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  • A polymer is produced by feeding a polymerization initiator, a cationically polymerizable monomer component and a catalyst continuously to a flow wherein (1) a raw material solution containing said cationically polymerizable monomer component and said polymerization initiator and (2) a raw. — “Method of continuous cationic living ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • In this review, we will treat the possibility of silica surface modification by means of carbocationic intermediates, especially by cationically growing chains of suitable cationically polymerizable mono- mers. Cationically induced grafting reactions of polymers to silica surfaces were, therefore,. — “Silica surface modification by cationic polymerization and c”,
  • 19. A cationically modified hydrolysed starch wherein the hydrolysed starch is hydrolysed 23. A cationically modified hydrolysed starch as claimed in claim 21 wherein the. — “United States Patent Application: 0070292376”,
  • US4178438: Cationically modified, cellulose-containing materials Cationically modified cellulose material which contains at least 0.4% by weight of basic nitrogen and has a cationic constituent. — “Cationically modified, cellulose-containing materials (US4178438)”,
  • Considered from another aspect, the invention is concerned with cationically curable casting compositions or coating materials for planar supports as well as reactive modifiers or diluents for cationically curable monomers or polymers on the basis of novel pyrans. — “2-(3'-butenyl)-3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrans, their synthesis and use”,
  • 5. The chip module as claimed in claim 1, wherein the encapsulation compound is a flexible, cationically polymerizing epoxy resin. It is advantageous for the chip adhesive to be a flexible, cationically polymerizing epoxy. — “Chip module - US 7397140”,
  • The present invention relates to a method of applying dye and stainblocker to a substrate comprising cationically dyeable fibers which reduces or eliminates the need for subsequent reapplication of dy. — “Reduction or prevention of dye bleeding - Patent Application”,
  • An electrostatic potential map of the nitrate ion (NO−3). The 3-dimensional shell An ion is an atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons. — “Ion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The photoinitiator system of the invention may be combined with a cationically polymerizable resin in order to provide a photopolymerizable composition. The cationically polymerizable resin may be selected from epoxy, oxetane, vinyl ether and spiroorthocarbonate resins, and combinations. — “OFFICE of TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER - Technologies”,
  • Disclosed is a cationically polymerizable composition which shows improved storage stability and whose polymerization initiation temperature or curing temperature is controlled. The cationically polymerizable composition comprises a cationically polymerizable. — “Cationically polymerizable composition and method for”,
  • An ink composition is provided that includes (A) a pigment other than titanium oxide, (B) a cationically polymerizable compound, and (C) a photo-acid generator, the pigment (A) having a content of 3.5 to 20 wt %, the cationically polymerizable. — “Ink Composition And Inkjet Recording Method”,
  • Heat curable cationically polymerizable compositions and method of curing same with onium salts and reducing agents Cationically polymerizable compositions containing photodecomposable aromatic iodonium salts. — “Ionic photoacid generators with segmented”,
  • Cationically definition, a positively charged ion that is attracted to the cathode in electrolysis. See more. — “Cationically | Define Cationically at ”,
  • The UBR (University of Brighton Repository) is a central institutional repository that records the work of the University's researchers. It is an open access, organic resource and is freely available via the web to researchers worldwide. amounts of the cationically charged monomer choline methacrylate. — “University of Brighton Repository - Biological evaluation and”,
  • cationically stabilized water-dilutable (meth)acryl copolymers and cationically stabilized water-dilutable polyurethane resins and/or cationically parameters, as well as optionally cationically or cationically and non-ionically and/or. — “(WO/1995/029960) MODULAR SYSTEM AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Cationically - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-

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  • “Because your hair is conditioned from within, combined with a controlled amount of each ingredient being cationically deposited on the hair surface, your hair is left feeling natural and light. The Philip Kingsley Blog · "For hair to be beautiful, it has to be”
    — Elasticizer – the science " The Philip Kingsley Blog,

  • “ - The ultimate papier mache resource for tutorials, articles, books, galleries PLUS discussion forums. I did find out that Percol affects ion charging--some is cationically charged, and some anionically charged”
    — Papier Mache,

  • “Acrylates: You can polymerize them in bulk, suspension, emulsion and solvent, anionically and cationically, and UV or E-Beam or visible curing. linked to by 6 posted to Chemistry Blog on Fri 7th May 10. To carry on with Chemjobber's Favorite Things list”
    — Chemical blogspace - Blog details,

  • “This technology establishes a new benchmark for the comprehensive synthesis of hair come encapsulated within hydrophobic, bio-adhesive, cationically charged microspheres”
    — Ds Laboratories |,

  • “The compatibility of microgel particles with their environment and the functionality of the cationically charged core of the microgel particles is the dominant mechanism for”
    — ABSTRACT for Young Researchers Symposium, uk-

  • “Read our blog on the latest buzz and news on the beauty products industry. Instead it contains its exclusive Cyprosil Complex which includes cationically modified hydrolyzed keratin and cystine peptides, producing immediate smoothing and conditioning results”
    — Blog On Beauty, Makeup Products | Salon Services & Supplies,

  • “It is no secret that acid by charging up collagen cationically results in veg. delete your posts in this forum. You cannot edit your posts in this”
    — Leather Chemists: Iso Electric Point,

  • “lucky_pharmacist's blog. The Emerging Role of DNA Vaccines. Submitted by Lakshya Untwal on Wed, 05/07/2008 - 06:21. MyBlog. Average: Dear friends, I am adding in this blog one of the articles which has very good correlation with present trends in lifesciences”
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