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  • Geological and geomechanical investigations of cataclastic rock samples from various petrologies: towards This allows minimal manipulation on fragile cataclastic cores from geotechnical drilling operations. We see therefore medical. — “Geological and geomechanical investigations of cataclastic”,
  • The Monroe drill program was completed in December 2008 and was focused on testing the U2 Cataclastic Zone uranium mineralization and the U3 REO Zone. Commenting on the results, Monroe CEO and President Derek Moran said, "The results on the U2 uranium target were encouraging. — “Ucore Uranium | News Releases”,
  • Initial cataclastic deformation produced a rather weak shape-preferred orientation (SPO) of brown amphibole grains with. small aspect ratios as well as a poorly developed amphibole lattice-preferred orientation (LPO) with na (< a[100]) axes scattered subnormal. — “Development of shape- and lattice-preferred orientations of”,
  • The home of the Transactions of the Wes*** Institute collection, providing on-line access The influence of mylonitic and cataclastic rocks in evaluation of the potential for. — “The influence of mylonitic and cataclastic rocks in”,
  • Foliated cataclastic fault rocks are exceptionally well exposed in veining is associated with, and. reworked by, every stage of cataclastic deformation and. — “Origin and mechanical significance of foliated cataclastic”,
  • study a variety of cataclastic rocks in the SAFOD project. cataclastic rocks may withhold the key to understanding a number of important interrelated processes. — “Textural ***ysis and Strain Estimation in Cataclastic”,
  • Definition of cataclastic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of cataclastic. Pronunciation of cataclastic. Definition of the word cataclastic. Origin of the word cataclastic. — “cataclastic - Definition of cataclastic at ”,
  • cataclastic IN BRIEF: Having the granular fragmental texture induced in rocks by mechanical crushing. — “cataclastic: Information from ”,
  • mental deformation of Carrara marble and Solnhofen limestone in the cataclastic regime, However, when the stress onset of cataclastic. deformation was reached, elastic velocities showed rapid. — “Damage and recovery of calcite rocks deformed in the”,
  • Not much serpentine was formed but rather considerable amounts of chlorite, which has replaced the altered pyroxenes and also the anorthosite along cracks caused by cataclastic action (see Fig. 5, A and B) The remarkable amount of cataclastic texture in the upper part of the. — “The Bell River Complex, Northwestern Quebec”,
  • Management's interpretation of the U2 Cataclastic Zone longitudinal section can be viewed on the diagram 'Lost Pond longsection Mar30 09' Within the Cataclastic Zone, near the eastern boundary of the. — “Kirrin Resources Inc. - Lost Pond - Wed Nov 24, 2010”,
  • The classes of composite-genesis rock, in addition to metamorphic rock, include cataclastic rock, Cataclastic rock—A rock having more than 10% of its volume consisting of fragments. — “APPENDIX B CLASSIFICATION OF METAMORPHIC AND OTHER COMPOSITE”,
  • Translations of cataclastic. cataclastic synonyms, cataclastic antonyms. Information about cataclastic in the free online English Cataclastic rocks form in regions that have undergone intense metamorphism and are associated with other metamorphic features such as folds and. — “cataclastic - definition of cataclastic by the Free Online”,
  • Cataclastic flow. Slip by growth of fault parallel veins. Ductile Cataclastic flow. Crystal-plastic processes (dislocations, twinning) Diffusional flow. — “ShearZones”,
  • Cataclastic definition, a process of deformation or metamorphism in which the grains of a rock are fractured and rotated. See more. — “Cataclastic | Define Cataclastic at ”,
  • The discrete zones of relatively high porosities and low bulk densities at 30–85, 420–450, 560–575, 635–645, 685–700, and 1095–1135 mbsf correlate with zones of cataclastic deformation and fault zones (see "Structural geology"). Compressional wave velocity. — “Proc. IODP, 304/305, Site U1309”,
  • Cataclastic slip band distribution in normal fault damage zones, Nubian sandstones, Suez rift To quantify the density of cataclastic slip bands (CSBs) associated with the main slip plane, we recorded the position of all. — “Cataclastic slip band distribution in normal fault damage”,
  • A cataclastic rock is a type of metamorphic rock that has been wholly Various classification schemes have been proposed for the cataclastic rocks, but changes in understanding of the processes involved in their formation and better knowledge of the variety of. — “Cataclastic rock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Macroscopic descriptionThis marble usually presents cataclastic texture with red-yellow veins, knots and zones in a white background. Petrographic descriptionThe sample consists of calcite minerals with varying sizes showing cataclastic texture. — “Leopard”,
  • cataclastic sentence examples. Detail from the automated EBSD image of part of a cataclastic seam and its immediate wall rock ( raw image ). The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historical usage. — “Use cataclastic in a sentence | cataclastic sentence examples”,

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  • Disintergrating particle in a cataclastic DEM (Structural Geology, numerical modelling) This movies shows the disintergation of a single particle of a cataclastic fault gouge DEM-model (compare to: This model was produced by Steffen Abe (www.ged.rwth- and Karen Mair (PGP Olso, In this model, colors of the particles denote stress, the color of the tail denotes displacement, and the direction of the tail shows the direction of movement. For more information, have a look at the paper: "Abe & Mair 2009 Effects of gouge fragment shape on fault friction: New 3D modelling results. Geophysical Research Letters. 36, L23302" ( references therein, or www.ged.rwth-.
  • Microstructural cataclastic deformation of octachloropropane (Microstructural Modelling at SUNY) The sample is already deformed at the beginning of the movie. A sub-horizontal high strain rate zone or fault, marked by darker color, develops in the lower part of field. Some high strain rate zones, oriented at high angles to the shear direction, show the opposite sense of shear to that expected. Although concentrated shearing probably takes most of the bulk straining, some grains still deform internally. The last frame in the movie was taken with plane polarized light and shows the void spaces created during deformation. This is one of 15 time-lapse movies linked to this page ( which show the experimental deformation or post-deformation behaviour of octachloropropane (C3Cl8). Most of the experiments in this group e were performed during December 1995, when JHR was visiting Albany. Feel free to download these movies for teaching. University of New York, movies by Youngdo Park, Jin-Han Ree & Win Means
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  • “The KTB superdeep borehole (German Continental Deep Drilling Program) But then hightly conductive graphite-bearing faults and cataclastic zones were found at various depths up to 7000 m (22,970 ft)”
    — The KTB superdeep borehole (German Continental Deep Drilling,

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