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  • English: A cemetery is a place (usually an enclosed area of land) in Stained glass windows of cemeteries [+] War cemeteries [+] Woodland cemeteries. Contents: Top · 0-9 · A B C D E F G H I J K L M N. — “Category:Cemeteries - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • cemetery n. , pl. , -ies . A place for burying the dead; a graveyard. [Middle English cimiterie , from Old French cimitiere , from Medieval Latin 6:5) records that executed criminals were not buried in their ancestral burial ground but were interred in separate cemeteries. — “cemetery: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • A cemetery is a place in which dead bodies and cremated remains are buried. Prehistoric cemeteries are sometimes referred to by the term 'grave field'. — “Cemetery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • La-Cemeteries© La-Cemeteries© , Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History Louisiana Cemetery Board. Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Societies. Louisiana. — “Louisiana Cemeteries”, la-
  • The word coemeterium or cimiterium (in Gr. koimeterion) may be said in early literature to be used exclusively of the burial places of Jews and Christians Moreover, the phrase "their so-called cemeteries" (ta kaloumena koimeteria), used in an imperial edict of 259, shows that it was. — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Cemeteries”,
  • A cemetery is a place (usually an enclosed area of land) in which dead bodies are buried. The shift to municipal cemeteries was usually accompanied by the movement of burial grounds outside of the city limits. — “Cemetery - Definition”,
  • The World's Most Haunted CITY OF THE DEAD, CITIES BURIAL, CEMETERY, GRAVEYARD Places, most scariest places in the world, haunted places, some of the creepiest, Haunted places around the world, some famous, not not so well-known most ghost, spook. — “MOST HAUNTED CEMETERIES THE REAL GHOSTS”,
  • In this project I will restrict myself to Christian cemeteries. Like we've seen in the chapters about Catacombs and Underground churches, there is a definite link between Cemeteries and Churches. People ended up celebrating at their 'cemetery' sending off their loved ones to life everlasting. — “Cemeteries”, malta-
  • Since 1857, the ministry of these Catholic Cemeteries is the work of consolation as our part of the ministry of Christ Mount Olivet Cemetery expansion will create hundreds of new crypts and niches. — “Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries | Home”,
  • A very useful resource for locating ancestors buried in South Asia is the British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia (BACSA). This organisation is dedicated to preserving European cemeteries in the region and has completed many projects to preserve cemeteries. — “Cemeteries - FIBIwiki”,
  • Learn about Cemeteries on . Find info and videos including: How to Research a Cemetery, How to Explore a Cemetery, How to Pick a Cemetery and much more. — “Cemeteries - ”,
  • Kathy has written short histories for many of the cemeteries and includes information from Joe Cole's early surveys and Judge Krischke's booklets, as well as her own research, in her reports. Most of those reports can be found through links below. — “Fayette County, Texas Cemeteries”, txgenweb3.org
  • London cemeteries are popular tourist attractions, and serve local residents who wish to bury their dead nearby. Each of these London cemeteries has its own charm and ambience, and many are still operational cemeteries that regularly inter the dead or sell burial plots to local London residents as. — “cemeteries”,
  • In 1835, two regular cemeteries were established near Lake Michigan, at the edges of town. "In 1843, a cemetery complex began on the Green Bay beach ridge at North Avenue and slowly extended. — “Cook County, Illinois Cemeteries”,
  • Index of US Cemeteries National Cemetery System (Dept. of Veterans Affairs) Cemetery and Graveyard Burial Records and Tombstone Inscriptions. Cemetery Junction: United States Directory. African. — “Index of U. S. Cemeteries”,
  • The list of cemeteries I have personally visited has become very large (I'm up to 1339 cemeteries!). If the list below seems too overwhelming, please click on the following links to narrow down what you're looking for: Cemeteries by County/State. Cemeteries by City/State. — “Cemetery Photos”,
  • Texas cemeteries: their towns, history, photos and travel information. — “Texas cemeteries”,
  • Areas of discussion will center around the restoration, preservation, and recording of small cemeteries and will include cleaning and repairing broken headstones and recording headstone inscriptions, how to better read old headstones, and determining where ancestors are buried. — “Cemeteries, Graveyards, Burying Grounds”,
  • Many of the cemeteries are linked to websites, cemetery listings, and/or photographs. For questions about cemeteries, including laws, how to clean stones, and guidelines for restoring cemeteries, see Preserving Texas Cemeteries, a Texas Historical Commission publication that's available online. — “Lavaca County, Texas Cemeteries”, txgenweb2.org
  • If you're looking for cemeteries by county, search for the county If you're looking for cemeteries near a community, search for the community first, then. — “Search Cemetaries by State | ePodunk”,
  • Although often thought of as macabre, rather unpleasant places, cemeteries are actually very interesting. They provide us with an unusual historical insight into the view that a society has towards death, dying and the afterlife. They are also,. — “Cemeteries”,
  • Cemeteries in the Western world are also typically the place where Cemeteries are distinguished from other burial grounds by their location and are not usually adjoined to a church, as opposed to a "graveyard" which is located in a ". — “Cemetery - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • The VA National Cemetery Administration honors the military service of our Nation's veterans. We provide a dignified burial and lasting memorial for veterans and their eligible family members and we maintain our veterans' cemeteries as national. — “Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemeteries - Burial”, cem.va.gov

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  • Bachelors Grove Cemetery - Illinois (travel channel) Midlothian Illinois's Bachelor's Grove Cemetery featured on "Most Terrifying Places In America". Known as one of the most haunted Cemeteries Illinois has to offer, and has been named "the most haunted" by some paranormal investigators, while others say Greenwood and Peck Cemetery in Central Illinois could be the most Haunted. Either way, Illinois definately has some of the most haunted places in the nation.
  • America's Overseas Cemeteries The American Battle Monuments Commission maintains 24 permanent American burial grounds on foreign soil. Presently there are 124909 US war dead interred at these cemeteries. Audio editing was done using Audacity. Photo editing was done using PhotoStudio. Movie Maker was used to tie everything together in Widescreen 1280 x 720p, no transitions between clips. Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 CPU, Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R Motherboard, Kingston KVR800D2K2 DDR2 2GB PC6400 SDRAM, Seagate ST3750330AS 750GB 7200.11 SATA Hard Drive, Windows XP Pro, Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910, Windows Movie Maker 2.1.4028.0 Audacity 1.2.6 ArcSoft PhotoStudio
  • Elgin Mills Cemetery Tour Aug 14 2011_0001.wmv Toronto,Cemetery,Preplanning,Prearrangement,funeral home,chapel,monuments,burial,crypt,cremation,benefit,plot,Chinese,Elgin Mills Cemetery,York Cemetery,Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Pine hills Cemetery, Duffin Meadows Cemetery, Beechwood Cemetery,Meadowvale Cemetery,Prospect Cemetery,Thornton Cemetery,Toronto Necropolis Cemetery ,Interment,Death,Casket,Cemeteries, One Stop Service, Scarborough, Etobicoke, North York, East York, Markham,Richmond Hill,Vaughan,Aurora,Newmarket,Thornhill,Mississauga, Brampton,urn space,niches,markers,crematorium,seniors home,fengshui,history,culture,Mausoleum,Entombment,Greek,Orthodox,church,price,interment rights,memorials,visitation centres,payment options,cemetery by-laws,benefits,Veterans,Section,Larger lots,single graves,upright monument,after care,coffin
  • Coldplay - Cemeteries of London (piano cover) Coldplay - Cemeteries of London (piano cover) No Sheet Play By Ear Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
  • Pet Sematary Trailer (1989) Trailer for Pet Sematary (1989). Taken from an Aussie CIC VHS video. I don't think Paramount included this trailer with the DVD releases. Notice the Amityville theme at the beginning?
  • Chicago Cemeteries This is a compilation of 2 Chicago cemeteries. One was predominantly German and the other was mostly Irish, complete with Celtic Crosses and Shamrock headstones. I'm a sucker for cemetery statuary and ornate headstones. The shots of stained glass were taken through crypt doors, illuminated at the back of the crypt. "Stairway to the Stars" by Ella Fitzgerald
  • Cemeteries of London Original Music Video This is an original music video made by me, Phillip Carpenter to Coldplay's new song Cemeteries of London off of their new album Viva la Vida. It combines multiple video layering effects to create the mysterious look. All shots were taken in Chico, California. Ghosts are played by Nick Lazos, Janae Bannister, Hannah Brott, and Devin Wilson. Thanks to Dusty Carr for being the singer and to Grant Limper for learning and imitating the guitar solo. Video made through Mr. Peck's Video Production Class at Pleasant Valley High School.
  • Grave concerns over Moscow's overcrowded cemeteries - 31 Oct 09 Overcrowded cemeteries in Moscow mean many Russians are finding it difficult to find a space to bury their loved-ones. The limited amount of space left for new graves means plots now come at a premium and undertakers are cashing in. Al Jazeera's Neave Barker reports from Moscow, on the struggle of some Russians to bury their dead.
  • Japanese Cell Phone Tombstones The afterlife no longer means being out of touch.
  • Nalyssa Green - Cemetery Having eyes on the baroque cemeteries is disturbing. Nalyssa Green is a young Greek singer who presents her first album, Barock [ 2010 ] as a place full of suggestive corners. Her mix of rock and baroque is so personal that you'd desire having discovered her earlier. Your eyes have something to say, they try to take me away... carry me away, carry me away... Her desire to get carried away is well expressed in the song Your eyes like a desperate mantra. She does not realize that we are who fall to its temptation of faraway places. This is because the song is wonderful in melody and sensitivity. But she feels down and can't see it that way. Indagattah shows her full of sorrow for the dull life. The clouds are the same they all whisper my name while I'm white as the snow in the gutter... And we all go to pieces in front an impossible love. Her voice trembles us as the echo of a loved one. Cemetery goes deeper into the maze of pain. Her voice gets far from us and leaves us alone with a hypnotic arrangement. The piano strokes are energetic because she knows that life goes by. Suddenly, the guitar is back breathing the Thick air. Her good taste for rhythm and melody floats deftly. I fell into the land of dead and met the ones I've loved. Nalyssa is strong and writes with honesty. Loves expires is really hard. I do not need you because you're of no use. She's implacable because she knows that life is our own responsibility. Her music is herself and leaves no space for b***ity ...
  • Coldplay - Cemeteries Of London (lyrics) Another Coldplay video - because I love Coldplay :) Coldplay - Cemeteries of London Album: Viva La Vida ENJOY!
  • Coldplay - Cemeteries of London lyrics Cemeteries of London lyrics by Coldplay
  • Touhou 13 "Ten Desires" OST: 6 - 素敵な墓場で暮しましょ/Let's Live in a Lovely Cemetery Extractor: lycoris.infinity- Image: danbooru.donmai.us The third Stage theme. I really love how relaxed this stage theme is! I'm afraid this is spoilers. So I'm sorry that Kogasa will not surprise you on stage 3! She also is now the second character to seemingly reference the game mechanics. Though I believe in her case she's actually referencing the Spellcard Rules more than Sanae pointing out the existance of "P" and "Point" tokens! I honestly do think this track goes so well with Kogasa, it's relaxing and has a bubbly feel, as if you're walking in the rain! Though in a cemetery, they can be nice in a mild rainstorm apparently! ZUN Comment: "The third stage theme. Cemeteries that appear in games- unless it's a horror game- tends to make you imagine of a comical one. So there's no meaning in making the music too dark and heavy too. So I brushed it up with a comical feel. I can't resist this nostalgic feeling (Personally too)" OST:
  • 06 - Avey Tare - Cemeteries This is the sort of music I love out of Animal Collective et al. Well, this, and every other kind of music they make. This, though, falls into line with their "hypnotic slow burner" series, and excels, with oh man, just wonderful sounds and samples.
  • Explore Highgate Cemetery (West), London, England A montage of beautifully haunting images of Highgate Cemetery (West), London, England - taken by Steve Johnson. Steve had originally posted his pictures at where a higher quality of this video is available: This short presentation, is set to the music from the motion picture - Edward Scissorhands - music by Danny Elfman. Steves photo's were arranged (and some slightly animated) to the music, to create the video - produced by Mark Andrew Elvidge - paranormal investigator, website owner/operator, and musician. Background.. Mark created the video simply using Steves photo's, Windows Movie Maker (free with WindowsXP), and the animation using Corel Photopaint, and Microsoft GIF Animator - and not forgetting the beautiful score from Danny Elfman.
  • Haunted Myrtle Hill Cemetery (EVPs) During the last week of October 2008, Chris Halton from Haunted Earth paid us a visit from England. During his visit, he investigated several locations for paranormal activity with the Acid Entertainment paranormal research crew. Chris edited a video from this location that we both have on our sites, however, this video contains the images and evps that didn't make it into part 1. Located in Valley City, OH, Myrtle Hill Cemetery is known nationwide for its paranormal activity. Our team, along with Haunted Earth's, Christopher Halton, investigated Myrtle Hill in October 2008 and agreed it's teeming with paranormal activity. Within five minute upon arrival I was greeted with an herbal scent that followed me throughout the investigation. Chris also smelled it, as did our investigator, Sean Adams. The scent came and went, and could be traced to no plants, shrubs, or trees in the cemetery. There is a large ball-shaped gravestone, referred to as the "Witchs Ball," that allegedly belonged to a witch. Legend has it that a witch poisoned her family's well, who died after drinking the tainted water and that she disposed of their dead bodies by tossing them into the well. People claim that the gravestone feels hot in the winter and cold in the summer. Many also believe no snow, rain, or leaves fall on the gravestone. We visited on a Fall Day, & it was approximately 70 degrees, so temperatures weren't extreme enough for us to test this. We did find out about the story of the mad ...
  • Woman In Fight With Pet Cemetery Over Plot A Lenexa, Kan., woman said she paid for a plot to bury her dog but six months later, there is no headstone and the owner of the pet cemetery wants to move her dog. Debbie Wagner is passionate about her pets, KMBC's Bev Chapman reported. "Everybody loved him, and he was just a great dog," Wagner said. When Wagner's ***er spaniel, Hershey, was diagnosed with a liver illness six years ago, his treatment was not cheap. "I've spent close to $60000 in six years on all my dogs," Wagner said. Over the summer, when Hershey's health grew worse, Wagner said she took him to choose his final resting place at a pet cemetery. Wagner said her dog picked a plot that apparently belonged to someone else, although the sales representative assured her about it. "'Well, I think these are already sold. But the guy who bought them got transferred and he wants to sell them,'" Wagner recalled. Wagner signed the paperwork and paid $1300 for three plots. She bought a casket and a headstone and arranged for a small graveside ceremony. One week later, Hershey died. A month after that, the pet cemetery called Wagner. "The owner called and said, 'We're going to have to move your dog.' I was floored," Wagner said. "After Miss Wagner's dog was already buried, he told us he didn't want to sell it after all," said Nancy Piper of Rolling Acres. Piper said in 29 years and more than 4500 pets, this has never happened. Piper said she tried to contact the owner of theland on the hill where Hershey is now buried ...
  • Cemeteries of London - Coldplay track 2/10 this song belongs to coldplay
  • Common Ground: Polish Volunteers Caring for Jewish Cemeteries There are over 1200 abandoned Jewish cemeteries in Poland. Pope John Paul called these sacred places for both Christians and Jews that should bring Poles and Jews together. Here are brief profiles of five Poles who have volunteered to care for one or more Jewish cemeteries.
  • Woodlawn Memorial Park - Buy TN Cemetery Plots Surrounded by the gently rolling hills of Nashville, Tennessee, Woodlawn Memorial Park and Cemetery is a peaceful haven in the heart of the Music City. Established in the 1930s and considered one of Nashville's largest cemeteries, Woodlawn is owned and operated by Dignity Memorial, and contains lovely gardens, lush landscaped lawns and beautiful statuary and water features. One of the most noticeable structures on the grounds of Woodlawn Memorial Park is a memorial chapel that serves as the perfect spot for services and prayer. This historic chapel features stunning stained glass windows from the Art Deco period. The Garden of Memories and the Garden of Angels are well-maintained, lushly planted areas that provide places for quiet contemplation. The Fountain of Life serves as a serene backdrop for moments of reflection. Located in close proximity to I-65, Woodlawn Memorial Park and Cemetery is the final resting place of many famous people who played pivotal roles in the world of country music, including Otis Blackwell, Owen Bradley and Tammy Wynette. Nashville itself serves as the home of the Grand Ole Opry, several Civil War battlefield sites and the natural beauty of the majestic Cumberland River. Situated in this world-renowned city rich in American history and culture, Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery is a tranquil sanctuary for final rest. To lean more about this cemetery visit brought to you by the nations ...
  • Persecuting the Dead - Farsi version Rare footage and commentary in Farsi of a Baha'i cemetery in Iran before and after it was bulldozed by the authorities.
  • Pop Pilgrims - New Orleans: St. Louis Cemetery - Set of Easy Rider's acid freak-out Derived from Greek, the word "necropolis" means "city of the dead," and few places make the word seem appropriate quite like New Orleans' above-ground cemeteries. The city's position in relation to sea level makes it hard to bury the dead, making these types of cemeteries necessary. And, as often happens, necessity gave rise to art. St. Louis Cemetery #1 is the city's oldest burial spot. It's lined with monuments that date back centuries, and which exist in various stages of upkeep, from the brand new and well-preserved to graves crumbling into deep disrepair. The tight quarters, disorienting passageways, and intricate, sometimes eerie, religious sculptures give it an atmosphere unlike any other place on Earth. It's easy to see why Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, and the rest of the team behind Easy Rider would choose it for the film's acid freak-out sequence. Yet, removed from the rapid editing, distressing industrial noise, and hallucinatory muttering, the place has an eerily peaceful quality. A steady stream of tourists come and go throughout the day, but the cemetery's walls and looming monuments otherwise largely isolate it from the sounds of the city around it. The necropolis also has its celebrities. These include Homer Plessy, of the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court decision that changed the course of civil rights legislation, Etienne de Boré, New Orleans' first mayor, and Ernest "Dutch" Morial, the city's first black mayor. But the most-visited grave belongs to Marie ...
  • NCPTT Iron Fence Repair - Cemetery Monument Conservation Materials Conservator Jason Church demonstrates how to properly repair an historic iron fence. For more information, visit www.ncptt.nps.gov The National Park Service's National Center for Preservation Technology and Training protects America's historic legacy by equipping professionals in the field of preservation with progressive technology-based research and training. Since its founding in 1994, NCPTT has awarded over $7 million in grants for research that fulfills its mission of advancing the use of science and technology in the fields of archeology, architecture, landscape architecture and materials conservation.
  • Milan, Italy: Artful Cemetery While there are many evocative cemeteries in Europe, this one, with its emotional portrayals of the departed and their heavenly escorts in the melodramatic art styles from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is in a class by itself. For more information on the Rick Steves' Europe TV series — including episode descriptions, scripts, participating stations, travel information on destinations and more — visit .
  • Planning your future burial or cremation. Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria. .au When is the right time to plan your future burial or cremation. The Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria are there to help regardless of your religion, you will guided through these choices with respect and care. This video will give you the information you need to help make these important decisions.
  • Cemeteries Of London by Coldplay with Lyrics cemeteries of london by coldplay 6th video!! 2nd of coldplay. lyrics included
  • Tombstone Toruism: The Creepiest Cemeteries Rita Braver found you could learn a lot about life in the final resting place of the dead when she dove into the creepy world of cemetery tourism.
  • The Joy of Cemeteries In which I essay to persuade the gentle viewer that visiting cemeteries as a traveller or tourist is a worthwhile and often neglected pastime. If you have any interest in plants, animals, architecture, history, walks, photography, or culture, then you should find something to satisfy you. Unfortunately for one part of my central argument (that cemeteries are peaceful places), I shot this in a contender for the world's noisiest cemetery. I forgot to name the cemetery in Copenhagen: Assistens Kirkegård. One neat but modest-sized hedge there frames the headstone of one Hans Christian Anderson.
  • New Orleans - St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 Unusual New Orleans has such a high water table that most burials are done above ground in mausoleums. We visited St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, which dates back to the 1700's and is rich in New Orleans History. Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, rests here.
  • The Ramones Pet Sematary Ramones Pet Sematary Lyrics Under the arc of a weather stain boards, Ancient goblins, and warlords, Come out of the ground, not making a sound, The smell of death is all around, And the night when the cold wind blows, no one cares, nobody knows. I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary, I don't want to live my life again. I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary, I don't want to live my life again. Follow Victor to the sacred place, This ain't a dream, I can't escape, Molars and fangs, the clicking of bones, Spirits moaning among the tombstones, And the night, when the moon is bright, Someone cries, something ain't right. I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary, I don't want to live my life again. I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary, I don't want to live my life again. The moon is full, the air is still, All of a sudden I feel a chill, Victor is grinning, flesh rotting away, Skeletons dance, I curse this day, And the night when the wolves cry out, Listen close and you can hear me shout. I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary, I don't want to live my life again. I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetary, I don't want to live my life again, oh no, oh no I don't want to live my life again, oh no, oh oh, I don't want to live my life again, oh no no no I don't want to live my life again, oh oh
  • DIGITAL CEMETERIES Where does your computer go when it dies? You are probably not aware of the fact that the inside of your computer contains toxic as well as carcinogens substances, such as lead, phosphorus, cadmium, barium, beryllium, chromium and quicksilver. A colored monitor contains an average of 1,8-3,6 kilos of lead that can easily leak in the environment when disposed into a dump. A ?dead? PC is then transformed into dangerous electronic waste which requires recycling of strict technical specifications. Nevertheless, the developed world, instead of recycling the electronic waste it produces; it chooses to export it to underdeveloped countries where it is then recycled by thousands of underpaid workers. Workers who have to choose between one dollar poisoning and starvation. While a computer is being ?cremated?, the air, the water and the soil of our planet are irreparable contaminated undermining our lives. Each year, up to 50 millions tones of electronic waste is exported to China. There it is recycled and re-integrated as feedstock into the production chain. In China the cost of recycling such waste is thirty times lower than in Western Europe, USA and Japan. But most important, recycling procedures are not environment-friendly. The city of Guiyu situated in Guang Dong of southern China is probably world?s biggest computers? dump. Each day thousands of computers arrive clandestinely at Guiyu where they are cut into pieces, rinsed with acid water and finally burned for gold, silver ...
  • Cemetery: Final Destinations & Famous Grave Sites Presidents Teddy Roosevelt FDR Elenor Roosevelt James Garfield Ulysses Grant John Adams William McKinley Alexander Hamilton Fiorello LaGuardia Fala Checkers Nathan Hale Eliot Ness Nathan Hale Gertrude Stein Bat Masterson James Watt Rober t Fulton John Rockefeller Iron Man Gary Cooper John Audubon Gary Cooper Edward G Robinson Harry Houdini George Steinbrenner Billy Martin Babe Ruth Jackie Robinson Count Basie King Curtis Harry Chapin Lousi Armstrong Illinois Jacquet Duke Ellington Lionel Hampton Celia Cruz Irving Berlin Miles Davis John Coltrane Lester Young Bill Bojangles Robinson Milt Jackson Jackson Pollock John Lennon cemetery grave crypt burial All Original Photography by KWNphoto,
  • COLDPLAY - Cemeteries of London @ Main Square Festival 2011 Coldplay @ Main Square Festival, Arras France- 3.07.2011- (song 8 : Cemeteries of London) SET LIST : Intro, MX, Hurts like heaven, yellow, in my place, major minus, lost, the scientist, cemeteries of London, violet hill, god put a smile, everything's not lost, US against the world, politik, viva la vida, charlie Brown, life is for living, clocks, fix you, every teardrop.
  • Japanese Cemetery -a bit freaky- How freaky is this ehy...? Now that I look back, I feel a bit odd. Try coming here at night, solo. It's super relaxing until you run right smack into a bum! Go Army Go! Thanks for checking out my Japanese Vlog! Subscribe for weekly updates!
  • Kensal Green Cemetery The General Cemetery of All Souls, Kensal Green, is one of Britain's oldest and most beautiful public burial grounds. One of the world's first garden cemeteries, and doyen of London's Magnificent Seven, Kensal Green received its first funeral in January 1833, and still conducts burials and cremations daily. The cemetery was innovative in having most of the site consecrated by the Church of England, but reserving the eastern spur for Dissenters and others to practise their own rites. Today, people of many faiths and denominations are buried throughout the cemetery. Uniquely among British cemeteries, Kensal Green has been managed by the same private joint-stock company since its inception: the General Cemetery Company (est. 1830) still has its offices by the Main Gate. The cemetery now covers some 72 acres (29 hectares) between the Grand Union C*** and Harrow Road in west London, and is open to visitors every day of the year. http bit.ly
  • Coldplay - Cemeteries of London ( FULL VIDEO) The brilliant video for Cemeteries of London. It's the perfect mix between music and image, Coldplay sold around 8 million albums with Viva La Vida.
  • Whiteoak Cemetery in Bloomington Indiana a visit to one of the oldest cemeteries in Bloomington
  • Nashville Cemetery USCT Sculpture The Nashville VA Cemetery is home to a unique monument where long forgotten history is now being honored. The cemetery has been home to war monuments for decades, but the latest statue, erected to honor the nearly 2000 US Colored Troops from the Civil War who are buried there, is unlike any other in the country. For more information on VA cemeteries, visit www.cem.va.gov See www1.va.gov for the Section 508 compliant version of this video.
  • Cemeteries of London- Coldplay (5949 views) All of my videos were taken off by a hacker, but I was able to outsmart him and now I have to put all of my videos back on again.
  • Bachelors Grove Cemetery - Midlothian, Illinois On June 26, 2009 my girlfriend and I went to Bachelors Grove cemetery in Midlothian, Illinois. This is supposedly one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world. To get to the cemetery, you must go along a long path through the forest area near the cemetery. After reaching the end of the path, you see a broken fence and within is the cemetery. This cemetery is overgrown and more vandalized than Aux Sable. It had a different feel to it. While I haven't caught anything that I can see, if anyone can see anything, let me know. This was recorded on my iPhone Cycorder and had to be converted in order to be able to be edited together. The watermark in the corner is from the conversion. Nothing else, besides the title was edited in this video. There have been a couple strange occurrences in relation to this place, I leave you all to form your own opinions, these are just a few stories I would like to share. My girlfriend brought her camera with her to take pictures. When we were along the river after visiting the cemetery, she was about to take a picture of the surrounding forest area and her camera flickered. After going home and glancing through the pictures she noticed previous pictures she had taken were now error files. Those pictures were all of her, everything else was fine. Her camera also, now, randomly goes into shoot mode when before there were no signs of it malfunctioning. On the way home, my car broke down and is currently, as of writing this, in the shop. We ...
  • Jewish Cemeteries till 1945 The film made on base of multimedia presentation. Its draft of the book which is coming in Aprill 2009
  • Visiting The Springfield Cemetery A stroll around the Springfield Cemetery, in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was both a nice walk and a little creepy, too. No ghosts, however, revealed themselves to my intruding camcorder lense...

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