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  • Catalytic Group was able to develop a custom product that met their needs for a fraction of the cost of an off-the-shelf solution. read the case study. Catalytic Group launches Northwest Connecticut Convention & Visitors Bureau's new website. read more. — “Catalytic Group: Home”,
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  • Encyclopedia entry providing definition of catalysis and related terms, history, and an overview of important catalytic processes. — “Catalysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of catalytic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of catalytic. Pronunciation of catalytic. Translations of catalytic. catalytic synonyms, catalytic antonyms. Information about catalytic in the free online English dictionary and. — “catalytic - definition of catalytic by the Free Online”,
  • catalytic converter n. A reaction chamber typically containing a finely divided platinum-iridium catalyst into which exhaust gases from an automotive. — “catalytic converter: Definition from ”,
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  • Catalytic converters are one of the most important parts of a car's emissions control system. Learn about catalytic converters and catalytic converter laws. — “Howstuffworks "How Catalytic Converters Work"”,

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  • Emission System - Catalytic Converter Servicing More info:
  • They're Stealing Catalytic Converters Thieves are cutting catalytic converters right off of vehicles because they contain platinum.
  • Automotive Technology | Diagnostic Scanning Catalytic Converter Operation Describes the operation of the catalytic converter and field tips on the baby-cats. Info found nowhere else. The Catalytic Converter is a type of furnace with the sole purpose of burning the excess raw/unburned fuel exiting the engine. The catalytic converter has to work at a specific temperature and in a specific way. A converter efficiency failure is very common in today's automobiles and they're quite expensive to replace. See how they work and how to test. It's all here.
  • Troubleshooting Catalytic Woodstoves Combustors© Applied Ceramics, Inc. - FireCat Combustor Video 3
  • Troubleshooting Catalytic Woodstoves Systems© Applied Ceramics, Inc. - FireCat Combustor Video 4
  • Catalytic Converter Deconstructed Science Channel Deconstructed show Describes Catalytic Converter operation in some detail. See or for more good info on how these devices work. Science Catalytic Converter Exhaust Emissions Noxious Environment Pollution Emission Smog CO2 Carbon Dioxide NOX
  • 2006 Yamaha R1 Race Baffle and no catalytic converter A & R race baffle install and gutted cat. Before and after exhaust sound.
  • Catalytic Woodstoves / Conclusions© Applied Ceramics, Inc. - FireCat Combustor Video 5
  • Catalytic Converters Stolen Thieves target the platinum under cars.
  • Thefts Of Catalytic Converters On Rise The high cost of precious metals is fueling a rise in thefts of catalytic converters in the metro area. The converters were stolen from more than a dozen vehicles parked at an auto parts warehouse on East Front Street. Police and auto mechanics have both spotted an increase in thefts of catalytic converter, which usually contain several ounces of platinum. "Recently, we've had a couple of other shops bring cars in where the catalytic converters were cut off," said Chuong Nguyen with RevLine Motors in Kansas City. "Catalytic converters are a very easy target for thieves." Nguyen said it can cost between $80 to several hundred dollars to replace a catalytic converter, which sits underneath a car and is part of the exhaust system. "Its primary function is to burn any unburned fuels to help with emissions," Nguyen told KMBC's Marcus Moore. Nguyen said some cars have as many as four catalytic converters.
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  • How to check your vehicle's catalytic converter. Emmy award winning mechanic Scotty Kilmer shows how to check your own vehicle's catalytic converter to see if it's gone bad. For answers to all your car questions, just google to reach Scotty's website. Scotty answers all questions free.
  • Catalytic oxidation of ammonia This is oxidation of ammonia by oxygen catalysed by warmed platinum wire. Oxygen is bubbled through ammonia solution, in which it mixes with ammonia gas present. The reaction causes the platinum wire to glow, and the hot wire ignites a mixture of ammonia and oxygen.
  • Fundamentals of Catalytic Woodstoves© Applied Ceramics, Inc. - FireCat Combustor Video 2
  • Catalytic Strategies This course is part of a series taught by Kevin Ahern at Oregon State University on General Biochemistry. For more information about online courses go to 1. Proteases catalyze the hydrolysis of peptide bonds in polypeptides. They are usually fairly specific for certain amino acids and cut at or near those amino acids. 2. Chymotrypsin is a protease whose activity has been closely studied. Conveniently, the activity of chymotrypsin can be studied using an artificial substrate which, when cleaved by the enzyme, releases a yellow product. 3. When the release of the colored substrate by the enzyme is studied, it appears to occur in two different rates. First there is a VERY rapid release of the colored substrate. After that initial burst of activity, the remaining yellow color is released slowly. 4. The reason appears to be that the reaction catalyzed occurs in two steps. The first step cleaves the bond to produce the yellow product. The product of this release is that the remainder of the substrate is covalently linked to the enzyme. In order for the enzyme to bind another substrate molecule and release more yellow color, it must first release the covalently bound molecule. This step occurs slowly and explains why subsequent yellow molecules are released slowly - after the initial one is released, the enzyme must remove the covalently bound molecule, bind a new substrate, and cut the substrate and the continue the process repeatedly. 5. Chymotrypsin is ...

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