the abuse he alleges occurred at the camp.
  • Chaplain's assistant Meet a young man with a passion for helping others. It's a desire that stems from his own dark past. Now he works as a Chaplain's assistant.
  • Chaplain James Yee on becoming a Muslim This is Part 1 of a 2 part video (split due to YouTube size limitations). It features Chaplain James Yee, former US Army Muslim Chaplain at Guantanamo. In this Part I, he discusses how he became a Muslim. In Part II, he goes into detail about shocking abuses at Guantanamo and his arrest and threatened court martial while serving as chaplain. All charges were dropped again him. He was returned to duty and given a commendation. He resigned his commission and received an honorable discharge. Mr. Yee spoke on April 14, 2007 at the 3rd Annual Midwest Peace and Justice Summit held on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis, IN. For more information, see Conference sponsors were IUPUI Student Advocates for Global Equality; Indiana Peace & Justice Network; Plowshares Consortium of Peace Studies Programs; IUPUI Center for Service and Learning; Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center; and IUPUI Office of Campus and Community Life. Video recorded and edited by Charles Jenks; © 2007 Traprock Peace Center
  • Chaplain Roach Becoming a chaplain in the United States Navy can be demanding at times but the ability to minster to fellow sailors is the most gratifying part of the job. Learn more about LT Roach's experiences in the Navy. Learn more at /chaplain.
  • Marketplace Chaplains - Our Work is Caring - Our Care is Working Video explaining the services of Marketplace Chaplains USA
  • Death's Chaplain Directed by Steve James. For 15 years, Carroll Pickett ministered to 95 inmates in the final moments of their lives on Death Row in a Texas penitentiary. He watched as Billy Wayne White helped with his own execution.
  • Guantanamo Bay: A US Army Chaplain's Struggle for Justice Chaplain James J. Yee, a former US Army Chaplain and graduate of West Point served as the Muslim Chaplain for the US prison camp in Guantanamo Bay. Captain Yee was arrested and imprisoned in a naval brig before being cleared of espionage. Chaplain Yee talks about his experiences and treatment of prisoners at Guatanamo Bay. Series: Voices [7/2007] [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 12997]
  • Clip Marie la Dondaine Clip d'Anthony Chaplain, Marie la dondaine =D
  • Unboxing: Terminator Chaplain | Warhammer 40k We have a quick look at what the Space Marine Chaplain in Terminator armour looks like out of the box
  • Re-Entry Prison and Jail Ministry: Chaplain Art Lyons Testimony Re-Entry Prison and Jail Ministry (RPJM) was founded to provide resources for inmates who are re-entering society in San Diego County. We provide referrals through a network of ministries and organizations that in turn assist Chaplains, Pastors, and family members who are working with inmates or ex-offenders. Art Lyons was called to the ministry, after his conversion at the age of 20, which saved him from a life of drug abuse, alcoholism and periodic jail time. Five years later, in 1980, he graduated from the Horizon School of Evangelism (HSE), majoring in counseling, and has been with various full-time ministries ever since. In his 27 years in the ministry, Art has been ordained and licensed with the following churches: Calvary Chapel, Cornerstone Christian Community, and Christian & Missionary Alliance, all in Chula Vista, California. Art was a Chaplain with the San Diego Sheriff's Department for 17 years. He has also assisted in the development of qualifications, policies, and procedures that govern the ministry of Chaplains in the Sheriff's Department. Re-Entry Prison and Jail Ministry PO Box 620 - Chula Vista - CA - 91912 (619) 482-7258 - [email protected]
  • Video Essay: a Military Chaplain's Three Tenets The Chaplaincy of the US Military has three tenets - to nurture the living, minister to the dying, and to honor the dead. A video essay by the AP's Julie Jacobson. (April 21)
  • Navy Chaplain Corps Lifestyle In Lieutenant Rogers life, his family comes first and foremost. And for them, the Navy Community has been a huge blessing—offering outstanding support and providing countless valuable experiences. In Lieutenant Rogers life, his family comes first and foremost. And for them, the Navy Community has been a huge blessing—offering outstanding support and providing countless valuable experiences.
  • A French Foreign Legion chaplain in Afghanistan jumps out of planes This is just one of a thousand jumps by Julien de Pomerod, the chaplain of the paratrooper brigade of the French Foreign Legion. He's lived with them for 10 years. His last destination was the war in Afghanistan.
  • Chaplain James Yee Chaplain James Yee speaks at UCSB about Guantanamo Bay. For more info on Chaplain James Yee, visit
  • Chaplain in the Navy What does a Naval Officer do when on leave? Sometimes there are visits to former officers. Lt. Christian has some interesting things to say about school. He is on San Jacinto
  • Civil War Song "Chaplain" CD Title "No Longer Gray Or Blue" The Civil War soldier, capturing the soul and spirit of him "never forget me". This song is on our new CD "No Longer Gray Or Blue" listen to sound clips visit our web site Lyrics When I walk into a battle will I be a strong man as I hold this riffle musket in my trembling hands Will I turn around and run and be shunned by everyone or fight proud and brave and be taken to my grave Chorus Oh chaplain here me calling out to you whats a young boys heart suppose to do and chaplain take me by your weary side and pray for me to go to heaven should I die Will I be sickened by the blood that colors the farmers field will I cry out loudly for the death of my peers will I go to shoot a man and be frozen in my stance or will I shoot him down with just one round oh here I go again Chours Oh chaplain here me calling out to you whats a young boys heart suppose to do and chaplain take me by your weary side and pray for me to go to heaven should I die And this train keeps a rolling down these old rusty rail you can hear her whistle blowing across this northern Ohio trail When I reach my destination I will try to be brave I will fight for my country no matter what it takes and if I do not survive will someone please take me home and bury me in the soil of Ohio Chours Oh chaplain here me calling out to you whats a young boys heart suppose to do and chaplain take me by your weary side and pray for me to go to heaven should I die and pray for me to go to heaven should I ...
  • Movie about Polish priest Jerzy Popieluszko, chaplain to Solidarity Movement Jerzy Popieluszko was a charismatic Catholic priest whose sermons and opposition to Poland's Communist regime made him famous but also put his life at risk.
  • Chaplain Struecker 75th Ranger Regiment STB Interview w/ Jeff Struecker Chaplain 75th Ranger Regiment Special Troops Battalion and winner of 1996 Best Ranger Competition
  • Chaplain - marie la dondaine chaplain des côtes d'Armor marie la dondaine
  • anthony chaplain le môme ...
  • History of "Shortnin' Bread" - 4 versions (Paul Chaplain +) Originated in the Old South USA. First generally popularized by Lawrence Tibbett in the early 20th century. Then sung by Nelson Eddy in 1937/38. In 1938 it was a big charted hit for The Andrews Sisters. Then done by many others like Fats Waller (1941) and Paul Robeson. In the 1950s, rock and roll singers started picking it up - The Collins Kids, Tony Crombie ... The reason it attracts so much attention now is the hard rock recording by Paul Chaplain and his Emeralds in 1960. It wasn't a big hit but has now rightfully become a legend. The Bellnotes also released a rock version that year. Meanwhile back in England it achieved better hit status sung by the vocal trio The Viscounts. (They can be seen on YouTube singing Let's Twist Again) I have also found a definitive rock instrumental recording by The Fabulous Playboys, who appear to be a US surf group. Selections: 1) Andrews Sisters 2) The Viscounts, UK #16 3) Paul Chaplain and his Emeralds. US Billboard #82 and Cashbox #55. 4) The Fabulous Playboys instrumental The Paul Chaplain is from my Zirkon single, with digital cleanup. If some of the words aren't clear, it involves the "lid" on the skillet, and one of the children is 'most dead, meaning almost.
  • Army Chaplain Army Chaplain Miami, Fl a production of the TV center
  • Navy Chaplains: A Ministry of Presence Navy Chaplains have the unique opportunity to be a part of their congregation's daily lives. To develop the kind of personal relationship that only comes through having the same experiences as those they counsel. Learn why these religious professionals wanted to become Navy Chaplains. Learn more at /chaplain.
  • Chaplain Sweeney Chaplain Sweeney has had experiences in the Navy that he feels made him a better person. What kind of experiences do you expect to have in the Navy Chaplain Corps? Learn more at /chaplain.
  • Chaplain - Marie La Dondaine Chaplain des Côtes d'Armor performing Marie la Dondaine @ l'Elysée Montmartre October 2004
  • Guantanamo Bay Muslim Army Chaplain James Yee International Day of Action to Shut Down Guantanamo with Muslim Army Chaplain James Yee International Day to Action to Shut Down Guantanamo Downtown Seattle, Washington January 11th, 2008 Featured Speakers: Description of waterboarding read by Maggie Lawless of World Can't Wait Chaplain James Yee Former US Army Muslim chaplain who served at Guantanamo Bay http Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) Martin Luther King Assembly 2005 Video student Mark Hughes, who attends Cascade HS in Everett, WA, put together this 7 minute video as a class project.
  • PCA Chaplain Slide Show OIF 5 This is a slide show of pictures taken durring OIF 5 My deployment to Al Anbar in Iraq, for 15 months. This slide show was screened by the public affairs office on Fort Jackson.
  • Another Chaplain Testimony Chaplain shares how God uses prayer to protect the troops
  • 101 - Chaplains Essentials - Part 1/10 Hospital Chaplain's Basic Traininng for HMA (Health Management Associates) Hospitals Rev. Larry Pope, M.Div., HMA Corporate Chaplain
  • Navy Chaplains: A Ministry of Presence -- Long Form Learn what it means to be a Navy Chaplain. To make a difference for those who serve our country while experiencing the kind of ministry you can't find anywhere else. Learn more at /chaplain.
  • A LIFE IN HER DAY - Hilary Chaplain Part Lucy, part Chaplin, this quirky physical comedienne creates a lifetime in a day as she chases the elusive promises of happily ever after. Unconventional and outrageously funny, A Life In Her Day is a wonderful mix of physical comedy and serious theatre. Directed by Avner Eisenberg (the Eccentric)
  • Savage 2 - A Tortured Soul - Chaplain vs Malphas Savage 2 gameplay from MoGa view. Chaplain killing malph, devourer, and hunters. this is one of the best video games on linux avaiable for linux , windows, mac os. Match ID 216402 Music: Mana Mana remix
  • Afghanistan Chaplain Visits Combat Zone A US Army chaplain was killed along with four other soldiers Monday when, the HUMVEE they were traveling in was struck by a roadside bomb. The Chaplain, Army Captain Dale Goetz of the 4th Infantry Division, is the first Army clergyman to die in combat since the Vietnam War, 40 years ago. I met a chaplain in Afghanistan, who like Capt. Goetz, believed his scope of duties in the war involved leaving the safe confines of his office, 'behind the wire' as they say, and going to the places where soldiers live a harder life than their counterparts on the larger bases. I accompanied Capt. Andrew Werner, a Chaplain with the Oklahoma National Guard serving with the US Army's 41st Brigade Combat Team (BCT), on a trip to several forward combat bases in the Pesh Valley for four days in December 2006. My report was filed in January 2007, airing on Salem- and Oregon's KPTV FOX 12.
  • Day 12 (Th 3 Jun) - Father Simon chats to the Chaplain of University College, Durham During a stop in Durham, Father Simon drops in on his old friend, the Rev'd Dr. Miranda Threlfall-Homes, the chaplain of University College Durham based at Durham Castle, and a keen advocate of the ordination of women as bishops. She has one probing question about his desire to walk to Walsingham... Please donate to Christian Aid and the Old St Paul's Church Restoration Fund at - Follow FATHER SIMON on... Twitter - Facebook 'Like' page - and his website - Video shot and edited by Stuart Brown
  • 911stealth Carrying Chaplain Mychal Judge After his Killing-Death Carring the victim. More details at: 911 911 911 For those that think Zionists - Mossad - Israel did not planned and directed 9/11, they need to do their homework, just a starter:
  • Fmr Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt Favors Gay Exorcisms, Says Gay Men Are Women, Must See --Gordon Klingenschmitt, former Navy Chaplain, joins us live to discuss the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, which he claims will force a draft, as well as gay exorcisms as an effective method of treatment for homo***uality, and much more. The David Pakman Show is an internationally syndicated talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman http 24/7 Voicemail Line & Studio Number: (219)-2DAVIDP Broadcast on January 20, 2011
  • Geico Chaplain [Spirit Spot 2010] West Point cadet feels inferior when compared to the Marine Selectees from Navy.

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  • “Chaplain's Blog. Prison Ministry inside CIW. Chapel service 5/3/09. May 4th, 2009 (For privacy and security reasons I cannot share the actual names of the inmates) Yesterday they closed out all visitors/volunteers at all prisons in California”
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  • “Nice New York Times Blog Story about Chaplain Ken Boehm from Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy during Breeders' Cup. The 2nd Annual Turfway Park Chaplaincy Golf Outing @ Traditions Golf Club is on Tuesday, October 5th-Chaplain Tom @ 859.512.3946 for details about 67 days ago”
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  • “The role of the chaplain is not to convert, coerce, promise or offer Our role is to As a chaplain, I still often deal with soldiers who face the old dark night of anger,”
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