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  • Catmint. Nepeta mussinii. Profuse lavender blooms on spiky stems. Soft, crinkled, gray-green leaves on a short, mounding plant. Item Name: Catmint flat of 50 Item Number: 76256. Catmint flat of 50. — “Catmint”,
  • Catmint blooms beautifully in late May and early June, and again in August. Catmint is a "must-have" plant for low water areas. After it blooms, the low mounds of. — “Planttalk Colorado - Catmint”,
  • How to Grow Catmint. Catmint, also known as Nepeta, is a versatile perennial. Suitable for USDA zones 5 to 9, catmint can be planted in rock gardens, containers or at the front of a border. It forms a clumping bush. — “How to Grow Catmint | ”,
  • How to grow Catmint herb plants in the home herb garden. Growing Catmint. Nepeta Musinii A member of the Mint family, Catmint is a strong smelling, aromatic herb. — “How to Grow Catmint Plants, Growing Catmint by The Gardener's”,
  • ShopWiki has 70 results for Catmint, including Catmint Seeds 450 Seeds, Catmint, Walker's Low, Catmint Photographic Print by Sam Abell, and Catmint (Nepeta Cataria) in the Garden. — “CATMINT”,
  • Catmint, Catnip. zones 3-9. Description: Gray-green, aromatic foliage gives way to a plethora of lavender-blue flowers in early thru midsummer. The relatively short stature of this variety makes it a good candidate for the front of the border. — “Nepeta, Catmint”,
  • hi5 Group topic: Catmint Nepeta siberica Catmint tea CATMINT. Group: cat parasitesdbev. hi5 is a social network that helps you find friends from your hometown, school or from other parts of the world.Upload unlimited photos and share them with. — “hi5 - Groups - cat parasitesdbev - Catmint:Nepeta siberica”,
  • Catmint is a wild English plant belonging to the large family Labiatae, of which the Mints and Deadnettles are also members. Most cats find eating and rolling in catmint to be pleasureable and intoxicating. — “Catmint - Encyclopédie - Azarius”,
  • Perennials, Dr. Alice B. Russell, Department of Horticultural Science; Pages designed by Miguel Angel Buendia Scientific Name. Nepeta spp. Common Name. Catmint. Perennial Flowers. Consumer Hort. Index - Fact Sheets. Characteristics. Season. summer. Height. 12-36 inches. Hardiness. USDA Hardiness Zone 3-8. — “Perennials - Nepeta spp”,
  • Habitat---Catmint or Catnep, a wild English plant belonging to the large family Labiatae, of which the Mints and Deadnettles are also members, is generally distributed throughout the central and the southern counties of England, in hedgerows,. — “ - A Modern Herbal | Catmint”,
  • Catmint, or Nepeta, is a lovely perennial - scruffy, scented, much loved by cats and gardeners. It's easy to propagate and equally easy to rip out if you get sick of it. And if you remember to trim it back you'll get a second flowering. — “Catmint”,
  • Many herbs, including catmint, (catnip) are used in natural remedies harnessing the power of herbal material and used for dandruff, hemorrhoids, piles and relaxing spasms. — “Information on the herb catmint”,
  • Blue Wonder catmint prefers full sun. Another name for the catmint is Nepeta x faassenii. The many blue flowers each plant produces grows to a height of 12 to 15 inches. Each plant should be spaced 18 inches apart. Recommend you put the plant in well drained soil. — “Catmint”,
  • catmint ( ) n. Any of various aromatic, ornamental, annual or perennial plants of the genus Nepeta, having opposite leaves and variously colored. — “catmint: Definition from ”,
  • Growing catnip plants (Nepeta cataria; see picture) is a must in landscaping for cats (cat-friendly yards), although Nepeta mussinii is the preferred catmint in landscaping for humans. "Catmint" is chiefly British for catnip plants. — “Catnip Plants | Nepeta Cataria | Catnip or Catmint”,
  • Catmint definition, catnip. See more. catmint - 6 dictionary results. Catnip sold by Lb & Bulk. Commerical and Organic Catnip Leaf Buy direct and save. Since 1973. . Grow Catmint at Home. Rooted cuttings very easy to do. Homemade plant propagation system. . — “Catmint | Define Catmint at ”,
  • Research, compare, and shop for Catmint Plant. Save on Catmint Plant and more at . — “Find Catmint Plant at ”,
  • Walkers Low Catmint: Stargazer Perennials article on Nepeta x fassennii Walker's Low' including how to grow Walkers Low Catmint, uses for Nepeta Walkers Low, deer resistance of Nepeta Walkers Low Catmint and where to buy Catmint at. — “Walkers Low Catmint”,
  • Translations of catmint. catmint synonyms, catmint antonyms. Information about catmint in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. catmint - hairy aromatic perennial herb having whorls of small white purple-spotted flowers in a terminal spike; used in the past. — “catmint - definition of catmint by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The members of this group are known as catnip or catmint because of their effect on cats—nepeta pleasantly stimulates cats' Nepeta grandiflora (Giant Catmint or Caucasus Catmint) is lusher than. — “Nepeta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Catmint (Nepeta) is extremely hardy, drought tolerant and virtually maintenance free. All this and nepeta repeat blooms sporadically throughout the summer. Such a wonderful garden plant should be more widely appreciated and used by gardeners. — “Catmints (Nepeta) are Easy Growing, Drought Hardy Garden”,
  • Catmint, or faassen nepeta, is not the same as catnip. It has silvery-gray foliage with many spikes of bluish flowers. Learn more at HowStuffWorks. — “HowStuffWorks "Catmint, Faassen Nepeta: A Portrait of a”,
  • Art Landscaping Car Parts. Welcome to the Catmint home page, the portal of Lisa and Gordon's enterprises in the heart of North Yorkshire. Please choose from the following options, but don't forget to come back and have a look at the others. (click on the pics). — “”,
  • Catmint. Learn about Catmint on . Info and videos including: How to Design an English Cottage Garden, Other Garden Plants, Seed List for a Rock Garden and much more. — “Catmint | Gardening Tips | Garden Guides”,

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  • blooms at May Dreams Gardens catmint
  • Sweet Alyssum and Catmint Nepeta mussinii This years wintersown Anise Hyssop every last one of them bloomed this year The bees LOVE them D
  • catmint jpg
  • IMG 0017 jpg
  • to it each year The herbs I grow are mostly for culinary use and for use in my potpourris and bath products I hope to add in herbs for medicinal use in 2007 This is the start of our herb garden It s a cat mint plant All I got to plant before the rain came
  • First just a little sniff
  • These pics are not from this year being April it s time to start seeds to plant outside in May but I thought it d be a good place to start
  • Nepeta x faassenii Catmint Photo Courtesy of PlantMaster™ GardenSoft
  • deadhead in time TONS of thinning out to do otherwise I love it never the less for the early blooms and repeats throughout the season Here a few seedlings from this afternoon
  • Located in Old Downtown Castle Rock on Third Street between Wilcox and Perry Educational Toys Books
  • パン点検中 ニコンD70 肉球パンをやいてみたのだが 発酵の段階で 原型とどめず型くずれ
  • Catmint Large jpg
  • カフェのテラスに沢山生えてるタイムやキャットミントも 暖かい日が多くなってから いきなりぐんぐん伸びて 今はこんな感じ ランに行く途中にでも 見てみてくださいね
  • でも 犬は ひとが思うほどには 不自由を感じてないのか この写真のワンちゃんは 庭の外のたたきのよーなところに つながれている 通るひとをうらやましそうにみている んなことないか 人気blogランキング
  • catmint
  • First just a little sniff Then a little taste nom nom nom
  • catmint jpg
  • Griffith Buck rose Wanderin Wind with catmint Yikes The last day of June So many things I wanted to share with you and the month just flew by If I want to share my favorite plant
  • Our Rhododendren in full bloom My Cat Mint and Fountain
  • Grimley with all the babies LOL
  • A Bowling Ball I found it at Goodwill for 5 00 plus the bag
  • Campanula Begging to be adored unnecessarily I have one in white too but it s not happy in so much sun I should move it but I m secretly hoping it will just get over itself Catmint This thing is taking over and the cats like to lie in the middle of it spreading it to gargantuan proportions
  • キジトラちゃんの憂い 実際には なにも考えてないのかもだが そこんとこにゃんこに聞いてみないとわからない E300
  • Attention New York City cat lovers There are at least three little round beds of catmint growing in Stuyvesant Square Park at East 16th Street and Second Avenue tucked just behind the gates on the west side of Second Avenue right where you enter from the crosswalk
  • Catmint Get large photo 1024 x 768 204kB
  • Cat Mint 28 x 22 hooked by Sharron Nelson of Lancaster Pennsylvania lots of fun this little rug is Love all of her purple and the rust cat Very whimsical and makes you smile The
  • create a new high performance insect repellent Refined Oil of Nepeta cataria or catmint is a new natural ingredient that repels a broad range of biting insects with effectiveness similar
  • In case anyone is unfamiliar with Catmint here is a picture of Walkers Low Its the blue thing
  • varigated leaves and is covered with fuscia blooms I m afraid to plant it because I don t want it flopping all over the place Here s a photo of the varigated catmint Thank you
  • 050201 catmint seeds jpg
  • ornament catmint on retaining wall p 600x jpg
  • the dead vegetation that needs to be cut back There s human made messes that ought to be dealt with too But let s talk about the plants first Cut back and clear out dead plant material Only March 11th and this catmint is already poised for growth Most of the crocuses haven t opened yet In autumn there are some plants that are still looking good when the first snow flies
  • larger image
  • Awlful pictures not sure is you can tell What I need to know is do I put the two hangers the same height on each side or do I stagger them
  • ウィンドウを閉じます
  • Nepeta mussini Get large photo 1024 x 768 106kB
  • Then a little taste nom nom nom Pure catmint love In the hideous but very welcome sunlight of almost noon I snapped these photos this morning and couldn t resist posting these of my big boy Toby He loves the
  • モンタナ が咲き始め キャットミント は満開
  • ●サルビアスーパーバー 開花時期 6月中旬 下旬 説明 寒さにも強い宿根するサルビアです 独特の香りが特徴的です ●キャットミント 開花時期 6月上旬 下旬
  • Mint s Allure Mika Muraoka Acryl Gouache Color Pencils

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  • Kittens likes Catmints 2008/05/02 BGM: Honey Bee Bop (Slink Moss Explosion)
  • cat mint makes him crazy! Oscar goes crazy when he smells the Cat Mint I hold up to the window!
  • Nancy Today: Maow Kitty's Catnip Catmint experiment (cat 14) Let's put the two herbs to the real test. Only a cat knows for sure!
  • Girl Cat noms catmint And it is delicious.
  • Six Hills Giant Catmint This catmint has light purple flowering mounds up to 3 feet tall by 3 feet wide. It makes a handy deer deterring statement in the xeric garden during summer.
  • cat mint
  • Delphi Smooshpuss high on catmint Great grandma gave me a bunny for xmas, and grandma gave me some catmint. What a combination!
  • Shalimar and Claire Playing with the Cat Mint Our two Chinchilla persians love playing with the pot of cat mint in our garden.We have to keep it in a pot now because when it grew in the garden they rolled on it and crushed the plant.
  • funny cat mint addiction my cat liked the smell of mint... its SO funny!!!!!!! WATCH IT, RANK IT, AND LEAVE A COMMENT... plz
  • Cat's mint (God is an astronaut impression) - Coffee Grind 2011 Please read this. This is a piece I composed after listening too much "God is an astronaut." The style of my composition is nothing like GIAA. but afterall it's just my expression of the thoughts inside of me in that certain moment. And those thoughts created this.
  • Nepeta x faassenii Catmint A blue flowered perennial with grey foliage. Long flowering period in summer, grow in sun, cut back in autumn.
  • My Cat Trying To Eat Cat Mint :] xD lol you should of seen it in real life :P
  • Nana loves Catmints I bought her a pot of catmint. She enjoyed it very much! BGM: Mohamed's Song (Musicshake)
  • Cats fighting under the influence of catmint Java and Pitry fighting under the influence of catmint
  • Stray cat in my Walker's Low Catmint. :)
  • Max & Catmint Max discovers the joy of a warm, sunny Sunday morning and fresh catmint from the garden.
  • Pebbles the Cat enjoys her Cat Mint This is the first time that Pebbles has played with Cat Mint. She exhibits strange behaviour but also seems to enjoy it
  • Grace eats catmint catnip Gracie finds catmint growing in the yard and eats it. She loves catmint. Grace is an indoor house cat.
  • Cats are crazy for catmint 2008/07/19 BGM: Cha Cha Chapa (The Shiffers)
  • My Cat Terry's Catmint Mouse Christmas Day and the cats get a present too. They both (Bob and Terry) got a catmint mouse each. Bob simply sits and chews, whereas Terry... performs. The music I thought fit Terry's character perfectly. He's quite a bouncy, round sort of a cat - even at fif*** years old. Enjoy and giggle...
  • How to Deadhead Nepeta (Catmint) How to Deadhead and Cut-Back Nepeta
  • Humbugs' Catmint freakout. My cat having mad five minutes after indulging in catmint. He's seven, but thinks he's still a kitten, bless him.
  • Catmint Ginger eats catmint.
  • Maine coon & cat mint - cat-acrobat Mouse + cat mint (Népeta catária) = merry cat :) Damur's foto:
  • CATMINT A few amusing clips put together for a laugh - Lola indulging in catmint, pole dancing and chasing snow....
  • CatMint My cats LOVE cat mint. Kenzie just lays in it and Esther eats it. Once they've had enough they go lay down for a nap.
  • Kitty & catmint
  • KIKI- An exotic short hair and her addiction to catmint... Original title: KIKI en kattemynte-misbruker
  • meeps in the catmint rollin Scooby pissin her off a bit
  • Catmint Mortimer Mortimer plays in a bale of catmint and gets a little loopy.
  • Baby and catmint treat Baby is rolling/rubbing her self on the treats and trying to open the plastic box for more, she can´t resist the lovely smell.
  • Catmint,soapwort in the herb garden Catmint and soapwort are two great colorful herbs to grow in the garden. They are fairly easy to grow and enjoyable to look at. Catmint is particularly enjoyed by cats. For more information, visit The Herbal Collective at
  • Nepeta x faassenii Cat Mint.wmv Grey foliage low growing blue flowers trimming in autumn planting best in spring
  • Catmint
  • Heathcliff enjoying some Cat Mint Our cat Heathcliff enjoying some cat mint straight from our garden.
  • Cat food bowl turned into catnip feeder - Growing cat nip, catswort, catmint, lamiaceae Nepeta cataria (also known as catnip, catswort, or catmint) is a plant in the Lamiaceae family. I plan on setting this tricked out cat food dish next to the cats current food and water bowls as a sort of live snack. I'll use a spring loaded clamp reflector with a cfl bulb to cast a light where the cats eat as well as help the catnip plant grow.
  • Catmint Paper Balloon I filled some catmint in this paper balloon. Let's see cat's reaction! You might hear me breathing... I'm having hay fever so my nose is all blocked. |D
  • - Walkers Low Catmint: perennial plant of the year Learn about the 2007 Perennial Plant of the Year. Presented by the National Home Gardening Club (NHGC),
  • Cat mint Some say cats love cat mint. I have planted the cat mint in the garden. My cat Jun has a interest in the cat mint. Sometime Jun bites it.

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  • “Daily blogs from the experts at BBC Gardeners' World. Gardeners World blog. Cats and catmint. Posted in Gardeners' musings by Pippa Greenwood at 4:53 pm on Thursday 18 June 2009 23 Comments. We're the proud owners of two cats, adopted from the local rescue centre”
    — Cats and catmint | Gardeners' musings | Gardening Blog | Talk,

  • “SYSTEM::/index.php::blog::trekking_poles_adjustable_non_adjustablenative_american_flutist_of_the_year_jay_red_eagle::CONTENT_NOT_FOUND_NO_GUID”
    — bluetooth notebookparing lights keep flashing,

  • “Profile for member catmint cyprus broadband forum. cyprus internet statistics. broadband platforms. cyta i-choice. primetel. cablenet. internet service providers. netrunner by cytanet. otenet. netway. spidernet. logosnet. wavespeed. avacom net. alternative broadband”
    — Cyprus Broadband : View the profile of catmint,

  • “We would like to announce the release of Anahita 0.9.3 (Code Catmint) to our partners and We will be writing a blog post about template customization for Anahita, and thanks to”
    catmint " Anahitapolis Blog,

  • “By George Weigel/The Patriot-News Q: I have a catmint that has grown to be 4 feet by 5 feet and is starting to impede the growth of a 'Knock Out' rose bush. Is this growth typical, and how can I best manage this plant? A: Catmints can get a bit”
    — Gigundo catmint | ,

  • “catmint? - Plant Identification - Forum”
    — catmint? - Plant Identification - Forum,

  • “Garden in Harmony Forum, sharing information to avoid toxic chemicals in our back yards Garden in Harmony Message Forum. Re: Germinating Catmint Seed. Posted By: Fay. Date: Saturday, 8 April 2006, 9:01 p.m. Thank you Larry. Maybe it is the Jiffy seed starting”
    — Re: Germinating Catmint Seed,

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