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  • Home page of EWTN, a global Catholic television network featuring homilies, novenas, and mass readings. — “Eternal Word TV Network”,
  • The word catholic (derived via Late Latin catholicus, from the Greek The term has been incorporated into the name of the largest Christian communion, the Catholic Church, which consists of 23 churches sui iuris, in full communion with the Bishop of Rome. The. — “Catholic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The church is on the site where, according to Catholic tradition, the resurrected Jesus Christ appeared to his disciples and established Peter's supreme jurisdiction. The Catholic Church is the largest Christian Church and the largest organized body of any. — “Roman Catholic Church - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Catholic definition, broad or wide-ranging in tastes, interests, or the like; having sympathies with all; broad-minded; liberal. See more. — “Catholic | Define Catholic at ”,
  • Catholic how to articles and videos including Monuments of American Wars, Catholics & Vegetarianism, Differences Between Catholics & Episcopals and much more!. — “Catholic - How To Information | ”,
  • Featuring answers to questions on creation, scripture, salvation, and morals. — “Catholic Answers”,
  • The combination 'the Catholic Church' (he katholike ekklesia) is found for the first time in the letter of St. Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans, written about the year 110. — “Catholic - Catholic Encyclopedia”,
  • A spiritual oasis for sincere seeking Protestants and confused Catholics. We are Catholic Christians who clarify teachings and correct misperceptions on the web about the only True Church Our Blessed Lord Jesus established on St. Peter, the. — “”,
  • Features the latest news from Rome, articles from Catholic magazines, papal encyclicals, Church documents, and devotional services. — “”,
  • Holy Family Monastery is the most visited traditional Catholic website! The St Catholic Churches, Worship, Mass. New: The Bible Proves the Catholic Church!. — “Catholic Church : Catholic Churches : Catholic Bible : Holy”,
  • Offering web sites for Catholic Churches and related organizations. — “”,
  • American Catholic is for Catholics, Christians and seekers. Find Catholic news, Saint of the Day and daily meditations. Discover Catholic books, magazine and videos from St. Anthony Messenger Press. — “American ”,
  • catholic adj. Of broad or liberal scope; comprehensive: 'The 100-odd pages of formulas and constants are surely the most catholic to be found'. — “catholic: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Catholic Community Services recognizes humanitarians. SALT LAKE CITY – Catholic Community Services celebrated its 65th birthday in style Nov. 10, with a star-studded event that included the Most Rev. John C. Wester, bishop of the Catholic Diocese. — “Intermountain Catholic”,
  • Offers news, information, and services to the Catholic community. — “Catholic Online”,
  • Catholic: Origin and use of the term. Page scans include illustrations, maps, and images from the original Catholic Encyclopedia. — “Catholic - Original Catholic Encyclopedia”,
  • the Bible and Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church taught us to be from a variety of Catholic sources. You may find that the authentic teachings of Jesus Christ and His. — “Catholic Conservation Center”,
  • Watch and Download our free DVDs and Books. Read about Catholic Prophecy, The Lives of the Saints, the Advent of Antichrist and the fulfillment of the bible apocalypse prophecies. — “Catholic Saints Names | Roman Catholic Saints List”, catholic-
  • Welcome to Catholic Singles Mingle. Catholic match maker site for catholic personals with chat, message boards and photos. We Bring Catholic Singles Together!. — “”,

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  • Fellini's Roma - Catholic Church Fashion Show Nino Rota's music, Fellini's direction make for a Catholic tableau
  • Enigma - Mea culpa (Catholic version) Enigma - Mea culpa
  • Catholic iPhone Apps A brief spoof on the Apple iPhone ads showing some of the many Catholic-related applications available for the iPhone.
  • Bo Burnham's Catholic Rant BLOG Facebook Page ------------------------------------------------------ From the Stand-Up Show 'Words Words Words' (2010) via mahnrubob - Original Link - lyrics: all the seats at the sunday masses, filled with the mass's massive asses, classes pass as fast as molasses. ceremonial reading glasses. read a little bit of leviticus. all the kids are a little too little for this. all the parents nod in agreement - "i think i can vaguely see what he meant." it's too early in the morning glory to read another allegory story, the father, reads a little bit farther, assuring the assured that they need not bother "when god, in verse 45, said the slaves are okay to buy, he meant that people, all from the start each have slaves within their hearts. things, that we have sold or boughten, that are forced to pick our moral cotton god calls us to set these free, free our hearts from slavery... and then as god goes on to explain the logistics of buying and selling slaves..." in the back, i sit and i nod to the beats that are bumpin from my ipod my god, they're starting to pray and over the music i can hear them say "dear god, dear lord, dear vague muscular man with a beard or a sword. dear good all-seeing being, my way or the highway yahweh. the blue-balled anti-masturbator, the great, all-loving faggot hater, i'd like to thank your holy might for making me both rich and white and though this is your day of rest, i come to ...
  • Catholic Vote 2008 A inspirational and educational film on voting for Catholics and all people of faith
  • Why Be Catholic? (part 1) Why Be Catholic? by Dr. Ray Guarendi I usually like to include a few excerpts from different talks, but this one was so good that I really wanted to share the whole thing with everyone. Dr. Guarendi gives a great commentary on Catholics vs. Protestants and which one is more likely to be correct. As he says in his talk, this isn't to put down any member of a Protestant faith. This is just a commentary on the system that they are in. Maybe you have asked yourself this question before. With the thousands and thousands of Christian religions out there all claiming to have the truth, which one is right? Dr. Guarendi is someone who ventured away from the Catholic Church. He described himself as a New Atheist. While the old Atheists do not believe in GOD, the new Atheists say there is a GOD, but he thinks just like me. I think we all know a few people like this. Someone who believes that whatever their conscious tells them is OK, then GOD must think it is OK. This is very dangerous territory. As Dr. Guarendi ventured out, he started asking questions. Protestants believe that the bible is the only authority you need, and that you don't need the church, the pope, bishops, etc. Protestants believe that the Holy Spirit guides them to the truth in their reading and interpreting of the bible. Well, if that is the case, how have we arrived at over 35000 Protestant religions who believe different things? Is the Holy Spirit confused? Some Protestants might answer that all the different ...
  • Why I became Catholic Why I became Catholic my conversion from a protestant to a catholic. What I love about my faith and my love for the church.
  • Pissed Catholic Mother Mom is pissed son is an Atheist, now with embed goodness
  • York Catholic Rallies Past Red Lion To Claim York-Adams Title Things seemed to be going Red Lion's way when it jumped out to a 16-1 lead, but the Irish rallied from the deficit to hand Red Lion its first loss of the season. York Catholic remains perfect on the season.
  • Why am I Catholic? Done for a Confirmation Retreat this video gives six reasons for being Catholic: 1) the Eucharist, 2) the Church, 3) the Sacraments, 4) Mary, 5) Marriage (actual and spiritual), and 6) Communion of Saints.
  • 7 Reasons to be Catholic, Dr. Peter Kreeft, Part 1/5 (Audio) Dr. Peter Kreeft is a convert to the Catholic faith from Dutch Calvinism. He teaches philosophy at Boston College and has authored a number of books on matters of faith and reason. Many of his writings and talks are available at . His lecture "7 Reasons to be Catholic" focuses on a number of philosophical approaches but primarily centers on reasons why a Protestant Christian might consider fuller communion with the Catholic Church. In Part 1 he outlines eight general types of world views that one can take in regards to metaphysical truth as part of his first reason. To download this and other talks visit .
  • Catholic Inquisition and The Torture Tools Most people have some knowledge of the holocaust. The 6 years of torture and atrocities that the Jews suffered under Hitler and the ***s during the Second World War. While in no way downplaying the terrible events of the holocaust, such a massacre does not compare to the severity to the torture and murder that took place under Papal authority during the 605 years of the Inquisition. From the beginning of the Papacy, until the present time, it is estimated by credible historians that more than 50000000, men and women have been slaughtered for the crime of heresy charged against them by Papal Rome. This Video contains actual photographs of some of the instruments of torture that were used. Since we consider this Video on the Inquisition one of the more important message that we have given, please make it known to others, and if possible post the link on your own website. Richard's Play List: [email protected] Quotes from Vicars of Christ The Dark Side of the Papacy "Impeccable Catholic sources, papal documents, letters of reforming saints, all paint the same depressing picture. Monasteries full of women; every friar had his 'Martha', every nun her lover. Bishops, in every sense the fathers of their people, kept harems." "Young men who spent their youth in rape and adultery were rising in the ranks of the clergy. They were spending their nights with four or five women, then getting up in the morning — in what state, he ...
  • Obama's "Catholic Plan" An episode of the Vortex from . Our daily commentary on politics, religion and the Church. For more information and to see many more videos, visit !
  • Catholic Charismatic History 42 years of dramatic worldwide growth of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (visions, tongues, prophecy, healing, etc.) excerpted from the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS) DVD "A New Pentecost" featuring a brief history, papal promotion, endorsement and testimonies. The full DVD is available at: Posted with permission by
  • Inside A Catholic Benedictine Monastery; the monks A short vocational video on traditional monastic life, produced by religious-. Audio from the Monastic Choir of the Abbey of Notre Dame de Fontgombault, recording "Saint Benedict", "Alleluia Vir Dei Benedictus omni". Original Video Sources,
  • Stephen Fry Speaks Out Against the Catholic Church Part 2 Uploaded first by atheistmediablog, i don't care if you have already seen it Stephen is absoloutely wonderful and some of you may not have. This links to playlist of the debate of which this post is Fry's contribution in full.
  • How to Formally Defect from the Catholic Church The official procedure for leaving the Roman Catholic Church. My defection letter and response: Sample form provided by [PDF] Find your diocese or archdiocese: Atheist Activist: Defect from the Church Vatican statement on defection policy: Wikipedia: Actus formalis defectionis ab Ecclesia catholica (a formal act of defection from the Catholic Church) Video transcript: The music is
  • Stephen Fry Speaks Out Against the Catholic Church Part 1 Uploaded first by atheistmediablog, i don't care if you have already seen it, Stephen is wonderful and he makes Pat Condell look like Milly Molly Mandy.
  • Catholic Priest Leaves Church, Marries Parishioner The Rev. Albert Cutie's kiss with the woman he loved caught on camera. For more, click here:
  • Catholic & Homo***ual Homo***ual persons ARE different, but in one way many people might not have thought about very much.
  • Rediscover The Catholic Miracle most of the great miracles of all time happens only in Roman Catholic Church... miracle still happens today in this morden day of the Roman Catholic Church...
  • Catholic morality A contradiction in terms? BOOK OF VIDEO TRANSCRIPTS NOW AVAILABLE You can download an audio version of this video at
  • Nancy Pelosi vs. The Catholic Church! Nancy Pelosi's recent comments on Meet the Press are completely opposite of Catholic Church teaching. Catholics planning to vote for Obama and Pelosi in the future should know this. RELATED LINKS: Pelosi stands by abortion comments Congressman Calls Pelosi's Abortion Remarks 'Scandalous' Pelosi gets unwanted lesson in Catholic theology Archbishop grabs spotlight from Dems Washington archbishop rips Pelosi on abortion Catholic House Republicans respond to Pelosi's abortion lies Catholic bishops correct Pelosi on abortion Pelosi, Abortion & St. Augustine - UPDATED
  • Catholic Converts A non-exhaustive list of people who have come home to the Catholic Church. God bless you.
  • Catholic VS Protestant Bible The difference between the Catholic and Protestant Bible and where the Bible comes from.
  • Why Catholic Schools Score Better Than Public Schools Archbishop Timothy Dolan explains
  • Traditional Latin Catholic Mass: Easter Sunday Traditional Latin Mass filmed on Easter Sunday in 1941 at Our Lady of Sorrows church in Chicago. The film presents the ceremonies of the Missa Solemnis or Solemn High Mass in full detail with narration by then-Mgr. Fulton J. Sheen. Celebrated by Rev. JR Keane of the Order of Servites (hence the white habits and cowls), the ceremonies are accompanied by a full polyphonic choir, orchestra, and fifty Gregorian Chanters. The attention to detail in the ceremonies is impressive. Notice, for example, how the servers and ministers always take great care to move in order. Notice too that the servers are all almost identical in height. The Ordinary of the Mass, composed by Rev. Edwin V. Hoover, while pleasant in places, is very much a reflection of its time. The Proper on the other hand is timeless and sung admirably by a healthy throng of Seminarians from Mundelein, Illinois. Unfortunately due to size restrictions at Youtube around 20 mins have been cut from the original, however, I hope to upload a full version somewhere soon. In addition to the cuts I have added new captions and edited the opening credits which had deteriorated in the original. Other than this the film remains largely unchanged. Apologies for the error in the captions for the two parts of the Mass (software). The first part is of couse the Mass of the Catechumens, the second is the Mass of the Faithful.
  • Angry Catholic Priest vs Skateboarders Reverend Monsignor Geoff Baron decides swearing and hitting ***agers would make them go away. So "Christian" of you Reverend, you must be proud of yourself.
  • Irena Sendler, a Catholic hero .
  • Is Satan a Catholic? Chief exorcist says Satan is in the Vatican The Great Catholic Cover-Up by Christopher Hitchens Swedish newspaper resurrects the blood libel Jews leaving Swedish city after sharp rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes Picture library of Catholic clergy cosying up to Hitler If you want more information about the issues in this video I recommend "Double Cross - The Code of the Catholic Church" by David Ranan BOOK OF VIDEO TRANSCRIPTS NOW AVAILABLE PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION AND SUPPORT THE GLOBAL CAMPAIGN AGAINST SHARIA LAW You can download an audio version of this video at Subscribe via iTunes at
  • - A Catholic TV asked Yusuf Estes- Why he Converted to Islam! Deeper understandings and clarifications of Islam and the Muslims. What it really means and the reality of actual practice. "Jim & Yusuf Questions For Islam" Catholic TV - Hears the Muslim Answers. to know more about islam: www.islam- watch this video: * Top Scientists Comments on Scientific Miracles in the Quran * Who was Prophet Mohammed (PBUH): who was Jesus(PBUH) ?? www.911 Women in Islam: Get Your Free Quran! QURAN Explanations of Meanings: All About The Quran: Read and listen online to the [Holy] Quran at: Read The Qur'an: ©2009 catholictv
  • Surfer Blood - Catholic Pagans (Live on KEXP) Surfer Blood perform "Catholic Pagans" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded 12/1/09.
  • Understanding the Roman Catholic Church The purpose of this video is to help Protestant Christians and others develop a better understanding of the Roman Catholic Church, its history and basic beliefs by listening to Roman Catholics tell their own story. The 35-minute program is organized into three parts: Roman Catholic beliefs, Church history, Catholic Renewal. The program includes interviews with Roman Catholic theologians, scholars, pastors and lay people. Portions of this program were recorded in Rome, Assisi, Trent and Casino, Italy. After centuries of mistrust, indifference and even hostility, attitudes between Roman Catholics and other Christians are changing. Dialogue, cooperation and understanding is healing old wounds, locally and up to the highest organizational levels. The Roman Catholic Church is the largest block of Christianity. In the US 65 million Roman Catholics are organized into 200 archdioceses and dioceses and more than 19000 local Catholic parishes. Each year over one million infants and 70000 adults are baptized in US Roman Catholic churches. Yet for all its great size, influence and long history, many non-Roman Catholics understand very little about the largest Christian denomination. /mosaic 800.638.3522 ext. 6009
  • Did the Roman Catholic Church give us our Bible? (zkueker88) Many Roman Catholics claim that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) produced the Bible (God's Word) to which they do not use very often... The truth is that the Roman Catholic Church did not give us our Bible. Rather, we got our Bible from the Holy Spirit through the apostles before the Catholic Church was romanized. Please see CARM
  • Dara Ó Briain - Catholic & Protestant Mixed Marriage (Full) Recorded live @ the Apollo (06/07/05)
  • The Catholic Church-Behold, I am with you all days! Why do you claim that the Catholic Church is the true Church started by Christ?
  • Catholic Discipline - Underground Babylon
  • Blessed to be Catholic (Tim Staples) Part 1 This is part 1 of a short 36 minute talk of Tim Staples on how Catholics are blessed to have their Faith. This video contains short answers on common arguments against the Catholic Faith. Tim Staples was a former protestant minister who converted to Catholic Church after encountering a devout Catholic during his service in the US Marines.
  • Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church driven by simple curiosity, I did some investiagative reporting and found out some surprising things about the Catholic Church...
  • That Catholic Show - Sit, Stand, and Kneel Episode 1 - Ever wonder why Catholics sit, stand, and kneel so much? Visit for more!

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  • “Per Christum was started in 2006 by a group of Catholic converts to provide an orthodox, topics, including sane ecumenism, book reviews, worship, saints, Catholic news, politics, Catholic Social Teaching, and much more”
    — About " Per Christum Catholic Blog, blog.ancient-

  • “Tu es Petrus, et super hanc petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam. Insight Scoop. Catholic World News Top Headlines () The Curt Jester. JIMMY . Poor Box. Render Unto Us. Blog powered by TypePad. Wednesday, November 17, 2010”
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  • “A Catholic Blog And he was killed on October 31. He was killed at the Syrian Catholic Cathedral in Baghdad when armed militants who said they were part of the Islamic State of Iraq—a group with ties to Al”
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  • “St. Anne's Helper Catholic forum shares Catholic traditons of the Catholic liturgical calendar, Catholic books, and Catholic home school resources. Moderated”
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  • “Place for Catholics and anyone interested in the church to communicate with each other. Featuring Parish Web sites, links to Catholic information on the web, chat, messaging, and much more”
    Catholic Community Forum, catholic-

  • “EWTN News: Insights and Observations from the Heart of the Church presented by EWTN's Rome Bureau Chief. the bishops and to guide the life of the ecclesial community does not correspond to Catholic doctrine; it offends the Holy Father, the Church in China and the universal Church, and further”
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  • “You can now shop The Catholic Company on your mobile phone or other mobile device. Last month, I was invited to speak at Internet Retailer magazine's first ever Mobile Commerce Forum”
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  • “The Forum has a particularly Catholic Christian character and openly proclaims its of Peter, in union with the Catholic Bishops throughout the world”
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  • “Links and News for Catholic Webmasters from For those of you catechists who are checking this out, you are seeing the beginning of our Web Catholic blog”
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