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  • Cathode definition, the electrode or terminal by which current leaves an electrolytic cell, voltaic cell, battery, etc. See more. — “Cathode | Define Cathode at ”,
  • (for sale to Cathode Corner clock customers only) CRT - New 3RP1A flat face (Chinese) - $50US. Nixie tubes - I have a limited supply of spare GN4, ZM1010 and ZM1020. and many B5870 nixie tubes available for my clock/watch customers. Send me an email for details. — “Cathode Corner - home of the Nixie Watch and Scope Clock”,
  • Ø0.134" - Ø1.00" Standard planar cathodes from stock. Ø0.134 - Ø1.00" Standard planar 101217 Ø0.25" Planar cathode with support sleeve. 101157 Ø0.134" Cathode with base. 101033 Directly heated. — “HeatWave Labs”,
  • Diagram of a copper cathode in a galvanic cell. A cathode is an electrode through which electric current flows out of a polarized electrical device. A widespread misconception is that cathode polarity is always negative. — “Wikipedia:Cathode - Global Warming Art”,
  • Definition of cathode in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of cathode. Pronunciation of cathode. Translations of cathode. cathode synonyms, cathode antonyms. Information about cathode in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “cathode - definition of cathode by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • A beam current feedback system to stabilize the long-time operation of thermionic cathode RF-Gun has been developed in Kyoto University FEL facility where a 4.5-cell thermionic cathode RF-gun provides electron beam to drive a mid-infrared free electron laser. — “PAC07 - List of Keywords (cathode)”,
  • In 1859 a German physicist sucked out still more air with an improved pump and saw that where this light from the cathode reached the glass it produced a fluorescent glow. Evidently some kind of ray was emitted by the cathode and lighting up the glass. hat could these rays be?. — “Mysterious Rays”,
  • Cathode Rays. Philosophical Magazine, 44, 293 (1897). [ facsimile from Stephen Wright, Classical Scientific Papers, Physics (Mills and Boon, 1964).] The experiments* discussed in this paper were undertaken in the hope of gaining some information as to the nature of the Cathode Rays. — “J. J. Thomson 1897”,
  • A cathode is an electrode through which electrical current exits a polarized electrical device. Its opposite is the anode, through which electrical current enters the electrical device. In chemistry, a cathode is the electrode of an electrochemical cell. — “What Is a Cathode?”,
  • cathode, cathode lighting, lighting, lights, neon, led, led lights, neon lights, outdoor signage, signs, signage, neon signs, neon tubes, cathode lighting advertising, advertising Neon and cold cathode lamps dated back over 90 years when Peter Cooper Hewitt of New York developed the first. — “Cathode Lighting Advertising Inc. - Customer Education”,
  • Your source for long-life, sustainable, architectural cove lighting. Our UL-listed and CE-approved products boast maximum energy efficiency, are easy to specify and install, and are available in the widest array of whites and colors on the market. — “Cathode Lighting Systems”,
  • The electrons are produced at the cathode by thermionic emission and are accelerated towards the screen by the anode which is connected to the terminal of the extra high tension battery. 'Properties of cathode rays""' i. They are negatively charged ii. They travel in a straight line iii. They are. — “CATHODE RAYS - WikiEducator”,
  • Online Information article about CATHODE This suggests that the sputtering of the cathode is caused by the impact against it of the positive stream. — “CATHODE - Online Information article about CATHODE”,
  • A widespread misconception is that cathode polarity is always negative. This is often incorrectly inferred from the correct fact that in all electrochemical devices positively charged cations move towards the cathode (hence their name) and/or negatively charged anions move away from it. — “Cathode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of cathode in the Medical Dictionary. cathode explanation. Information about cathode in Free online English dictionary. What is cathode? Meaning of cathode medical term. What does cathode mean?. — “cathode - definition of cathode in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Definition of cathode from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of cathode. Pronunciation of cathode. Definition of the word cathode. Origin of the word cathode. — “cathode - Definition of cathode at ”,
  • Shop for cathode. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “cathode - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • cathode (plural cathodes) the electrode of an electrochemical cell at which reduction /wiki/cathode" Categories: English nouns | French nouns. — “cathode - Wiktionary”,
  • The cathode of a device is the terminal where current flows out. Good examples you might have heard of include cathode-ray tubes, the cathode/grid/plate in an amplifier tube, the rotating anode in an X-ray tube, common-anode LED arrays, and the sacrificial anode on a boat. — “How to Define Anode and Cathode”, av8
  • Cathode Manufacturers & Cathode Suppliers Directory - Find a Cathode Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Cathode Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Cathode-Cathode Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • American Cathode brings you the new level of color-changing lighting systems by which all others must be compared. Cold Cathode may be often compared with fluorescent lamping, but for those of us here at American Cathode, there is simply no comparison. — “American Cathode -- Excellence in Illumination”,
  • cathode ( ) n. ( Abbr. ka ) A negatively charged electrode, as of an electrolytic cell, a storage battery, or an electron tube. — “cathode: Definition from ”,

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  • Violet Ray Generator & Cold Cathode Tubes This is a short video of us torturing various gas-filled tubes with a BD-10 violet ray generator. The victims include a Sylvania JAN-CHS-SS-501 argon control tube, a General Electric AR-1 argon lamp, a Siemens LGR-7649 helium-neon laser tube, some random no-name panaplex display, several colors of phosphor-doped NE-2, and a couple different types of other argon- and neon-filled lamps and lightning arrestors. Visit our website at
  • 932 HAF Coolmaster Cathode lights and more MODS! Mods included: - 4 12" Cold Cathode CCFL (Red) from user "all_city" on ebay ... BUY HERE - Water Cooling with customized gravity fed loop - 3 blue LED hat switches for light controls - Ball bearing Wheel feet - Door Hinges To see details on the wiring please see my follow-up video: new i7 setup (new motherboard/mem/cpu) and better tube configuration done on 11/09/09: Hinges installed by following link found in this guy's side bar:
  • Hollow Cathode Magnetron Part 2 Magnetron sources are worldwide used for the deposition of thin films for various applications from the functional to the decorative, for coating medical devices and for telescopes, for the semiconductor field as well as for depositing superconductors. The plasma densification in a Magnetron is a major theme of research in Physical Vapour Deposition Technology. One possibility consists in adding a standard linear hollow cathode on the top of the magnetron for the electron injection inside the magnetic trap on the top of the magnetron. Our investigation refers to a totally new and original approach: to surround a circular magnetron by a circular hollow cathode. This and others research items you will be able to meet, if you will be selected for the new edition of the MASTER in SURFACE TREATMENTS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS at Padua University (ITALY)
  • My Sound Reactive Cold Cathode PC This is a custom build built by me. Its not finished yet. Please comment and rate Soz bout the quality, Camcorder not available, had to use digital camera. When my pc is ready my specs should be. AMD X4 9850 Asrock Cant Remember nvidia 8600gt Ive changed my mind, im using all the money on a camcorder Specs: Amd athlon x2 3600 O/C - 2.2ghz K9VGM MSI ATI HD 2400 Maxtor 160gb Galaxy Case EVERYONE ASKS WHERE I GOT THE CATHODES FROM I GOT IT FROM EBAY IN THE UK LOOK FOR 3D ROM
  • Logisys Dual 12" Cold Cathodes for PC Lighting Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips These are a must-have for any casual/series modding project. CCFLs remain one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to light up a PC or PC enclosure.
  • sunbeam transformer sound reactive cathodes more experimentation with my sound sensitive cathodes, this time adding another 15 inch cathode near the top of the case and having them set to different sensitivities, i think this looks better then the settings i had in my previous video, but you be the judge, either way i love my case and my music, drop me a line with any comments suggestions or concerns EDIT: the final touches have been made and it is now fully functional, will probably upload another video of the total finished product sometime
  • 932 HAF Coolmaster Cathode - wiring and switch installation Mods included: - Water Cooling with customized gravity fed loop - 3 blue LED hat switches for light controls - Ball bearing Wheel feet - Door Hinges
  • pc tuning sound reaction cathode better ccfl sound reaction
  • Hollow Cathode Magnetron Part 1 The research item consisted in enhancing the ionization efficiency of a plasma confined in a circular magnetron discharge on the top of the target. Several approaches are possible for the plasma densification: from a special design of the magnetic confinement up to the inductive coupling of plasma with microwaves. We have investigated the possibility to booster a planar magnetron with a linear hollow cathode, acheving the result of an increase of the plasma ionization index, an increase of the sputtering rate, and the opening the plasma cone. This and others research items you will be able to meet, if you will be selected for the new edition of the MASTER in SURFACE TREATMENTS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS at Padua University (ITALY)
  • Cold Cathodes & Meteor Lights Installed in Antec 1200 with Custom Switches I installed 2 6" Blue Cold Cathodes into the Antec 1200 along with a 12" UV Cold Cathode and a 4" Blue Cold Cathode. Also installed are 2 12" Blue Meteor Lights. All the wires were sheathed and routed behind the case.
  • Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device (1947) I know I should have uplaoded this long time ago. This is part of video game history. The Original Cathode Ray Tube was invented in the late 1890s. This is the amusement or toy version of the Cathode Ray Tube device made by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. Thomas always wanted to make a electrical/electronic devices and equipment as toys. At that time there weren't any. There were only mechanical toys at that time. During WWII, Thomas learned about the displays used in Radar systems used by the government. He was so fascinated by it. He decided to Use the Cathode Ray Tube to make a toy out of it since the laser beam (representing electrons) shoots through the device at the dots as a missile simulation display. As soon he was finished, he a US patent and was approved. This makes this device as the earliest known electrical/electronic game. It only used ***og circuitry not to control the CRT beam and position a dot on the screen. Screen overlays were used for targets since the graphics cannot be hand drawn at that time. You control the CRT's electron gun much like a mechanical game Etch A Sketch using the dials. The circuits can alter the player's ability to aim the do to make the game difficult. This is not a computer game (while it did have some computer but it did not have roms or CPU very similar to the arcade games of Computer Space and Pong) nor a video game since (it did not produce graphics through a video signa)l, Instead it's more a basic simple Electronic game. Note ...
  • 32 LINE CATHODE RAY TUBE TELEVISION Here are some experimental pictures taken from a 2.5 inch oscilloscope CRT using just 32 lines.There are a few problems with it at the moment but i will be adding more video as things improve.
  • Cathode ray tube 2 world's smallest? More info is now available. World's smallest cathode ray tube? No, see This homemade Cathode Ray Tube uses a cold cathode and is displaying a Lissajous pattern. Vacuum is somewhere between 100 - 200 microns, easily attainable with amateur equipment. Deflection is with magnetism.
  • How to Install Cold Cathodes A video tutorial on how to install Cold Cathodes into a PC.
  • Cathode - Another Wish From the album "Sparkle Plenty" (Expanding Records, 2008) - one of a series of abstract, durational videos made to accompany the Cathode live show.
  • Dark Tranquillity - Cathode Ray Sunshine Carry our streams Lift up our less than elated lives Transmit our selves We breathe out Where no one whispers Take in all the dark light Turn the nighttime into day Cathode ray Sunshine Speak out and we receive Show me and let us in Alienate Block out all Amid the breaking of the light See it again and again Single sight Sensory perception Turn the nighttime into day To our great distrust Escapism a means of Getting through alive Take it in and spit it out again That measly filth Focal degradation Bring the chaos into light Cathode ray Sunshine Burn
  • (HQ) Antec 902 Cold Cathode Installation This case is amazing, I can't tell you how good it is compared to the last one. Please enjoy the video and feel free to leave comments or subscribe to my videos :) System Specs: Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz 4GB DDR2 800Mhz GTX 260 OC (216 edition) 22" LG LCD Kingwin 900 Watt modular PSU Antec...
  • 25. VIZO UV SATA Cables and Cold Cathode Lights Review Shiny objects are always cool to look at in the dark and UV reactive cables under UV light is just awesome. As any modder would know, a case without lights is a boring mod indeed and so we take a quick look at some awesome gear from VIZO for the finishing touches. tech-
  • Cold Cathodes LED keyboard, cold cathodes, and LED light bar flashing to music. if anyone is wondering how i got the cathodes out of my case its simple go get a 4pin molex connector pci bracket plug it in your power supply and plug the inverter box into that. look around the web for one they have 2 different ones at its also where i got my keyboard and cathodes.
  • Brutal Legend Music Dark Tranquillity - Cathode Ray Sunshine Dark Tranquillity is Copyrighted by Century Media, Osmose, and Spinefarm.
  • Neon cold cathode electrodes European Style electrodes joining
  • CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Monitor/TV Recycling This is a video I found and uploaded showing a CRT recycling company. I didn't make this video and have NO idea what the words say so don't ask..... And I don't know the name of the song...... No bad comments please. UPDATE 2-12-10: I've translated the words to English so you can actually read what is going on. Please subscribe and go to
  • Ray Cathode (George Martin) - Time Beat + Waltz In Orbit - 1962 45rpm In early 1962, George Martin and Maddalena Fagandini (Dr. Who sound effects wizard) were tinkering about in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop - and came up with these two tunes. A few weeks later George met four lads from Liverpool - and, as they say, the rest is history!
  • Crookes Cathode Ray Tube & Magnet This particular tube, also known as a "beam deflection tube" was designed to illustrate how a cathode ray beam could be deflected by a magnet. A thin beam of cathode rays is projected through the slit at one end of the tube and strikes a slanted metal plate, which has been covered with a phosphor to produce a visible line discharge. When a magnet is brought near the tube, the effect of the magnetic field can be seen in the deflection of the cathode ray beam. Visit our website at
  • Cathode Ray Tube Demo 10 HChem
  • Cathode ray tube and electron Cathode ray tube emitting negatively charged electron
  • Cathode Ray Tube Check us out at The Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) is a vacuum tube containing an electron gun (a source of electrons) and a fluorescent screen, with internal or external means to accelerate and deflect the electron beam, used to create images in the form of light emitted from the fluorescent screen. The image may represent electrical waveforms (oscilloscope), pictures (television, computer monitor), radar targets and others. The CRT uses an evacuated glass envelope which is large, deep, heavy, and relatively fragile. Display technologies without these disadvantages, such as flat plasma displays, liquid crystal displays, DLP, OLED have replaced CRTs in many applications and are becoming increasingly common as costs decline. A cathode ray tube is a vacuum tube which consists of one or more electron guns, possibly internal electrostatic deflection plates, and a phosphor target. In television sets and computer monitors, the entire front area of the tube is scanned repetitively and systematically in a fixed pattern called a raster. An image is produced by controlling the intensity of each of the three electron beams, one for each additive primary color (red, green, and blue) with a video signal as a reference. In all modern CRT monitors and televisions, the beams are bent by magnetic deflection, a varying magnetic field generated by coils and driven by electronic circuits around the neck of the tube, although electrostatic deflection is commonly used in ...
  • Converter: sharkoon ccfl - cathode lights / flashing in the rhythm of the music. Cathod katoda Converter: sharkoon ccfl - cathode lights / flashing in the rhythm of the music
  • Homemade Cathode Ray Tube 1 More info is now available. Homemade Cathode Ray Tube with cold cathode displaying Lissajous pattern. Vacuum is somewhere between 100 - 200 microns, easily attainable with amateur equipment. Deflection is with magnetism.
  • Cold Cathode Switch Installation and Build Complete Finally found some blue switches at Radio Shack. This vid is the install of those switches, and showing off the final build. I have OC and Benchie vids left to do... stay tuned. Also a client has me doing another Antec 1200 build LOL - so I'll be doing a detailed vid coming up on terminal blocks
  • Cathode Ray Tube The path of the electron beam is curved in a magnetic field.
  • Homebuilt Cathode Ray Tube Made from a 250 ml Vacuum Filtration Flask, test tube, two steel washers, an o-ring, and some phosphor from an old fluorescent tube. Credit must be given to Nyle Steiner for the inspiration that led to this weekend project. **Focus and Horizontal deflection will be present in the forthcomming video.**
  • Cathode Ray Tube Worlds Smallest? Second Version More info is now available. "Cathode Ray Tube 2 Worlds Smallest?" received numerous comments questioning its status as the worlds smallest CRT so I have made "Cathode Ray Tube Worlds Smallest? Second Version". Notice the question mark at the end of the title. I am not making claim to the worlds smallest, I am merely asking the question. The outside diameter of this CRT is 3 mm (less than 1/8 inch). Actual working screen diameter is 1.8 mm because of the wall thickness. This CRT will fit loosely through a 1/8 inch hole. Deflection is with magnetism. These cathode ray tubes are very simple and easy to make so making them very tiny is not a big challenge. I made this one the size it is for the fun and curiosity of seeing if it would work, and I couldn't let all the challenging comments received with the first "Cathode Ray Tube 2 Worlds Smallest?" video go unanswered. The most challenging part of this project has been in getting good video's of it in operation. Made mone music skower.
  • Homemade Cathode Ray Tube Oscilloscope. More info is now available. Homemade Cathode Ray Tube with cold cathode. Vacuum is somewhere between 100 - 200 microns, easily attainable with amateur equipment. Vertical deflection is done using an electrostatic plate. This CRT is used as an oscilloscope to display a signal from a sound synthesizer.
  • Microwaving a Cathode Tube You thiink microwaving lightbulbs is great? Well get into the Cathode Tube Spirit and let the microwaving begin. It's a blast!Remember, microwaving food is for morons. This show is for entertainment purposes only, so please DO NOT ATTEMP these experiments at home. Experiments are produced in a professional enviroment with proper saftey equipment. Would you like to donate an item for professional microwaving by your microwaving operator host at dOvetastic Microwave Theater, the internet's first and original microwave entertainment show? Simply email pigeonyolk [at] for details. You will get full credit when your item[s] gets featured on the show plus you may include a "G" rated 15-30 second clip explaining your item[s] to be microwaved which will be included in the episode[s] your item[s] get microwaved in. All item[s] donated are guaranteed to be microwaved and your video clip featured in them. dOvetastic Microwave Theater: The first and original longest running microwave entertainment show on the planet & currently the first and only microwave entertainment show in full Widescreen HD. All by products of the show get recycled into art, nothing is wasted. Currently my artwork is featured on exhibit at the Baltimore National Modern Art Museum: AVAM. Be sure to check out: dOvetastic is ranked one of the top 1000 most famous artists and entertainers on the internet.
  • Cathode - Vintage Terminal emulator So cool in full screen - a shame I don't work in an office any more. Get it at
  • My Gaming Rig - Sound Activated Cathode Lights ======READ THIS FIRST====== SUBSCRIBE TO ME! :D Song : DJ Splash - Bass is Kicking ( Remix ) Well this is my Gaming Rig. Its not the best, but does what I want it to do and I just installed the sound activated cathode lights I ordered from . Very happy with them. Computer Specs: Processor : Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Overclocked to 3.2GHz Memory : Patriot Viper 240-pin 4G Kit PC-6400 800MHz Dual C Harddrive: Seagate ST3500320AS 500G SATA2 w/32M Video Card : nVidia GTX260 w/896M DDR3 PCIE Monitor : Acer 23" Wide LCD HDMI Black Monitor Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Retail Headset : Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA2 KeyboardLogitech G15 Gaming Keyboard MouseLogitech G5 Gaming Mouse Mouse Surface: Razer Destructor OS: Windows Vista 64bit Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45 -UD3L Intel P45 DDR2, S775, SATA, HD Case: Antec 900 Mid-Tower Lights : Logisys 15in Cold Cathode w/ Sound Module (2) Ordered the Lights from
  • Antec 900 Fully Modded - Sound Reactive Cold Cathodes Antec 900 Full Modded - Slim Slot Loading Drive - Backplate Cable Management - Top Cover Switches - Back-Lighted USB/Firewire Ports Total of 6 Antec Tricool 120mm Red Fans + 200mm Standard Monster Fan. 38C running Bioshock all high. ~~~~ Q&A ~~~~ Where did you place the DVD Burner? The slim slot loading drive was placed under the bottom front bezel right where the Antec logo is. How did you get your DVD burner in the front? I carefully cut a hole with a Black & Decker rotary tool on the plastic where the Antec logo is. What parts did you go through for the backlit firewire and usb ports up top? Remove the top bezel carefully, then place a 4" cold cathode tube tucked in the space between the top tray and the ports housing. You might have to remove the port housing entirely to fit the tube there, then just put the housing back in and the tube should hold in place on its own. ~~~~~~~~~ Got more questions? Just ask, I'll try to post responses here. Maybe I'll do a tutorial one of these days if enough people bother me about it. :P
  • Physical Science : How Does a Cathode Ray Tube Work? A cathode ray tube consists of an electron gun, focusing coils, and X and Y plates. Learn how a sawtooth works in a cathode ray tube withinformation from a science teacher in this free video on physical science lessons. Expert: Steve Jones Contact: Bio: Steve Jones is an experienced mathematics and science teacher. Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky

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