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  • Leviticus 5:2 or if any one touch any unclean thing, whether it be the carcass of an unclean beast, or the carcass of unclean cattle, or the carcass of unclean swarming things, and be guilty, it being hidden from him that he is unclean; (See NIV). — “Bible Concordance: Carcasses”,
  • Definition of carcasses in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of carcasses. Pronunciation of carcasses. Translations of carcasses. carcasses synonyms, carcasses antonyms. Information about carcasses in the free online English dictionary and. — “carcasses - definition of carcasses by the Free Online”,
  • The primary objective of disposal of carcasses, animal products, materials and wastes is to prevent the In deciding the dimensions of the pit, consideration needs to be given to the method of filling the pit with carcasses or other material. — “MANUAL ON PROCEDURES FOR DISEASE ERADICATION BY STAMPING OUT”,
  • Definition of carcasses in the Medical Dictionary. carcasses explanation. Information about carcasses in Free online English dictionary. What is carcasses? Meaning of carcasses medical term. What does carcasses mean?. — “carcasses - definition of carcasses in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Pig carcasses could hold key to death puzzle () -- After five years of studying decomposing pig carcasses, Victoria University (New Zealand) graduate Rachel Parkinson could hold the key to determining the time since death in forensic. — “Learn more about carcasses | e! Science News”,
  • Carcasses 2009. Plot: Filmmaker Denis Cote presents a witty but telling portrait of a man who has built a life out of what other people throw away in this documentary. Visit for Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary. — “Carcasses: Information from ”,
  • Directed by Denis Côté. With Anne Carrier, Jean-Paul Colmor, Étienne Grutman, Charles-Élie Jacob. Discuss Carcasses (2009) on the IMDb message boards ". — “Carcasses (2009) - IMDb”,
  • EST B transports the carcasses from EST A to EST B in a transport vehicle owned and controlled by EST B. The carcasses are further processed at EST B. FSIS permits establishments to transport carcasses that contain vertebral columns from cattle 30 months of age and older, to another official. — “Business and Industry - TSC Q & A Notice 68-05”,
  • There are several components of a carcass that allow for the determination of such things as age, maturity, and ***. All of these are taken into consideration when determining a quality grade. Age and Maturity: A lamb carcass can be identified by the presence of break joints on the front shanks. — “Lamb Carcasses Evaluation”,
  • Broiler carcasses can be contaminated by bacteria that cause human foodborne diseases and food spoilage. Mixtures of lauric acid-potassium hydroxide (LA-KOH) are soap-like solutions that can be used to cleanse carcasses and kill bacteria on skin. — “ARS | Publication request: Bacteria recovered from whole”,
  • Buy. Guestbook. Links. Join the email list! Bobby Carcasses. Bobby Carcasses. Bobby Carcasses: Home "DE LA HABANA A NUEVA YORK" NEW CD © 2010 Bobby Carcasses. — “Bobby Carcasses - "De La Habana a Nueva York" New Cd”,
  • Carcasses. Shells with three fuzeholes. They are projected from mortars ( q.v.), howitzers (q.v.), and guns. They will burn furiously for eight or ten minutes, do not burst like shells, but the flames, rushing from the three holes, set on fire everything within their influence. — “Carcasses — ”,
  • Learn about Carcasses on . Find info and videos including: How to Baste a Carcass on a Spit, How to Secure a Carcass on a Spit, How to Dispose of a Whale Carcass and much more. — “Carcasses - ”,
  • Carcass (furniture), the part of a piece of furniture that holds Carcass (G.I. Joe), a fictional character. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to. — “Carcass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Compost is a mixture of organic residues (manure, animal carcasses, straw, leaves, etc ) that have been piled, mixed and moistened to undergo thermophilic (high heat 120-1600F) decomposition. The high heat sterilizes pathogens and seed that have passed through the animal. — “Nutrient Management: Composting Manure & Carcasses”,
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) uses a dual grading system for beef carcasses: a Yield Grade for estimating cutability and a Quality Grade as a comprehensive evaluation of factors that affect beef palatability, says the this. — “Beef Grades and Carcass Information”,
  • 1. The ultimate gothic prince (or princess) in a fleeting love affair with Scotty, his evil *** slave. Has a crazy brother who is equally gothic an The subject is covered in a plush furry down and likes to search local forrests for berries and rotten deer carcasses. — “Urban Dictionary: carcasses”,
  • Carcasses with the hide on must be secured and placed in the mobile unit in a manner that prevents contact of hide with bare meat surfaces. Carcasses or parts of carcasses processed by a custom farm slaughterer must be identified in the following manner:. — “Chapter 16-19 WAC: Custom farm slaughterers, custom”,
  • carcass (plural carcasses) The body of a dead animal. The body of a dead human. The framework of a structure, especially one not normally seen (nautical) an early incendiary ship-to-ship projectile consisting of an iron shell filled with saltpetre,. — “carcass - Wiktionary”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Roberto Carcassés. Download Roberto Carcassés Nu-Jazz / Afro-beat / Latin music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Roberto Carcassés's blog. — “Roberto Carcassés on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s”,
  • Manufacturing meat-based animal feeds from carcasses--are classified in Industry 31111, Animal Food Manufacturing; Geographic Distribution -- Meat processed from carcasses: 2002. — “Industry Statistics Sampler: NAICS 311612”,
  • Then birds of prey came down on the carcasses, but Abram drove them away. And when birds of prey came down on the carcasses, Abram drove them away. — “Genesis 15:11 Then birds of prey came down on the carcasses”,
  • Carcasses Importers directory - Find Carcasses Buyers and Importers and Trade Directory info from global Buyers at . — “Carcasses Importers - Reliable Carcasses Buyers, Importers”,
  • Kitchen Carcasses Manufacturers & Kitchen Carcasses Suppliers Directory - Find a Kitchen Carcasses Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Kitchen Carcasses Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Kitchen Carcasses-Kitchen Carcasses Manufacturers, Suppliers”,
  • The formation and emission of PCDD, PCDF, PCB and HCB from animal carcass incinerators is due to the presence of these chlorinated materials, precursors and chlorine in the carcasses or in some plastics that can be co-incinerated with animal carcasses and by-products. — “Destruction of animal carcasses.doc”,

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  • Horse meat scandal: eight carcasses tested positive for bute Agriculture minister David Heath tells MPs that eight horse carcasses from the UK have tested positive for bute, a painkiller that can cause cancer in humans, and that some may have entered the food chain in France. Get the latest headlines Subscribe to The Telegraph Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Google+ and /TelegraphTV are websites of The Daily Telegraph, the UK's best-selling quality daily newspaper providing news and ***ysis on UK and world events, business, sport, lifestyle and culture.
  • Skagos - Blossoms Will Sprout from the Carcass Skagos - Blossoms Will Sprout from the Carcass Album: Ást Year: 2009 Lyrics: We walk upon the soaked carcasses of those who once gave us life. Be it rain, wind of the weight of finality, the cadavers fall and fall. Day light is meek, and the night grows long and cold. Fungi lurch forward for a final gulping breath. All is returned to the earth and the rain will fall and fall. Rain will fall and fall. It's the fury of the storm. It's the endless falling rain. It's the growing of the dark. It's the thrive in decay. It's the voice of woe. It's the call of the moon. It's the cold retribution of the dark rider known as death.
  • Cocaine Found Inside Frozen Shark Carcasses The Mexican Navy said it detected a shipment of cocaine hidden inside the carcasses of frozen sharks aborad a freight ship. (June 17)
  • [RS] Great money and combat XP - spider carcass This video was made to show you another good way to obtain money(along with xp) in Runescape. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments. I hope this vid helped you and if you liked it then subscribe. Also rate it and comment. Thanks! ##DISCLAIMER## [If you use this, please credit Fantikerz] RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd. This video was not intended for any personal gain, only for entertainment purposes. All comments by others are their own and I do not take responsibility for their actions. Consider this, free advertising (Ignore the following!!) intro kasoy 911 sparticus121 skychi INTRO introvid micadhc luckybucket kemdo thelasthitman RSN RS shyxxtina mainlandhigh chiszle da fuse box dafusebox bl00dblitz madbaddog05 gross gore grossy bandos sharks shark monk monkfish fish nightmarerh 59 roni drmrguy rapid coffe c0ffee boomer twins b00mer random rsm [rsmv] [RSMV] wgdvids excl 99thHybr1d spiders spider spider carcas carcass carcasses glitch spider carcass glitch 99 fletching strength defence farming skilling rate HD hd high quality hq yt rogues den vinchenzo v1 getsumnoodle great xp money gp k ks 100k 1mill
  • Rakshasa and Carcasses[TINIERME PV] I was bored, and I love this song. And I love tinierme. So I made a tinierme version~! 8D I used for Mr. Fox (wolf?) and Mr. Kitty. The song is Rakshasa and Carcasses by Hachi-P, sung by Hatsune Miku. Tinierme is copyright GCREST. My TM username is Carmle, add meh! Also, 'iya' means 'no', so 'ya ya ya ya iya iya iya' pretty much means 'yes yes yes yes no no no'. And a 'rakshasa' is a man-eater.
  • ◁◁Hold, Release, Rakshasa and Carcasses◀◀English Sub►►Russia▽Japan◂ Vocaloid and Hetalia in one, wouldn't ya know! xD I tried really hard to sub this one in a fancy way since it's such a cool video. There's a Miku-based vid too, with slightly different subs, for Vocaloid fans: Enjoy~ Song: Hold, Release, Rakshasa and Carcasses Artist: Hatsune Miku Pairing: Russia/Japan (Ivan/Kiku) Manga/Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia (featuring Vocaloid song?) Original Video: Warnings (Just in case): Creepiness, implied gore and blood, though you don't really see any of it on screen... And yaoi. Yeah, yaoi. Disclaimer: I own neither APH, Vocaloid, nor the video. Only the subs are mine, thank you. I also do not want flames from anyone who may dislike Hetalia, Vocaloid, or the pairing featured. If you don't like it, and you know you don't, do not click on the video. Thank you.
  • [CR] 結ンデ開イテ羅刹ト骸 (Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses) After four weeks, I'm finished! I decided to create my own version of Hatsune Miku's song, "Rakashasa and Carcasses" out of... well, boredom. I wanted to make a Niconico-style PV so bad, but it's kind of hard to animate with iMovie. ...And then my friend showed me this song, and I fell in love with it. So here I am and here it is. The characters are from our webcomic "Crossroads" (which can be read here: ). They belong to us, of course! Some of the lyrics to the PV I twisted a bit to fit more with their story. And the number VII appears twice in the end, I'm sorry. ;n; I didn't notice it until too late, OTL;;; Just pretend it's supposed to be like that. \(˚v˚)/ Anyhoo, enjoy! Song and original PV by ハチ さま. Translation by KataGatar.
  • Sharks Feed off Whale Carcass South Australian fisheries authorities have placed a 328 foot exclusion zone around a whale carcass spotted of the north Coast of Kangaroo Island. The ban was imposed after a shark was seen swimming near the 52-foot carcass. The Australian state introduced laws making it illegal for people to stand on whale carcasses, after sightseers flocked to a similar incident in July 2001. During the 2001 incident a shark was filmed feeding on a whale carcass, while spectators were shown balancing on the carcass. 02/03/2007
  • Kuro***suji: Hold Release Rakshasa & Carcasses I've wanted to do a CMV to this song for SO LONG. scripting went into this. In fact we couldn't focus at all. We're lucky we got the derp footage that we did. But here you go. Shotakimonolovinsforyou. Ciel: Taymeho Alois: L-Lamperouge Edit: L-Lamperouge
  • Wedge-Tailed Eagles feeding on carcass. Wedge-Tailed Eagles are an Australian raptor that has a wing span of up to 8 foot,this is the largest wing span of ant eagle in the world,these birds actively hunt wallabies and dingo pups.They also feed on road kill and carcasses in graziers' paddocks. Here is an interesting 'trail-camera' video of a pair feeding on dingo carcass,the female hops up on the rock,the male is slightly smaller,this dingo was a full adult male and weighed 14 .5 KG and these birds ate half the weight within 20 minutes.
  • Maggots and Carcasses in Purina Puppy Food from Petsmart Worms, maggots, cacoons and carcasses found in Purina Beneful puppy food. Two sick dogs and Purina refuses to take ownership of incident. Purina's official response is "once it leaves our building it is no longer our responsibility" & "if any vet bills come as a result of this issue we can not be held responsible".
  • [HS]Hold, Release; Bec Noir and Carcasses WIP it's not done yet no duhhh Song is Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Corpses by Hachi of the Vocaloid community. I'm pretty sure it's Hachi, anyway. I figured this song was appropriate since the bodies are starting to pile up a bit Also I have a whole new appreciation for PV artists and the work they put into PVs, have I ever mentioned that well I'm mentioning it again Music is hachi's, characters are hussie's, and drawings are mine.
  • Arabic-Web-Buzkashi: Afghan game of carcasses and power A new season of the brutal, centuries-old Afghan sport of buzkashi -- in which teams on horseback battle over a animal carcass -- is under way, giving sports fans a much-needed distraction from war. A voiced AFPTV report.
  • 【UTAU】Nagone Mako - Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses Song: Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses Singer: Nagone Mako Artist: HimmEl Original Video: This song. THIS SONG. Did you know it's about demons, prostitutes, a bowwow, and a whole bunch of other stuff? Creepy as hell, weird as well. Nonetheless, doesn't stop me from loving how evil and sinister the sounds. There's nothing scarier than a child's laughter, when it's not funny. Rule of Rose scarred me for life. Enjoy the video! Ya Ya Ya Ya No No No! » I have not, do not, and will never own anything in this video. All credit goes to their respected owners. «
  • Squid Carcasses Spread Across Santa Cruz Beaches From: Please like PigMine's FaceBook page here: Subscribe to December 11, 2012 - The beaches of Santa Cruz are littered with the carcasses of thousands of Humboldt squid. KPIX's Kiet Do explains.FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 106A-117 of the US Copyright Law.
  • Polar Bears feeding on Whale Carcass in Alaska Inupiaq hunters are allowed to harvest Bowhead Whales each year for traditional subsistence, and they take the whale carcasses to the end of the island as an offering to the mighty Nanook (the Polar Bear) For more photos and videos of bears and other Alaskan scenes, check out FairbanksIRL:
  • DJO- "The Iowa Carcasses" US Debate 2012 Teaser Coming soon....:) Thanks to Randall Cross for the title idea!
  • Rakshasa and Carcasses - Manga Mix// [結ンデ開イテ羅刹ト骸 - Hatsune Miku] READ PLEASE! WARNING! CONTAINS SOME HORROR SCENES! NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS! [I'm french] [ + ] I don't own the music or the anime. [ + ] *720p please :D* [Gravity Memories Studios] M-Lawliet/Kitsune = Tsubasaxrevelation (Me!) This is such a fail... D: I tried to make an AMV with a Vocaloid Clip (Rakshasa and carcasses) ¬.¬ I'm not very proud of it... è__é It's been a long time I wanted to make an horror AMV~ Anime: Ask Me Song: Rakshasa & Carcasses Artist: Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku Pogramm: Sony Vegas 7.0/ Particle Illusions "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." #64 - Le plus de commentaires écrits (aujourd'hui)) - Films et animations #22 - Les préférées (aujourd'hui)) - Films et animations #33 - Les mieux notées (aujourd'hui)) - Films et animations
  • -VOCALOID- Hold, Release, Rakshasa and Carcasses -Rin Kagamine- ust- sm12523887, had to edit A LOT. Added harmonies and double voice and changed phonemes and stuff. Picture- Mine Original song- Composed by Hachi, sung by Miku I had to cheat a bit because the ust didn't include the talking bits and I'm not really skilled enough to attempt any talking stuff yet xD Also, the picture is terrible. Made this because the only Rin version I could find was terribly off tune and time... Enjoy!
  • Dozens of animal carcasses found at South Valley home dozens of dead animals--includin ga zoo animal-- are found stockpiled on a property in the south valley. the man accused of hording the carcasses has a license to dispose of them-- but something went wrong. cristina rodda is live from arenal near coors where the city found the animal carcasses. cristina what's happpening now? just a few minutes some of the dozens of dead animals found on this property were removed-- county officials even had to use a back hoe . environemntal health officials say ruben saavedra-- is authorized to dispose animal carcasses. problem is he had dozens of dead sheep, three dead horses and other carcasses in a horse trailer and in a dump trailer -- behind his home. they even found minute thumbnail 05:00 pm the carcass of sally, a rhinosaurs from the albuquerque zoo. the city's spokesman says sally was euthanized in late december. the rhinosaurus was transported to the new mexico department of agriculture for testing since the animal was diseased. afterwards the biopark zoo asked the department of agriculture if they could dispose of the rhinosaurus and we were told the state would do it. the city spokesmans says it turns out the state contracted ruben saavedra to do it for them. " it wasn't until late last night when our bio park director rick jancer received a call from the state veterinarian that that had not happened and we were then surprised and outraged to learn that the rhinosauras was here on this property. the county says saavadra could ...
  • Hatsune Miku - Hold, Release, Rakshasa and Carcasses (Reverse) 1 of my fav vocaloid been reversed...and i hear they say they were some hidden meaning in the song o.0....btw i hope somebody can translate it.....
  • Raw Meaty Bones Chicken Carcass Nikki Brown The UK Dog Whisperer Talks about how you can feed your dog Raw Chicken Carcass and provide a very healthy and tasty FREE meal for your dog.
  • Walrus carcasses, Icy Cape, Alaska, 21 September
  • Carcass Film Trailer Trailer for B Movie horror film. Produced and Directed by Michael van der Straaten.
  • Two "Chupacabra" Carcasses Found Near San Antonio? --NOT Hairless Dogs or Coyotes? Or are they just that? Opposable thumbs? A hairless raccoon? A coyote and red wolf hybrid? White skinhead gangsters who breed dogs and run meth labs are now feeding the meth to the dogs? You be the judge. "The blood-sucking chupacabra sightings continue. This time the peculiar animal has apparently been spotted in Helotes and near Stockdale. The creature appears to be hairless and sports strange toes. Drake Gafford found one of the odd dead animals along Highway 181 South. "I threw him in a sack on the bed of my pickup," he said. Gafford described the animal as having "red eyes, big old fangs and claws coming out, just a sharp as they could be."
  • Hunting in Skyrim - Carcasses, Skinning, Pelt Crafting - Preview A preview video showing the new feature I'm working on for version 1.3 of my Hunting in Skyrim mod. The player will be given a power to enable Skinning. When cast, each animal the player kills will have on it a Carcass, rather than the regular Pelt, Hide, or anything the animal usually drops. The player then uses the Carcass to craft a Pelt, at the Skinning Table. When the player has skinned a carcass, they will then gain all of the items the animal would have had on it when it died. Players can then use the Skinning Rack to improve the pelt, much in the same way they can with weapons. There are three grades for your pelts to be improved; Good, Fine, and Flawless, each more valuable than the previous. The player's Skinning Skill, as well as knowledge gained through teachings by the Hunting Guild Porter, will unlock the ability to create higher grade pelts. Not close by to a Skinning Table, but need to skin your carcasses? That's where the Portable Skinning Kit comes in handy. Every hunter needs to be able to skin his or her kills in the wilds, if only to drop the extra weight a carcass requires to be carried. When the time is right, players will be able to purchase these from Hunting Guild vendors, and even craft their own. The story of the Hunters of Skyrim is only just beginning. How it plays out, is down to you. Download Link -
  • Pepsi Says Mountain Dew Can Dissolve Mouse Carcasses Pepsi Co., facing a lawsuit from a man who claims to have found a mouse in his Mountain Dew can, has an especially creative, if disgusting, defense: their soda would have dissolved a dead mouse before the man could have found it. An Illinois man sued Pepsi in 2009 after he claims he "spat out the soda to reveal a dead mouse," the Madison County Record reports. He claims he sent the mouse to Pepsi, which then "destroyed" the remains after he allowed them to test it, according to his complaint. Most shudder-worthy, however, is that Pepsi's lawyers also found experts to testify, based on the state of the remains sent to them that, "the mouse would have dissolved in the soda had it been in the can from the time of its bottling until the day the plaintiff drank it," according to the Record. (It would have become a "jelly-like substance," according to Pepsi, adds LegalNewsline.) This seems like a winning-the-battle-while-surrendering-the-war kind of strategy that hinges on winning the argument that "our product is essentially a can of battery acid." The lawyers still appear to be lawyering behind the scenes but we cannot wait for this to come to trial (though we think a trial is about as likely as the chances of us "Doing the Dew" again).
  • Skye's Hold, Release, Rakasha and Carcasses Skye. Yey. This song is somewhat fitting if you knew what it means. Skye (C) Aishaneko Model (C) Moshiha and Beezlemon HIS TONGUE ISNT BLACK. DAMMIT.
  • Mikuo Hatsune - Hold, Release, Rakshasa and Carcasses Hi, InsanePichi here with another Mikuo Hatsune song! This one's "Hold, Release, Rakshasa and Carcasses". I like how this one turned out, I was a little worried how the high pitched and low pitched part would turn out. |C PS: FFFFFFFF I know it's mispelled in the video. |C This song is originally sung by Miku Hatsune, and I don't own anything in this video. I edited the image from the original PV to look like Mikuo. I am not and probably will never make any money off of this! MP3 Download:
  • Great White Shark Feast Great White Sharks eating a whale carcass off the San Mateo coast.
  • DROPDEAD - Humanity Is burying .... carcasses.Tape ( FULL ) Dropdead - Humanity Is Burying The Earth With It's Rotting Carcasses... cassette (1999) (Live in Lahti, Finland October 19th 1997) Ad Absurdum Records, Czech Republic 01 Bull*** Tradition 0:00 02 Control 1:05 03 Unjustified Murder 2:18 04 Sheep 4:12 05 Requiem 4:50 06 Those Who We Deny 5:14 07 Mindless Icon 6:26 08 Witchhunt 7:41 09 Herd 8:50 10 Army Of Hate 9:44 11 Bosnia 10:31 12 Prison 11:12 13 What Once Was Life 12:02 14 No Glory 15:05 15 You Have A Voice 16:26 16 At The Cost Of An Animal 17:51 17 Still You Follow Blindly 19:01 18 New World Slaughter 20:10 19 I Will Defy 21:20 20 The Circle Complete 21:50 21 Stolen Life 23:49 22 Part II 25:47 23 Life In Chains 26:36 split and edited by oldschoolmike 7-28-2012 humanity is burying the earth with it's rotting carcasses... tape (1999) (THANX OSMX2)
  • Dog eating raw chicken carcasses. Tyson the German Shepherd wonder dog, meat pork. This is my dog Tyson. He weighs approx 100lbs and is approx 10 years old. When this video was made, I wasn't planning on shooting a video of him eating. I was feeding him and just decided to shoot some simple video for fun. He's eating 2 chicken carcasses, also known as chicken backs. I buy them for .49 cents a pound, which equals about .25-.35 cents each. They are just a portion of the fresh, raw meat and bones he eats everyday. Raw meat and bones is much better than the processed garbage food that is sold as dog food. I also give him raw pork bones at .79 cents/pound. I think I am buying the femur bone from the pig. I have the butcher slice them the long way so Tyson can get to the marrow inside much easier. Sometimes he doesn't eat them so after a day or maybe two of the raw bones lying around rotting, I throw them away even though he would probably eat them. He also gets raw pork at $1.50-2.00 a pound along with some rice and vegetables as a hot meal for breakfast and dinner, canned cooked tuna fish is also given to him for some variety. A dog should be eating approx 80% raw meat/chicken/fish..., 10% raw bones, 10% raw organs like kidney. 80-10-10 formula. This was taken prior to sunset on a Motorola Droid smarthphone set on 30m high quality. You can see the white balance search between the lighting condtions not knowing which to choose. This video was taken then uploaded from a Motorola Droid Android phone.
  • The Killer Carcasses - Blood Lust Hey everyone! Happy Halloween! I've been making a lot of festival shorts and some professional stuff and, you know what, I felt like just hanging out and making something fun. Hope you guys enjoy it. Not really looking for criticism. I know it's not perfect and I just thought I'd post it. -eTHAN
  • Deer Carcass Disposal After a successful deer hunt, dispose of the carcass properly.
  • Hatsune Miku - "結ンデ開イテ羅刹ト骸(Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses)" Eng subbed from nicovideo: Music & PV by ハチ さまTranslation & Subtitle by KataGatar
  • Hold Release Rakshasa and Carcasses (elements of the sky) Music by Hachi
  • Carcass by xonE Hey guys I finally finished my clip about carcass after a long time without any ideas or motivation. I think i failed this clip a little, and the ending is kinda rushed, nor did i use After Effects or anything like that, cba sorry :P If i listen to any more dnb / darkstep / dubstep i might die! anyway, sorry Carcass :P and i hope you guys can still enjoy the clip more than i do. HQ DL : www.file- btw, this was also my first time ever using gradients :) Sub carcass : kthxbye
  • CEV Multimedia: Carcass Judging DVD Lesson Preview Five classes are presented to teach the principles of judging beef, pork and lamb (the pork and lamb are both ribbed and intact). Clear, concise instruction helps students understand judges' placements for muscling, fatness (internal/external) and quality in placing beef, lamb and pork carcasses. Oral reasons and practice questions are included. A supplement is included. Collaborator: GW Davis, Ph.D.; Jim E. Lillie, Texas State Technical Institute.
  • Hold, Release, Rakshasa and Carcasses [English Dub] I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE. Listen with headphones please! ( ouo ) Lyrics: Pikaripeaches (Deviant Art) This used to be my favorite creepy Vocaloid song. My October favorite. Even so this song has never really left my mind. Go Hachi-P! Although I must say Machigerita-P will always win the goosebumps cake. I wanted to sing Rakshasa and Carcasses for a while now. Glad I did. It turned out pretty cool, don't you think? :D Now I might not upload anything in a while. I've finally received a request and Eternal Serenade is picking up. I adore this PV...not for the topic (Child prostitution) but for the symbolistic references and the gorgeous art. BTW...SENKA I LOVE YOU! DOKI DOKI UGUUU! xD Rakshasa+Carcasses english dub by *Pikaripeaches Welcome, please enjoy yourself tonight. Even the demons would find themselves intrigued in this feast of corruption. What you are about to see, is the vicious cruelty that seems so playfully innocent. A three-legged cat began to smile at me,"Madamoiselle, shall you play with me~? The red leash tied to his own collar, even couldn't serve as a fourth leg Ya ya ya yai yai yai ya~ An army of stupas had started singing, "Madamoiselle, shall you dance with us~?" The hidden red flowers that bloomed on the ground, only were frowning and whining away Carp streamers are tied onto their backs, expect a skull very soon~ Yai Yai, come on let's go hack around~ Yai Yai, wildly laugh as loud as you can~ Rai Rai, hold it in then release it~ Rai Rai, Rakshasa and ...
  • [Project Diva Extend] Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses - Hatsune Miku This is one awesome awesome creepy song

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  • “Living whales may seem scarce in the world's vast oceans—and their carcasses even more rare. But to animals and bacteria that feed on these graveyards, they are a rich source of life. And to one doctoral researcher in Sweden, they proved to be”
    — News Blog: New worm species found in unusual habitat: Dead,

  • “Bobby Carcassés is a legend in Cuba, an artist that has made a major impact upon the island's jazz scene and certainly deserves greater Pingback: The Latin Jazz Corner " Blog Archive " Latin Jazz Live: Bobby Carcasses At Jazz Gallery on March 26, 2010”
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  • “August 15, 2004 · Filed under Audio, Music, Premiere Pro, The Mojito Carcasses, Video wars superbowl system of a down The Mojito Carcasses The Sopranos true blood Video video archive project video blog wawa wedding wedding video”
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  • “Archived from groups: puters,p.hardware,comp.sys.laptops,puters.pc-specific.portables (More info?) Great deal on these!!! AUCTION EXTENDED!!! Compaq Arma”
    — FA:6 Compaq Armada M700 carcasses, good LCD screens,

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