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  • Carbon (chemical symbol C; atomic number 6) is a remarkable chemical element that plays a vital role in the structures and processes of the living and nonliving worlds. Carbon is known to be part of a huge variety of compounds, including some that occur in the Sun, stars, and planetary atmospheres. — “Carbon - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • carbo: charcoal) Carbon, an element of prehistoric discovery, is very widely distributed in nature. Carbon in the form of microscopic diamonds is found in some meteorites. — “Carbon”,
  • The Carbon Disclosure Project is an independent not-for-profit organization holding the largest database of primary corporate climate change information in the world. Carbon Disclosure Project 2010 Water Disclosure Global Report. 137 financial institutions. — “Carbon Disclosure Project - Global climate change reporting”,
  • Y-Carbon is pioneering a family of novel high-performance porous carbon materials to meet the needs of a variety of markets that are looking for new, advanced high quality materials. — “Y-Carbon, Inc. > Home”,
  • Information about Carbon - general properties, discovery, states, energies, appearance and characteristics. — “Carbon”,
  • This method of dating was worked out by Willard Libby in 1947, and is called "carbon dating. Like silicon, carbon does not form ionic bonds. Unlike silicon, it forms covalent bonds with other carbon atoms, which can share. — “Carbon”,
  • Carbon is a nonmetallic element which forms the basis of most living organisms. The versatility of carbon makes it crucial for. — “What is Carbon?”,
  • Learn how to reduce and offset your carbon footprint, the measure of the impact your activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of green house gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide. — “Carbon Footprint”,
  • Carbon definition, a widely distributed element that forms organic compounds in combination with hydrogen, oxygen, etc., and that occurs in a pure state as dia See more. — “Carbon | Define Carbon at ”,
  • Carbon is a 32-bit procedural API for developing Mac OS X applications. Carbon enables C/C++ developers to take advantage of Mac OS X features, including the Quartz 2D graphics library, an efficient event-handling mechanism, and multiprocessing support. — “Carbon”,
  • Overview of the chemical element carbon, covering notable characteristics, applications, history, occurrence, precautions, and more. — “Carbon - Wikipedia”,
  • Carbon dioxide is a gaseous waste product of the body's metabolism normally expelled through the lungs. Hypercapnea(when the carbon dioxide level goes above 45 mm Hg.-though it usually needs to be higher than this for symptoms to occur) is. — “carbon dioxide question!? if we breathe out carbon dioxide”,
  • The online version of Carbon on ScienceDirect, the world's leading platform for high quality peer-reviewed full-text publications in science, technology and health. — “ScienceDirect - Carbon, Volume 49, Issue 2, Pages 357-740”,
  • Carbon is the sixth most abundant element in the universe and is unique due to its dominant role in the chemistry of life and in the human economy. Because carbon dioxide is a principal greenhouse gas, the global carbon cycle has become a focus of scientific inquiry in relation to global. — “Carbon”,
  • Carbon Manufacturers & Carbon Suppliers Directory - Find a Carbon Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Carbon Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Carbon-Carbon Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • carbon n. ( Symbol C ) A naturally abundant nonmetallic element that occurs in many inorganic and in all organic compounds, exists freely as. — “carbon: Definition from ”,
  • Leader in certified carbon offsets; join over 600000 individuals & 1800 businesses fighting climate change. Carbon offsets for indiv/business/products " Carbon Offsets " Calculator " Carbon Neutral. — “ | Carbon offsets for your carbon footprint”,
  • Carbon Planet is the leading climate change company. We offer emissions and energy audits, along with business advisory to reduce your business or personal carbon footprint. Our brokers and advisors specialise in all forms of carbon credits. — “Carbon Planet - Global, Full Spectrum Carbon Management”,
  • Definition of carbon in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of carbon. Pronunciation of carbon. Translations of carbon. carbon synonyms, carbon antonyms. Information about carbon in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. carbon fiber,. — “carbon - definition of carbon by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The name "carbon" comes from Latin language carbo, coal, and in some Romance languages, the word carbon can refer both to the element and to coal. Carbon forms more compounds than any other element, with almost ten million pure organic compounds described. — “Carbon”, schools-
  • Point Carbon welcomes you to take a free trial of our Carbon Market News Service which offers fast, accurate and market moving stories from the global carbon markets, together with regional publications and price data from the world's most experienced carbon journalists. — “Carbon A-Z - glossary of keywords - Home - Point Carbon”,
  • Carbon is found free in nature in three allotropic forms: amorphous, graphite, and diamond (further details) Carbon, as microscopic diamonds, is found in some meteorites. — “WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements | Carbon”,

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  • Amazing stunt riding...on a carbon road bike It's not every day that you see a carbon road bike being used as a stunt machine -- hopping over boulders at the beach and styling it up at the skate park. British trials legend Martyn Ashton does just that and more in his latest video, The BikeRadar Roadie. The clip sees Mountain Biking Hall of Fame member Ashton hit the tarmac on his carbon Raleigh Avanti Team on his way to the UK's premier bike festival, BikeRadar Live -- which took place on 10-11 July.
  • Carbon Fiber *I do not own the rights to this video. This is not my video. I got it from to share here in youtube. Explore the inner compounds of a carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is the common name used to refer to plastic reinforced by a graphite textile. Less frequently, the term is used to describe the textile itself, but it is pretty much useless unless embedded in plastic. Carbon fiber is known alternatively as carbon fiber reinforced plastic or carbon fiber composite. Carbon fiber is very expensive, but has a fantastic weight-to-strength ratio. Attempts to put it into mass production have so far failed, due to inadequate demand, the customized nature of most carbon fiber parts, and a lack of skilled craftsmen. The material is employed in high-quality cars, boats, bicycles, and planes, including popular Formula One racecars. Depending on the orientation of the fiber, the carbon fiber composite can be stronger in a certain direction or equally strong in all directions. A small piece can withstand an impact of many tons and still deform minimally. The complex interwoven nature of the fiber makes it very difficult to break. In terms of weight-to-strength ratio, carbon fiber composite is currently the best material that our civilization can produce in appreciable quantities. Introducing carbon nanotubes into the fiber is currently in research stages, and may offer improved ratios of 10 times or greater a space age material indeed. Carbon fibers are chemically grown on ...
  • How It's Made - Carbon Fiber Cello (Pt.1) A segment on how carbon fiber cellos are made. Part 1 of 2.
  • NFS Carbon/Canyon Drift/Knife Edge 10.000.000+ Mega Drift in NFS Carbon. ()
  • VNV Nation - Carbon Track 6 from Futureperfect.
  • Carbon Footprint Commissioned by Discovery Networks EMEA, and created by Jellyfish Pictures, the film is an animated time lapse following the decomposition of a tin can over 50 years, depicting the impact of failing to recycle rubbish.
  • VNV Nation - Carbon Victory Not Vengeance Nation - Carbon Lyrics ------ A million points of light ascending to the sky Monuments in darkness standing watch until the sun will rise Screaming to an emptiness of how we deified ourselves With our hands over eyes, claiming all of creation. What inspires in us this madness That our existence should be defined By a light that cant be seen by anyone? What inspires in us this madness That our existence should be defined By a light that we cant see? A million points of light ascending to the sky Monuments in darkness standing watch until the sun will rise I cant see this all as progress How did we come this far when we see ourselves as deities, Claim nature for ourselves? By our actions we betray the instincts in our race By our blindness and stupidity We kill everything, we kill everything. Can someone see our self destruction? Are we reminding ourselves that our existence is so delicate That without this light we are no more? That without this light weve made we are no more. A million points of light ascending to the sky Monuments in darkness standing watch until the sun will rise We torch the earth until it bleeds, rain ashes from the sky Just to make a light that no one can see We cut the earth until it bleeds, rain ashes from the sky Just to make a light that no one can see. Just to make a light. Just to make a light We kill everything By our blindness and stupidity We kill everything. In a thousand years what will be our legacy a million lights ...
  • New Carbon Composite of Nanotubes and Graphene : DigInfo [HD] [CC] DigInfo - FUJITSU LABORATORIES New Carbon Composite of Nanotubes and Graphene Related Links - - - - (nano tech 2009)
  • Carbon Monoxide Claims a Life Carbon Monoxide is known as the silent killer and each year unsuspecting individuals become a fatal statistic. In this report we take a closer a look at how this deadly gas is making the news headlines for the new year.
  • Water Droplet Bouncing on a Superhydrophobic Carbon Nanotube Array Video from the paper "Bouncing Water Droplet on a Superhydrophobic Carbon Nanotube Array," authored by Adri*** I. Aria, Morteza Gharib, published online on ArXiv, Submitted on 7 Oct 2010: The first two parts of the video show the impact dynamic of 30 microliters water droplet at different impact velocity. At low impact velocity of 1.03 m/s, the water droplet deforms upon impact and eventually bounces off completely of the surface of the array. At higher impact velocity of 2.21 m/s, the droplet breaks up into many smaller droplets and eventually bounces off completely of the surface of the array. The coefficient of restitution of water droplet at very low impact velocity can be seen clearly by dropping a water droplet on a slightly tilted carbon nanotube array. At tilt angle of 2.5 degrees the droplet skips off of the surface of the array multiple times without showing any sign of pinning on the surface of the array, as demonstrated in the third part of the video. The fourth part of the video shows the sliding/rolling behavior of the droplet along the surface of a U-shaped carbon nanotube array. The fifth part of the video shows the impact of two identical 14 microliters water droplets to one another on a U-shaped carbon nanotube arrays. Upon impact, these two water droplets, which come from the opposite direction, merge to form one larger droplet. All parts of the video were captured by high speed camera operated at various frame rates. The droplet was ...
  • Need for Speed CARBON Full Intro Need for Speed CARBON Intro (full version)
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms - Abiogensis Carbon Based Lifeforms - Abiogensis taken from their recent album World of Sleepers available at
  • Carbon Nation Trailer Here it is - the official theatrical trailer for Carbon Nation. Come out and support the film when we open in theaters this February!
  • Carbon - Periodic Table of Videos Carbon is an element which is essential to life. Videos about all the elements at
  • Carbon Dating: (How) Does It Work? Science & Reason on Facebook: 1. "Physics (Chapter 2): Carbon Dating: (How) Does It Work?" The Cassiopeia Project is an effort to make high quality science videos available to everyone. If you can visualize it, then understanding is not far behind. 2. "The Age of Our World Made Easy (for schools)" Methods of dating easily explained, that clearly prove the age of the Earth and our universe. Part of the "Made Easy" series that explains science in clear and simple terms. A must for people who think the world is just 6000 years old. Potholer's channel is dedicated to explaining science in a way that most intelligent people can understand. He hates seeing science manipulated and cherry-picked to support religious and ideological beliefs, usually by people with little scientific training or understanding. • • --- Subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • --- Carbon is a critical ingredient for life on Earth. All living things are made up of about 25% carbon. The carbon atom is unique because it can bind to other carbon atoms to form long chains and rings and these in turn serve as the backbone of the complex molecules that make life possible. The nucleus of a typical carbon atom has 6 protons and 6 neutrons. But about one carbon atom out of every 100 has one extra neutron. This has very little effect on the properties of the carbon, other than making it slightly heavier ...
  • Nanotechnology - Carbon Nanotube Electronics The Stanford Nanoelectronics Group presents "Nanotechnology - Carbon Nanotube Electronics", a short educaitonal video on nanotechnology and carbon nanotubes (this video made possible by the National Science Foundation).
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms -MOS 6581 check this out
  • Carbon E7 - Filmed for German TV (English Version)
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis What about the forests???
  • CCP Games - Carbon Character Technology The Carbon Framework is a crucial component of CCP's strategy. It is the foundation upon which our virtual worlds are built. The technology was initially created by harvesting code from EVE Online, code that had already been hardened through years of development and real world use. We call this Battle Testing. This code has then been refined and extended to serve the needs of other CCP projects. For more information please visit
  • Carbon Silicon - The News Carbon/Silicon ! Former Clash legend Mick Jones n his mate Tony James ! Goodmorning hears the news ! and all of it is good goodevening heres the news and all of it is good and the weathers good !!! Plz rate and comment :)
  • Carbon Cycle Cartoon This animation explains the carbon cycle and humans' conbritution to it. by Sofia (Climate Champion, 2006)
  • How To Make Your Own Carbon Fiber (Fibre) Parts. Easy to follow guide on how you can make your own carbon fibre parts without specialist equipment. All Materials Used Available from
  • Carbon Footprint Click on the link above for more info on today's episode! In honor of Earth Day, Molly explains the "Carbon Footprint". Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates! Join us on Facebook for behind the scenes pics and videos!
  • Carbon- He Spetter ( HVA Productions)
  • Carbon dating doesn't work -- debunked Living snails that carbon-date to 2300 years old, a living seal that was carbon-dated at 1300 years old, and 8000-year-old living penguins. Not to mention dinosaur bones that dated to 20000 years ago. Obviously carbon dating doesn't work, unless you understand it. Here's the explanation that even a 5th-grader can understand. See also "The Age of our World Made Easy" at for reference.
  • Carbon Leaf - War Was In Color Vid for Carbon Leaf's "War Was In Color" Lyrics: I see you've found a box of my things - Infantries, tanks and smoldering airplane wings. These old pictures are cool. Tell me some stories Was it like the old war movies? Sit down son. Let me fill you in Where to begin? Let's start with the end This black and white photo don't capture the skin From the flash of a gun to a soldier who's done Trust me grandson The war was in color From shipyard to sea, From factory to sky From rivet to rifle, from boot camp to battle cry I wore the mask up high on a daylight run That held my face in its clammy hand Crawled over coconut logs and corpses in the coral sand Where to begin? Let's start with the end This black and white photo don't capture the skin From the shock of a shell or the memory of smell If red is for Hell The war was in color I held the canvas bag over the railing The dead released, with the ship still sailing, Out of our hands and into the swallowing sea I felt the crossfire stitching up soldiers Into a blanket of dead, and as the night grows colder In a window back home, a Blue Star is traded for Gold. Where to begin? Let's start with the end This black and white photo don't capture the skin When metal is churned. And bodies are burned Victory earned The War was in color Now I lay in my grave at age 21 Long before you were born Before I bore a son What good did it do? Well hopefully for you A world without war A life full of color Where to begin? Let's start with the ...
  • Need for Speed Carbon Final Race + DOWNLOAD Need for Speed Carbon NFS Carbon DOWNLOAD!!!!!!! LINKS: rapidshare....
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms - World of Sleepers this is one of my favorite tunes, World of Sleepers from the album of the same name. All the scenes were cut from the Planet Earth series. Solar Fields - Cosmic Dessert
  • Carbon Dioxide (Part I) - Periodic Table of Videos We look at carbon dioxide as a gas and solid (dry ice), but more unusually as a liquid. This is part of our "Molecular Videos" series. More at
  • Need for Speed CARBON Evade Cops Need for Speed CARBON evade the cops
  • How to cover parts in carbon fiber (fibre) by skinning or wrapping In this video we show you how to take an existing part and cover it it real carbon fibre. In the video we use a carbon fibre skinning kit (available from ) which includes all of the materials needed to cover a number of parts in carbon fibre. We call this technique skinning but other name are carbon fibre wrapping, coating and covering.
  • Carbon Dioxide (Part II) - Periodic Table of Videos Watch as we burn magnesium in a block of solid carbon dioxide, and The Professor gives his view on global warming. More at
  • Carbon Fiber iPhone 3G Case Just an unboxing that Case Mate sent me.
  • How It's Made - Carbon Fibre Bats
  • Alex Jones - The Carbon Tax Deception For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world's population, while enabling the "elites" to live forever with the aid of advanced technology.
  • What About Everything? By Carbon Leaf This is a video Carbon Leaf performing What about Everything at SudFlood in Blacksburg, VA on April 28, 2007
  • Zu - Carbon From the album Carboniferous.
  • how to airbrush CARBON FIBER! Carbon Fiber Mesh- Ed Hubbs takes you step-by-step on how to airbrush carbon fiber. Easy to follow. See the finished car at-
  • NFS Carbon Drift World Record 'Gold valley run', SEVEN million points nfs carbon single drift. this is the fastest and highest scoring drift EVER. If you like this music, you should listen to my punk band : )

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  • “Reduce What You Can, Offset What You Can't™ organized to have the athletes reduce the carbon footprint of the race by offsetting travel in support of 's carbon reduction projects around the world”
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  • “The Board's mission is. To facilitate business development and business education, tourism development, economic development and involvement in labour market programs. With our regional partners we will facilitate the retention, expansion and”
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  • “In her first speech as Australian Prime Minister, the nation's first female Prime Minister vowed to re-prosecute the case for a price on Carbon. Carbon Footprints is a climate change blog by Dave Sag, Founder and Executive Director of Carbon Planet Limited”
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