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  • Cathedra. Cathedra (1) The chair or throne ( thronos ) of a bishop in his cathedral church, on which he presides at solemn functions. Originally the bishop's cathedra stood in the center of the apse, flanked on either side, though on a lower plane, by the benches of the assisting priests. — “Cathedra - Catholic Encyclopedia - Catholic Online”,
  • Track 7 - Ambo and Cathedra. The ambo or pulpit is constructed of the same marble and granite as the altar and is of very similar design. The cathedra (Latin word for chair) is an ancient symbol of the. — “Track 7 - Ambo and Cathedra”,
  • English: Cathedra A cathedra (Latin, "chair", from Greek, kathedra, "seat") is the chair or throne of a in category "Cathedra" The following 22 files are in this category, out of 22 total. All. — “Category:Cathedra - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Definition of cathedra in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of cathedra. Pronunciation of cathedra. Translations of cathedra. cathedra synonyms, cathedra antonyms. Information about cathedra in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “cathedra - definition of cathedra by the Free Online”,
  • Cathedra (1) The chair or throne (thronos) of a bishop in his cathedral church, on which he presides at Originally the bishop's cathedra stood in the center of the apse, flanked on either side, though on a lower plane, by the benches of the assisting priests. — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Cathedra”,
  • CATHEDRA Limited is a business & technical development consultancy based in the United Kingdom internet [email protected] Location. View Map. View in Google Maps. More Information. workBusiness Address. 56 Highland Road. Chichester. — “CATHEDRA”,
  • In this sense, a cathedra is sometimes referred to as a "bishop's throne. The traditional position of the cathedra was in the apse behind the altar table, which was the position of the magistrate in the apse of the Roman. — “Cathedra - OrthodoxWiki”,
  • Cathedra - Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Canterbury Cathedral, Eagle rug, Archbishop of Canterbury, Papal infallibility - VisWiki. — “Cathedra - VisWiki”,
  • Located in downtown Los Angeles. Includes history, mass schedule, sacraments, mausoleum, and music. The Cathedral serves as a "model Church for all Parish Churches" in the style and content of its liturgical celebrations. — “Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels”,
  • Definition of cathedra from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of cathedra. Pronunciation of cathedra. Definition of the word cathedra. Origin of the word cathedra. — “cathedra - Definition of cathedra at ”,
  • Welcome to the historic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. People from all over the world have crossed the threshold beneath the old sandstone portals of this cathedral church. — “Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Albany New York”,
  • A cathedra is the chair or throne of a bishop. It is a symbol of teaching authority in Cathedra is the Latin word for a chair with armrests; its Roman. — “Christianity / holy spirit / cathedra”, christianity-
  • A cathedra (Latin, "chair", from Greek, kathedra, "seat") is the chair or throne of a bishop. Cathedra is the Latin word for a chair with armrests, and it appears in early Christian literature in the phrase "cathedrae apostolorum" indicating authority derived directly from the. — “Cathedra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Cathedra: The chair or throne of a bishop in his cathedral church, also used in several other senses. Page scans include illustrations, maps, and images from the original Catholic Encyclopedia. — “Cathedra - Original Catholic Encyclopedia”,
  • Showcases information on cathedral events and programs, including services, and weekly live audio webcast. — “Grace Cathedral”,
  • Includes parish, school, music, and museum information. — “Cathedral of St. Louis”,
  • A cathedra (Latin, "chair", from Greek, kathedra, "seat") is the chair or throne of a bishop. It is a symbol of teaching authority in the Orthodox Church. Cathedra is the Latin word for a chair with armrests. Its Roman. — “Cathedra - Religion-wiki”,
  • Queensway Cathedral, Toronto Ontario Canada. — “Queensway Cathedral”,
  • The Crystal Cathedral, located in Garden Grove, California, is the home base for the international Crystal Cathedral Ministries, including a congregation of over 10,000 members and the internationally televised. — “Crystal Cathedral Ministries : Welcome”,
  • cathedra n. , pl. , -drae . A bishop's official chair or throne. The office or see of a bishop. The official chair of an office or a position, as. — “cathedra: Definition from ”,
  • MySpace Music profile for Ex-Cathedra. Download Ex-Cathedra Death Metal / / music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Ex-Cathedra's blog. — “Ex-Cathedra on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,

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  • Former Cathedral Quartet Members sing Moving Up to Gloryland Performed by Gerald Wolfe, Danny Funderburk, Mark Trammell and Scott Fowler in Marietta, GA, on 1-4-08
  • The Big Bell of Wawel Cathedral at Poland. (Zygmund / Sigismund Bell) The name of this bell is 'Sigismund Bell'. The total mass of this bell is 12600kg. The note of this bell is G0. The diameter of this bell is 2.42m The height of this bell is 2.41m.
  • La Giralda (Sevilla's Cathedral) Sevilla, Spain La Giralda is a definite must-see attraction in Spain. It is a bell tower of the Cathedral of Sevilla. It is a magnificent specimen of Gothic and Baroque. Jabir, the architect of La Giralda, also built similar structures in the country now known as Morocco. La Giralda was erected in 1568 and continues to be a symbol of Sevilla's greatness as well as a popular destination in Spain. Go to and also connect with us on
  • Bodhisattva Cathedral (Taiseidou no Bosatsu) - Hellsing (with lyrics) The song Bodhisattva Cathedral (Taiseidou no Bosatsu in Japanese) from the Anime Hellsing. Lyrics First Half: Searching within me You who only hates You lead me in heaven, going about pleading. Your lack of love is It's clouding my heart and Freely gives me something that flows in my mind. If this love will stay. Please only use this love. Please Ohhh.... Second Half: (Dash (-) resembles that the website was unsure if these are the actual lyrics or not) Never know glaver gley in a glisten. -Tell me like a day in the rising. Heavy going and I like getting peace that's clean. Like a child, in the light where the light's been. -Hear the cry of the leave in the heathen. Ever know where the blamed and the leathered get lashin? Oh I'll never want a heaven only sewn with gold. It's been kinda lousy when it's gone. It's been never kinda clean being if you would want to climb. -It's really God who loves the soul. Undo to Undo to Undo to...
  • Katedra - T. Bagiński Katedra Bagińskiego
  • Widor Toccata at Cathedral Basilica in Newark Frederick Hohman plays the popular Toccata from the Fifth Organ Symphony in F, Op 42 #1, by Charles-Marie Widor on the Schantz pipe organ at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, New Jersey USA This performance of Widor's Toccata from the Fifth Organ Symphony is found on the CD recording from PRO ORGANO entitled "A Couple of French Fifths" - Pro Organo CD 7021. This recording contains the complete Widor's Fifth Symphony as well as the complete Fifth Organ Symphony of Louis Vierne. To access details, link to and enter 7021 in the Search Box. The complete 30-minute Midnight Pipes video is also available from .bin . To access details on this video, enter 9018 in the Search Box. The organ at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart was originally built and installed in the 1950s by the Schantz Organ Company of Orrville, Ohio http . In 1989, renovations were made, which included a new 4-manual console located in the Chancel of the Cathedral, which is seen in this video. Frederick Hohman was engaged as a featured organist in the dedication program of this organ in 1990, when he appeared with orchestra in Jongen's Symphonie Concertante before a capacity audience. Frederick Hohman's website is:
  • Riga Dom Cathedral Boys Choir - Angelic Voices The choir was first established in Latvia in 1950. It consists of a very well musically educated treble singers and a professional male group. During the last 30 years, under the leadership of Janis Erenstreits, the boys of the Emils Darzins Music School gained international renown as angelic wonders, capable of producing musical miracles. In 1990, as Latvia approached the restoration of its national independence, the boys of the Emils Darzins School chose to follow a centuries' old tradition by naming the choir in honour of Riga 's 800-year old Dom Cathedral. Since 1994 the boys have been a part of the Riga Dom Choir School . 1- 'Jolly old St Nicholas' This traditional American carol is generally considered anonymous, although it may have been written by Wilf Carter. 2- 'Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella' Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella" (French: Un flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle) is a Christmas carol which originated from the Provence region of France in the 16th century. The song is unique among Christmas carols in that it is in 3/8 time. The carol was first published in 1553 in France, and was subsequently translated into English in the 18th century. The song was originally not a song to be sung at Christmas, but rather dance music for French nobility. The carol tells the story of two milkmaids, Jeanette and Isabella, who went to milk their cows in a manger in Bethlehem, only to find the baby Jesus sleeping in the hay. The two girls ran to town to tell the village of ...
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir - Portuguese Polyphony 1 - 'Hodie nobis', Pedro de Cristo91550-16180 2 - 'Alma redemptoris mater', Aires Fernandez(date unknown) Pedro de Cristo is a Portuguese composer of the Renaissance. He is one of the most important Portuguese polyphonists of the XVIth and XVIIth centuries. 1571 — Santa Cruz monastery (Coimbra). Among the other Portuguese composers whose works are preserved in the m***cripts from Santa Cruz, one of the finest is Airez Fernandez. Unfortunatly, nothing is yet know for his life. although it is likely that he worked in Coimbra, possibly at the cathedral and relatively few pieces asribed to him survive complete.
  • Earthquake destroys Gothic Cathedral (Virtual Reality simulation) This is a virtual reality simulation showing how the 6 May 1976 earthquake destroyed the Gothic Cathedral of Venzone, Italy. More information on this project and a higher resolution video at
  • Burgos Cathedral The city of Burgos is the capital of Burgos province in northern Spain. Burgos cathedral has been founded in 1221 by Ferdinand III of Castile and the English bishop Maurice of Burgos. Construction of the cathedral, in Gothic style, began on the remains of a former Romanesque cathedral, and continued until 1765. The entire history of Gothic art is summed up in its superb architecture and its unique collection of works of art, including paintings, choir stalls, reredos, tombs and stained-glass windows. The 26-part tv-series HERITAGE SITES of the WORLD is available in Dutch and English. Information at
  • Sancta Maria (Fco. Hernández) - Ex Cathedra Acclaimed choir Ex Cathedra, under conductor Jeffrey Skidmore, sings Sancta Maria by Franco Hernández. This is from their program of South American Baroque music 'Sun, Moon and all things'
  • baguio cathedral 2008 ...the ever majestic baguio cathedral,, july 2008 visit
  • After Forever - Ex Cathedra- Ouverture First track on After Forevers 2003 album 'Decipher'
  • Coventry Cathedral Choir - Gloria in Excelsis Deo Live Christmas Eve service, 1988. This is really unusual. I think you'll like it. This has got to be right up Libera's street. I'm sure if they hear it, they'll want to give it their treatment... if it's not too tricky even for them! Beautifully melodic in the middle, though the cameras unfortunately zoom in on Coventry's ugly art.
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir - Sicut cervus desiderat Sicut cervus desiderat, from Three Motets, Palestrina
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir - Psalms Some stunning psalm singing from Westminster Cathedral. *** ***
  • Canon 500D test - sprayer, cathedral, break Filmed with the Canon EOS 500D. no tripod. KIT Lens 18-55mm, Sigma 10-20mm Loc: Vienna/Austria in and around St. Stephens Cathedral more infos at my blog (in german) cut with imovie - export via mp4 codec.
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir - A Ceremony of Carols After three very successful years in America, Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears boarded a Swedish cargo vessel, the Axel Johnson, on the 16th March 1942 for their return to Britain. It was a long and boring journey that took nearly a month. U-boat activity was at its height so it was probably rather frightening too. At this time Britten had started 'Hymn to St. Cecilia' and a piece for Benny Goodman. He intended to finish these on board but customs officials confiscated the m***cripts on the doubtful proposition that they could be a secret code. (Britten managed to restart and finish 'Hymn' but as far as I know the Goodman Piece was lost forever). During the voyage they berthed at Halifax, Nova Scotia, where Britten came across a book of medieval poems and some of these he set during the voyage as the 'Ceremony of Carols'. It is an unusual setting for boys choir and harp. Britten had intended to write a harp concerto and so had been studying the instrument. Humphrey Carpenter * regards the work's title as rather odd as it is neither a ceremony nor is it a narration of the Christmas story. I find this view unsubstantiated. The work opens and ends with the choir processing to plainsong. Britten may have got this idea from Holst's 'Hymn to Jesus', written about 20 years earlier, where, after a short orchesral opening, alternating boys and adult choirs enter to 'Vexilla Regis prodeunt' (The banners of the King advance on their way) and 'Pange lingua gloriosi' (Tell, my tongue ...
  • Coventry Cathedral Bells This is the 295 foot spire that was part of the old cathedral but was left remaining when the cathedral was destroyed ruing the war. Ringing here is a fantastic 33cwt Gillett and Johnston ring of 12, hung for full circle ringing in 1986, when it was decided that the spire was safe and could withstand the large forces created by turning bells through 360 degrees.
  • Portsmouth - Anglican Cathedral: (Anglican Hymn) Cathedral Church of St Thomas of Canterbury Church of England (Anglican Church) Portsmouth England(UK) Cathedral Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, Portsmouth, commonly known as Portsmouth Cathedral, is the Church of England cathedral of the City of Portsmouth, England and is located in the heart of Old Portsmouth. It is the seat of the Bishop of Portsmouth. The Anglican cathedral is one of the two cathedral churches in the city, the other being the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, Portsmouth which is located about one mile to the north.
  • Birmingham ArtsFest 2008 - Ex Cathedra World class choir perform at the Birmingham Cathedral during ArtsFest 2008
  • Exeter Cathedral, England Founded in 1050, it was established to provide support for the Bishop of Exeter in his ministry and mission across Devon, and to be a community of prayer, and christian worship. It is the symbolic focus of the Bishop's centeredness in the life of the Diocese, and the home of his cathedra' (his seat or throne). All involved in its life seek to reflect the love of God revealed in the eternal community of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Cathedral building, dedicated to Peter, one of Jesus' earliest followers and the model for all subsequent bishops, is the finest example of Decorated Gothic architecture in any Cathedral. The building itself proclaims something of the beauty and holiness of God. To see it on a day when the sun streams through its windows is breathtaking.
  • Manila Cathedral pipe organ impressive pipe organ music in impressive architecture
  • Aural Planet - Hydropoetry Cathedra Aural Planet - Hydropoetry Cathedra Type &fmt=18 at the end of the url to listen in HD
  • Canterbury Cathedral Pilgrims and visitors have made their way to Canterbury Cathedral since the Middle Ages. The Cathedral's history goes back to 597AD when St Augustine, established his seat - or Cathedra - in Canterbury. In 1170 Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in the Cathedral and ever since, the Cathedral of Canterbury has attracted thousands of pilgrims. Visit for more information on History
  • Winchester Cathedral Choir - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring The choir accompanied by oboe and organ
  • Cathedral - Solitude (cover) Black Sabbath's song "Solitude", cover by Cathedral.
  • Negima! - 1 - Asinus in cathedra Now available on DVD! Ten-year-old professor Negi Springfield has a magical secret one which Asuna, the Class 2-A hothead, has vowed to expose!
  • After Forever - Ex Cathedra Please Read Discription (!) After Forever Ex Cathedra ---------------------------- -I'm a Disclaimer of this video This video belongs to The following: =================================== After Forever (2007) - (2008)©
  • Saint Vitus Cathedral Prague Czech Republic Katedrála svatého Víta Praha Česká Republika Watch it in HD I got a new Flip Mino HD and this is a test video mixed with stills. The daylight shots look great but the darkness of the Cathedral show the limitations of the camera chip in the low light.
  • Marathon 2 Durandal Ex Cathedra Walkthrough I did not make this video I am simply uploading it.
  • Bettina Pennon @ Zion Cathedral "SANG TINA" is the cry of the thousands who here this anointed woman of God. Bettina Pennon aka "TINA" is a Long Island, NY native....She is an Evamgelist in the Church of God in Christ, The President of the Music Department for the 3rd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Eastern NY COGIC, Recording Artist- and can be heard with such artist as Timothy Wright and NY Fellowship, James Hall & Worship & Praise, Elder Jeff Roberson & LIFE, FAW Celebartion Choir, Jurisdictional Shekinah Choir, Min. Terrance Days, Min. Marc Reddick & Universal Praise and the list goes on and on... I am proud to call her friend... Mentor... and Big Sis.... I am blessed to know her for about 14yrs. We have sung together in different venues and she still amazes me..... Ladis and gentlemen please don't sleep..cause this is not just a singer,,,, she is anointed to preach the gospel....oh Yessss. she will give it too you.... More of Tina to come.... Just subscribe to my videos and you will see!!!!
  • Rededicated Cathedral of St. John The Divine, NYC - Part 2 11AM Rededication Service - 2nd video of the restored Great Aeolian Skinner Organ, Op. 150B, featuring the world renowned State Trumpet stop. This Recessional Hymn is 'O God Our Help in Ages Past', by Isaac Watts. The Cathedral's Director of Cathedral Music and Organist Bruce Neswick performs. The first notes heard are not those of the organ, but of brass and timpani. The applause heard near the end of the hymn is for the brave FDNY heroes who helped fight the devastating fire on December 18th, 2001. They were part of the Rededication Service, and they received many standing ovations. You will see some of them in the video, recessing with members of the Clergy and Cathedral Choirs. Enjoy!
  • Exploring New Zealand #6: Christchurch Cathedral Square and Canterbury Museum When I was preparing this trip to New Zealand, some people told me Christchurch wasn't that good. How wrong they were. Christchurch is a beautifully planned city plenty of interesting things to keep you busy for a couple of days. We took many photos at the Cathedral Square, climbed the Christchurch Cathedral tower, visited the fascinating Canterbury Museum and spent an afternoon at the Orana Wildlife Park. ______ Cathedral Square, locally known simply as the 'Square', is the geographical centre and heart of Christchurch, New Zealand, where the city's Anglican cathedral, ChristChurch is located. The square was originally intended to be called Ridley Square, after the Protestant martyr Nicholas Ridley, but in Edward Jollie's 1850 plan of central Christchurch it is clearly marked Cathedral Square. Ridley's co-martyrs and colleague bishops, Cranmer and Latimer have Squares named after them, not far distant from Cathedral Square. - Update 5 September 2010: Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand Christchurch's landmark heritage buildings have made it through yesterday's damaging 7.1 magnitude earthquake, and hefty aftershocks, relatively unscathed. Five hundred buildings have been affected across Christchurch, including 90 in the central city where there are many heritage and character buildings. Christchurch landmarks to have fared well the earthquake include the Provincial Chambers, the Christchurch Cathedral, the Arts Centre, Christ's College and the Public Trust building ...
  • Marathon 2 Level 7 Ex Cathedra Shortcut How To Similar to my level 10 walkthrough, this shows the fastest route for level 7 (Ex Cathedra) in M2 Durandal, making use of a hidden panel to skip about 2/3 of the level. This is played on normal difficulty. I start with the level select method so I only have a single pistol, in a normal playthrough you would have much better guns that will make this level quite a bit easier. I tried to make my actions clear in this video but with all the trigger happy fellas around I usually don't have much time to hang around. Basically, it boils down to this: - waste the trooper hiding in the corner when you first enter. - go left and grab the ammo - take out the 2 troopers guarding the side entrance, taking care not the get blown to bits by their grenades - enter the structure and open the hidden door right at the back, grab the alien weapon and activate the switch. This switch is exactly the same as the one at the end of the water maze. This little secret saves you a lot of time. It opens the doors to the center room. - Enter the center chamber and grab the upload chip, take out as many baddies as you can. - Back outside, go the hallway adjacent to the main hallway and leave the structure. You will be surrounded by all kinds of shooting maniacs, take em out to make your life easier. - On the right side is the entrance to the pool. To enter this, you need to pick up speed and use the highest step to run onto the lowest part of the ridge. This may take a few tries - Once in the water ...
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir/ Het Heilig Hartkoor van Box Tel 1 - 'O quam suavis est, Domine'(Westminster Cathedral Choir) Alonso Lobo (February 25, 1555 April 5, 1617) was a Spanish composer of the late Renaissance. Although not as famous as Tomás Luís de Victoria, he was highly regarded at the time, and Victoria himself considered him to be his equal. Lobo was born in Osuna, and after being a choirboy at the cathedral in Seville, he received a degree at Osuna University, and took a position as a canon at a church in Osuna sometime before 1591. In that year, the Seville Cathedral appointed him as assistant to Francisco Guerrero, and he later became maestro de capilla during Guerrero's leave of absence. In 1593, Toledo Cathedral hired him as maestro de capilla; he remained there until 1604, when he returned to Seville. Lobo's music combines the smooth contrapuntal technique of Palestrina with the sombre intensity of Victoria. Some of his music also uses polychoral techniques, which were common in Italy around 1600, though Lobo never used more than two choirs (contemporary choral music of the Venetian school often used many more — the Gabrielis often wrote for as many choirs as there were choir-lofts at St Mark's Basilica). Lobo was influential far beyond the borders of his native Spain: in Portugal, and as far away as Mexico, for the next hundred years or more he was considered to be one of the finest Spanish composers. His works include masses and motets, three Passion settings, Lamentations, psalms and hymns, as well as a Miserere ...
  • Cathedra Petri Photo album: ---
  • Wolves In The Throne Room - Ex Cathedra Wolves In The Throne Room Album : Black Cascade (2009) Track : Ex Cathedra
  • Richard Wagner - Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral (from Lohengrin) Montage - Recently, I was revisiting some instrumental sheet music I had the privilege of playing in high school - Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral was one of them. As I got listening to it again, it came to me that the perfect images to grace a montage is actually one of Wagner's contemporaries, William Bouguereau. (Both from the Romantic era.) A perfect 'marriage' of sound and artistry - well, at least I thought so :) The only other Bouguereau montages I see on youtube use music like bach, which doesn't make sense to me - wrong time period. eh.
  • Jean Langlais @ Washington Cathedral (2) w/ Nicholas White Jean Langlais' "Dialogue on the Mixtures" -- the ultimate Dancing Hands piece -- from his Suite Brève. Nicholas White, who was the cathedral's assistant organist at the time of taping, performs. This awesome instrument in the world's 6th-largest cathedral has 189 ranks/10650 pipes, placing it in the Top 20 of organs worldwide. Recorded in 1996 on ***og equipment & transferred thru several media formats over the years: hence the distortion -- particularly on the final chord.

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